Charli D'Amelio CRIES After Losing 1 MILLION Followers Because of THIS

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    Charli D’Amelio broke down on Instagram Live on Thursday after receiving backlash from a video her family posted to KGup. In the video, the TikTok star, her sister, Dixie D’Amelio, and their parents have dinner with KGup star James Charles. However, after fans watched the video, they quickly slammed the 16-year-old and her sister, claiming they were disrespectful to the family’s personal chef, Aaron May. Even KGup star Trisha Paytas weighed in.
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    1. ChilledIceCube

      Dino nuggets kinda bomb tho

    2. Jd

      Like her chef is also a person

    3. F0xZy_YT

      She has to stop being a baby some people get bashed on for the rest of their TikTok careers even tho they apologize only for stating an opinion

    4. Peter Durán Oficial

      Charlie is nothing i mean !!! Young people please stop following these people !!! They are not a good role model stop doing it !!! Study, make some excercise !!!!!

    5. Patricia

      She treats her fans as a number, doesn’t use her plataform right, she vapes, she doesn’t support major causes like cancer, autism but instead donates to a dance charity?!? And all she does is cry on live saying that she’s just a kid. Srsly, take TikTok and any social media away from her. Oh and don’t get me started on how PDP SPEANT 10+ YEARS OF HIS LIFE TRYING TO GET 100M SUBS AND THIS LITTLE BRAT SPENDS OVER A YEAR STEALING PEOPLES CONTENT, CREATING DANCES THAT ARENT TALENT AND BUYING FOLLOWERS

    6. Lenadolly Lenadolly3

      I feel so bad about charli

    7. Jillybean

      The fact that they liked Trisha's video is cracking me up 😂

    8. Vivian Segraves

      Guys she is literally 16 she is a teenager, how were you as a teenager? I know I was rude af so we should forgive her for this NOT SEND HER DEATH THREATS TF?

    9. •nehna• •j•

      i mean yeah she was wrong for puking like that is so rude

    10. boran qatami


    11. Luna Bella

      y'all r so sensitive bruh she was joking and they are like family. family jokes all the time like whaaa I'm not a Charlie fan but she is a nice person and y'all will try ANYTHING to get someone cancelled if they are young and successful.

    12. Potatocrazy753 :3

      im glad

    13. Gracie Miller

      Well u lost it

    14. Gracie Miller

      Wow rude

    15. Gracie Miller

      Why u asked like that

    16. Gracie Miller

      Well what the hex why u crying

    17. Froxy Play


    18. NATE

      Why does that make me happy?

    19. S A D

      down with the renegade was never meant to be.

    20. Ja All star

      Look shawty.. 3:19 stop lying.You just Want clout or money You don't care bout ur fans. No offence but she gotta look up to ur goddamn Comments or fans whatsoever . If she lost more followers. Get this comment viral now dawg.She gotta understand this ASAP. She seems A nice women but she needs to grow up. 13 year old writing this

    21. Ja All star

      Shawty over here crying because she lost 1 mill cmon..

    22. Ja All star

      If I loose 1 mill I pretty much don't care.

    23. You “Kyross Cabalonga” Zan

      Charli thinks were just numbers She used us to follow herself

    24. dogo army


    25. Rainbow GAMERS


    26. Gabriel Baranka

      Oh no! Anyways....


      "gimme dino nuggets" LOL is charli still a five year old

    28. Little miss Jennie Kim

      She lowkey deserve that

    29. tekoana1 tekoana1

      ugh yall are so dramatics

    30. Rubina Khan

      How did she even get famous???

    31. Mr RED

      You're crying of losing follower's while some people don't even have food to eat.

    32. 月映

      She's not even pretty, idk why people say it's pretty privilege. She's a white person who got lucky 🤣

    33. Toko Fukawa

      I don’t watch charli but SHE JUST SAID SHE WANTED DINO NUGGETS also she’s 16 if you agree with the negativity ur fucking jealous

    34. RoqueRhaine ibarra

      i see the attitude of her and her sister that is so hilarious i think 1 million is not enough jokee..

    35. playboy vibes

      Charli i can see she is hurt but her reaction basically what james said but also trisha her comment wasn’t necessary and it was unasked for

    36. soless dialtone


    37. Sharon Jones


    38. Jorieke Kruyswijk

      I also hate snails so i dont think this is really bad

    39. D E A T H

      Charli is a vape queen

    40. Shahd Samer

      تستاهل هي يزي ولا شارلي يعني بس بترقص شو بتساوي والله مشتهي اساويلها حركة كرتي

    41. Yousuf Rafi

      She deserves it she has no talent sooooooo ungrateful why do people follow people like Charlie dameilo

    42. rogerio maria

      Talk about White privilege 🤔

    43. Stephanie Rollins

      Who even watches them eat dinner for entertainment! Sad 😞

    44. omer brn


    45. Kris G

      2:19 isn’t 95 million an even number?

    46. Isaiah Tams

      I never liked or cared for charli but she literally made a Dino nuggey joke and those are all over tictok

    47. Hnady Meray

      Charli is so spoiled she cry over everything and so dramatic, if I had this many followers I won’t cry on a live she didn’t even apologize to the chef

    48. Don’t look at My profile!

      No one actually cares 😁 charli vapedmeilo

    49. romantic core

      I think people shouldn't tell ANYONE to kill their self. That is unbelievable and so disgusting. Okay maybe she was being rude in your opinion. Maybe she wasn't. Either way she is still human. Just because she is famous doesnt mean she's less human like the rest. We all make mistakes. I know dang well if you all were famous you wouldn't want to see comments of people saying you should die. That's not right at all. I dont know her. I dont even have a tik tok account but she shouldnt have been told that.

    50. Simpson Wong

      who cares..

    51. LYN lyn

      Omg you cried bc you lose 1mil followers? Are u sure? People nowadays really thirsty on being famous I die

    52. ッッ『 Anime beezzz』

      Awh!DONT HATE them they didn’t realise that they were being mean 😪 LIKE REALLY!!poor Charli!plus THEY love chef they would NEVER disrespect him or EVEN try we wasn’t sad.angry or disappointed HE liked the joke and it’s not there fault..!

    53. 爱MoonLunakook

      A “misunderstanding”. Right.. I’m rooting for Trisha Paytas~ I was rooting for James Charles- I’ll never root for Charli D’ Amelio. I hope she knows that the more fans she get then the more hate she gets too. The fact that Charli and Dixie knew that they were being recorded and they still reacted like that is just not ok. Even if they weren’t being recorded, they still shouldn’t act like that.

    54. swag yooo

      Shut up U won’t gaf if ur not famous

    55. Leg Man

      Wow. This is the biggest "Nothing-Burger" I've ever had.

    56. crni gruja

      Spoiled brats

    57. The Dandelionz Squad

      0:07 anyone catch Abby Lee Millers comment? LOL

    58. m1h1

      imagine having millions of followers and crying cause 1 mil unfollowed

    59. Keaton Pedersen

      He was a damn good chef

    60. Chase Brown

      Cry idc😈

    61. Pooja’s World

      Addison is way more grateful than her

    62. Mariam al muhairi

      Y’all are being really disgusting in the comments. She is a literal child guys if your gonna be mad at her be mad at her parents remember she’s is a child

    63. Pat Br

      Sowas kann einen nur anekeln

    64. Epic Rboyy

      *me looking for rich the kidd self promoting

    65. chancetoowavy Fn

      Oh well

    66. Rakshu Sankarraman

      She doesn't even deserve the fame that she had before then amd she has the audacity to ask for more followers? Geez char, leave some audacity for the rest of us😌💅

    67. Nevaeh Wilson

      These people shouldnt be the one famous😩 i feel like the people that deserves it should be famous

    68. anthony Serna

      Lesson learn or another drama again

    69. joeybigy

      The hardships of the wealthy

    70. DylanRhys Banas


    71. ShronnyMac

      I mean she deserves it. Imagine cheating in a tournament for 300 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!!! Seriously, people could have done better things with that money and this clip seems like she’s a little bitch, sorry to break it to y’all little girls. I’d go play with your barbies then watch charli.

    72. cwyncy Estaño

      Actually snail is pretty good taste and a good for health

    73. Ward Jabri

      Aww I feel bad she’s a great girl she didn’t do nothing wrong EVRYONE is picky including myself I don’t even know how Dixie did it I’m so proud of her she is so independent Charlie was just joking is there dino nuggets like she is 16

    74. Sxmply Peach

      She needs to know what respect is she is rude

    75. animal crossing it is

      I don’t think she deserves the hate neither the fame. Y’all need to stop wasting your time to hate on an teenager teenagers do stupid things. I wish people kept this same energy for REAL ISSUES in the world.

    76. Mr . Communist

      How the fuck is this egg talking, Koroshilov? I think im high.

    77. Norah ibrahim

      Me: OMG I got 12 likes in 7 years!!! :D. Charlie: I don't think I can do this like *stammers* like 😭😭😭😭

    78. UberFilms V.2

      I’ve been searching everywhere I still can’t find who asked

      1. Dandge Seema

        no one asked for your comment tho...

    79. Rick Maxi

      Just bc she cried doesn't mean I'm on her side

    80. Johhny Fillange

      This is what happens when you make spoiled brats famous.

    81. George Rowley

      How they have any followers is beyond me go and give a youngster with no future a chance. selfish world

    82. Marielle

      Stop making these people famous. I'm tired of every time a new perso gets famous and we think that they're finally the life savior genuinely good person we've all been waiting for they, and they end up being hypocritical. Also let's stop making only white people famous.

    83. Jess playz

      Can people stop hating on her and Dixie like it was just a joke don’t need to take it seriously she’s a lovely girl and earns her fame

      1. Jess playz

        If anyone don’t like her then just leave her alone

    84. Nooboryz

      No it’s cause she was getting death threats :/

    85. Martin Bardales

      Let me see if I get this clear. So one of the girls almost vomit when she ate something she taught was a snale, but actually was a common spice in the paella, so the two girls start insulting The Chef for nothing really. What the actual fuck, they thing because they’re famous they can do what ever they want? Btw I don’t know who they are o why they are famous, but is fucked up that the society is making this type of people “famous”.

    86. Ame Quigg

      I wouldn’t blame her she gets hate

    87. Jannah Ali

      Yall cancelling ppl for not wanting to eat snails and for setting goals. BRUH STFU. Ppl find any reason to hate and are soo stupi.

    88. DBD_ LegendGaming

      So disrespectful, I'm 14 and if I was acting like that at the dinner table I would be grounded

    89. Jasmine Slaughter

      Omg like why are yall hating like yall literally made her famous and also yall dont know what it is like to get hate or death threats every time you open up your phone yall want to build her up then tear her down like she is human not some device we pick at until she is perfect like she is 16 getting hate from the whole world every day like she can only take so much like and if guys do not like then why even bother watching video of her if u hate her like go fuck yourselfs guys and leave her alone

    90. MrMrBruh

      i thought she lost million followers on cheating in MrBeast trivia tournament

    91. Blagoja Bogdanoski

      Charli should delete her account

    92. Marwan Abdalla

      I feel like Dixie is the bitch and the problem, Charlie gets the hate cause she’s the more famous one

    93. Marta Rodríguez

      Why u guys are so bad

    94. Joanne Hoong

      How is charli influencing like come on like what can she do? Dance ya sure but what else?

    95. Lola García

      I didn’t mean to fucking laugh during this whole video

    96. la KETCHUP Saiyan

      Tik tok is getting dirty for this type of people

    97. la KETCHUP Saiyan

      Tik tok is getting dirty for this type of people

    98. boots

      she wasn't crying over her followers she was crying over the death threats she's receiving, doesn't mean I'm on her side tho lol

    99. Yawri

      I cant believe I am saying this but I respect James Charles for saying "Was the 95 mil not enough for you?". Like damn she is so ungrateful for just a number, smh

    100. Monkey Monkey