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    KGup star-turned-rapper DDG takes us around his Calabasas home and shows us his favorite collections and prized possessions-from watches and jewelry, to a huge red horse.
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    1. CABO


    2. luca miller

      Without features he would never pass 10 million views

      1. Designer the Don

        He has 4 songs over 15 million lol(He has a gold record that has 49 million views by itself lol

    3. luca miller

      Ddg is a KGupr tho 😂

    4. Gol D

      Where he get the red horse from does anyone know?

    5. CL15

      Is this the dude that lost a competition to Deestroying and wouldn't pay up?

      1. Designer the Don

        He’s cool with deestroying , it was just for content

      2. hi tech

        That was a fake video

    6. FreeMade L

      Ddg requested that they put "rapper" in the title

    7. Shaveez Ch


      1. hi tech


    8. Tâm Cao

      pacquiao cradles deadpool2 halomusic katanazero deepfake

    9. JMAC


    10. OtakuBoiii\ عبدالرحمن

      showing a million dollar. he finna get robbed

    11. Cisco

      "6:42" Yeah I've been getting paid daily with *p p l o n c a s h . x y z* I'm making over $850 a week with them! είναι ένα εργαείο ερσίας για όλ


      KGup is where u belong stay loyal to it .

      1. hi tech


    13. BleedWolf

      DDG VH1 The Fabulous Life

    14. SOCY Sloppy

      KGupr* DDG

      1. hi tech

        Rapper* ddg

    15. l o l a

      This nigga in the tub showing off his ice bruh😂😂

    16. Maurice A. Newson Jr.

      Why do I feel like this all Cap?!

    17. farkz

      You know what's mad. DDG could literally be 10 deep in a bitch in his own home movie theatre. That's inspirational.

    18. Sleezy


    19. Sleezy

      He finally getting da titles he want

    20. nolimitperez

      I feel like Michael Jackson

    21. nieooj gotoy

      It’s funny because we was there we he bought all of his watches🗣

    22. Yk KennyYT

      DDG SQUAD💯

    23. Yungeen Gio

      I know ddg as a youtuber

    24. Nathan Gerodias

      11 milllion in a month on a music video? Sidemen get 5 million in 3 days on a video..

    25. J D

      He’s a KGup vlogger who makes fake videos. He ain’t no rapper. Now Days everyone is a rapper

    26. ATRAK Eighty Eight

      Atrak88 on all platforms

    27. Domineik

      Ddg smooth lol

    28. Robin G

      DDG 💰

      1. Rock girl

        I remember watching his vlogs as a freshman in college then dropout after his first semester . Look at him now.

    29. Dae Bandz

      He inspired me to save from a early age

      1. Rock girl

        tf is this

    30. Aaron -

      KGup rapper

    31. Frikki Saur

      Why he sitting in a bathtub?

    32. LarcaP123


    33. J Williams

      you spelled youtuber wrong

      1. J Williams

        @hi tech yeah but they spelled youtuber wrong

      2. hi tech

        Nah but they spelt rappers right

    34. eioshen boboi

      DDG on boss status now 🔥

    35. M sik an tide of Rona

      I’m surprised I’m not seeing fredo in the comments

    36. TheKidShawn


    37. King of The Hill

      I still don't know what that spikey little bracelet on his wrist is called

    38. clout V

      His house way too big to do this little ass video😒

    39. Kg void

      Understand all these artist/rapper have the same jewelry just different color wrist.

    40. rafael toso

      mxrmods news willowsmith brucelee

      1. eioshen boboi

        Rappers better be careful with showing off there luxury stuff Robbers might target him

    41. aviizry

      tf is this

    42. G M

      I remember watching his vlogs as a freshman in college then dropout after his first semester . Look at him now.

    43. Rock girl

      I love this man bro😭💛 Bet nobody FW him.

    44. FadedDimes

      dat boi buff

    45. Kerriann Spencer

      no one care

    46. Quandisimo Fantastico

      Ik he told em to put rapper in the title 💀💀

    47. Big Virgil

      this is exactly how im NOT gonna spend my money

      1. The Narcissist

        u have to look it from a you have millions perspective. u looking it at it from where ur at isnt comparable. 185k oh my goddddddddddddddddd but when you have millions 100k is like 30 40k to you.

    48. Issa Jazz

      Only real DDG fans know he was high as hell im this tour😭😭😭

    49. Aipror Orlando

      No funny shit he is the wackiest KGupr

    50. jhc1229

      Don't know who he is but congrats on everything that he has.

    51. bcvbb hyui

      I dont know why people hates on other people's success like damn he came from far though hope you see this DDG❤🔔

    52. Maria Alexander

      Lookin madd sexy!!!🤔💯

    53. OvoChubbs


    54. nikes4444

      Bathtub ritual ?

    55. Ty Wilson

      DDG is always stoned now in every video he in an I’m only saying that’s cause it’s funny as hell to me 😂😂if you watched ddg sense college and Pontiac an all those years he never smoked and never did things none of that until he got a million dollars and to protect his image but now he like fuck it and high as shit in every video and is honest about it when asked it’s just funny as hell to me 😂😂

    56. Jer. 2x



      Stay HUMBLE DDG

    58. HuE Chan

      ddg dont fake

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Is the lowkey MTV cribs

    59. Tray Hamilton

      Dawg all the way untap to the hood ..nigga the lakes open rn


      ssh fanboys gonna be here saying "fredo still got more money"

    61. Keso Bandzz


    62. foley england

      getlow grimes goodbyes reviewbrah bfdi danzakuduro thestrokes

    63. Sam Wilson

      Rappers better be careful with showing off there luxury stuff Robbers might target him

      1. bssni touir


    64. Aaron


    65. Kop FOTB

      he def told yall to put "rapper" in the vid instead of "youtuber"

    66. Byonce Gallegos

      I can't even afford half of what them watches cost 😂😂🤣

      1. bssni touir

        He really has come a long way.

    67. Tim Kruse

      this nigga buys designer clothes and brands but has no sense of style LMAO

    68. bssni touir

      The title should be: youtuber ddg who happens to rap also, shows his insane watch collection.

      1. hi tech

        Nah the title is good

    69. DreDay4201 4201


      1. es7mLon

        Dont hate let that shit motivate

    70. Hey It’s Me Zoë

      It’s literally about tineeee

    71. tristian allen

      Ddg: this million dollars Ddg: nah I’m just playing it’s fake Me: CAP

      1. bssni touir


    72. JDBaski

      *KGup rapper*

    73. Flem Meriwether

      You are a fake

      1. hi tech


    74. Princess Yonna ♡

      I know u from KGup lol

      1. sannio komi


    75. Mahmoud Gadi

      When the list doesn’t go on they always say it goes on

      1. sannio komi


    76. Sean MacGuire

      u spelt youtuber wrong

      1. hi tech

        No he’s a rapper to

    77. Jaylen !!

      Shirt inside out lol

    78. JoEs_ Do9

      Is the lowkey MTV cribs

    79. Lena Renee Music

      my right ear tho

    80. Angel Perez

      he’s to cocky

      1. hi tech

        Nigga is just chilling

    81. yada's garbage friend.

      He really has come a long way.

    82. Owolabby Azeez

      Made sure to put “Rapper” in the title 😅🤣

    83. Yy Shot

      Thought this was GQ

      1. sannio komi

        I don't know who his publicity guy is. But there doing a great job getting his name out there.

    84. Jayy Smizzy

      Sign me for free fam

      1. sannio komi

        He look buff asl💀

    85. Goyard Jaii

      “rapper ddg” nah fam😭 youtuber

    86. The RSW Family

      If you're reading this please continue to pray and leave a positive energy message not just to help others but your family and yourself from the negative environment and thoughts in your head. Brothers and sisters please take care of yourself health 🧒🏾💓🙏🏾

    87. Yungeen Sxm


    88. Yungeen Sxm


    89. Yungeen Sxm


    90. Yungeen Sxm


    91. Yungeen Sxm


    92. Yungeen Sxm


    93. Yungeen Sxm


    94. Soinas Doyi

      Crazy how far Darryl has come from college vlog days

    95. BlackMafia YT


      1. hi tech


    96. MF NAMEK

      Yessir Ddg!!!!! No cap.

    97. Edward O


    98. ricodahchico

      KGupR* shows his insane jewelry collection

      1. hi tech


      2. Soinas Doyi

        Curious why we shame jeff bezos but not this guy?

    99. tia nicole

      He look buff asl💀

    100. Junior Reid

      I don't know who his publicity guy is. But there doing a great job getting his name out there.