What REALLY Happened to COCO JONES? TEA and VOCALS...iconic


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    COCO JONES is an actress and singer...but let's please add COMEDIAN to the list! Pre-Save her new single, "Hollyweird" here: music.empi.re/hollyweird
    Coco Jones covers "Love" by Keyshia Cole: kgup.info/get/kpFromaxl6CclmY/video
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    1. Abigail C

      Been a fan and so glad she’s back making hits and bringing energy

    2. The Official Zickerling

      I watch this every other day lol

    3. Matrix Genie


    4. Greg Williams

      Coco be my best friend thanks bye text me

    5. Matrix Genie


    6. Matrix Genie


    7. Marqús Fresh

      Bitch now I know how it feels to be a teen in the 90s watching living color

    8. Fila Fuentes

      Team coco she is freaking hilarious i needed this laugh i had a bff who acted just like her so silly and hilarious and was brown skin with poppin melanin and thats on period 🤣

    9. Jala Hill

      We need another one Terrellllll😭

    10. Douglas Morrisson

      Is this girl a fuckin Gemini, cause she has multiple personalities, I LOVE HER

    11. Amber Nicole

      This girl is a gem 😍✨

    12. Queen Ari

      She gives me chills when she sings. Yaaas Queen

    13. Jos 0_o

      He needs to bring her back cuz her vibe is just yessss😍😍🤣🥰

    14. Olivia Banks

      It should be illegal to be that beautiful. It probably is because she's HEAVY SLEPT ON

    15. Breymond Leymar Jones

      Oh her singing voice is cute

    16. lia13

      We DA TEAM HETE ON BEHALF AS COCO we don't slack, anyways queen things🤭😌

    17. Brittney Sharde's Life

      this was so entertaining!!! One of the best damn shows Terrell!!!!

    18. Brittney Sharde's Life

      she got one!!! give her that one hahaha

    19. Brittney Sharde's Life

      they way CoCo did Love by keyshia I had to pause my computer get up and our me some wine!!!!! WWWHHHAAAATTTTT!!!!! okay I'm back...press play!!

    20. Brittney Sharde's Life

      5:15 i totally agree we didn't know.... NOW WE KNOW!!!!

    21. Brittney Sharde's Life

      I had no clue who she was, when i saw the name! But then remembered her face the clips dropped, bc i have 4 kids all under 13 LOL. Love her NOW!!

    22. Lizzy Luna

      Saw another comment saying that she should be Tiana Disneyyyyy listen SHE BETTER BE TIANA

    23. Christopher Feliciano

      She is sooo funny omg. What a fresh of breath air. I’m a fan now. And she can sang. Wheww babyyyy. Ty!

    24. It's Just BB

      "Or maybe we could just get married"😂

    25. brittany miskell

      man that come and see me is just insane I LOVE IT !!!!! im so glad he had her keep going

    26. shayne robinson

      She looks so much like Gabriel Union ... like she could be her daughter .

    27. M&M life

      All I know is I can’t stop coming back to dis video and if/when you do another album I needs CoCo on it

    28. Bohlale Sekhoto


    29. Julian Grier

      Maaaann......is all I can say

    30. lil brownie

      WHy do i feel like i'm looking at Gabrielle Union

    31. Devin Boston

      One of my favs!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

    32. Deja Alston

      COCO Bodied busta’ that’s incredible!! She’s incredible bring her back. Coco beans It is!!!

    33. Sherissa Jade

      SherissaJade was here ❤️❤️✌🏿 second time watching this ❤️❤️

    34. Hazot Flower

      She kind of resembles Gabrielle Union.

    35. Itzjust Ashanti

      Coco sanging 'playing games' i straight up started vibeing

    36. Courtney T

      The arrangement of Just My Luck. It’s the complexity for me. I appreciate that.

    37. Courtney T

      She reminds me of Gabrielle Union.

    38. Angel Sayles

      Swear I was like, damn that girl can sing but didn’t see her anymore after that movie. Must of had too much flava for their stiff ahh...

    39. Delores Johnson


    40. Delores Johnson


    41. Urban Pen Diva

      Never knew sis could sing this well. I love this.

    42. King Kool

      She kinda sounds like Jennifer Hudson.

    43. DILNED Smith

      Singing” Love” made me Weakkkkkkk 😩🥰🥰🙌🏾😍

    44. Christa rainey

      “It’s like I get into them lyrics and I’m like AHHH”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    45. Ayanna Goring

      She is amazing. Honestly, I watched every second of this!!!

    46. nin men

      Obsessed 😍

    47. Deion Wilson

      Reinvented Jennifer Hudson

    48. Kayla Ward

      She's so beautiful

    49. IsolaKing

      Wowwwwww. TALENT🔱🔱🔱

    50. ThePurposedone

      Coco made Terrell straight for a few minutes. Lol. Loved this one.

    51. Rejoice Kavari

      I love her omg 😍 that personality ,face,voice must be protected at all cost....

    52. The Sexxyguru

      Bring this amazing pretty brown beauty back ♥️🔥

    53. omega mckinney

      This girl is amazing

    54. Telisha3 Claiborne

      Coco, can I have just a little of that energy?

    55. Joirdan Coney

      not feelin her..

      1. Lyndji Djoyé

        Then bye

    56. Devin Alexander Fairrow

      She got NEXT 👁 👁

    57. S B

      If J-HUD and Gabrielle Union had a baby.

    58. mike moore

      That brownskin song coulda been special

    59. B MOORE

      I’m convinced Tarrell and Coco are siblings! They act so similar!!!

    60. Brooklyn Genaee


    61. Brooklyn Genaee

      Babyyy she did that India Arie💕

    62. oh so wavy tv

      She is just Gabrielle union's long lost daughter

    63. Benjamin Weaver


    64. EverythingDes

      Is it weird I’ve watched this episode like 5 times already! BRING COCO BACK!

    65. diego anton

      she had me at "mOm,, tHe miLk"

    66. Jalese_

      soooo wheres the part 2

    67. T. McGaugh


    68. Najee Basheer

      I forgot how sad I was, thanks for the laughs.

    69. Tou Shaé

      The intro? Yea, I’m subscribing.

    70. Trelawny O.

      Okay but her personality is everythinggg😫 I just wanna be friends😭💯🥰

    71. Zykorsha Smith

      When she hit the buster rhymes 😳😳❤️❤️

    72. 00CIANNA 00SUTTON

      yasss terell and coco i love yall

    73. Putri Damayanti

      Pls make more episode with coco im obsessed, i cant count how many time ive watch this 🤭🤭

    74. Nayanna easter

      Only real fans of coco remember Holla at the DJ 🤪

    75. Christion Rogers

      She talks a lot

      1. Lyndji Djoyé

        Yeah, that's her mouth

    76. Mel Noreiga

      So we're not gonna talk about the fact that she looks like j hud

    77. Tiffany Ford

      She is a less goofy or affected Jennifer Hudson.

    78. Sarah Marina

      oh my god i loved her so much when I was younger and she was with Disney, I'm so ecstatic you guys did this she is so unbelievably amazing

    79. Lifewith AverieJohnson

      Terrell please bring her back because she is funny and I love her voice!!!!!!!!

    80. Audrey Hammock

      She looks like Gabrielle union’s beautiful lil sis

    81. Kyla Lacrette

      Love her

    82. Audrey Hammock

      I love y’all two together. This is the girl version of you

    83. Audrey Hammock

      She hella funny

    84. S.A.T. Vlogs

      This is me all the way. My personalities are showing. I love this. Can we get Zendaya??

    85. Audrey Hammock

      She is beautiful and baby can she SANG. You two look so cute side by side

    86. Passion Dance

      Can we please get a cover album of all these girl because I’d cop for sure 💪🏾

    87. Passion Dance

      Sis is everything!

    88. Prettyclausce

      I’m back again!! Lol I just love this episode!!!! I laughed just as hard as the first 3 times if not more watching this ...I lost count y’all

    89. Kevaleigh Parker

      Love love love

    90. Tiffani Ramsey

      She's amazing! She looks like Gabrielle Union's little sister. I love that she plays with lots of different sounds - she mimics well. Her voice is so rich, much more mature that what I expected. I can't wait to see where her career goes, I'll be watching.

    91. Paul Smith

      She's so FUNNY. I'm over here cracking up 😂

    92. HayaQ

      How she sung love by keyshia Cole better then keyshia Cole

      1. Al Person

        Keisha " mixed race" Cole overrated af

    93. Paulo Brito

      OMG! I love her❤️👏🏼 Greetings from Brazil!

    94. Ken Dior

      she reminds me of Gabrielle Union lol i love it

    95. A’Raebian Knight

      She reminds me of Gabrielle Union fr lol I love it

    96. Bridget Graham

      She is in the Top #3 of the guest that you had on.

    97. HypnoToniC

      Next album she is doing her version of come and see me and playing games please 😫

    98. La’Naysha C

      You needa get dwaynecooke on here

    99. N A

      I like her she’s a good person

    100. Bria Symone Williams

      I can’t she is funny and just like some of my cousins 🤣🤣🤣just always a fun to be around and always keep you laughing.