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    What's it like to fly in 2021? After an unexpected turn of events, we boarded an airplane for the first time in 9 months. This was our experience.
    #Travel vlog 749 | Nashville | Filmed Jan. 7, 2021
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    Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, we got married June 2013 and quickly caught the #travel bug! We started “travel hacking” & finally decided we wanted to travel for one year. After 2 years of saving $ and over 2 million miles and points, we sold our cars and apartment and left home January 10, 2016. We started this #travelvlog to share our experiences with friends and family, then decided we really liked vlogging and traveling! After achieving our new goal of 100 countries before 2020 and all 7 continents, we have no plans to slow down anytime soon, and we are incredibly thankful to do something we love every day. :)

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    1. RiNNiE

      I don’t get why everybody in the comments are so in their feelings.🧐 How can y’all tell someone how to live their lives...🤔 They don’t have a car, it’s they took a flight...w/in the country...This world is nuts. “If you live by the applause, you’ll die by the boos.” - Tatum Temia *Anyway...great video guys, I’ll be traveling soon as well. So I’m glad I got to see how airports are looking right now.*

    2. _army_blink_

      I think people need to remember as well that their job is traveling and documenting (I believe, I can’t exactly remember if it is or not).

    3. Tracey Vargas

      Thanks for flying Southwest!

    4. Itzz_ K&R

      I’ve lost 2 family members to covid and a few family friends smh if they lost 1 family member then I bet they would take it a lot more serious 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️💯Setting a bad example for your young audience

    5. Vicki Manning

      This Is their job! Many others are flying due to their employment! Difference? You are the people that have endangered our freedoms here in America. Sheep, asleep, walk on to your slaughter dear ones.

    6. michael iadonisi

      What’s wrong with people labelling everything among fans and haters? There is not hate in pointing out that this was an irresponsible choice and that thousands of people are dying everyday. These two guys are great and we love their videos, but this time they made a mistake, take it easy and peace and love

    7. Joan Highlights

      Wow, it really makes me sad that people like this exist. They are so lacking in conscience that they refuse to even acknowledge what they've done. Classic narcissism. Cold, heartless. They don't care.

    8. Helen Marie

      Zero deaths in Scotland yesterday and here is why! Definitely an attitude and message that feels really apt for this ...

    9. seeni gzty

      They're fabulous.

    10. Francois du Toit

      You made a boo boo, learn from it, it is not the end of the world, I still love you guys!

    11. lokesh kr jain

      Is that a Boeing max aircraft?

    12. Tangerine Travels

      Congrats on 2 Million subs!!!

    13. Wtravel

      2 Million 💯👏👏👏

    14. Christine Burt


    15. Life & Education Official


    16. Yanth Entertainment

      Big fan and ❤️ from.... Nagaland, India

    17. Pauline Davis

      Right NOW the United States leads the WORLD in Covid-19 Deaths at 407,202. So many Americans have been sacrificing & social distancing to slow the spread of this virus. First responders, doctors, nurses & hospital workers are risking their lives every day during this PANDEMIC. You’re young & intelligent, but a non essential flight & trip to Vegas at this time is irresponsible. I’ve enjoyed your videos & continued to watch even the VAN TRAVELS, convincing myself that, at least you were trying hard to practice social distancing. But in good faith, I can no longer watch on principle, so I am UNSUBSCRIBING.

    18. Octo

      The only people who seem to agree with the decision to fly are the kind of people I think Kara and Nate would never want to associate themselves with. I'm not sure what they were thinking, but if they're still looking at these comments... I hope they think long and hard about the sort of folks who think they're 'brave' and then go around attacking anyone who disagrees with them in the comments section. If your argument was popularly parroted by the guy currently being impeached, maybe rethink it.

    19. Bisonmini Lew

      Why are there so many hate comments

      1. Adam Marjanovic

        Too many leftist snowflakes

    20. Cameron Mcgeough

      Congratulations on 2 million subscribers 👏.

    21. Wee Mad Max B

      Other than the impending doom of the pandemic, flying has become a pleasure! I must admitt =)

    22. Morgan Bunn

      HUGE Congrats on hitting 2 million subscribers!!!

    23. Peregrino

      Why are you guys so shocked? They’ve always been shallow, greedy, fake and selfish.

    24. Cathleen McKay

      Our Family LOVES Kara and Nate❤️ On behalf of folks who are levelheaded and calm during these times, I offer my apologies for the comment section. Good Grief People! Some of us are a paycheck away from homelessness and have a lot more to be concerned about than 2 people.. getting on a plane 🤦 Are y'all gonna research the other passengers to let them know how irresponsible they were? How disgusting this is? Is this how far we've NOT come in the 2021?! Really?

    25. Kym Crow Art

      I and every airline ARE advocating for everyone to fly. The airlines have spent millions on clean air filters. They are social distancing in the plane. Everyone has to have a mask on from the moment you enter the airport, plane etc until you arrive at your destination and leave that airport. All international flights leaving or landing in the US now have to have a Covid negative test. People get on a plane. Every single national park is crowded beyond belief. Car parking lots are packed and people everywhere. Get on a plane, go somewhere new, get a air bnb....or stay home....but we have to keep on going. Just do it safely.

    26. IAmAugie 92

      Congrats on 2M!!!!

    27. Kym Crow Art

      You guys, post your videos. There are thousands of us that want to see your travels! Ignore the haters, I know it’s difficult for everyone I too am home but also planning my next trip. Wear a mask, be safe and most importantly just do you!. We will support you.

    28. Bee T

      Congratulations on 2M subscribers!!! ❤️ Don’t usually comment but had to say thank you for all the amazing content you guys post! It made 2020 a lot easier! Can’t wait to see all your future adventures!

    29. megha malhotra

      You know how many times we all dream about vacations but we shut it off and stay home..I was thinking of buying your portraits but fuck that ...tone deaf entitled

    30. Amanda

      They just reached 2 million subscribers, and sure, they could make a video celebrating that, but at this point, I feel like doing so is adding salt to the wound. I’m really hoping before they do any public celebration, that they first address the concerns of those in the comments... It’ll be interesting to see which they decide to address in their next video.

    31. Sally May

      Notice the places you aren’t allowed to travel ...yeah they are the countries that have covid somewhat controlled Hotel quarantine for 14 days no exceptions covid tests until your negative No outside time Just to make it into Australia or NZ America on the other hand don’t care to fly and spread covid around Absolutely disgusting

    32. Omar Reyes


    33. Justin C

      Congrats on 2,000,000!!!!!!

    34. matthew chang


    35. Daniel Lee

      What do you guys use for phone service when traveling? Just curious

    36. Ryan Ho

      Congratulations on 2 million subscribers Kara and Nate~ I love your traveling videos especially during quarantine :) Keep it up!!!! Love from Hong Kong

    37. ahhmiike

      Unsubbed for this sorry y’all try acting better

    38. Weesywow45

      Congrats on 2M subscribers:)

    39. stars & trends

      2M! Congrats Kara & Nate! :)

    40. Soccer A

      congrats on 2 million subs 🥳🥳

    41. J Cook Aerial Photography LLC

      I'm not mad you chose to fly. What I would like to see is more videos including some of the 2,000,000 people who subscribe to you. I have sent countless emails inviting you to where we live and see our side of this pandemic. It seems like the only way to get recognized is to be a patron. I'm a loyal fan and always will be. Get back in the van and go visit some of us! Give back.

    42. Cam Habibi

      Kara and Nate are posting comments on other people's videos on YT (Drew Binsky, for example). They're just laying low on here so they don't have to answer to their fans. Kinda sleazy.

    43. Samantha Kafadarevic

      I dont think the comments section would be so bad if you didnt hype up how horrible you felt about your decision to travel. Own it or dont but there are other things you guys can do besides traveling right now. Like how about go through your hundreds of hours of archives from traveling for years. Like let us see some never before shit.

    44. Steven Woolley

      I love u guys 💓💓💓💓💓

    45. Katherine Petcoff

      This is completely illogical. You weren’t willing to fly all this time but now that we’re in the height of the pandemic with the more contagious strain starting to pop up in this country you choose NOW to fly?

      1. Cathleen McKay

        WAIT!!! WHAT?!? OMG!? There's a PANDEMIC?!? NO WAY!!! I don't think Kara and Nate know about this, in fact, you should tell them about themselves right away!

    46. Rocky lee

      There is so many people in this comment section they are so brainwashed it's fucking ridiculous.

    47. Rocky lee

      Well I think it's great y'all got back in a plane. This virus is stopping our lives and it shouldn't. We get the flu is mass numbers every year. Vaccines don't stop it. People don't freak out about it. This virus was over played. And is now destroying our lives one minute at a time. So thank you for getting on a plane and enjoying your life again.

    48. คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก

      Yessss we did it!! Congrats on 2,000,000 subs!!! Look at all those 0's!!!!

    49. Steve Productions13

      I waited for your videos Every week. Until now. Defiantly unsubscribed not gonna watch your channel again.

    50. Val Barnse

      WHERE ARE U GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. J Cook Aerial Photography LLC

        you obviously don't pay attention do you

    51. Aubree Nichols

      I like your old intro

    52. Cameron Tuck

      I’ve been wearing N95s and KF94 masks for the duration of the pandemic when I go out to stores. I totally felt how Kara felt when she took it off because after wearing it for a few hours it hurts

    53. Monica Kelly

      Traveling by air is so much safer than traveling by car across country. Think about it people!! All the gas stations, restaurants, public bathrooms. Some of us still have to make a living and traveling is involved. If you can work from home, great!! Some people don't have that luxury. This is their job and they need to make a living as well.

    54. szekp

      What a bunch of a Karen’s commenting on here. I feel bad for Kara and Nate having to read all of this self righteous garbage. So none of these people are going out to dinner or clothes shopping, or going to Home Depot?? All of those things are nonessential as well. What a bunch of hypocrites. People are traveling and going on vacation every day. Disneyworld was packed yesterday yet these comments would have us believe that everyone but K&N is locked in their basement wearing masks terrified to step outside. What a joke. I love their videos and support them in everything they do. Everyone needs to live their lives and stop living in fear.

    55. David L Arredondo

      I am very disappointed in your decision. Had you had the vaccine I would have felt differently. You had absolutely no reason to travel by plane on top of that you are promoting/normalized something that is irresponsible and I am definitely unsubscribing and I hope others do the same.

    56. Pete Diane

      Don't listen to the haters. I guarantee all these idiots are hypocrites. I'm sure each and every one of them does "selfish" things that put other people's lives at risk like texting and driving.

    57. JM G

      Come on guys. This obviously is not the right time to advertise travelling as thousands of people die everyday especially in the U.S. How selfish is this? I enjoyed your personalities more so than the travel destinations you go into. The free nights stay must of been a hell of a deal. With 2 million subscribers, I expected more accountability and more innovative ideas when it comes to your blogs but this unfortunately is not it. You want to share your experience you say and yet here you are travelling as if there is no pandemic. Take this how you want but this is constructive criticism. I just don't want you two to go downhill from this situation.

    58. No Real Plans Roberts

      Cheers for this 1 guys look forward to you two getting properly out there 👏👏👏

    59. Gözde Nur Ünal

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    60. waatufakka

      I’ve been watching your videos since you were in the high 80’s. I really enjoy your videos and relationship. However, don’t you think traveling now during this peak in COVID was very irresponsible? I think you’re video could actually encourage people to travel and spread COVID. Disappointed. In fact it comes off as a bit entitled.

      1. Pete Diane

        @Pamela M It must be nice up there on your high horse.

      2. Pamela M

        @Pete Diane You don't sound like the type of person Kara and Nate would want as a fan. You're super hateful and inappropriate.

      3. Pete Diane

        Don't you mean "your"? You self entitled dolt

    61. Cyberpunk _D-Va

      I am quite shocked by some people’s comments, there is no need to be so rude. You can see they did not make this decision lightly. What they do with their money is nothing to do with anyone else, if you have watched all the videos you can see they are 2 very caring and giving people so who is to say they have not helped others during this pandemic. People forget that this is how they make their living. I bet half of the people being so judgmental in their comments have not stuck by COVID guidelines through all of this. They have not announced why they went to Vegas yet, so how can you say they shouldn’t be doing it or they are setting a bad example when you don’t know the reasoning behind it.

      1. rachiebun

        But they didn't think it through enough, because clearly, they fail to read the room and realize how ignorant this is. Get a load of her complaining about wearing a mask for a few hours during her plane trip! Awww, poor girl! Doctors trying to save the lives THEY put at risk need to wear them 24/7 night and day! They're adults and they need to be held responsible.

    62. Shoezetteluvz me


    63. J C

      I unsubscribed a long time ago. I came back to see if I missed anything and I see I have not.

      1. Pete Diane

        bye bye

    64. Aude Deblauwe

      I am so confused. Why are you still traveling during a pandemic? Traveling in a van was a bit sketchy because you were hanging out with a lot of people, but to be flying to Vegas is disgusting. Stop traveling.

      1. Cathleen McKay

        Dear Karen, How we speak to others is a reflection of how we see and feel about ourselves. It's been a really hard year for all of us, maybe you just need a hug 🤗

    65. Autumn Sperry

      I think what makes me so upset by this video is that at least their previous ignorant/dense decisions only effected them, but the decision they made in this video goes beyond just them now.

      1. Pamela M

        @rachiebun They sat in close proximity on a plane with all of those people at the gate when they got on the plane. That virtue signaling was disgusting.

      2. rachiebun

        Absolutely! And the fact they had the audacity to complain about other flyers "sitting close", as if they're any better for going on vacation, lol...

    66. Erick Schalo

      All these people complaining better have stopped supporting college and professional sports.

    67. mofo68


    68. Stephanie Pelletier

      Aw man. I didn't realize how much I missed that "pulling the suitcase off the baggage claim" shot and noise until I just saw it again 😂 classic Kara and Nate ASMR. Glad you guys had a good trip!

    69. Sam Morgan

      Oh my god! They flew! The horror! Some of you commenters need to mind your own damn business. They clearly explained why they needed to fly and wore their masks. Like tens of millions of Americans and ppl around the world have done over the past year. Shit I flew in June, August, September, December. Because I needed to for work. Just like Kara and Nate. The entitlement of some ppl to think you get to be upset over how other people are living their lives is stunning. Guarantee nearly everyone upset about their decision to fly has bended or broken covid guidelines to suit their own needs sometime in the past year. Grow up. Bunch of tattletale babies.

      1. rachiebun

        Flying for work is different because you're not promoting it, you're just doing your job. This, however, is a paid Vegas vacation they could have clearly skipped and continued the Van adventures once it got fixed up! There's no excuse.

      2. Hilary Moloney

        Well said Sam. Their self righteousness makes me want to puke.

    70. Joan Highlights

      Next up, Kara and Nate go to the US Capitol in Washington, DC and detail how the rioting affected them. Kara cries and Nate makes her coffee.

      1. Daily Insider Newz


    71. Sarah S

      I have followed you guys since 30K subscribers. I loved that you guys are fun, positive, and most importantly, SMART travelers that made content on KGup, which I feel like we don't see often enough on this oversaturated platform. It was very clear that you guys do your research and have a good head on your shoulders which was always inspiring. I NEVER took issue with some of the other "controversial" things that happened on your channel re: paying for your 100 country documentary (I was one of those who paid to watch it), those hikes in Switzerland, etc. but this is absolutely disappointing and ignorant, a huge slap in the face for healthcare workers like me, and a terrible example set for those that watch you.

    72. Ellen Hawkins

      It looks like it’s time to pivot. Maybe get in the van and go to places where you can volunteer or give us short documentaries on people/groups/organizations that are helping others to make it through this difficult time. Take your platform and use it to highlight others. I love your travel content, but now just isn’t the time. Best wishes to you both!

    73. Mark Newman

      This was a terrible choice. Shame on you! You have influence over people and didn't need to take this risk to yourself and others. I have followed you for years. You bought the Van to avoid this danger. :(

    74. Vicki Manning

      This is their business, literally!!! There is some kind of generated virus to decrease the population and ring in Control! I have plenty of friends traveling, their free choice. Better let America stay free, people. I have been very sick with this man made deal, so don’t come at me. I had not been anywhere. Choose to live free while one can! I am from now on. Kara and Nate are working.

    75. heather hudlow

      Glad you guys are getting to do what you want with your life

    76. holly meerkat

      Everyone clearly haven't watched the whole video they just judged of a thumbnail and a caption. They were flying anyway and they decided to film the experience!

      1. PelafinaLievre

        The point is they shouldn’t have been flying anyway. And the reason they flew was to promote a luxury hotel.

    77. Sahar Najm

      I loved your videos before but as other commenters expressed, this is really disappointing. I'm sorry but I'm unsubscribing.

    78. hhowlerin

      As much as I'd love to see things go back to a normal before plandimic. Its not reality. I truly believe your van series is more fitting for where we are heading. So sorry this is the new reality but you both rock when getting through struggles and real emotions and dealing with the glass half full

    79. Tanishq Chopra

      Eagerly waiting for next vlog ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    80. Cotswold Adventures

      You guys have lost a lot off respect with your audience so maybe be a idea not to carry on with your non essential travel vlogs for a while, but hey lets keep pushing for the 2 million subs ☹

    81. Anthony Nicoara

      I've been flying for all of 2020

    82. Hanz Hanz

      Have you both take vaksin?

    83. Hilary Moloney

      What if Kara and Nate were to pull their channel due to all the vitriol. How many of you would miss them then and regret this witch hunt? Look at all the positives they've done. Leave them alone and don't watch their videos in Vegas if you don't want to and it offends your sensibilities so much should they decide to upload them after this. If they do and you go on hounding them them I swear I'll throw something.

      1. rachiebun

        It's not just offensive, it's selfish and affects those around them. You're allowed to like a channel but also criticize them too! Without them crying on camera they should apologize for promoting travel right now.

    84. Wayne Keylock

      You guys must be pretty flush and be able to sit back without to much worry about cash flow and you still feel the need to fly to Vegas and reveal another video to monetise and top up the funds !!! Take a break guys we will still be here.

    85. Aroldo Rodriguez

      oh for goodness much hate on these comments ........ cancel culture will kill us all

      1. Wtravel

        @Hilary Moloney 👍💯

      2. Hilary Moloney

        Human nature is what it is and it isn't always that nice Aroldo. Making a living on social media requires a thick skin, do does posting on forums. I sadly learnt that to my cost years back. The trolls come out with their knives and are incredibly brave behind the safety and anonymity of their computers.

    86. Catherine Huff

      This just encourages other people to travel. It is disappointing. Covid is real and some people think it’s just not going to happen to them or the blissfully leave out of their conscience how they might not be adding to the problem.

    87. Erik Dank

      Thank you for supporting the hospitality industry responsibly. Keep smiling guys! Looking forward to the Vegas video!

    88. Val V

      Hey everyone with the disappointed comments, Yes these two made a mistake, let’s not crucify them for they have given us so many hours of enjoyable content that has gotten many of us through some trying times especially over the last 10 months, we all make mistakes from time to time, I love these two and know they feel horribly bad enough! Kara and Nate keep being your great selves and now a little more thoughtful I’m sure , I’m sending you two big, big hugs 🤗 🤗

      1. Hilary Moloney

        Well said Val. Kara and Nate are likeable, entertaining people who made a bit of an error of judgement depending on ones perspective. Who hasn't done that multiple times in their lives.

    89. Dawn Russo

      I cannot wait to see what you have for us all!!!

    90. bca2911

      To all in lockdown: understandably, you are hurting. We all are. For a year plus. BUT you can’t put all that on Kara & Nate. They did nothing wrong, nothing irresponsible. Just making a living with great vids-would you deny them of that? Should they just quit? Stop being who they are? Nearly 2mil subs say, “NO.” Lockdowns may have helped in the beginning but now, at least in U.S., do nothing but wreck the economy. If no one travels, airport staff will lose their jobs too, is that what you all want? The CoVid situation in the US is not as dire as the media suggests. So long as K&N continue taking reasonable precautions-as they have done throughout the pandemic-I will continue to subscribe and support them. So should you. The end.

      1. Hilary Moloney

        Well said.

    91. 周曉曦

      I hear cancel culture coming. 😄😄😄

    92. 周曉曦

      Korean Englishman cancelled their KGup due to your similar decision, never thought that you wanna join them too. 🤭

      1. rgmotnal

        I think I actually talked about this on this thread as well. That was even more tone deaf than this video OMG. And that video was shot in South Korea of all places too...

    93. Andrew Smith

      I started watching your videos way back when you set out on your first adventure. However, I am disappointed that you would choose to behave like this. It seems (although I'm sure it wasn't your intention) that your content and profits are now more important than doing what is right. If you were interested in doing what was right you would only travel if it was essential and support all health workers who are pleading with people to stay home and save lives. They are our true heroes in these difficult times.

    94. سيف المدحجي

      You and Cristiano Ronaldo are definitely having the same father

    95. Charles

      Really sickened by their behaviour......will never subscribe to them

    96. Amy Seeker

      Disgusting video. I'm so offended by this. Entitled idiots, especially with the instagram updates of you flying around Vegas and that penthouse. Can clearly tell the van life thing was just to create some content, and not really a passion. They are clearly too selfish to abstain from their passions for a period of time UNSUBSCRIBED

    97. Blushy Nose

      I’m extremely dissapointed in you guys. I used to look up to you guys, you’re showing your true colors now.

    98. Nicolas Boisselle

      Just unsubscribed. What is so important that you HAVE to get to Las Vegas? Is it really worth your lives and the lives of others. No matter what the put on the video, you HAVE to have come in contact with others.

      1. GGritsun

        What’s important to those selfish pair is that they got a lot of free stuff. They are still happily posting on Instagram. DISGUSTING

    99. Yvonne Saray Barajas

      Nah, this ain’t cool

    100. Tandra Stewart

      Thanks for sharing the plane ride!! I’m looking forward to the next adventure 🤗🤗🤗