Epic Reveals BIG Plans about the FUTURE of Fortnite...


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    Today, we check out BIG information about Epic's plans for the Future of Fortnite!
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    Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video where we checked out everything epic didnt tell you! In todays video we talk about Epic's BIG plans for the galactus live event, the future of the fortnite storyline, new marvel collaborations in the future and so much more.. Will Fortnite season 5 be marvel themed? Will Galactus consume the zero point in the live event?
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    1. SypherPK

      What small change should we as a community ask Epic for? Comment below or like someone else's suggestion you find interesting! I'll be reading EVERY comment.

      1. Mathias LJ


      2. Mateo 424

        Add a sypherpk boss in fortnite 😏

      3. DennyFTW7

        He said MODOK seems like a joke, lets give weatherstation a new A.I.M. henchmen boss. Kidding ofc... We should ask epic to add a snowman, like the ones you could hide in, I think that is subtle yet impactful on the game.

      4. Brunisen

        I want a new POI, and i mean like a big town!

      5. Karma RISK

        At Weather Station: I WANT A STATUE OF SYPHERPK

    2. Cooper Levin

      We should be able to choose which chapter and season we want to play when we start the game. So it would say stw br and creative then you click br and then it ask which chapter let's say you click chapter one then it asks which season then you click season 4 and then you can play chapter one season four

    3. Mathias LJ


    4. JSinterview

      this is it, im leaving this.. call me when marvel garbage is done.

    5. JSinterview

      community: PLEASE dont destroy tilted towers!!! epic: "destroy tilted towers" got it.

    6. follow robotJ_Art on Tik tok

      What's the skin he was wearing?

    7. Trends Internet

      Fortnite 2 would be a nice refreshing one :)

    8. ifoundthisandthought

      Shut it down. Waste of time with all the hackers.

    9. Sawyer shrieves

      epic should put a little picture of the old map at the weather station

    10. Devon the King Scott

      I want the old map back I want Fortnite great again because during every season it’s getting worst and worst and I just want the old map back but if not I just want guided missiles unvaulted and I want a screen that shows old Fortnite but the screen should be in the middle of the map so we can remember the og items and thing and I don’t want mythics anymore that’s my weather station

    11. Benjamin Aquino

      The weather station in a cut Scene when there is a alarm and it says there something blocking the satellite and it’s galactus

    12. Lil Balrog

      Community feedback is important well interesting tilted still ain't back btw

    13. Joseph Luo

      why not add the snowman item or freeze pads and you only can get the item in the weather station.

    14. Karim Ali

      Good video!!

    15. Sbstyan Patros

      Why not adding back vending machines with changes

    16. Team Frosty

      One hundred percent chest spawn plz

    17. Kurva kaip Klaunas

      Everyone's talking about the old map,nobody cares lel

    18. Boba_Fett9776

      They should add a storm detector to the weather station so then it is like you are watching the weather but u are watching the storm move it could be like the storm scout sniper

    19. smmsJ

      Please no more Marvel I can't stand it.

    20. Mike coxlong

      Its going to be dead so stop playing it

    21. Kavyansh Jalan

      We should add open Vault with great loot

    22. Wisey 11

      I played the other day for the first time in months I used to play the game hours on end daily since season 3 I absolutely loved it couldn’t stop, having mythic weapons in the game doesn’t suit fortnite, it’s not the game we once loved to play, there’s no LTM’S anymore, sniper shootout, Wild West, 50 vs 50. I see they’ve brought some of the og weapons back which is a good start, when the game really does start to die down a lot they only have one option to bring peoples attention back to it, and that’s the old map. Shame they have to wait for it too I would jump straight back onto this game if the old map was back so many great memories with many friends.

    23. doodoo perfect


    24. LOL FC

      it would be cool if there was an event where they unvault litterally ALL weapons and we had like a 100v Galactus with mythics too! (because unvaulted didn't unvault EVERYTHING)

    25. LOL FC

      Add a huge billowing of air like the steamy stacks so that u can go to somewhere else after landing there!

    26. Luna

      and i was hoping that the marvel shit ends ASAP

    27. Kendallhollo2012

      If the plan doesn’t center around properly balancing the game by nerfing mouse and keyboard. Then I don’t care.

    28. Christian stoeckel

      Bring back the old map

    29. Nika Katrina

      There could be thunder storms Like Rain when its night!!!!

    30. Dylen Probert

      There should be a room because it’s called the weather station you could see the final zone and camp there the entire game if you want

    31. Elite08warrior

      Its called # freejarvis

    32. Elite08warrior

      We started a movement

    33. J Moneyy

      Put a book at the weather station about sypher pk and his career

    34. L.p Playes Roblox and fortnite

      Og map

    35. Arvi Is Here

      At the weather station, there should be an easter egg where it says Sypher Station instead of weather station or rename it to |Weather "Sypher" Station|

    36. Arvi Is Here

      I haven't got any ideas for the Weather station but what if was zero point damaged again but now there will be an error as we saw in The device event where zero point shut down sometimes and now instead of creating black hole it will merge Chapter 1 and 2 maps into one mess, i think it would be cool and makes kinda sense to me...

    37. Anston Cobb

      For Christmas they should make the storm a snow storm

    38. mickeyandmitch20 mikeyandmich2009

      I HATE THE MARVAL STORYLINE ************************************************

    39. Charles Hill IV

      your logo

    40. Phoenix Sigh

      a stan lee statue

    41. Phantvm ツ

      Hey sorry if ur mad at me for self promoting But hear me out. I think u will like my latest montage...hey hey, don’t go anywhere, if u don’t like it, it’s fine but I feel that I’m very underrated and I switched to pc(from mobile) few weeks ago.Just tell me if my video was good or maybe I can improve in some mistakes I made. Pls?🥺help a brother out

    42. Moses Fauxman

      A little late but imagine if they add a henchmen chest with a rapid fire SMG in it.

    43. gaming grandma

      1:50 incorrect when we help dio it created a giant rift that attracted galactus

    44. Simple THEO

      The community chose the storys direction but now they complain that fortnite is trash

    45. Abdulhamid 77

      If You Go There You Don’t Get Surge

    46. don 333

      IMPORTANT🛑🛑🛑 at weather station some items needed to spawn 1. FOGG Grenades ( no damage but by using this players can make heavy fogg for cover and easy rotation) 2. FOGG Mask ( by using this mask player can see through the fogg - may be a negative image or black and white image - should be a pros and cons for using that mask) 3. FREEZ BALLS - a small snow ball like thing just like boogy bomb.. By using this enemies will freez for some seconds... THIESE THINGS WILL CHANGE THE META

    47. Mr Protack

      Sypher gets shot in the start Me that’s illegal

    48. zero

      the sypherPK sign graffitied on the side of one of the houses

    49. Melissa Leonard

      i like the stan lee idea because stan lee was my idel

    50. Abdullah Tahir

      U shud put the name on the weather station

    51. DArien Houston

      siona boss

    52. DArien Houston

      siona could try to go home

    53. Isaiah DaDaddy

      I say they just strip everything and go back to the old map and no more MARVEL just classic fortnite

    54. Alec Piper


    55. nolandersun

      a button where you can change different POI locations and start in game events from the past 😳

    56. nolandersun

      weather man 👨🏻

    57. Motivational Lizard

      i dont want more marvel stuff though.

    58. Matthew Mireles

      Add how to win book

    59. Matthew Mireles

      Add the book

    60. Teshia Wilcox

      I think there should be a giant meowscles statue

    61. Thomas Campisi

      A lil cabin where the weather station owner stays

    62. Kenneth Lara

      I would love separate loot pools between competitive and pub matches.

    63. CyTemFn

      Donny mustard

    64. mikefreddy 08


    65. whizzbitman

      next to the the weather station there is the big snowy mountain. There should be cave {secret entrance) with a secret op. going on about the storms next circles

    66. the Ford style

      Put a vending machine there

    67. Lotus Anlo

      I know I’m late but there should be a painting of loot lake.

    68. Fex Games

      A room where you can see galactice

    69. Ali Almutairi


    70. SFN DripZz

      What if the secret bunker is where the zero point is and thats why they never open it because they know the zero point can do bad and good stuff so in the secret bunker when they need to open it is when a really bad thing is going to happen. Like worse than anything we've seen before?

    71. antonio montagnese

      man i don’t play this game anymore, but i just want to have the guns look like how they used to, the game play to be the same as how it used to and the old map, this game became to child friendly. i just missed the game that made memories with my friends

    72. Ronald Orellana

      They should add storm to the wather station

    73. Zaytudrippy

      1 change: og map, og weapons 💯🤷🏽‍♂️

    74. ArchaicJoker 5

      "The Reset." Changes reversed. Time rewinded. We get the beginning again.

    75. Loiemi

      i decided i will subscribe finally i hope you appreciate it you asked for it so here it is

    76. Ivan Villa

      guys they should add vbucks back to SAVE THE WORLD for the people who arent founders. Who's with me!?

    77. Rye Dobbins

      Tilted towers come back

    78. Proximal Sky

      I think we need to vote for fortnite to be simple

    79. Kyd Fall3n

      The sypher pk PC setup

    80. Mosesrgt

      In the weather station we should add a coffee maker and when u got up to it u have to give 10 of any material and it does u some shield

    81. Nirab Subedi

      We need to bring fortnite mobile back

    82. Parker Boone

      You’re so lame for still playing this wack game

    83. Nathan Bliss


    84. Aditya Bajaj

      Is Midas going to help Galactus or the Avengers? Also Dr. Doom?

    85. MrChicken

      All I want is Christmas skins and battle pass, if that does come out I’m quitting

    86. Andrea Scales

      Storm boss

    87. Zenex Official

      I think the zero point is in the bunker by catty corner that chaos agent is protecting because in ch2 season 1 ghost was sent to look for the zero point by the seven and chaos was controlling shadow.

    88. Sin R6

      I quit playing fortnite since they changed the map i miss it I feel like the game isn’t as fun as it used to be and if I start playing it again I have no one to play with cuz all my friends quit.

    89. DarkTwo 1822

      I think the weather station should have a tv with leakes changes to the map about a week or so before the changes.

    90. jana elhadary


    91. Samuelpadilla Padilla

      actually no a call of duty culab

    92. Samuelpadilla Padilla

      a mincraft culab

    93. king guff

      Play marvel avengers and you will see modok is not a bad villian

    94. Jessy Juanillo

      Whaether station should be Storms boss location

    95. Muk-zulus M

      Hi I love you man can I be with you in. A fortnite plz love you I’m a boy

    96. J perl

      I didn't know the name modoc but when u showed the picture I recognized him from phineas and ferb

    97. Isaac Cherek

      I used to love the fortnite story line. The meteors or rocket launch and the season 4 super heroes. But with the marvel theme, it just doesnt feel like fortnite. It feels like marvel.

    98. Alfie Watkins

      Ask for a for a lighting storm to do 199 damage but you can only find it there

    99. Cendric

      we all want the old map bro

    100. Cendric

      ma man think M.O.D.O.K is a joke you are so wrong sorry man xd