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    Pickwick Lake is an incredibly diverse section of the TVA with giant largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass! This week was full of crazy weather, high water, and delays! I hadn’t been here since my rookie year in 2011 so it was awesome to get back and see the changes!
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    - Brandon Palaniuk is all in on the professional bass fishing tournament trail. At the age of 33, he has done more than most fishermen have done in a lifetime. After winning the BASS Nation National Championship, which gave him a berth into both the Elite Series and the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, there was no looking back. Now a 5x Bassmaster Elite Series Champion, 9x Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, and 2017 Bassmaster Angler of the Year, the dream lives on!
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    1. Metro

      This the most dramatic fishing video I have ever seen

    2. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      God I want to go on an archery elk hunt sooo bad.

    3. Vet Bros Fishing

      These videos! Amazing! Love the content! #idahofishing

      1. BmpFishing

        Thank You!!

    4. Bassmaster

      He did a great job on Bassmaster LIVE! Both of you lol.

    5. Mark Flueckiger

      Complete class and professionalism in every single aspect. Huge Fan...I will take with me many aspects of how you present WHY you fish. Good Luck 💪❤

    6. Brandon E

      DQ guys were my favorite part! Great video!

    7. Scott Frost

      Brandon, I don’t see anyone out there more consistent than you in the last year and that includes wheels. You are dialed in brother and I don’t think I’ve ever pulled for someone so hard to win or finish high. Way to go brother

    8. B Baggins

      Lieutenant Bran.. ice cream!!

    9. Tommy Manus

      Come on with a new video

    10. Rod Cashman

      Great job

    11. Kyle Mattix

      I didnt even notice on fs1 that Kyle was your camera man hahah that's freaking hilarious man 😂 🤣🤣 I love you guys haha🤙🤙🤙🤙 tight lines man always rooting for you!

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    13. Claxon Outdoors

      great video yet again. good job boys. see you at Guntersville

    14. Justin Catcher

      Kyle = The man. BMP is cool too lol

    15. Emil Randemo

      Great Videos As always!🔥

    16. JOJO

      Kyle stop holding up the I video and totally understand.

      1. BmpFishing

        The daily struggle 😂

    17. Scruffy City Fishing

      These videos are amazing. Netflix quality production. You and Kyle being friends makes it all the more entertaining. Was great to see you make that kid’s day! Also, really glad you all made it out of there safely.

      1. BmpFishing

        Thank you! We enjoy what we do so that makes a huge difference. It’s a pretty solid team with the three of us.

    18. 78freewheeler

      Bro.... you have no idea. Breakfast casserole is like a staple down here. Especially if it was made with some hot deer sausage.

    19. Gary Laney

      Awesome vids, thanks for sharing your energy

      1. BmpFishing

        You’re welcome!!

    20. Oliver Grigull

      Best fishing show on anywhere

      1. BmpFishing


    21. Joseph Keedy

      When we getting the BMP playlist?

      1. Joseph Keedy

        @BmpFishing don’t tease me

      2. BmpFishing

        We actually just talked about this. It’s coming soon.

    22. Marshall Hayden

      man im scared on one of those hooksets someday your gonna break your ankle.... the footwork is crazy LMAO

      1. BmpFishing

        Gotta stay light on the feet 😂

    23. Brandon Sones

      The amount of anxiety I get from watching your videos is insane

      1. BmpFishing

        Hopefully in somewhat of a good way lol

    24. 2Ds FishingTV

      @bmpfishing are those simms pants or???

      1. BmpFishing

        Yeah I usually where The Guide pants or fast action pants from Simms

    25. Eric Cumbee

      Now Im pulling packages out with my face on it. Haha that's awesome!

    26. Tyler David

      Song choice at 15 min is spot on. kudos.

    27. Randy Sluder

      Way to go Kyle! Obviously BASSMASTER watches BMP...

    28. Howard Stout

      Man i just love your content its so awsome to see your whole routine not just the fishing aspect great job bro

    29. On the Line Fishing

      Sick edits that’s Forsure !!

    30. martin montoya

      Vid was awesome as usual bro 👊🏽👊🏽 keep kicking ass and rippin lips.

    31. The Cookie Icer

      Man did Kyle take an editing class this past off season!? These edits are frickin crazy good this year! 😍😍😍

      1. BmpFishing

        Nope, never has. It’s just daily progression and passion from the whole team for what we do !

    32. Elias lee Lopez III

      Well done!! kept me well entertained during my lunch break . Thank y’all n Be Safe .

    33. John Lloyd

      Ahh ive been waiting for this one😁😁

    34. CLAY S

      Man I really wish your channel would go big. Better content and quality than most on KGup. Love watching them

      1. BmpFishing

        Every comment and view helps, so thank you!

    35. Tyler Broadway

      Awesome video!!!

    36. Jerome Torrez

      Sic bro that was a ten lbr you lost. Lov from the thumb of michigan

    37. joe sharp

      That’s not sum DQ you turn that thing upside down it’s going straight in your lap. Yogurt nonsense. Good derb dog gettem at Sabine.

    38. Tyler Broadway

      Wish you would move to the MLF

      1. BmpFishing

        I was there the first year and then left. Wasn’t right for me and felt like I wasn’t there for the right reasons.

    39. Jerome Torrez

      Lots of love from the thumb of Michigan

    40. Jerome Torrez

      Man it’s Thursday morning and you got me jacked up. I’m headed to Lake Huron up the road and tear them up. Wednesday I cuaght 8 small jaws all above 4.31-51/4 lb. you are one of the best to hit the water martins ain’t got shit on you king daddy.

    41. Jeremy Way

      Last Resort is more of a dart board - they have a need and throw a dart and that's who they go with! LOL keep it up man!

    42. Ling Slinger

      Wow ! Jerry Gergich won the bass master elite ! Way to stay busy in retirement....Larry !

    43. Tristan Wood

      You smashed it mate. Crushing it all the way. Keep the momentum up.Icecream for everyone!

    44. Jeff J

      Great stuff as always!!!

    45. FishForDinner

      That is a beautiful fish I wish I could do that here but I live in Canada 😂 try doing a fishing video in minus 20. That is why I cannot wait for fishing season to warm up!

    46. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Dude I was going to say when is DQ jumping on the team

    47. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      I feel like be truck bed camping is part of the journey to making it. If you haven’t truck camped for a derb your not really about this life lol.

    48. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Y’all have a boat lined up for Neely? I want to be a camera boat so bad.

    49. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Tiff “more than you absolutely” 🤣🤣🤣💀

    50. Allen Rasmussen

      Great job Brandon

    51. Jeff Kindy Fishing

      Gotta say I was just as excited for Kyle as I was for Brandon.

    52. Rio Set

      I hope to do this one day! Fish tournaments and just enjoy life!

    53. james amaro

      Great stuff b thank you

    54. Garrett Schnabel

      These tourney videos are so entertaining to watch and feel like we’re part of the adventure. BMP fishing crew killing the content.

    55. Hells canyon Hooker

      Fish on!!! Let's go!!!

    56. Tyson Gustafson

      lets go KYLE!!!!!

    57. Matt Quinlan

      Kyle you always kill it with these videos and edits brother! Thank you so much for the superior quality. Ice cream earned:-)

    58. Juststatinfacts SV

      Great tournament bro! Talkin with the champ during the tornado warning, cool to put that in. What size line were you throwing the brat on? F those decoy bass, got burned today!

      1. BmpFishing

        I I throw it on 15lb Seaguar Tatsu or InvisX

    59. marcto24

      So, imma go a different way... I had Ish on the show last week. Trait, Cliff Pirch, John Murray, will be with Byron and KB at Clear Lake... I want to have kyle as the feature interview ASAP.. In fact the “ITS KYLES TIME”. Interview push has officially started...This is going to happen

      1. marcto24

        Check your pm’s over at Social media for dinosaurs or “that Facebook’s” as my mother calls it..

      2. Kyle Vandever

        Let’s do this! Haha

      3. BmpFishing

        Careful what you ask for 😂

    60. Jeffrey Pool

      One of the best You Tube channels out there!!

    61. NoahDBoss

      These videos are always top quality. Keep it up!

    62. Instynct

      Cant believe this channel is still small with the amazing edits and production that goes into this, definitely deserves more subs.

      1. Matt Quinlan

        @BmpFishing interesting to know. Makes sense why some channels put out so much crap.

      2. Scott Frost

        @BmpFishing doing it right or not at all... Well answered

      3. BmpFishing

        It’s because YT favors quantity over quality and we struggle with dropping the quality of videos just to get more out.

      4. Instynct

        @Juststatinfacts SV these days even 100k seems small with how many channels have over 100k subs now

      5. Juststatinfacts SV

        48k is small, I’m really asking not being sarcastic!

    63. Jordan Liggett

      From Idaho, The Prodigy!!!! BMP!!!!

    64. KickinBassTv

      Just so u know, i just got back from santee. Talk bout tough. Coming from my home lake Hartwell, fishing non-stop shallow, and trying to figure out where those fish were staging up was beyond difficult

      1. BmpFishing

        Definitely not an easy place!

    65. chandler manning

      This was amazing!! My little sister is a videographer and wants to know what filter you use on your footage during editing? It looks amazing

    66. jordan bowlin

      Such a badass edit! BP you're killing it ! Can't wait for the next one

    67. James Mims

      Hey y’all smash the like button for bmp. Thousand watching and 50 ish likes. Get with it guys.

    68. Charles Taylor

      Thanks for signing Lily and Landrys fish!

    69. Cheese Eater #134

      Now that’s what you call living the dream They are Crushing the square bill Hell of a color Keep grinding Hope you take that trophy hard work pays off You earned your position💯💪🏿 can’t get no more humble than that

    70. Rangernation46

      BMP rooting for you as always bud couldn’t wait to see all this footage flipping awesome pickwick is a straight up beast factory and your giant samsonite was awesome 😎

    71. EmergeWithMason

      I love videography so much I watch these videos for the editing and the story. I don't mind fishing, but it's awesome watching something that I'm passionate about and seeing someone super pumped about what they are doing in the video. I made a fishing edit on my channel, inspired by stuff like this.

      1. EmergeWithMason

        @BmpFishing holy shit thanks

      2. BmpFishing

        That is super cool! Thanks for the feedback. I’ll have to check out the edit.

    72. Cole Allen

      My son just informed me he finished all his homework so he could watch BMP without interruption. 😁 Awesome!

      1. Tommy Evan

        @Nehemiah Travis awesome! It took roughly 20 minutes but it reallyworked!!

      2. Nehemiah Travis

        Dunno if anyone gives a shit but I just hacked my friends Instagram password using Instapwn. Find it on google :)

    73. A.O.A fishing

      I gotta meet kyle seems legit. Also he has a viper bass sticker so u automatically a bro 🤣

    74. DeepSouthBassin

      I hope I’m in this one 🤞🏼 😂 ole Kyle was filming me when we talked at the ramp the day before the tourney!

    75. Liam Poirier

      Always love watching the videos!! Good luck on the Sabine River this weekend!

    76. GLADDY

      Can’t wait to see what Kyle and whipped up this time! Always wicked videos 🤘🏻

    77. Cody Reber Fishing

      Hey man big fan, goodluck on the Sabine River This weekend. Need some local info u can message me I may be able to help may not. Anyways goodluck brother I’ll be watching!!

    78. Bass Raider


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      I think Kyle deserves some pre-video drop ice cream, then video drop ice cream, and then forever last one out ice cream!