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    The Solar System is the gravitationally bound system of the Sun and the objects that orbit it, either directly or indirectly. Of the objects that orbit the Sun directly, the largest are the eight planets, with the remainder being smaller objects, the dwarf planets and small Solar System bodies. Of the objects that orbit the Sun indirectly-the moons-two are larger than the smallest planet, Mercury.
    The Solar System formed 4.6 billion years ago from the gravitational collapse of a giant interstellar molecular.......

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    1. Christopher Chamberlain

      Hard to believe. I have a 65 inch 4k Tv and a 4k PC. I have had them both for 3 years. This is my first 4k watch on it. Thanks for this. Beautiful

    2. Tomi Paakkunainen

      This is very good! I like it, from Finland!

    3. Daniel Jones

      ...i'm coming round to thinking more and more about the idea, that this here is unique. All it takes (for life) is the time it takes, that's the time it takes. Along the way we just got lucky. Right time, right space. The idea of being alone comforts me, on the contrary, should there be a visitor on the horizon, please wait some time before you show yourself.

    4. Nick X

      Pretty cool. I wanted to learn more about the other planets

    5. Adept XR

      Eventually Jupiter will be stripped down to resemble Mercury, but not before life takes control of it.

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    7. R K

      I wonder if any of the other planets have Karens

    8. ryan fox

      Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Maldek, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Naptune, Pluto.

    9. Mariama Kanu

      I love this kind of videos of space nice and long so relaxing

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      Love this channel!!!

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      Early morning ever away

    13. sandesh khatri

      Good one but probably not in practical

    14. dart arkana

      Billions of years??? Thats speculation

    15. The Bengal Dragon

      Somehow I feel that astronomy has become an echo chamber. This is especially true with people trying to find life on other planets. It is almost now to the point that they are desperate to find life on other planets. First of all, complex molecules form all the time. It does not mean that there is a nebula of bacteria flowing out there in space Next, I highly doubt that Mars could have supported life, this is because of the absence of the magnetic field. If life even started, it would’ve been halted right there due to the lack of the protection of the magnetic field And finally, it took scientist all this time to finally depart from their stupid illiterate echo chamber, fat salary eating for no reason mines that all the water on earth came from the Kuiper belt If you think water cannot form this close to the sun, there is your problem. Water forms everywhere, this is because water is a very simple molecule. This is why you see water everywhere even places where water should not be there

    16. Steven Russell

      How bout the push and pull from the sun's gravity causing the heat from streaching and pulling

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      like♡♡♡♡from Thailand

    18. Goodfella Productions

      What a channel! Channels like this make youtube

    19. tom dorn

      Dreamers by super computers.

    20. N.M.H, Television

      I don’t like the word tantalizing anymore.

    21. USA Citizen

      When do you think nasa will land a person on the sun?

    22. Lunamaria

      All these fanciful myths of migrating planets are funny LOL!

    23. The black goat of the woods

      What would happen if we had 2 stars? Would it be bad or better for us?

    24. Go Digital Website

      The planets that orbit the sun are an engine to our star and we humans are the drivers so our sun travel into safe directions

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    26. Stan Dziobek

      Is there life on Mars DB

    27. Spacecookie

      Hey, so maybe Mercury is the celestial body responsible for our moon?

      1. The black goat of the woods

        No... That was Thea

    28. George Coates

      I wonder why our moon does not rotate, the only thing in the system, that I am aware of that does not rotate. ? There seems to me to be no chance of throwing, say a ball into orbit without it rotating.

    29. Mr Bean From VietNam

      If the whole planet is filled with methane gas. All we need to do is to lit up the whole planet with a rocket. So in the future we could have another source of energy.

    30. David Steer

      Astonishing engineering skill from NASA, awe inspiring.

    31. Praveen Kamboj

      Universe : Our restricted home

    32. dr.rohit deshbhratar

      Excellent description. So refreshing and informative. Keep up the good work.

    33. MrFazerus

      thanks, im new here... and loving it;)

    34. Andrew Beaudoin

      Finally they explain how the rover's detached from their shells

    35. Venu Gopal

      amazingly enlightening and done beautifully...

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    37. Clair Pahlavi

      A Venus covered with swamps, lakes, and continents blooming with sentient life in a tropical garden from pole to pole was an accurate "theory" of expert scientists until they discovered they were completely wrong, again. Like global warming.

    38. Ramalingam Ravi

      Absolute gem

    39. Tammy Leeder Whitaker

      Venus... TESLA

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    41. Mohammed M Khan

      Mercury was the messenger of the Gods !

    42. Bastian Bux

      Love it very humble

    43. Wilmer Begaye

      Wow, wow and wow. Thank you, such a wonderful presentation! Learned a lot and gave me a poignant sense of my place in this long, long stream of space-time. Thank you :)

    44. Hugh Tran

      Viper TV always makes for a good watch :)

    45. Mohammed Ahmed

      Best documentary ever

    46. C

      So glad I discovered this channel.

    47. David Grant

      I also agree that the details, level of research, and the absolute honesty is amazing. Not many straight admit that they are in many ways making educated guesses essentially. That they are doing the best they can with what they got. I absolutely respect this, because this is what science truly is. One of the best documentaries.

    48. Daniel Anthony

      The probability of life within our own solar system just seems to increase as we learn more. Venus may not be suitable for human beings or most life as we know it but when geologists studied underwater volcanoes and hydrothermal vents they found fish, shrimp, tube worms, and other life in over 700 F water. I wouldn't be surprised if there is life on several planets and a few of the moons in our own backyard.

      1. Dennis Hall

        +000+ I just don't see a person being the situation she don't want to talk.

    49. jose basilio

      For every hearth that we can see us fault by the its sun. We can not se the full circle

    50. Mike Looby

      What would an eclipse look like from outside of the solar system?

      1. Rikky999

        @Get to the Farm - aside from the question above, I do wonder what are the chances of similar eclipses happening on other worlds. What I mean is what are the chances that the star and orbiting body just happen to be roughly the same scale in the sky to cause such an event.

      2. Get to the Farm

        it would not be an eclipse - what we know as eclipse only occurs due to the size and location of the moon in relation to the earth. that's why when one happens, you can only see an eclipse in some areas of the planet

    51. Amirali Shahbaz

      Thanks you

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      Beautiful yet terrifying and wonderful makes me feel really small in the grand scheme of things huh.....😭

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      This is amazing

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      So very, very well done. Mesmerizing. 😃

    55. Mark Garin

      But Earth's core stays molten due to radioactive materials and residual heat. Mercury they say was formed outside, moved in after fixing volatile material. Hm...then it gets moved by Jupiter, smashes into another protoplanet, thing gets stripped out/off. Venus...not too far from us? What part of their orbits?

    56. Mat Bai

      Good Documentary....love it

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      Simply beautiful. I love this ...❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      Earth is unique. Life fragile.

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        I agree.

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      Suns that big in space compared to Earth wouldn't the Sun be way bigger in the sky on Earth. It makes sense to me

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      Such a good channel. Well done!

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    67. GH1618

      2099 is the penultimate year of the 21st century.

    68. Χαραλαμπος Στρογγυλος

      What do you know what is life? Life is preserved information that could pass in time with equilibrium stability. It can exist in any form and everywhere. Even our imagination sometimes works better than our logic.

    69. Χαραλαμπος Στρογγυλος

      The chaos and the uncertainty, instead of all they are law by themselves. The law of unstopped motion and the dynamic equilibrium in time. As time passed the equilibrium exist but is changing continuously. We will be able sometime in the future to understand this equilibrium and to discover its periodic time of obvious to a new quality change. Never then less this job has to be done as soon as possible because in this chaos we have more than 200 000 objects moving in the Solar system and the craters of impact relive their behavior.

    70. FezRez

      i didn't even know 8k existed.

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    75. mrglasecki

      We might look for mica on Mars explaining why it's as cool as it is Or simply doesn't have the core density of Mercury or Earth's iron core's being heated by the sun's electro magnetic induction (Not so much as radiant convection)

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      Viper TV always makes for a good watch :)

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      Incredible video and very nicely presented...enlightening and well done!

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      Excellent so well done, so much detailed info. Better than anything I’ve seen on Discovery and the like.

    88. Bandit

      Geez everybody knows the earth was impacted by something that blew enough material away to form our moon. Mercury was that thing.

      1. Michael Merck

        The moon and mercury are similar in topography

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        Excellent informational video. Thank you 🙏

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    95. RedSquirrelHunter

      Video says that mercury formed farther out from the sun because of the sulphur and potassium on the surface. But 4 billion years ago the sun would of been a lot cooler and dimmer so would this theory still carry out? Could it of been cool enough for this planet to form where it is today?

      1. Michael Merck

        Why would the sun be getting hotter the older it gets

      2. Alexander Moises


      3. boatguy64

        No. You're talking about millions of miles. Vs solar output of a very similar level as today. Less does not equate to a cold star. It makes more sense if you consider the asteroid belt debris came from something. I never bought into the explanation of leftovers from planet formation. If Mercury orbited in that region and was pummeled by a large impactor it explains a lot. The rocky outer crust and mantle having been knocked off the planet. The core of the 2 combined in Mercurys extra large core we see now. We also know now from observing other planetary systems that gas giants can move. Many have what are called hot Jupiter's. The planet's having migrated in towards thier star. Much closer than an orbit where it would have been possible for themto have formed. We also believe Neptune and uranas may have switched places. Possible a couple times. Planetary systems can be very chaotic. We're just accustomed to things as we observe it right now. Thinking in human time scales. Not geologic. Or stellar time scale.

    96. tajammal hussain

      Excellent documentary to understand the complexity of habitable zone around the Sun. This is a must see for all students regardless of their curriculas to get an understanding of the importance of space research. I must add here that the captivating smooth voice of the narrator made this documentary one of the best to watch with full concentration. Thank you for this invaluable experience.

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    99. D Betz

      What if Mercury is the what is left of Thea. What if the planet Thea had a glancing collision with earth the core and some debris that was leftover from the collision sent it into a very close orbit to the sun. The large Iron core and remnants of water and the evidence of a massive collision on Mercury at some point with the fact that it once was further out. Stack that all up with the evidence that Earth had a massive collision at one point and the Moon seems to be made up of debris but does not have enough mass to really make up for the excess debris that was left over from the collision of earth and Thea. I mean if you think about it Its possible that Mercury is the leftover core of the planet that slammed into the earth. Not proven but neat to think about.

      1. Caleb Coletrain

        I accept this theory

      2. Drive Laken

        No, think loud. I enjoyed hearing your thoughts . They were well formed and had the right caveat.

      3. Jay Smythe

        It's good to think, quietly.

    100. Mashie niblick

      so educational, well narrated, I loved this video.