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    Sidemen Calorie Battle 2 - the teams are switched!
    The last Calorie Battle:
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    ▶️ SIDEMEN ◀️
    🔴 SIMON (Miniminter)
    🔵 JOSH (Zerkaa)
    ● kgup.infoPlays
    🔴 ETHAN (Behzinga)
    🔵 VIK (Vikkstar123)
    ● kgup.infoHD
    🔴 TOBI (Tobjizzle)
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    🔵 JJ (KSI)
    ● kgup.infoOlajidebtHD
    🔴 HARRY (W2S)
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    1. khalids Happy place

      No offence guys..... but even as Ethan lost weight..... he still doesn’t look that attractive 😅


      Joshs cheek is blue

    3. Itz Frxsty

      Mate I gain like 4000 a day

    4. Omareo Scott

      Mans laughing is disgusting

    5. Nick Dg

      Them: eating 100.000 calories Me: i eat a medium bigtasty menu by the macdonalds and im done with eating for the rest of the day..

    6. Kenze Benze

      I started watching from when ksi made an appearance

    7. Dylan Linscomb

      Am I the only one that thinks jj’s introducing to his breakfast was funny

    8. Jaiden 666999

      14:20?? Fire??

    9. Guardianz iOS

      ofcourse babatunde would be on the calories side

    10. Kai Gedlaman

      Why the hell does Vik hold his cereal spoon like that

    11. N Beer

      This is the worst video to watch while ur hungry😭😭

    12. ink nsb

      The sore taxi booly open because mile correlatively wink per a abrasive humidity. early, kindhearted back

    13. Kaili James

      5:31 this is just cringe now. It was funny when he started talking like that, now it’s hella cringe 😬

    14. Edwin Todd

      2 hash browns 2 sausage an omlette and 2 pancakes 400 calories 😂😂😂

    15. andy Graham

      I’m soooooo hungry now

    16. pixel 138

      Vik casualy has 5 yt play button things on his wall

    17. Z A

      JJ enjoyed this a little to much😂😂

    18. Hebron Habtamu

      Lobe ksi

    19. Spacerrrzzz

      when they dont know street pana

    20. Tobias Melcher

      Did anyone else notice Joshes perfectly alined white teet

    21. Helena Rós Axelsdóttir


    22. Jezsz

      are we just going to forget that simon had a panna match with street panna

    23. s0ra

      THE BURNING CALORIES TEAM WON!!!! That mass gainer was only 125 calories per scoop, meaning they put 500 calories worth of it in as opposed to 2400 as they calculated. This means their total of 15,688 will need to lose 1900 putting them at 13,788 which is less than the burning calories team who got 13812!!!

    24. Jacob rowe

      vik flexing the gold plaques in the intro

    25. george Howat

      The sidemen can piss off about boris he best prime minister we had since Churchill

    26. The Jff Games

      43:42 Tobi is such a good mate just listen

    27. Cryptic_Scope

      Harry should have put it in egg yolk then flour back in egg yolk into breadcrumbs. Btw egg yolk must be whisked with a fork

    28. BoneheadStrats

      14:22 track was banging ngl. Anyone know what song?

    29. Gustav Adam

      Ksi is a 5 star chef

    30. Jesse Louis

      Street Panna is his YT he is great

    31. Pepper

      poor josh

    32. Solar

      jj is anoying

    33. jj yolo

      the supper glob was a semi solid

    34. Guilherme Augusto

      how people dont like these

    35. izzy frame

      Some hash BrBrbRbrBR 🤣😭

    36. Siddharth Arora

      Wee gOh suM oMelEtteteteteyy some sohssososossuaaage and sOhm HasBhebhrhbrhejshakdOwns

    37. Alex Chastney

      sidemen “ 100,000 calorie challenge” In reality: Burns 13,812 & Eats 15,688

    38. DRAVEN _Ninja

      No one: The captions: ( Vik moaning ) like bruh😂😂😂💯💯💯

    39. Alvi Daçi

      JJ:i've been gased but..... it's hard

    40. DRAVEN _Ninja

      i like how JJ laughs on everything, man i love this group

    41. Kar71k15

      I feel bad for josh :(

    42. Eclipsis -

      Ethan’s hair style really do be looking kinda fresh in this vid

    43. Tommato Shark BTW

      2021 good vibes only. I wish

    44. Lucas Iyassu

      I love how Vik thought Harry was in his house even though he was At cals house

    45. Bilal Khairan

      Sidemen : Burning Calories Harry : Burning House

    46. Shaq


    47. YouJustMad

      KSI's Hotel room is bigger than my whole house

    48. Lightning Speed

      Ethan, tobi and simon inspired me to work out

    49. Ruby Mcvay

      Josh add a full bottle of vinegar onto toast and see if u can taste it

    50. I1O3V5124

      Didnt viks mom teach him not tot speak while he's eating? 11:12

    51. Marshall Bros

      I could eat 10k calories a day easily! I would only be eating candy, but it works!

    52. Sarah Lee

      i need to go outside low key fell in love with the lad playing football with Simon im going to go touch the grass

    53. Mxnty Fn

      i hope josh gets better soon :0 :) pogg

      1. LiGhT Clan

        He has gotten better

    54. Mihaela Dulic

      Harry in a kitchen is so me,creative but a big no to others

    55. Sejt Sagt

      Idk why, but this video motivates me to working out

    56. AIH Hazim

      Bro Harry and Cal are somewhat kinda a chef of shakr

    57. Teona Uncles

      Love when Tobi is like “burnt about 550 calories sleeping”..... That is me every morning convincing myself I’ve done something good🥴

    58. GhostM4cky77 games

      No one: Literally No One: JJ: 5:30 🤣🤣🤣

      1. LiGhT Clan

        Jj try a be funny

    59. Stevie hello


    60. ItsMe Subby

      KGup recommends me this when the new vid is out. Tf!

    61. Lucas Gosling

      When JJ explains his meal he says KKK for the pancakes


      Seeing ethan working out inspire me

    63. Toby Azoor

      there’s no way KSI just said guy-ouza

    64. Riley Jarvis

      This is my favourite channel I have ever seen

    65. christian medina

      translate bag of piss

    66. Tanhiro Sawaranaida

      vik is trash

    67. VEER Sharma

      I don’t toast my bagels @callux

    68. Mikey Noonan

      I saw callux so I went on Netflix instead

    69. bigchungus Online

      when they ran the 5k, was it in kilometers or miles

      1. Black Acid Gaming

        "When they ran the 5 K was it in Kilometres (kms... ks...) or miles"

    70. TheRealBao

      A bag of takis be 2000 calories

    71. ya19nny

      should have called it the bog glob

    72. Connor Holmes

      Mad respect for zerka, having covid and still trying to contribute. Respect

    73. Livia Nope

      This sounds stupid but they helped me eat today haven’t eaten all week lmao

    74. Spud Gaming

      35:03 the little woman running is just so pleasing to see

    75. Lincoln Grange

      cal said " if u dont toast your bagles your a freak" yet he eats it like a sandwitch !!!

    76. Vlogs with Tk

      Why is vik holding the spoon like that @2.05

    77. Wissam Sheriff

      KSI pissed me off when he said it was empty but there were a few chicken pieces left lmao

    78. Petar Petrovic

      If Jerome saw Vik eat pizza like that he would be very disappointed

    79. Jack Alexander ALFORD

      should have just gone to mcdonalds all their food has so many calories

    80. bcss巴辣人


    81. Xavier Wimmer

      What do get when a clans man makes breakfast pankkkes

    82. TheGirliegirl1998

      Get a professional to do DRAG makeup on JJ pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee

    83. lexi


    84. Tyler WOODS

      Ethan used to be so fat 😂

    85. Nick A S

      Why we ain’t seeing jj eat 👀🤔 lol js

    86. Oliver Cooper

      Does anyone else wonder if ethan and Harry live in the same block apartment blocks

    87. Fritz Desamito

      35:14 Checkpoint for me

    88. Václav Šálek

      how does JJ not beat everyone in eating, since he can go from 83 kg to 100 kg in 6 months

    89. Tom Thatcher wynne

      Ethan just looking at himself in the call

    90. Curtley Brummer

      Can I please get an iPhone 8 ?? @sidemen ,any competitions to win a new phone 😭❤

    91. ElFiebruPR

      tobi really burns calories fast

    92. helmetmarket


    93. anya_cosway

      I love Vik so much

    94. Lightskinshortyy

      Sidemen Sunday idea: sidemen do a diamond heist (not a real one) so the sidemen would hire someone to hide a fake diamond in a building. There would be 2 teams and each time would have their own go at breaking into the building and trying to steal the fake diamond but there would obviously be traps and alarms and stuff. So basically the sum is to steal the diamond without getting caught and whatever team does it the quickest wins, they can use walkie talkies to talk to each other . Kinda like spy movies.

    95. Lamar robinson


    96. Jamie Hynes

      Is Stephen wearing Doggy Dentures ?!? 🐶 🦷

    97. Sameer Lalloo

      KSI a flippen idiot man.

    98. Varun Karthik

      well ksi has obviously lost it

    99. Rowan

      The sidemen drastically underestimate how many calroies they are eating

    100. Lori Caldwell

      The motionless girl suddenly bounce because magic namely charge pace a best ice. smooth, complete rose