Shawn Mendes - Wonder (Live From The AMA’s / 2020)


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    I wonder
    if I’m being real do I speak my truth or do I filter to how I feel
    I wonder
    Wouldn’t it be nice to live inside a world that isn’t black and white
    I wonder
    What it’s like to be my friends
    Hope that they don’t think I forget about them
    I wonder
    I wonder

    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved

    I wonder
    Why I’m so afraid of saying something wrong and never said I was a saint
    I wonder when I cry into my hands I’m conditioned to feel like it makes me less of a man
    And I wonder if some day you’ll be by my side and tell me that the world will end up alright
    I wonder
    I wonder

    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved

    Right before I close my eyes
    The only thing that’s on my mind
    Been dreaming that you feel it too
    I wonder what it’s like to be loved by you

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    1. We are Music

      He says “dreaming that you fake it too...”. I am not really sure of this

    2. Mike170874

      Damn this kid is good.

    3. Vichithrath Chhay

      See how the croud is so quite because of Covid-19 💀

    4. Raquel Flauzina


    5. Fran Soares


    6. maasm DG

      Love Shawn 😍

    7. Sai Ranjana

      I absolutely love this new shawn but I also want the old shawn to come back 🖤

    8. God save the Queen

      Amazingg songgg check this link w9th this songggg!!!

    9. Fernanda Ribeiro

      I love youuuu shawn💖💖💖💖💖

    10. Graygoose Crazy

      his voice has just gotten sooo much better than it was last year and OMG he is the best singer to me now

    11. day

      i love shawn mendes and this song

    12. Roblox Fann

      He inspires me to get boots and write songs 😭😭😭 idk why I feel like I’m gonna get married with the chorus part I’m just gonna get married with the whole song I just feel that idk why 😭😭

    13. P I T

      8D version thnks for watching 😁

    14. folklore aoty


    15. Angela Baylan

      I love your song keep it up

    16. Lord

      I love this

    17. Thayse Souza De Azevedo

      Quando o ao vivo é melhor que o de estúdio o artista é bom mesmo!

    18. Isabela Bertsch

      He looks so happy💜😭 this song is soo amazing 🤩😭💜

    19. Marcele Sccp

      Uma das melhores perfeições do Shawn é que ele sente a música e a transmite para nós, adoro suas apresentações ao vivo! Eu amo o Shawn ❤ Salveee BRASIL 💛 One of Shawn's best perfections is that he feels the music and transmits it to us, I love his live performances! I love Shawn ❤

    20. eve walker sherriff

      This song is a masterpiece, i'm always so lost for words. so emotional x

    21. Abi


    22. Kezziah Libarra

      I just love you Shawn and Camila 😭😍❤♥💕

    23. Daniel Creed

      What a performance

    24. Daniel Larson


    25. Omar Flores

      A q hora sale la nueva cancion?

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    27. 라푼젤

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    28. Archana Archana

      Love ur vocal ability huge fan

    29. Ayeisha Moses

      I fweakin love him😫💛

    30. Daniela Ortiz

      that fake house set looks cozy as hell- i want to live there in real life

    31. quỳnh anh


    32. Priscila Romera Xavier

      Perfect !! Que energia !

    33. Natasha DeJesus


    34. AmeaMartinez

      Remember when he was in Magcon...

    35. Brinny Espinal

      hermosa cancion la escucho todos los dias las dos :3 beautiful song I listen to it every day the two :3

    36. Gamer Of The Unknown Realm

      The song is okay

    37. MBelen Cuenca

      canta tan hermosoo !!!

    38. Lydia C

      Oh Goodness...... my goodness... oh dear.... I can’t handle this!!

    39. Estee H.

      He looks like an angel

    40. Jonathan Lasry

      Shawn Mendes Music Evolution from 2014 to 2020 ! 😇 Love the guy ! ❤️

    41. Hao Lee

      Me, A chess player : I've blundered

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    43. Lithe FF

      dijo Luna que Amazing

    44. Mansfield Baker

      Omfg I thing I can say I love you mad funny mett justin but lives close is weird you my best buddys doudle but ur hair so cute

    45. Silvia Regina

      I love you so much Shawn

    46. claudia maciel

      I Love this song

    47. Leticia Lopes


    48. Leticia Lopes


    49. JK_nochu kookie

      He is a legend his level is not normal anymore

    50. Júlia


    51. jeet rapoot

      Love songs.......♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    52. Laurennn

      When he smiles the whole Antarctica melts...

    53. Elif ÖZCAN

      Harry and Shawn has to duet together

    54. tik tok live

      Nice Love song

    55. Barbora Gistingerova

      I love Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabelo ♥

    56. Agustina Gómez

      2:03 casi se cae jajajaja

    57. b Vijay Krishna

      Love you so much ❤️❤️😘😘

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      Absolutely LOVE this!!!!! ❤🇦🇺

    59. Anik Agustiari

      Love this song

    60. Jéssica Juaçaba


    61. Nicol Ramirez

      Amo esta canción, y amé el performance, Shawn es el mejor e hizo un gran trabajo,estoy muy orgullosa de él ❤️🥺🥰🤧

    62. romina sauer

      you're the only shawn, you deserve everything good in the world.

    63. Lexi

      Shawn is amazing! His documentary was so beautiful, gave me even more of a realization to who he really is. I'm wondering though, was it weird to perform in front of no one in a huge place? lol

    64. anneliese mendoza

      yo me pregunto si existe otra persona más perfecta

    65. Sonia D

      Wow! That was stunning! Looking forward to the album 🙂

    66. Ivo Santos

      Amo-te muito gata ❤️❤️

    67. Laura Nelson

      he is incredible!

    68. Sébastien Moreno

      Perfect Shawn ! Always so much inspiration ! I love it !!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩

    69. Melani Fonteño lindon

      La mejor voz del mundo 🌠🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

    70. Julia Wilbard

      As a Christian this fits in playlist

    71. vante

      The most entertaining performance I ever seen.

    72. Mylene D. Ramis

      Missing to be a fan but now I am coming back hehe❣ I love this music😍 Keep it up👏💪

    73. Ritika Riti

      Shawn u r so handsome ur fan from india

    74. Ruth Perez

      I just want to see Shawn And Cone to perform together 🥺

    75. Sofia Ramos

      so no one is talking about how this is so similar to his first performance of stitches with a similar room?

    76. Awesome beauties

      The new door isn’t born but it is made by fixing pieces. And wonder has beautiful pieces ,and Shawn is the one who is fixing this pieces to make a new door for himself to lead a new world 😊

    77. Blue Feels

      Those who haven't seen Wonder on netflix should definitely check it out! It's wonderful! 💙💙

    78. Lorena Chamorro

      i wonder if he knows that he has a great hair.

      1. RJ Yeezy

        I wonder what it feels like. 🤔

    79. Juan teodor Cabrera Tinco

      Mi hija te ama ❤

    80. hugo otega

      Shawn se la rifa

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    83. Taciana Mendes


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      Hola...muy bueno..letra muy buena..

    85. Monica Morales Quevedo

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    86. Lourdes CostaLima


    87. Draco Malfoy

      this gives me conan gray vibes and i love it

    88. Igor Sena

      Shawn is an awesome guy and an amazing singer/performer.

    89. miya deen

      good job shawn mendes

    90. Shadow

      I wonder how Shawn Mendes is that perfect

    91. juli de la fuente

      im in love with this performance

    92. Majix rlc

      Really love this performance, he really increased his singing in live performances

      1. just a random girl lol



      no offense but shawn is half shit, i don't care if they throw me hate throw me the shit they want.

      1. folklore aoty

        the why are u watching his performances

    94. Bella Donna

      Now this is f*cking amazing i love it keep it coming flower your looking great love you always!!!!XOXOXO

    95. Samily ॐ Iasmin


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      Who else loves this shirt😍

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