New Super Mario Bros. - Overworld Theme Acapella

Smooth McGroove

567 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

    Here's my acapella version of the wonderful and often-requested New Super Mario Bros. Overworld Theme!
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    I'll admit it - I completely skipped the DS back when it came out. I was super into PC gaming at that point, and my only exposure to the handheld was from a room mate and a few kids that my mom would watch sometimes. Fast forward to about two months ago, where I go on a bit of a DS-games-I-never-played binge. This was one of the games I picked up, and it's just great! A classic, with an amazing classic Mario soundtrack! Hopefully all the people who requested this song enjoy this, and I have to's great to be back making music!
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    1. M. P.

      Who else is harmonizing with Mr. McGroove?

    2. M. P.

      The essence.

    3. OsbeLAnimations


    4. Ratsuterra48

      This is amazing, glad to have you back dude

    5. Maxwell

      Hearing this make my soul wanna go out and be free. Lmao

    6. Xhillen Monkey

      I freaking love the acapella songs

    7. SimNintendo 980 Simon Cadieux


    8. turmat01

      Omg so happy you are back Smooth! This channel is gold, I new we'd hear from you again :) Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep on signing! :)

    9. Takomi

      Welcome back!!!

    10. Jord-EL

      That was awesome!

    11. kun elric

      good to see you back

    12. 이예에에에에에에

      so good!!

    13. Gaffinator999

      Y'know, I've always wanted to see a Monster Hunter song done by Smooth, and with his return, I would love to think that's likely!

    14. Brandon Pither

      He has a LOT of catching up to do 😂

    15. 쯔유

      기다렸다구 예수님!!

    16. Ödön Saller

      Back on Track. :) Great!

    17. MilesMXGT

      Welcome back, man! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

    18. 제네시스

      으악 고양이 귀여워 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    19. zaza inverse

      Memories OMG

    20. Bedirhan Çavdar

      Oh.. you back :)

    21. Weegeeguy01

      The enemies never even get to move in this version

    22. Christian Cashman

      *my ears are once again very happy*

    23. mack24 might just be great

      Alot of checkmarks down here


      Request:tekken 3 jin kazama theme

    25. Richie Transformers

      Wie immer Perfekt.!!!

    26. oiuet souiu

      Watch to the end, it gets funs :)

    27. c7o2


    28. XenoFan

      It's just so good to see this legend back here.

    29. Busmann _

      Damnit I'm late, but still, great to have you back

    30. のどあめ

      I want to listen your yoshi star gyalaxy!

      1. oiuet souiu

        Smooth McGroove is the only person i've ever seen take a break from youtube multiple times and not get fucked over royally by the algorithm.

    31. Nantai

      Make Cannonball from mmz3 pls

    32. Los Pasatiempos de Jimmy

      You are back! Yeah! Don't go away for so long :(

    33. Nugboy 420

      It’s been a long time since you posted though I only found you yesterday and my son is obsessed with you I’m glad you kept it going. Keep up the good work

    34. Dennis Johnson

      The bah bah has return

    35. Boxhead

      3D dot heroes "breakout" would be super hype

    36. Player One Ready!

      Thanks Jesus he is back!

    37. Cyrus Durham

      This is a vibe

    38. Rishii Danan

      He smack He crack But most importantly He back

    39. Nagoragama

      So glad to see you again!

    40. The Epic Announcer [TEA]

      could you maybe do Cape Crustacian from Shantae Half Genie Hero Acapella? here is video on what it sounds like.

    41. Benjamin Trout

      0:15 - bottom towards the right.

    42. Juan Camilo Romàn Panesso

      You came back !!!!

    43. Otarr

      Welcome back buddy. You’re the best!!!

    44. Volvagia´s Blaze

      Smooth McGroove is the only person i've ever seen take a break from youtube multiple times and not get fucked over royally by the algorithm.

    45. Mrkittyhead

      He’s back!!!!!

    46. GrahamChapman

      God, I've missed BAH BAH papa. This year started rough, but hopefully this is a good sign.

    47. Sean Reynolds

      Something new for my downloads welcome back😁😁😁

    48. zdvxr

      Smooth when he had the Mario Cap on scares me

    49. Isak Cady

      The groove is back!

    50. pugtrees

      Loving this!

    51. Evandro Almeida

      Were you are? I miss you!

    52. Thomas the comment rater

      Double cherry pass, please

    53. Yo soy Juanca

      comentario 10,596, increible musica

    54. Dave Moulie

      Can you do Among Us?

    55. Evil olivE

      Its so good to hear this man's beautiful voice again. Finally... something positive returns in 2021. Welcome back Smooth, take good care of yourself, okay?

    56. tann

      Smooth McGroove has returned 2021 isn’t so bad after all

    57. Nik Porc

      OMFG NEW SMOOTH MCGROOVE!!!!!!! today is a great day! (yes I know I'm 6 days late but today is day one for me!!!!)

    58. Curtis Rice

      Welcome back dude!

    59. The Phantomfire

      The Return of the King.jpg

    60. luxayahrious

      i was just listening to this game’s OST yesterday and was overwhelmed with nostalgia omg. would love to hear your version of the world 6 theme. glad to see youre doing fine and are back ❤️

    61. Izzalith Roa

      The Return of The King

    62. AssasinsSYH

      my dad : what is it son? me : he has returned

    63. Uniboy2111

      HE'S BACK

    64. Flayyy-Fy


    65. puppet393 dht-du-57

      hello @Smooth McGroove won't you mind doing mario kart airship pls ? thank you very much in advance Puppet

    66. Cake Buu

      Aaaah, it's just so pleasing to the ears, so Smooth!

    67. Tommy Scrosati

      u should do ballad of the goddess from zelda : skyward sword, would be nice tbh!

    68. Lucas Engrand

      good job

    69. Shinigami Miroku

      Glad to have you back and doing well!

    70. ToastSenpai

      Now i want to play Mario

    71. xplay

      I LOVE it

    72. Kalma Clemens

      Smooth made an accapella video. Charl is in the video. All is once again right and just with the KGup world

    73. Davidfaisca

      Can you make the game Over Song from friday night Funkin?

    74. FlashStep111

      YAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS!!! HE'S BACK!!!! WE MISSED YOU, YOUR MUSIC AND CAT! I'm not crying, you're crying!

    75. Elliott G. C.

      As soon as I think, “where is the cat?” He appears

    76. Alfie Wojnar

      can you do the nintendo wii theme next

    77. Shiawase Chan

      You have beautiful cat

    78. Siluda Mageing

      Ok y’all can’t deny y’all been tryna do one of these parts every time you listen to this dude

    79. Joseph Jorgenson

      Aaah, im so glad hes back!!!

    80. HogBogTekky

      Two days before my birthday. The perfect gift. Thank you master of the groove.

    81. Virtual Conflux

      I love your acapella

    82. TheTennisballs97

      Please please please, finish the trilogy. Tetris music C

    83. Gmanprime500


    84. Eternal Star

      My favourite mario game

    85. Allison Book

      I am so excited for new content!!! Welcome back, you were missed!

    86. H B

      You should try Waluigi Pinball/Wario Stadium.

    87. Caramel kun

      Can we just appreciate his hair for a sec

    88. Ariel Rose

      New super Mario was the first Nintendo game I ever played!! This is awesome dude

    89. SANGMAÉ

      Ff7 battle theme 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


      Very Nice And Awesome Sir

    91. Snot Saiyan

      Has he done Hollow Knight. I know he has done undertale so maybe he can do another indie. Celeste would be great too.

    92. Santiago Mendoza

      An awesome intro just to say: "I'm back babyyy!!"

    93. The Arcane Two


    94. jvdahmen

      How long do these songs stay in your head after recording?

    95. Trapster2

      Perfect start of the day.

    96. MarEpor

      when the world needed him, he’s back

    97. GameClassicVibes

      Welcome back legend

    98. KarasuNoHimei

      I'm so GLAD to see and hear you again

    99. Livan Livis

      *Random mario hat appearing* Me: 👁👄👁

    100. Redhott Gamer

      Hes Back For more!🤟