Say WHAT?!? Your MOST Asked Questions ANSWERED (Bass Fishing Tips)

DC Fishing

17 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    You guys have been blowing up the comment sections on both KGup and Instagram with questions (Thank you and keep them coming). So, I thought it would be good to take the time and answer some of the most asked ones I have been seeing lately and give you guys a few nuggets to possibly help you catch a few.
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    Say WHAT?!? Your MOST Asked Questions ANSWERED (Bass Fishing Tips)
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    1. patrick vandyke

      "Somebody is going to win 300 G's in that one" Your exact words.....congratulations 💯!!!!

    2. Crnkb8s


    3. Logan Hopper

      Could you do an in depth electronics video on how you use them to find fish, how you set them up, and just generally how to use them? Just got the new lowrance HDS live with the 3-in-1 transducer and need to know how to use it😂

    4. Tyler Broadway

      Good luck at RedCrest!! Will be rooting for you!!

    5. Nick Witkowski

      Yo DC....Did you ask permission from J Dub to use HIS catch phrase "DING"? Just me man, but it really annoys me! Good luck next year! 👍👊🤙

      1. Nick Witkowski

        @B Fishing Outdoors Ok well whatever...I don't really care at this point. Whoever started it, it's still annoying AF to me. I realize they're all pumped up and excited when they catch a 2lb.+ bass, and they're both great fishermen.(Jdub is a tad bit better IMO.) Even if Jdub stole the phrase from DC, they should trademark the f'n thing and sell hats, shirts, masks and what-not, if they haven't already?!?

      2. B Fishing Outdoors I will leave this here.

    6. team spotsnatchers

      New to your channel. You are a good teacher. I have been watching all your videos and really paying attention. I am hoping to improve my game in 2021. I have bumped into you at Bonner's before and if I remember we briefly spoke. Keep up the videos. 👍

    7. Ben Spencer

      DC travel up here to central illinois and we can go fish a powerplant lake and we can knock em dead.

    8. David Orr

      Remember that bass you caught to beat kvd in an elite series tournament?

    9. LipSnatcher

      Good stuff DC, keep it coming man!!

    10. 219 Surfrdude

      Happy New Year DC 🤙🏽🍻

    11. lroyson

      You are the real deal. Great outlook on life. Tomorrow IS a new day and they are bite-n! Good luck next year.

    12. Jeremy Gilreath

      Amen brotha leave that shit be at the house if u turn it off u know nothing about it guaranteed

    13. Jamie Johnson


    14. Rich17

      It’s really cool to see a professional fisherman that still does it because he just flat out loves to fish. Keep it up have a great year.

    15. Dashawnn

      We were there when you were there straight across from the launch right before you hit the corner they're stacked in in the piers we caught 5 back to back 3 and 4 pounder

    16. Captain Young

      DC got a ??? 1. I know that tinman ( cox) going to fish both MLF & CIRCUIT... HAVE U DECIDED WHAT U GOING TO DO ???? THAT FOR COX COULD IF HE GETS INTO THE CUPS THATS OVER 20 TOURAMENTS

    17. Don Yarborough

      DC what brand of Sunglasses are you sporting? Look really cool

      1. DC Fishing

        BEX sunglasses 😎

    18. Chris Cumbest

      Try different size heads. That’s what she said 😂

    19. Nate Olson

      Let’s get another “ the weight” documentary going with you and wheeler that was badass.

      1. Leave or Liberty Fishing

        @B Fishing Outdoors we appreciate it man keep the content coming man.

      2. B Fishing Outdoors

        I am no Wes. However, I will do my best to film and edit for DC this season. It really just depends on what and how many tournaments he lets me tag along on.

      3. Leave or Liberty Fishing

        Bro you ain’t kidding that was such an epic series. That was all put together by Wes Davis I believe guy does some epic stuff with a camera.

    20. jeremyjohnsonfishing

      Happy New Year to you and yours DC!!!!

    21. Ben Malone

      This is gonna be a good year for you DC! You keep that positive outlook and you will be rewarded. Can't wait to follow along

    22. mff904

      Take the crest by storm take no Prisoners

    23. Mike Harris

      Great advice, turn it off and go fishing. Nothing heals like it.

    24. Aaron Brady

      Best of luck in the New Year!

    25. Michelle Thomason

      I’m doing it, cutting off everything & headed to the lake! 👏😁

    26. Dustin diamond

      There NOT gonna catch them selfs!! Quote of the Year.

    27. Justin

      That's what I tell my wife.." But babe, the sun's gonna come up in the morning...they're gonna be bite-n!"

    28. Brad McDaniel

      Love me some DC! Really looking forward to following you, Wheeler, and the rest of the crew in 2021!

    29. Mayson Cunningham

      Happy New Year. God bless your content is so great!!

    30. Musky Hunter

      Go get em DC. Thanks for the vids.

    31. Nick Brown

      you guys are gonna love the red Crest on the Stein. not alot of pressure. biguns a plenty.

    32. Noah Garrison

      A weird question but what did you major in for college? Has that degree helped being a pro?

    33. Erich Thompson

      Love it when Brett starts pulling pranks

    34. Mike Gardiner

      Just love your vids Dustin. you’re super down to earth and humble. Love the “doink”. Lol. Looking forward to seeing your new boat and set up. Best of luck in 2021 my friend!! God bless!!

    35. Caden Carpenter

      yo homeboy put in at bonners on lake jordan!!! been there many times

    36. Scott Clark

      You put out some good stuff,best of luck to you in 2021👊

    37. Jose Martinez

      Great video

    38. 256BassFishing

      DC... You should bring ole Brett up to Pickwick one day and let's do some ledge fishing!

    39. Gary Lukas

      36 was the highest water temperature Saturday but we still smashed them largemouth in Massachusetts .BOOM!!!

    40. Brent Spencer

      SHARED to 613 BASS'n

    41. Felipe Reno

      Can’t wait for 2021

    42. Nick Dawson Fishing

      Hey what’s that black jacket your wearing ?

      1. B Fishing Outdoors

        Aftco adder down jacket

    43. Spinner Bait

      I have really enjoyed watching, following you, your videos. It's going to be a while before our water gets back to 45 degrees. Until then we need more videos. Happy new year DC & to your family.

    44. Tim Vaughan

      Quickly becoming my favorite angler!

    45. Nick Dawson Fishing

      I feel like he’s talking about the power plant lake in Illinois right next to Missouri called lake of Egypt I’ve fished it for tourneys and if you find the current you’ll smoke em

      1. joshua lee

        could be that or truman lake...

    46. Chris H

      Hold on thought that was one blowing up hahaha...Love it full blown all stop...

    47. Gene Upton

      You look like you on lake jordan

    48. Zack Pinkard

      My favorite angler! I live about 45 minutes south of Florence, Alabama. Been watching your videos almost all year and I can’t get enough of em. Keep dingin em up DC!

    49. Jason Walden

      By far the best video of 2020!! Crazy year looking forward to 2021. You really make bass fishing fun and exciting! Thank you and all a MLF guys for keeping it alive.

    50. Sluggo 721

      New subscriber here, got to say I love your attitude and personality. I'm Looking forward to watching more of your videos.

    51. destans outdoors

      Spots love that current I can't stay out of it either 😂

    52. Sem Fernandez

      Lake Palestine yessir!! East TX is the the best TX!

    53. Jesse Boyden

      'Everybody of water u pass ur looking at like u gone see em biting' lmfao me

    54. Brad Palm

      You the man!!!! Love the videos and all the content you put out DC!!

    55. jim harrison

      You fooled me at RF Henry last Saturday without that wrap... Didn't know it was you until we put my boat on the trailer and saw your truck. We were in a red and black bullet with a 300R. Maybe we'll see y'all again one day!!

    56. DW B

      Lake Palestine? Oh my.

    57. Mid-West Fishing

      It’s funny listening to you talking about how it dosent get much colder then 50 degree water😂 I was out today and half the river was frozen and it was 40 degree water😂😂😂

    58. 334 Bassin

      Good luck in 2021. Looking forward to watching you catch some biggins in the new boat.

    59. JMavs 508

      Good videos, nice beats , good info . DC bang em up this year man

    60. Bennie Maxwell

      You DON’T suck DC. Your a great fisherman and love watching your videos. Watched “ The Weight” a few weeks back. One of the best video series I seen. In my opinion, for what that’s worth, your one of if not the most underrated fisherman on MLF tour. But what do I know. I’m just an old 55 year old guy in Michigan.

    61. JMavs 508

      Most double digit bass up north are caught thru the ice

    62. M Jones

      Good one, glad to see that geeky camera man in there 😂👍, just kidding BB

    63. Cody Neely

      You the man DC. Go get em this year!

    64. William Wheaton

      Great video DC! I’m from Illinois and think it’s great you come up here to hunt. I can put you on some big bass around here too! Keep up the good work! I’m pulling for you brother! I wanna see you get you a BPT Trophy and a big paycheck!

    65. Josh And Hunter’s Adventures

      Well that is one way to do it this should be good tuning in to find out the answers

    66. Brian Dorman

      Great video. You need to come to Texas and chase some redfish with me!!!!

    67. Tyler Mims

      love the vids dc