2 GIRLS ONE...MONOLITH?!?! 😳🥵👅💦💦 - H3 Podcast #227

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    1. Sařa Hevesi

      God is up in heaven laughing at the Trump supporters who tried to use his name to gain votes .

    2. Sařa Hevesi

      Jesus loved Mary Magdalen and defended her in front of people that looked down upon her for being a prostitute I love how he skipped over that part of the Bible

    3. Maeve Hoare

      I love hila so much

    4. Violet Miyazaki

      These people preaching about trump give Christians a bad rep

    5. jesus of suburbia

      the guys that tore down the monolith are evil & should burn

    6. ali alsetri


    7. Gustave Toops

      I leave for a year and it’s like what the hell happened here ..? Get away from backing liberal politics and go back to making fun of the scooter people lol just saying we can all agree on that. Sorry I’m hammered 😉

    8. Tommy H

      The pastors are covid deniers because they get less donations.

    9. Demorthus

      44:31 holy shit I just realized there's atleast one *pornstar* on that boat lol. Directly to the right of the guy in the bright blue hat is... I'll let the rest of the community answer:

    10. Otter Oddington

      Ethan was funnier when he stayed out of politics.

    11. Soheib Toumi

      living in Algeria is so hard ffs i would love to cop some teddy fresh that ski jacket is 🤩🔥🔥

    12. C.J Halliday

      ethan...my man..sometimes you sound soooo bitter. you need to chill out 22:50 . i dont even like logan that much but at least he's trying to change...right? or are we going to hate him forever 😂😂😂

    13. Alexa K

      As far as the monolith, the reason they removed it is not because the monolith was disrupting the environment, it’s because people who were coming to see it were littering everywhere. It’s about a two mile walk in the desert and people too lazy to walk were just driving back. It was really disturbing the environment and needed to be removed.

    14. HypnoticHarry

      the youtuber "i did a thing" made a video recently on how he made the monoliths

    15. Lee Lamar

      Since you all are gone I'm going to run your podcast day and while I sleep to keep your algorithm up.

    16. Andrea lee

      2020 douch goes too

    17. Andrea lee

      So the party didn't shut down

    18. jordan grant

      Is Hila deaf?

    19. francis mccormack

      Second comment, why is it so hard to understand that art projects should not be in placed on public lands? Wanting to place art on public lands is one of the most narcissistic things you could do. You think you could improve the natural beauty of the lands that are being preserved? They are being preserved for a reason and to think that art projects belong there is in complete contrast of the protected lands creation. I love art and I love public lands, but just as art is protected at a gallery, the beauty of America should share the same protections. Its ridiculous to think that this is not a commonly held belief and I hope you have rethought your initial reaction. These protected areas have been created over millions of years while an artist creates works over a human lifetime. Also yes I understand that many of these lands are used by companies that seek to extract their natural resources (I have my own opinions on that). However, at-least they pay for their use and dont attract thousands of tourists.

    20. francis mccormack

      Leave no trace rules are simple, if you cant follow them stay in the city.

    21. Lauren

      So weird seeing h3 react to happy hour my two fave podcasts lmao

    22. Lauren

      “You didn’t tell me you had some tea today” my favourite part

    23. Kats Emeraldz

      59:45 wait why did the art in the background start glitching out?

    24. Callie Christian

      .... idk how people think Dr. mike is the sexiest doctor..... lol wha

    25. bnenomore

      Space trash is actually a huge issue lol We should ABSOLUTELY clean up the shit we throw out there Edit - Thank you Dan lol

    26. Jorge

      idk, is easy to defend lockdown when your job is being a KGupr. (not every country has as much money as the us )

    27. cristahoffer24

      Why do y’all have two diff mics

    28. cristahoffer24

      100 year pandemic!?!

    29. User

      Why the hell is this the first comment in 24 hours?

    30. Calesta Iezu

      I love Hila's beanie! I'm hoping it's on Teddy Fresh.

    31. Isaiah Gunn

      hila you should get your clothes in the new cyberpunk game

    32. Patrick Draper

      You guys should look up Teddy Bear Fresh... It's a produce company in my hometown... Easton, Maryland 21601... You should ask them why they named it that... Haha your brand makes more sense to me 🤣

    33. Jeremy Angel

      The first half of this episode is some of the best podcast content in recent memory. Ian is hilarious and Zach was on point with the soundbites 👌

    34. Alexxxa Wild

      this is greate video

    35. Shinii

      dr mike isnt a hypocrite, he s a doctor, he has to always relay the right message, and sometimes doctors wont follow what they advice to do such as smoking drinking etc.. his job is to tell you the right thing, not having to apply it to himself on himself.. but anyways it s a matter of perspective .

      1. HypnoticHarry

        you clearly don't understand the definition of hypocrite

    36. Cristian Ramos

      The flu has 17% death rate corona has 3% death rate. Flu deaths are measured per season, covid has been tallied since it was discovered nov-dec 2019

    37. Luke Lox

      I loooooove when you talk about shit you are so uninformed about like politics. Blows my mind how you can so easily dismiss the views of half the country so you can pretend you’re superior to them. I can tell that’s important to ethan

      1. Luke Lox

        Especially when you built your channel on building unity and now you’re directly contradicting yourself. This is why people call you a hypocrite and you are surprised.

    38. Chuck Manson

      Hila's been rode hard and put up wet. Yucky

    39. Chuck Manson

      Imagine if your girlfriend was a horse?

    40. Bing Bong

      Can't stop subverting the west huh?

    41. Deyanna Davis

      Them : Talk Me: lowkey feels an uncomfortable vibe..

    42. The Microgrow Guy

      The problem with the monolith wasn't the structure itself, but the fact that within days of it being announced there was already a heavy tourist presence starting to pop up. Apparently litter, damage to nature, and other nasty things were already rampant, and one person even reported seeing cars coming in from every direction. This was an otherwise untouched area, and with the newfound interest in the monolith it was at risk of turning into a tourist attraction very quickly.

    43. Helena Stošić

      i just realized ethan and hila are so dumb

    44. Milan Groen

      Hila and Ethan have it easy with the covid, they rich as fuck, so ofc they laugh at small the small buisnesses 🤦‍♂️

    45. Milan Groen

      Covid is dif in usa than europe

    46. Keith Hinrichs

      H3h3 drifting more and more into a news report

    47. Chris Chapin

      As a Christian you're being a bit cruel to others. But, regardless your content is good. Not all Christians are willing to do the logical thing and say home. Edit: Copeland is creepy and his laugh is very creepy.

    48. TheCEOConnor

      I hate that all is talked about now is COVID and politics.

    49. jordan porozov

      why didnt they just name this episode Lets Talk About Covid for an hour &1/2

    50. Furness Prime

      I love watching how fucking entitled Ethan and Hila are, they are making millions--- don't have to miss a single day of work, sit here and preach about how stupid everyone is, but common.. lol, Ethan.. dude, look in the mirror man. Haha. I love it.

    51. ZEROxTHREE

      Hila aging like a fine wine

    52. Baker McBrad

      I used to love h3 would watch every podcast as it came out but I haven't been interested lately and just realized why I had to skip an hour in to get past the political and covid talk. Which i will hand it to them I first heard about covid from them but I didn't mind them talking about it when it wasn't so heavily politicized. Ethan just isn't someone id want to get my politics from. He doesn't seem to approach it objectively

    53. just here to encourage

      i watch the happy hour podcast 😂

    54. Kariinschii

      even putting belle delphine in the thumbnail doesn't cut it.... RESPECT TRISH FOR HELPING THIS CHANNEL

    55. Kelsey Ann

      "Leave no trace" is more famously known as one of the 'rules" of outdoor ethics. I totally agree that when we go hiking, camping, exploring, what have you, in the outdoors, we should "leave no trace" (as in, pick up after ourselves... don't leave behind your granola bar wrappers). HOWEVER, the monolith was not trash, it was an art installation. I think it is healthy for humans to interact in non-destructive ways with the natural environment. That monolith, in my (very likely uninformed as I'm not an expert in conservation) opinion was a non-destructive way to interact with the natural environment. The decision to remove the monolith needed to be left up to the actual experts that are able to determine whether its existence in that location was actually harmful to the ecosystem. Those guys that removed it are themselves trash. The outdoor community does not claim them.

    56. Adrian Octavio

      The tables are being turned over (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    57. KvshBerry 420

      Covid is fake 😑

    58. MonsterBxtch

      Lets please not poor shame states that have higher rates of poverty because they have higher of populations Black and Latinx people who are heavily discriminated against, especially by the officials where they live who are only a very vocal minority. I’m in Oregon and we pay for their taxes too, but every month I worry about my kids and I being homeless. And I live in one of the most white places in the country, plus I’m educated. California is, believe it or not, also super white. In comparison to these states which have super high rates of poverty, too. Where people are more often killed by police. Where there’s more single mothers, more homeless women with children, and higher rates of violence against Trans women. People born and stuck there due to lack of opportunities aren’t just YeeHaws leeching off of the government. I’m not even like getting mad or triggered, I hope my tone doesn’t come off that way. It’s a suggestion to start have a learning experience. As we get older we see it’s time to always be learning and growing otherwise we become miserable people who are stuck in the past; I bring this up to take some time to think about this because it’s a complicated issue and also an important issue to learn about.

    59. Daniel Jr 45

      That laughing Christian lady sounds like Daisy Domergoo or however you spell that from Hateful Eight.

    60. MEA -

      We really gotta do something about those right-wing pastures.

    61. Ethan Compton

      Who is the girl on the right in the thumbnail

    62. Liam Nields

      Hey guys let’s talk about the small business it’s kinda disrespectful and disappointing for someone like hila to say “oh wow small business” when restaurants and businesses are struggling across the nation. I understand this pandemic doesn’t effect you but it dose a lot of others. It’s a legitimate point against the lock down because hundreds of thousands of people will die for every percentage that drops below the poverty line. On top of that the average of death from covid is 78 and the average estimated loss of life is 6 months. It’s a serious illness but Locking down again will kill people there is an argument to be had but let’s not dismiss it because this is serious. Personally I believe that we should quarantine the vulnerable and let the young and healthy return to normal.

    63. James Richardson

      Hila looking toooo sexy

    64. All The Artsy

      "Leave no trace" is not from Burning Man. It's literally just the rule for hikers, snorkelers, spelunkers, etc.

    65. Stacy R

      Hila should use that sticky hair shit and dread her hair a little and put some make up on.

    66. Stacy R

      Hila looks so good. I wish she'd put a little makeup on.

    67. Pineapplz

      Really cool to see the evolution of teddy fresh, can't wait to see what you do in the future

    68. Amanda Arthur

      Jake Paul on the H3 podcast feels like it happened 10,000 years ago

    69. Amanda Arthur

      I missed this podcast so much love the gang HATERS SAID THEY WOULD NEVER RETURN

    70. Chase Overby

      The Kentish Copland soundbite is so good

    71. mathilde sadeghi

      thanks to this podcast being in a tab on my laptop my friends now think i watch youtube porn

    72. Jessica Eversole

      I’m offended! It’s finally happened to me 😂😂😂😂 I see ppl get offended by what someone says and I always eye roll them but now I’m offended!! I’m from KY and not all of us are yeehaw 😂😂😂😂 I live in southeastern KY and I voted Biden. I’m completely against trump and all he stands for. Sooooo I demand you retract your statement, Ethan! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 joking, half way

    73. Noah Collyer

      4:45 ethan is such a lib

    74. Dr Mist

      why don't you hit these guys that don't pay taxes with a "God works in mysterious ways."

    75. emily taylor

      Didn’t Zach rip on Logan Paul’s friend Mike for dating a porn star? Saying he’d never be able to get over that or something lol

      1. P P

        Yeah he did but people change their mind

    76. Angelo Gerace


    77. Lim jack

      The future futuristic parent systematically prevent because decimal independently frame despite a numerous camera. brainy, laughable shock

    78. SaltyCrude

      Eathan needs to get outside of cali. They got you living in fear bro.

    79. Holly Warren

      Greg Paul's just upset that he can't go into the team 10 house right now...

    80. Cass C

      Omg Jake’s dad sounds like Biden lmaoooo

    81. Michal Nielsen

      all I got from that dr mike message was - In retrospect I feel kinda bad about being caught since it affects my image and business :D

    82. Spacew0lf420

      Why has Ethan been so passive aggressive lately to Hila. It's making me not enjoy the show. I mean I know that's kinda his personality, but it's been dialed up for her and just makes the show awkward and cringe. I'll treat Hila right if he wont! (Lol as if I had a chance.)

    83. Tjwsweet

      Zack is getting really good at the sound bites nice one bro 😎

    84. Odriscoll Odriwcoll

      I love how wrong ethan is, he acts like he knows everything

    85. catherine griffith

      Ethan didn't have to use the country accent for Jakes dad, he's from Ohio, not even a southern state. Can liberals in major cities stop making fun of and ridiculing southern people over lack of education (accent) and classism from blue collar workers that has inspired the "utility" themed fashion produced by Teddy Fresh.

    86. Fleshbird

      Hila is hilarious. The part where she and Ethan played off of each other as the therapist and table-flipping pastor was so good lol

    87. NA Sound

      Ethan is spot on about Logan. He hasn't changed, he's just rebranded.

    88. Aaron S.

      H3 Podcast soundbites are the greatest thing ever.

    89. Apollify

      “What kind of doctor has time to make KGup videos” a lot of them actually

    90. Maggie Adams

      I NEED HILA'S HAT! Is it going to be coming out soon?

    91. Lucas Chapa

      What’s the difference between Dr Mike going on a boat and Ethan and Idubbz going on a boat ? 🤔🤔

    92. Lucas Chapa

      Did Ethan not just go on a boat with idubbz and hila with random people to trying to do the zucc on a surfboard meme ? That was ok to do though safe :)

    93. lordofutub

      I'm not getting notifications for these anymore wtf

    94. swagAscuris- rex

      1:01:25 the picture in the back changes color

    95. Abdelkader Abuagla

      That jacket is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life

    96. Marc Hendry

      isn't it likely that the guys stealing the monolith are taking it because it might be from a famous artist?

    97. Dakota Michelon

      I was surprised that Dan was the only one supporting the removal of the cheap Monolith “artwork”. I understand Hila and Ethan are artists, but that doesn’t mean anyone can just put “art” anywhere they want to, especially in national parks (or space). Hopefully they can learn and begin to understand the concept of a nature preserve. According to Hila and Ethan, spray painting on boulders in national parks is okay then too I suppose, because it’s art?

    98. Glasses&Mouthplates

      I can never understand how people can fall for political shills working as televangelists. The rights are claiming that the lefts are hijacking entertainment and media for political agenda (which to be fair, is not entirely false), while the rights themselves are using churches and event halls to inform their followers that a vote for Biden and Harris is an agreement to Satan.

    99. Emma Gucci

      I hate the dont be selfish shit, SORRY if sometimes we slip up like fuck me the country has been locked down for basically a year! I live in ireland and I've only seen my family a handful of times cause of this shit. Been such a big fan of ethan and hila for so long but I hate how unempathetic they are on this topic

    100. hardeeharhar86

      Hila brings light in darkness. Cherish her during this bullshit year.