Watch NASA fire up SLS for the first time!

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    NASA will be putting their super heavy lift rocket, the SLS [Space Launch System], through the ultimate test. They will fill the tanks with LOx and LH2 and then light the four RS25 engines for a 8 minute full duration burn. It will not leave the pad, which means we will get 8 full minutes of awesome engine sounds.
    Want to learn more? We've got you covered:
    SLS vs Starship: Why does SLS Still Exist? -
    Will Starship and Commercial Landers Make Artemis Better Than Apollo? -
    00:00 - Intro
    03:00 - What to expect
    09:20 - Listening to the NASA stream
    13:30 - Q&A
    21:30 - Listening to NASA / Update
    27:00 - Q&A
    34:00 - Listening to NASA
    44:45 - Q&A
    01:25:00 - Listening to NASA
    01:29:15 - Q&A
    01:36:15 - Listening to NASA
    01:47:00 - T minus 10
    01:47:10 - IGNITION!!!
    01:48:14 - Shut down
    02:00:00 - Q&A
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    1. Barack Obama

      Well hope they hurry up and launch in the next 5 years

    2. Wes

      Lets see if this one blows up...

    3. Brien Dunphy


    4. Brien Dunphy


      1. Brien Dunphy

        starship sn9

      2. Brien Dunphy

        starship sn8

    5. Krzysio Jeżyna

      Green is fully valid in machine industry

    6. Hugh G. Gaines

      I got 100 big ones that says a US citizen never steps foot on the moon again.

    7. Broken Soap

      THEY DID IT!

    8. ScubaJoe YT

      Moon here we come

    9. Martin S

      Well thats why we test

    10. jakkrit

      some body will say you just watch other people stuff and make it a content? i say stfu. i wanna watch them with the man who love these stuff. what wrong with it?

    11. Alexander (Alex) Amorose

      It sucks seeing them shut down early but the frost outside of the RS-25s right after shutdown is insane.

    12. Greg Lialios

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    13. Nathan Eapen


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    16. Nathan Eapen


    17. Nathan Eapen


    18. null

      wtf, i was sleeping

    19. Mike Walling

      I still don't understand how the moon lander will get into an orbit around the moons north/south poles? Explain please

    20. Gerald Wagner

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    21. Daniel Bonora

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    22. Anthony Thompson

      I am not a NASA hater at all and really hope they succeed but they are not even close at the moment on this

    23. Quinn Morillo

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    24. Luis Del Rio

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    25. Velma Curtis

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    26. Chris S

      Just imagine the eyes when we reallly see guy driving on the moon



      1. Airwhisper80

        Stay in school kid.

      2. g

        there is gravity on the moon. about a sixth of ours, 1.6 m/s^2

    28. Tom Thom

      NASA, certain government contractors and politicians have had decades to learn how to waste taxpayer money under the guise of manned space exploration. Go SpaceX!

    29. harpleblues

      It’s rude to talk over a person who knows more and has more experience and cred than you. But ... it was only two girls talking ...

    30. Mateussz Pytel

      nasa should be closed and all space program as well due to their anti human agenda

    31. Mateussz Pytel

      those are not rockets ...those are mass giant toxin containers spreading it all over people

    32. San Ien Jao

      Incredible how slow SLS is. They are using R25 engines that are already made, they know they work, yet 11 year to first hot fire that only last for 67s of 8 minutes.... WTAF POS

    33. San Ien Jao

      Finally! Then maybe will actually see a launch before 2030... rocket maybe good bot what a money wasting POS.

    34. 강의식

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    35. Ozzie Wozzie Original

      Pity the structure did not fly up, ha ha ha

    36. Ozzie Wozzie Original

      So no pollution for using the river water???

    37. Ozzie Wozzie Original

      So much fuel exploding just to fight gravity...... Human scientific knowledge and ability is still same as caveman

      1. Ozzie Wozzie Original

        @William Hutton I am not fine with ANY waste of tax money, okay

      2. William Hutton

        @Ozzie Wozzie Original so are you fine with it then?

      3. Ozzie Wozzie Original

        @William Hutton ok THATS YOU wondering

      4. William Hutton

        @Ozzie Wozzie Original you said that you had a problem with how nasa's 22 billion was being spent, so i was wondering whether or not that applied to other agencies

      5. Ozzie Wozzie Original

        @William Hutton Excuse me, did I have any comments on bladdy military? Let the generals argue that with the politiciains at Capital Hill. For the moment apart from flights to spacelabs which brings back some benefits and satelites, conquering the moon, mars and any of the other planets will not bring back any benefits.

    38. wickedtoast

      what a failure of a program lol

    39. wickedtoast

      space x gets farther with a vehicle built in 11 months, they cant keep an engine working after 11 years of development lol....

    40. ChopsToChapo

      Spacex to the moon 🚀🚀🚀

    41. Florencio Vela

      I've ordered the tri motor cyber truck fsd last April & may buy the S Plaid as well. I've been a long time invested in TSLA.. & got solar & battery battery back up system to charge them both. I LOVE SPACE X TOO!!

    42. Robert Cash

      NASA just got its budget cut 60%, RIP SLS

    43. Richard Callihan

      Looks like the 1/28/21 test went the full 8 min., 500 sec. (8:3333333min.)

    44. Don Reuter

      Seems like you guys just crawled out of bed yesterday and forgot the last ten thousand years of history .

    45. حسام 777

      ههه !؟

    46. Justin Case

      Click bait .. just a “rag chew” .. 40+ year old design engines .. really? ...

    47. Nolan's Projects

      I’m a massive space fan and look optimistically towards all space companies but I think SLS needs to be canned. SLS has costed billions of dollars and has only just fired its engines. They have a multibillion dollar test mount that they didn’t even fully utilize to test 4 engines... Meanwhile SpaceX has gone from nothing to launching two test rockets in the matter of two years... I understand NASA has more to deal with politics wise, but this is ridiculous. At this point, I want to see these fly, but if it’ll take longer than this year, I’ll be more disappointed. I feel they’ll use SpaceX to get to the moon before this is ready to send humans there.

    48. денис баженов

      NASA is just repurposing a 40+ yo Space Shuttle hardware.... but they have fancy chairs now. "NASA-Bribenstein PR Agency. Space exporation in slow motion"

    49. sorin caldararu

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    50. James Thompson

      No wonder all you see on NASA tv is astronauts answering simple questions from space station via being put there by the Russians or SpaceX!

    51. Tchouta Chew-Tah

      Does anyone know when their next test is? Or if people are allowed to go and record it?

    52. Peter Hobelsberger

      1:54:40 I think it's more than inappropriate to say "sometimes the insulation falls of and that's ok". In memory of Columbia.

      1. William Hutton

        this is testing, and the orion capsule will not be on the side of the rocket, which makes it immune to foam strikes

    53. Peter Hobelsberger

      If NASA was a little bit more honest, there might not be the amount of backlash.

    54. aserta

      So many shills and trolls in the comment section. A pity stupidity and ignorance can be bought for as little as imagined slights.

    55. Donald Thomas

      SpaceX: We can put astronauts into space on a regular basis and reuse our first stage booster. NASA: We can put our SLS booster on the test pad in 10 years and not have a successful test!

    56. Leonardo Castro

      How much money did you said they had spend?

    57. Constancia Thach

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    58. J G

      Next test fire is set for July 18th 2078.

      1. InfamousDBZ

        Agreed NASA moves slow, but the government works slow. It's ok for the government to work slow b/c they're not going to go out of business.

    59. Gilmar Santos

      sound to low

    60. Sigi Baes

      They should just repurpose SLS as a cloud machine.

    61. Sam Wang

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    62. Deborah Meaden

      So this is them pesky cloud machines I’ve heard about..

    63. HFMmv

      Question Are these engines powerful enough to add or subtract seconds from the day?

      1. Booyakasha

        You mean light speed travel..?

    64. olbuck

      The Stennis rocket facility was 100% taxpayer funded, as far as I know. The cost was $ millions and $ millions. Conversely, Space X designed, developed and has flown both the Raptor and Merlin engines without sending us a bill! This is an amazing story, and the comparison in cost is staggering.

    65. Beautiful ticket

      I tough the SLS is already tested

    66. Surreal Engineering

      This comment section is a massacre, a roast fest. I love it xD

    67. Surreal Engineering

      Me: "This will be great! Rocketdynes RS-25 engines are legendary, never failed in any mission." :D Also Me: "Wait, this is done by Boeing? Ok we're fcked..."

    68. Marzily

      It is so hard to hear the people in the NASA stream

    69. jeff westbrooke

      "No pollution, just water vapor"? Water vapor is the most abundant green house gas. It dwarfs co2 in abundance and effect.

    70. Surya Kant

      you know

    71. Jonny Stolpe

      Elon: has left the chat.. Laughing

    72. Jonny Stolpe

      I hope to God they don't F-up the James Web telescope deployment. PLEASE NASA..... DON'T. EFF. IT. UP. !!!

    73. Jonny Stolpe

      Nice try NASA, why don't you leave the rockets to Elon and his group and leave my taxes alone.

    74. dandymcgee

      y'now, it was a pretty y'know, good y'know test y'know? y'know i'm y'know pretty happy y'know about y'know the test y'know?

    75. Ben Porter

      The SLS program is an embarrassment to America...

    76. Gizmomaster

      1:52:40 so let me get this straight.? They want to attach this thing to the rocket itself and put everything together and try to launch it.?? After it failed it’s very first static fire test? Apparently that’s totally fine? This thing is going to explode in mid air.

      1. S YB

        It would probably be the best outcome if it explodes mid-air next year, so we can all be rid of this program once and for all. But that's likely not going to happen. They'll just push the date back another 5 years (as they have already done) and suck up another 10 billion before NASA finally bows to public pressure and uses a privately developed HLV with twice the payload and half the cost.

    77. Gizmomaster

      This thing is never going to get off the ground let alone get into space. NASA is a giant waste of taxpayer dollars. It’s not a Space Agency it’s a jobs program and an excuse to act like we’re spending money for a good reason.

    78. the heat

      Starship is superheavy

    79. Mahdi BERKIA

      I really don't get why they are spending too much money on this when they can get to space much cheaper now with Space X. NASA should have invested this money in Space X in order to get in even cheaper and accelerate their projects, this work is soo unnecessary

    80. Jeffery Fan

      I don't think anyone should be making fun of this. Nobody wanted it to fail, and it's unfortunate that the testing didn't work out.

    81. Jakub Tyrakowski

      2031: Welcome to the second static fire test of SLS! In other news watch the 89th test flight of New Shepard rocket tomorrow!

    82. Fabio Ferreira Gomes


    83. peter caron

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    84. LK S

      *1:45:00** onwards... THEY ARE SMOKIES...that's how they smoke 🚬 billions of cigarettes burning tax payers money.*

    85. LK S

      *Nervousness thy name is YOU KNOW.*

      1. LK S


    86. Peter Evans

      That test stand looks like it is make out of a wooden roller coaster support framework from the 1920's. I hope the astronauts bring their pantaloons to help them float after it crashes into the ocean due to engine failure.

    87. Walking by

      animals in forest..dang it got so humid all of know?

    88. Hannah Logarski

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    89. Tiberius Maximus

      Sorry Tim, but you've got to give up on Boeing they're going to kill someone with their incompetence. I called this a while ago, SLS will absolutely not launch this year but hey at least they'll be ready for another green run in say 5-10 years. Cya in 2030



    91. Ben

      This program is basically corporate welfare. Please.

    92. SpAceX Fan

      What a waste

    93. jonathan allen

      This is how SLS officially gets cancelled

      1. Tom Mosher

        Going to get cancelled anyway, no Democratic congress and president are going to fund what SLS will cost vs. contracting out the launches.

    94. Paul Newman

      Lets see how many astronauts NASA can kill with their latest turkey.

      1. Paul Newman

        @Tom Mosher Well 14 is the target for them this time.

      2. Tom Mosher

        None on the first launch (no crew on that test flight), and there probably won't be a second.

    95. sosaysthecaptain

      This program is becoming a national embarrassment

    96. Art of Zazoreal

      You can see this isn't space X. At least their prototype rocket got through 90% of it's test.

    97. Gary Itano

      Top heavy legacy frameworks haven't the flexibility to efficiently, effectively, nor timely integrate rapidly evolving technologies. It's time to acknowledge "Lobby Team" futility, cut losses, loose the outmoded, & stop wasting tax dollars. Go REUSABLE!!!

    98. sebastian Johansson

      Wouldn't a powered landing with dragon work?

      1. William Hutton


    99. youhou2000youhou

      Nasa is now on the Harry's Garage channels segment ? But explaining detailed maintenance costs is yet missing. Please fire up an F1 in a next video

    100. Ravi M