Cooking Meat In Different Liquids (Taste Test)

Good Mythical Morning

1,6 млн көрүүлөр231

    Today, we're seeing which liquid is the best meat marinade. GMM #1867
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    1. Mind Slayer

      Link never wins... and I love it

    2. Knd Korlacki

      That’s crazy. I live in Wilmington

    3. Knight of the Nine

      What’s up with that aloe hint? Like, it might as well been “It rhymes with mallow Sarah.”

    4. DreamWeaver

      My daughter will never vape a wiener!!

    5. Braydon Seals

      Rhett gets whole point and link gets half a point

    6. SigmaLove

      I feel like Rhett was gonna say Stormy Daniels

    7. Isaiah Danielly

      "As you can see, we cant", that was funny to me for some reason

    8. Ruvylyn Cauilan

      "As you can see, we can't" will never be old. 😅

    9. Kyle Young

      ps you should do a "we tried every" episode with Oreos

    10. Sarah Penrod

      "Chicken juice!!" So confident 🤣

    11. Tuesday N

      Lol I love link

    12. Ashley McKenney

      Yep...Stevie called it. She said there was gonna be a battle in the comments. Lol

    13. Hayden Carter

      9:22 you're welcome

    14. Musichowl

      aye i have the og mug too

    15. Saj Y

      These marinates were kinda weak tbh. Should have done more familiar drinks I think

    16. Miss Ladwig

      Good Mythical Morning Rhett and Link

    17. Connor French

      link, grape soda is not gatorade, gatorade is gatorade

    18. pillshateme

      "as you can see, we can't" that made me chuckle 😆

    19. Hisham Marzouk

      Rhett at 12:11 ouch :(

    20. Jesse Igs


    21. Ant Anderson

      Loved her mask

    22. Lake Pogue

      Look on some bs this time

    23. Kaitlyn Nadine

      So by "steak" they meant tube-steak? Lol there was no steak in this entire episode.

    24. Michael Rowley

      Love it ! Classic RHETT AND LINK

    25. Colter

      Vaping wieners 🤣


      It’s sad to see the total lack of enthusiasm in this show. I’ve been watching it since the chia episodes and I haven’t seen it rock bottom as this. I think this should be the last season for the best of both of them

    27. Corn 265

      Pop isn’t Gatorade

    28. J P

      This is what you call scraping the bottom of the barrel

    29. Martin N

      Answer: Gatorade Rhett: "Gatorade" Link: "nuh- uh, you only get half a point"

      1. Jasmine Nalley

        I think she was looking for the specific flavor not just the brand. Ik he should have gotten full point.

    30. 95CeliaM

      I think they should have written grape gatorade to be fair

    31. Khamis1203

      Whyd Link keep guessing solid things? Like Play-doh or licorice? How could you even marinate something in that?

      1. Justin Rollinson

        Mix them in water first

    32. M15T breakin

      Let’s talk about that

    33. Justin Randall

      Rhett gets a the Gatorade one

    34. akathomass

      link said soda and gatorade isnt soda🤷🏻‍♂️

    35. Jessie Long

      Why did link have to immediately palm the tofu 🤣🤣🤣😭

    36. Aaron Rayner

      Why is no one in the comments upset that they didn't see steak in Red Bull?

    37. Hunter Saunders


    38. Terry 3G's

      Link reminds me of Dana Carvey of saturday night live fame.

    39. Tha RBM VENOM!!!

      9:40 Ha!

    40. William Gates

      I would rather eat chitlins again from Piggly Wiggly then drink Pepto-Bismol🤢

    41. David Foster

      They shold marinate stake in a1

    42. Austin Schultz

      Bruh, link is such a sore loser it bugs me haha

    43. pulze tv

      as you can see we can’t

    44. Asia Seaborough

      Rhett should have got the full point! Grape soda is not Gatorade... Gatorade is not a soda !!! link should have got nothing.

    45. The Show With H & Jo

      Rhett was right with Gatorade

    46. Jack Gallahan

      Can we just appreciate that 1/2 of Links guesses were solids with "juice" added on the end

    47. bubbles deal

      rhett wins the 1st one in my opinion

    48. Raging Gamer

      Grape Soda isn't Gatorade. End of discussion.

    49. tubeyourself

      I wish Link's mom told my mom about marinades and flavors 🤣

    50. D W

      “All the kids are vaping wieners these days.” -Rhett

    51. Isaiah Gonzales

      This is the real “the breakfast show”

    52. Brian Mundt

      “All the kids are vaping wieners nowadays”

    53. Jasmine Walters

      I miss your songs and performances. I would love to see a performance of OCD on here for Christmas or even a couple of your Christmas songs!! Love you guys!!

    54. Isaiah Belmonte

      You could also have called this episode “Will it marinade?”. But the title is good

    55. Matt Behling

      Link seems like the person who loses will debate about how he won or partially won

    56. Lee Harris

      They should have a competition on who can finish a dish the fastest with a blindfold on.

    57. Janjay Knowlden

      Man give Rhett the full point 😒

    58. Mark Rivera

      I said grape Gatorade and stevie didn't award me anything....

    59. SlyRowe

      Stevie was right about the Gatorade part. Lmao They know how the viewers get more competitive than them.

    60. Payton Pitstick-Elzey

      "all the kids are vaping wieners these days" ~ Rhett

    61. Chuy

      *Me waiting for the Red Bull marinated steak*

    62. Houston Baxter

      BEEF JERKY JUICE! ?Chicken juice?

    63. Giokyo

      Are they suppose to guess the brand or flavor? Lmao

    64. xtinneee

      The fact that they both guessed "chicken juice" for "gives you wings" LMAO 😂😂😂💀💀

    65. pastel waves

      Lmfaoo stevie hates giving link points all the time

    66. Olivia Bornkessel

      The fact that Rhett and Link think NC State is our rival LOLLLL

    67. Ben

      I feel like this series is turning into Link having a tantrum and Rhett being the bigger man, for up to 30 minutes a day 🤣

    68. Wertsir

      (Simultaneous): _Chicken Juice!_

    69. Destinee Schriner

      Seriously upset about the point thing and not sure why. But to be clear, I'm pretty salty ever since the Popeyes video.

    70. Brian Johnson

      Come on link you cant get points for guessing a ingredient, if the word we see is Gatorade, and Rhett says that word then he should get the points,,, so confused by your rules🤣🤣

    71. Brad Ng

      I can guess water because it’s in most of these liquids and get half a point by Link’s standards.

    72. PB'S Outdoor Adventures

      I didn't see a steak in redbull just a hotdog. Did I miss it 🤔

    73. Nick & Travis

      Its pretty cool that I live in the city where gatorade was invented gainseville gang😁

    74. Mitch Smith

      We can all tell this friendship has fallen apart and they are trying to one up each other in a non-fun way.

    75. cheyenne massengill

      link should NOT have gotten that point

    76. Logan Yeates

      wait how do they know whos stuff to marinate if they dont know whos gonna win

    77. quickstrr

      Rhett reminds me of Marv from Home Alone

    78. Brandy Lusk

      I have re watched this episode so many times because of Rhett VS The wiener

    79. Bethany Simmons

      I love that author!! I am sad because she just passed away last year and i wont get anymore new books of hers. I have read every book that she has published.

    80. [MxQ]SaucySev

      I think rhett gets the whole point because the Gatorade is grape but it isn’t a soda.

    81. Given Blythe

      "As you can see, we can't." - Link Neal, 2020

    82. GoldenGoose GG

      Watching this was like watching a pick up basketball game without designated point areas where each player would take a shot and say "I think that was 3 points"

    83. Lucas Scheps-Brown

      My favorite part of this episode is, "you know, when you vape it"

    84. GoldenGoose GG

      Gatorade isn't soda....

    85. rossco686

      Your hints are way too obvious

    86. rossco686

      Every time we have steak, I marinade it in cola and spices. It's perfection.

    87. FolkPunk MusicJunkie


    88. Jon Kniola

      Link didnt deserve any points

    89. Jr. Hype2 Gaming

      How come its always link that has the weird scenarios

    90. Detective Pineapple

      Withour a doubt, Rhett should have gotten the point for Gatorade. Link kinda seemed like he was desperate to get a point immediately for some reason

    91. A.M P.M BOXING

      My kids asked me who’s this bum your watching I got pissed of and tried to explain , they still said you look trampled

    92. A.M P.M BOXING

      Look presentable

    93. A.M P.M BOXING

      Your a professional with millions of viewers

    94. sara shaikh


    95. Shelby Croly

      Bruh I would have just ate the turkey to cure my stomach problems idc if it tastes bad lol

    96. SeriouslySoggy

      Dawg how do you marinate anything in playdoh. How does that work link?

    97. Mitchel Paulus

      If anything deducing it’s Gatorade is more impressive than the flavor

      1. E Camville

        Right, like "oh it's grape" Cool, but Gatorade has its own funk to it that's uniquely Gatorade.

    98. Kaitlin Kraus

      Why does Link always guess things that aren't liquid? 😂

    99. Sam1DM

      tofu 🤢🤮

    100. Mike Fuentes

      11:35 Link: I can't even tell if something stinks anymore. Not a good thing to say in this year 🤣