Huge Mistake and Missed Opportunity at Sam Rayburn - Road to the Classic Ep.13 (20/20)

Scott Martin

42 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

    This one HURTS! I worked hard and had this golden opportunity slip through my hands. On to the next one..

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    1. Scott Martin

      Rayburn was a huge opportunity lost.. but are y’all excited for the next event on Lake Hartwell??

      1. jon jon’s BBQ and Catering

        I like how you broke it down for us! I appreciate the humility and honesty about the good and bad. Looking forward to the next one!!

      2. Ryon Wilson

        I think you should pow wow with the old man and pick up a few forgotten rigs and give them a new look

      3. Ryon Wilson

        B lats wheel house you come to Texas hit me up on Facebook messenger

      4. jonathan mckinney

        What do you think about the lakes being so heavily fished before the open ever gets a chance to fish it ? Something is off , and you where fishing like the Scott we know . I think you did everything right . Was just one of those days , great job you will get a win and be in the elites next year . Good luck at heart well .

      5. Wild Fish Hunting

        yeah... right man. 😊

    2. JD Ethridge

      2020 socks. Followed your dad every weekend growing up.. have just found you on you tube and will start following. Your dad was a beast.. I still remember the lake Okeechobee episodes. I know he is proud. Loving your videos, humble approach and drive. Kick some bass....

    3. Jon Trahan

      Win some, ya lose some. You'll get em next time!

    4. Tyler Asman

      Ur thumb looks tore up lol

    5. brian gentry

      Don’t feel bad I just spent last week on st Clair (4 days) and I only caught 4 large mouth. No small mouth. 😡

    6. Scott Turner

      I had one of those days I went to a tournament all was going well went to go to my spot that too week ago I caught 4 and 5 pounders. But did not realize that the lake dam had drawn down 4 ft of water. So got to my spot got stuck in a sandbar going 50 Miles pr hour. That was only 6 inches of water. When I pre fished cost me 200 dollars to get towed out as I wached my competition about 25 yards from where I was stuck caching fish day one was so bad day to caught 12 pound bag. Just keep your head up. and keep fishing. Always better days ahead.

    7. Christopher Allen Palmer

      That was a well done video. Putting viewers right at eye level with you. Realizing and sharing observations. The " focus" at any level. Thanks

    8. jerrett26

      Coming to my hone state. Rock out on Hartwell!!!

    9. bent rodguy

      it would be great if you showed more of practice fishing tournaments and your panoptix, screenshots !

    10. Kluck Fabrication

      Hey any chance you have a P.O. Box? I have something I need to send you for a morning wake up call for the crew.

    11. David V

      We all miss those good ones or have bad days on the water just have to keep going. look forward to the next tourney and smack em!

    12. Cwfwtx

      For sure would have tried a swim bait.

    13. jeremy pierce

      I can really hear your dad saying to throw a spinner on those brush piles.

    14. ross smith

      Everyone has those days , South Carolina people are nicer anyhow. Go get em!

    15. Wild Fish Hunting

      amazing fishing tricks. 😍😍 thanks for sharing such a wonderful fishing technique. 😊

    16. Scott O,Donahoe

      Go back into sneak mode like you did when you were a kid . Big boat don't mean crap ! Enjoy and use old school tactics and you will win !

    17. Chandler Jemison

      Bring Back Brandon

    18. Computer Guy

      I'm with ya, Scotty. I probably get more water time than most guys in my club but I seldom cash checks. Frustrating. Hoping God smiles on you at Hartwell!

    19. Shane Hall

      Awesome day one at Hartwell mr. scott. I had a feeling this was gonna be a good start for you!

    20. Jeffery Michael

      Just want to say thank you for making these videos I really enjoy them your videos have helped me get through a rough week. My mom passed away this past Friday and watching your videos have gave me a little time to escape all that is going on. So thank you for that it has helped me more than you will ever know

    21. Aaron Snatic

      I like how you reflect and find lessons to learn from your performances, good or bad. Thanks for the insight on tournament fishing. I've been away from it for awhile (club tournaments), but watching your videos and some other anglers has me getting fired up to fish some tournaments again. Good luck at Hartwell (as I type this you are sitting in the top 10 at Hartwell).

    22. hertzer2000

      Every tourney is like a broken record. Not the good kind of record. Well, whenever you need to make a choice in a situation make a choice then do the opposite. Works for me.

    23. Budget Bass Fisherman

      Looking good on Hartwell day one👍

    24. Logan loedoe fishn Crizer

      Its. All good bro just stay with it love watchin the vids bro

    25. Fivekeepers Fishing

      Man! I knew you would rebound at Hartwell! Can't wait to see you take the lead tomorrow! Stay focused and go smash em, we are rooting for you!

    26. J Haywood

      No pressure in practice, maybe you put to much on your self .

    27. Southern Life Forever™️

      Good post mortem, thanks for sharing. Don’t beat yourself up too much, it happens. Plus, this year is just a real 👎 for everyone. Onto the NEXT event.....good luck 🎣


      Scott fish the Tugaloo River at Hartwell!!! Good luck 💪🏼

    29. RetroToons

      Your Content Are Awesome i Mean I like It

    30. John Mercer

      One of the reasons I subscribed is cause of the person you are best way to look at it is learn and grow and become better and you did that can’t wait for the next tournament and video

    31. rob b

      the same brush piles got frequented by the top pro's like a brothel , seems like everything is aboveboard

    32. lakrabid

      Scott you need to diversify your bait portfolio...

    33. Fishing with Jim

      Imo your one if if not THE best. You'll end up on top no matter what. Thanks for the vids

    34. lakrabid

      So did all pros at the tournament buy info from local anglers for the same brushpile? Come on man. Huge lake. Why same brushpile for everyone?

      1. rob b

        🤔🤔🤔 Totally a coincidence 🤣🤣🤣

    35. Billy White

      You are great fisherman Scott. Just pray and do what you know. You got this.

    36. Brandon Havis

      I fished Rayburn the sat-mon before the tournament. First time on the lake, awesome fishery. Fishing was a little finicky but had a great time. Caught my better fish on a carolina rig, big crankbait and dropshot. Caught lots of fish but size was very bipolar 😂. Awesome videos, good luck at Hartwell.

    37. douglas miraldi


    38. Craig Stevens

      Thanks for sharing hope you win in SC .I live in Ga

    39. Allen Baker

      hey man get em next time... Tight Lines

    40. Tanner Bradeen

      what bag is Hilary using for her fishing tackle

    41. Anthony Stinson

      Keep your head up Scott the best thing you can do is stay positive and be confident in yourself. You are a huge inspiration!!

    42. Hdz Fishing

      it’s all good you learn from it you got the next one!

    43. Get LucKY Fishing

      Get it done at Hartwell be pulling for you when you get to the elites it’s you and welcher!!!

    44. Chris H

      Keep giving it all to God brother. Your on your way👊👊👊 Thanks again to team SMC, FAVORITE RODS, GOOGAN BAITS, P-LINE and so many more.

    45. david snider

      What happened grave train don't worry be happy, Hey you got new reels and they look sweetness deluxe

    46. Jessie_rowlettair

      Scott Martin I'm rooting for you so bad and know you will make the Elite Series you're my favorite fisherman and I watch a lot of them along with my son who fishes for his high school...

    47. Wraith _

      Keep your head up your gonna kill it

    48. NightFrightTalkShow

      🤔👉 hey Scott I fished a club tournament and fished around brush piles and used a mean green crankbait and a 4 bass limit for 8 hours I got 1st place .

    49. Pedro Crespo Mira

      Normally a bad result gives us a better judgment for the review of what went wrong and what you do right and clears our head and make us think clearly for what is coming , at least for me works that way. Wish you luck for Hartwell , looking foward to see you win there 💪💪💪💪💪

    50. J.T. Cooper

      2020 is a lemon and I want my money back. 😅 As sour as it is, it's up to us to make lemonade out of lemons, learn from our mistakes and get after it the next time. 💯🎣

    51. Jarren Eckhardt

      Still a solid winner in my book ^^ your baits have assisted me in more LMB hookups than i could ever count and you're a man that can recognize his mistakes and grow. dont beat yourself up too bad Scott stay positive and keep up the attention to detail it is by far one of the qualities that i admire most in you as an angler.

    52. Adam Smith

      You'll bounce back Scott. I'm sure you learned something from this tournament. Get em next time bud !

    53. Michael leady

      Can’t win them all but you could drop kick the next tournament

    54. Michael Uwich

      Hey SCOTT don’t let it get in your head stay focus stay in the game you’ll get them next time P.S I need some team SMC swag throw us a link down below so I can pick me up some hats and other swag you got so when I’m on the lake I can represent

    55. Bradley Knowles

      Don't beat yourself up so bad next stop your gonna burn there ass up!!!!

    56. Michael Whitney

      Rust never sleeps. Chin up!

    57. colton n

      Fishing isnt all luck ofcourse, but you cant find all the winning spots everytime in a huge lake, but there is a little luck when it comes to stumbling onto a area/spot with giant bass

    58. Mark Cothren

      Really enjoy following and watching your videos, Scott.

    59. J D

      Well, now you know what NOT to do next time. Those fish have seen everything on the Internet on that lake. Trick is to fish what everyone else is NOT fishing.

    60. Kenneth Dennis

      It happens brother. The bass change everyday. Some days you figure them out, some days they win. In 2 days, it's tough!! Some times tunnel vision will get you fishing a pattern and certain baits. Best of luck on the next one!! U da man!!!

    61. LJ Fishing

      Go out there a dominant on Hartwell!!!!

    62. Jimmy Nichols

      What size weight do you use on your texas rig for brush piles?

    63. Systems Roofing

      Sam is in the past now , let’s get it on the next one ☝️ keep on trucking Scott

    64. David Nadin

      Yes we are looking forward the next video and tournament we support you and your efforts.nothing is impossible.!!!!!!!!

    65. Grasshopper

      I think we're all a little weirded out by this year Scott. All we can do is put it behind us and move on with a positive attitude. Good luck the rest of the way!

    66. arciefan

      Sometimes I think you're not secretive enough and your competitors know too much about what you're doing while you know nothing about what they are doing because of social media. Just hope you can get out of the shared water scenarios also.

    67. Rogbass

      After watching your latest video I Got this feeling. Lol. Your going to rock the bass world in the next 8 months. You make it so dang fun and the total breakdown of your work is phenomenal. Thank you 🙏

    68. Tom Delliveneri

      How do u like that Vmax so far? My dad loves his but I’m not sold yet at all. It’s A LOT different from the other HP 4-stokes out there but the response is amazing! Way better than my Mercury (only thing i like more) he does have a 4-blade prop tho soooo for me the jury is out

    69. I Don't Know Fishing

      Are you still happy with the motor swap?

      1. Scott Martin

        Very happy!

    70. Donald Touchton


    71. James Haulbrooks

      What are the dates at Hartwell? would love to see a weigh in. Gonna be in Anderson in a week for work. Good luck in the next one bother. Suggestion- Smithwick Rattling Rogue (Floating Tiger Roan). Tossing one of these in the shallows around stumps and cypress trees is never dull!

    72. brian hershberger

      I rarely if ever comment. But I wanted to write to tell you that I have such great respect for you. Loss in our life changes over time, what appears to be a loss now may someday be Blessing. Your a tremendous example of what we as parents pray our children will someday become. Father, Husband, Son and Friend, you are always giving of yourself. I'm blessed to be a Dad, Husband, Son and Friend. I wish you a lifetime of Love of Family and Friends alike.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Brian!

    73. Fin Seeker TV

      Good luck at Hartwell. U will rebound bud!

    74. Pamela Klemp

      Scott, I'm not an "Angler". I'm a Granny who enjoys 🎣. So I'll talk to you like I would my own son when he feels he let himself down about something major. OK? Now, as I see it you were out there competing with yourself "YOU". And so you have the fish what you wanted, what you thought was best at the time. But your REAL competitor was ( and always should be) the FISH out there. That said, MAKE THEM YOUR CUSTOMERS‼️👍. Go the extra mile to give them WHAT THEY WANT. Serve up that bait or lure with all the extra fixings on top so they WANT what you're serving up.🥰. Be sure💯 to take your fishing arsenal as well as you're A-game. You do that and don't overthink about what you want at Hartwell. Head to HARTWELL and fish against the fish honey, they will ❤️💞🥰 YOU! 👍🙌. Now then, enough of 🧓Granny's silly wisdoms🧓. Take Hartwell by storm... you're going there to WHAT (⁉️ say it loud...) 💯TO WIN IT‼️. So go there and "KNOCK IT OUT" 🙌👏👍‼️ HUGS from an old 🧓Granny🧓, love❤️ ya🤗.

      1. Pamela Klemp

        @Scott Martin 👁️‍🗨️ I never doubted it for a fisherman's second! 💫🔮💫.

      2. Scott Martin

        Thank you so much! IM GOING TO GO WIN THIS!!!!!

    75. Beau Walters

      Gonna use this in my decision making when I fish the back of the boat.

    76. The West Coast Slayer

      youll get the next one scott we all make mistakes so use this tournament as a learning experience

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s right!

    77. Andrew Phoa

      You are gonna get them next tourney Scott! You are awesome !!!

    78. John Smith

      Lesson learned , get those rods ready for the next one.

    79. FISH IT

      Everyone has those days on the water. Loved hearing you share your experience. It's hard for us to humble ourselves like that. Go get them Scott!

    80. John Gavin Griffeth

      I have a house on heartwell maybe I will see you catching a 30 pound bag

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s would be awesome!!!

    81. Michael Nixon

      Scott no worries bro you got Hartwell and we all have faith you’ll crush it. I appreciate the videos the you and Hillary both put out you have an amazing family. Wishing you and yours nothing but the very best. Can’t wait to see you hold up that check. A side note....a collab with yourself, Hillary, and B. Lat would be freaking awesome. 2 amazing families with awesome anglers throughout. Just saying bro. Anyways stay safe in your travels and God Bless.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Michael, let’s hope Hartwell is the one!

    82. Stephen Bell

      It’s Bout learning from the past

    83. Larry Corley

      It’s all good you got a few more chances to make it happen

    84. Jim Saelee

      Mad respect to you !!! Just keep grinding boss, you’ll get that W

    85. Aaron Reik

      I fished the same event as a coangler. I had a good day one, and did the same thing on the second day, flipping grass both days. I had a good day one and then day two just totally sucked. My son got to meet you and a few others, and that made the whole tournament a win for my family. Good luck on the rest of the season. Crush em all!!!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        It was a tough second day. Glad to meet the family, thanks for the support!

    86. Clapmando

      I do the same thing with my sales job. If a job falls through I'll beat myself up about what I could have done different. It usually takes my wife telling me God's got a plan. Don't stress on it and just have faith and keep plugging away.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks right!

    87. Howard Genthner

      You got this Scott

    88. Dbars19

      u were throwing 6th sense square bill. scott stop pls...........

    89. Shenanigan King

      Scott, you have forgotten more about bass fishing than I will ever learn. Enough doubting and hind sight. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS. Back to basics. Now go get a win brother! GOD BLESS

    90. Kayden Kinkle

      Hey, I was just out on my home lake for a tournament and only caught one scorable fish. It happens. You'll bounce back for sure!

    91. Dbars19

      Elites by 2025!!!!!!!...................

    92. Jim Snyder

      That Yamaha was distracting......... Keep your head up! It will come.

    93. jonathonbrown fishing

      Hope I meet you on hartwell

    94. Foggy Bottom BBQ

      Thanks for sharing the insights Scott. We will be rooting you on at Hartwell and hoping you make the final day

    95. rick porter

      Give dad a call talk some hartwell fishing, and then go fishing!

    96. VIZE Will

      It will be ok just pray and try. Love the vids and love you man ❤️

    97. Chris Margarum

      And yes you should have had more set ups on the deck of your boat, I watch Jacob wheeler string up and rig up 38 rod and real setups going to war... you got to have you options there with you Scot right at your fingertips, atleast you could have said well it's on me I was well prepared, you damn good angler... The next video and preparations for hartwell you better pack the battle wagon for war!!!!! You cant have a name like that and not be prepared for war. Your better than that mr Martin, let's get it done on the next one. Knock em dead, rip there faces off.....

    98. Steven Mcgehee

      We're praying that this is your tournament! Let's go Scott!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks you!!! Keep praying!

    99. Mark Fulwood

      You are going to make your wishes come true brother. Just stay the course, good things will happen, you're Scott Martin dude! God bless!

    100. James Allen

      Scott ole B lat gonna put the gloves on at hartwell. Get em bro. I pray God sets you#1 and him 2