3 HOURS of GENTLE NIGHT RAIN, Rain Sounds to Sleep, Study, Relax, Reduce Stress, help insomnia

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    Gentle Rain at night (No Music, No Thunder) Steady Rain for 3 Hours with a Dark Screen - the Rain is just visible. Highly recommended for Sleeping and insomnia. Also ideal for Relaxing or Studying. Light Rain works well for Reducing Stress or Anxiety. Don't forget it may be useful for family or friends too. Enjoy the Soothing Rain :)
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    • VIDEO: Panasonic GH5, Sony ZV-1, GoPro Hero 8, Osmo Pocket Mobile, DJI Phantom 4 Pro, iPhone XS Max, Lumix G 12-35mm I f/2.8 Lens, Hoya 58mm HD UV Filter
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    • EQUIPMENT: Manfrotto and ProMaster Professional Tripods, Multiple Joby Grips / Stands
    • SOFTWARE: Davinci Resolve 16, Fairlight, Fusion Studio 16, Final Cut ProX, Motion
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      Me watching this at 5am and staring the wall for nothing

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      Sorry. It appears like I fell asleep and accidentally gave you somehow a dislike. I apologize, I will correct this immediately with a like.

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    8. idk what to put as my username

      I would die if these vids didn't exist because it like never rains where im from :(

    9. Seth Taylor

      Music for the mind....makes sleep so much easier...THANK YOU FOR CREATING IT FOR US.

    10. Maria Corado

      Thank you for the help i have insamonia tysm!

    11. Dhananjay Kamble

      You are the cure to Noisy Roommates. Respect!

    12. vslucyyx

      i love you for this

    13. without music instruments

      Who is relaxing in april 2021?

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      Day 5688... Still here for falling asleep sweetly 🌧

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      Stop 🛑 reading comments go to sleep 😴

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      This helped my anxiety, AGAIN

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      You are a legend, Amazing rain sound keep it 👌💯

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      Go to sleep...in peace..🌺🌺

    19. Siwan REES

      The rain is one of my fav sounds it helps me to sleep so much! But now it's warm and doesn't rain so i really appreciate this 🙏🙏

    20. Lavanya Mohanasundaram

      Thank bro u did a very good job to my sleep ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ repect means like

    21. BEING K

      I feel sleepy after playing this video for 1 sec

    22. Jannet

      I’ve fallen asleep to this video every night for weeks now. I have so much trouble staying and falling asleep, and usually rain sounds are too much or too loud and harsh so it makes me anxious but this is the only video I’ve found that works for me. Thank you, it’s been lovely closing my eyes and finding solace.

    23. Blue suzeeQ

      Ugh!! I cant sleeeeep!!!!!!!

    24. SoulRequest

      We shall relax to this sounds 😌

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    26. Hey! It’s Khloe!

      Thanks for this, it’s 12am here and I have school so I need to go to bed this will help ty

    27. Izumi Gacha

      I love how this man care about other people health and sleep.Now i getting tired 😪 welp night everyone who is seeing this comment

    28. Bit Boi3

      Yoo.. I know there have been a few people that have said this but props to this man for making a 3 hour long video and not putting any ads on it plus still coming back to this video and looking at the comments he gets he’s a man we need on yt more often

    29. •Ying Yang•

      Almost everyday I listen to this to fall asleep I have insomnia and anxiety so this helps!

    30. Rusty Shackleford

      I listen to this every night 🌙😌

    31. Abdelhak Boufradji

      I daily listen and play this video, it helps me to relax and relief myself. Thank you for uploading it on KGup 🎁

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      This man is a living legend there no ads bru every other video to help you sleep, at 3am you just hear LiBeRtY mUtRaL oNlY pAy FoR wHaT yOu NeEd

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      I love this video it helps me and thx for no ads on this 3 min video! Thx

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      Namo Amitabha🙏

    35. Sonido de Lluvia

      Para mí no hay nada mejor que dormir en una noche lluviosa, ở levantarse en un día lluvioso y tomar algo de calor

    36. Peter Bonney

      Its funny when you turn it off..you miss the sound...mental..nature's background..😊

    37. Cireu Irangbe

      So 11 millions of people including me could not sleep and tried watching this video to sleep🌚

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        113 millions of people

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      Commented 6 months ago, still using the video every night to fall asleep..😅🥰

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      This Man puts so much hardwork in his videos and doesn't even puts ads *RESPECT*

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      One of the best feelings is when you're about to sleep and you hear rain outside...

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    47. Frelaxnat

      Love the sound, you can really relax so good. Nice for study or if you want to focus. Video is also nice and calm. Great work

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      How is this guy still reading comments

      1. Lxzz_

        @The Relaxed Guy That’s amazing! Keep it up

      2. The Relaxed Guy

        It takes a few hours every day (sometimes more) but I love the community so I try my very best to

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        @The Relaxed Guy but you got subscribers and moved up ranks in algorithm, I hope...

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        It isn’t monetised

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    61. Out and About

      Right now, there are people all over the world who are just like you. They're either lonely, they're missing somebody, they're depressed, they're hurt, they're scarred from the past, they're having personal issues no one knows about, they have secrets you wouldn't believe. They wish, they dream and they hope. And right now, they are sitting here reading these words, and I'm writing this for you so you dont feel alone anymore. Always remember, don't be depressed about the past, don't worry about the future, and just focus on today. If today's not so great don't worry! Tomorrow's a new chance. If you are reading this, be sure to share this around to make others feel better. Have a nice day!" :)

      1. Mermaid Melusin

        Thank you. This Is what I need.

      2. Olisoligamer

        Thanks man, that helped.

    62. NonExistingName

      I've got this video playing every night. I find that having noise playing all night long gives me as much nightmares as when there's nothing playing, so 3 hours is really perfect to fall asleep and sleep soundly. And no ads! Thank you so much!

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        Thanks for sharing

    63. Relaxation WIth Sound

      Who else is here because quarantine messed up your sleeping schedule? Edit: I commented this 4 months ago wth and some of us are STILL in quarantine that’s so crazy to me. Thx for the likes btw

    64. bob

      side note: do not combine 4am studying and this.

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    65. The Mind Coach TV

      Excellent video. Loved it.

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        Thank you very much

    66. Miccraft_HD

      I keep hearing a sqeaking noise in my left ear and when I listen to this, I hope, I kinda forget about it :I

    67. Ellie Brown

      This helps me so much thx

    68. Sal1981

      Just fantastic. A symphony of Nature.

    69. Shahrin Zubair

      Drop me a reply to get motivated when I come back to this comment during some of the hopeless situations in life. Thank You! Hope it helps you too!!

    70. Faihan Patel

      Who required this in lockdown?

    71. Vanshita Kalra

      When I was in Surat during the monsoon season at my aunt's place which is a bunglow in a very green and quiet area, it rained heavily for a month like this straight and it sounded just like this.At night's we all used to just sit in the balcony drinking teas and coffees and silenty listening to the sound of rain. It calmed down everything in my system, gave me clarity and helped me feel what actually life feels like.

    72. Logan Wilson

      Merci pour les 3 heures que tu as du passé à enregistrer, je pense que ça dû être compliqué pour vous de rester un moment sans bruit avec de la pluie qui tombe. Je sais bien que la vidéo date de 2014 mais je commente pour te remercier encore en 2021.

    73. Kathy Fred

      You deserve Grammy for the video

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      Grazie! Mi è molto d'aiuto

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      I love you bro, i have bad sleeping problems from ptsd, major depression and lot of other undiagnosed problems 🤦‍♂️ but this really helps me. Thank You so much for helping all of us

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    78. Anushka's Activities

      I like this sounds perfect

    79. rue

      tysm for not putting ads in this video , rlly appreciate it !

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        You're welcome!!

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    81. Blue

      I feel like its realy raining

    82. Joy walker

      Happy slumber

    83. Gary S

      constant rain like this reminds of the flooding that is sure to follow, not trolling, just had way too much rain and water through the house to feel relaxed , for those that don't have my problems I wish you a gentle night of rest.

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      You actually make my match homework sucks less

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      Thanks for posting this dude it helps me sleep

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        No problem

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      Had to subscribe to the relaxed guys channel after realizing he puts no ads on a long video like this to help other people.. my man

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    90. TwoSidesXL

      Currently dealing with a breakup after finding out that my girlfriend was cheating on me for almost 5 months until the guy told me himself, I’m thankful to him but I’ve actually never felt so hurt before and this video honestly helps so much thank you.

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        I am hearting your comment because I am so happy this helps. I feel for you, those things take a while to recover from, but you will pull through, sometimes the path is through than going around. It does tend to build resilience - not that its a nice experience at all. If you feel too bad, I am always here to listen

      2. Jyygalag

        That's rough, I hope you're doing okay

    91. Anon Anon

      Thank you! I always listen to your stuff while working on my lesson plans and grading tests, haha. Keeps me more relaxed and focused.

      1. The Relaxed Guy

        Great to hear!

    92. Ann Jie Valentino


      1. The Relaxed Guy


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      And the screen is dark😍🥺🥺

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      so peaceful and no ads, perfect. :)

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      Put this on bluetooth speaker while everyone was sleeping and my whole family thought it was raining until they saw out the window