Crashing Cars with Danny Duncan!

Danny Duncan

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    Thanks for watching! Love you guys!

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    1. Danny Duncan

      Whole store got restocked

      1. Cody Haydu

        @Big Money Dracome and Danny are here and snapchats gay dude no one uses that besides little high-school kids who think they got friends and girls too talk too but they ain't got shit... and draco what version of that do u own??? bet u don't even know or u own 1 gun and if thats the only gun u own thats sad cuz there not even expensive mr big money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      2. Big Money Draco

        ADD LAPORTA14 on snap for a shoutout, he gets 200k-250k views

      3. Parker Lamas

        Danny would you want to come over to my house because I’m a big fan and I’m a very board

      4. Cody Haydu

        #Dannydunkin so im watching video on KGup called "idiots in cars 55" and ur on there passing people in the emergency lane of freeway time of your clip is 3:35

      5. bob marley

        Invest in a radar detector

    2. BrianJ2020

      corvette corvette


      Emila is where the cars are I swear lol

    4. Sierra and Nick

      danny for president

    5. vl Jxlio lv

      me in gta4:40

    6. Kyle Barzen

      what was that CCR song?

    7. Evan Sager

      9:28 man almost lost his job real fast 🤣

    8. Jayden Johnson

      Keep The grinding you keep it up you will be the most famous I love your vids keep the grinding up

    9. KingSimpNation

      If I did half the stuff he does I’d get arrested

    10. KingSimpNation

      Bruh Danny gets away with so much shit 😂

    11. Steven Smith

      I legit laugh out loud watching your videos. That's why I watch btw

    12. Not On

      I love how the cops literally just throw the ball with him in the shops

    13. Noah Fleming

      i can't believe my best friend knows juju

    14. Elia Imhoff

      This video exceeded all expectations

    15. Texas Outdoor Fanatic

      What i learned from this video Take a tall black guy with you everywhere you go and when they question you tell them he's a sports star. They'll let you do anything lol

    16. GuyInARoom

      comedy gold right there

    17. DoomsdayEnd1106

      Show when he got recked

    18. Nate Hartwig

      Emelia Hartford at 5:11? Looks like her. who knows.

    19. cesar miranda

      Oh shit Hert from Hoonigan

    20. Idk ._.


    21. RJ OReilly

      The industrious form infrequently delay because camp scilly thaw towards a brief curve. nappy, female fertile gazelle

    22. Max Keating

      Tht girl racer was bad af


      1:02 song?

    24. DK vLoGs

      bro who hates on danny

    25. rocket league

      @EmeliaHartford this you

    26. Wesley Coggle

      Danny's a beast of a fucking driver, pitting people left and fucking right!


      That's fucking badass

    28. Deathaxe798

      There’s always so much happening every video

    29. Alister McKean

      Ya shits gonna be wicked if ya eat all thos banana bois

    30. Trinity Klum

      I’m still stuck on the not enough eggs for 4th of July🤔😂

    31. Dane Ibsen

      Wow Danny was killing it 😂🔥🐐🐐

    32. Oliver

      fly like an eagle

    33. Parker Tunnell

      Buttery Flakey Crust at the end was gold!😂

    34. BigTK2026

      We really just playing summer of 69

    35. The Evil


    36. Cullen Jackson

      Love to you your the best❤

    37. JaySway FN

      10:04 bills song 😂

    38. urwaytooobeautifulgurrlll Hehe

      that dinner skit gave me napolion dinamite vibes😭😭

    39. Kite

      Danny should have a Netflix show or hour vids

    40. NameIsKade

      WhistlinDiesel was there

    41. NSTK

      It’s kinda cool because 6+9=15”

    42. Alan Noel

      Ppl that hate copyright 👇🏻

    43. Ricky Baker

      Bro i watch this all the time, and its like Danny is born for derbies and races. He knows how to handle a car no matter what

    44. Eternal_Erudition

      Everyone loved you and hated you at the same time..

    45. Jackson Tallent

      Hersh from hoonigan hating 4:53 lol

    46. Fluffynugs

      Sxs blog car !

    47. Yrace Smith

      i bought your murch

    48. Benjamynn Kiefer


    49. Henry Hernandez

      anyone else notice Hert fromt Hoonigan😂

    50. Parker Lamas

      Danny can you come over to my house

    51. Andre Whyze

      buttery flaky crust lol

    52. Cody Haydu

      #dannyduncan so im watching videos on KGup called idiots in cars 55 and your on the video passing people in the emergency exit lane on freeway look it up ur clips at 3:35

    53. Silence

      Aye whistling diesel

    54. Cameron Watts

      dang lucky got to hang out with my 3rd fav all-time WR

    55. taryn cerre

      Why Did Danny Look Like A Natural When He Was Whippin The Foreign🤣

    56. hobiewankenobi

      love you danny!!

    57. DATASS 6

      Who’s here after the Steelers lost to Washington

    58. 3 Crispy3

      Egg girl hit different tho

    59. Zi9makin6

      lol is that Emilia Hartford at 5:16? xD

    60. Lob_Thrasher

      No ones mentioning how he went on the grass😭

    61. Brian Goins

      Subscribe to the best new group on KGup

    62. Buck Hunter352

      Wooo I never thought I would see Danny driving a derby car 👍🇺🇸🦅

    63. Gavin Pearce

      Who’s here after the Steelers lost to Washington

      1. Ned Bainbridge

        Am fucking pissed I am a Giants fan and now this shit what a shitty year

    64. Drew Longoria

      Aye anyone miss the old JuJu

    65. YaBoiJavi

      Yooo I wanna know who the girl driver he threw the egg on is smh I need the @ 😭😨

    66. Ashmore DArturo

      The burly digger histologically float because appeal isely fry towards a adorable anthony. fixed, rich hydrant

    67. 1k CHRONICLES

      So Danny Duncan was in pgh and nobody said anything 😑

    68. Bronato 1000

      Did anybody else notice the dude from hoonigans


      Danny you are funniest guy on KGup

    70. f

      what was that coat juju was wearing the cream one

    71. Joe Bidenss

      Man found captain America in a grocery store

    72. Nathan Cunningham

      Dude you put such insane effort into your videos it’s crazy

    73. Brantley davenport

      Does Danny just got to a restaurant and ask if he can film and work there for and hour or something 😂😂

    74. Evan Kerr

      Make a video with @WistlinDiesel

    75. Mega destroyer man

      Half excepted a whistilindiesel comment

    76. ANaughtyNuke

      11:59 Lmfao like if you get the reference

    77. Savagee Head

      Y’all need a tv show😂

    78. Mahadi Aman

      wait....i thought danny duncan died?

    79. Jay Wood

      Is that hert? From hoonigan?

    80. Alantae Nicholos

      danny are you a trump suportter

    81. Louis Marte

      The dynamic coin endosonographically bow because start paradoxically strap against a adaptable vibraphone. lovely, political jump

    82. SavaaTv

      lmao this shit is too funny.

    83. Right One


    84. Suck It

      Hey vice gripe garage was there in there 1776 car shout out To that dude! Love he’s vids

    85. Suck It

      Vice grip garage was here too right? Shout out to that dude!

    86. Calvin Eaton

      Herd your buddy stole the helmet

    87. Marlon Rosales

      Ayeeeee I work at publix

    88. Ghost _999

      DIDNT expect to see hert from hoonigan!

    89. Mehl Mickens

      The next dogsled oceanographically camp because thermometer evolutionarily grin along a acoustic cherry. obsolete, apathetic periodical

    90. champ

      idk how danny isnt sponsored by coca cola yet

    91. Sneakerhead101

      Breaking News: Florida man hits people off of the road and throws eggs and banana peels at other drivers

    92. Deyber Heredia

      when did papa jim become blsck

    93. Chip Dungus

      Juju’s ride tho 🥶🥶🥶

    94. XxSuper NovaXx11

      That's cool that he was in Pittsburgh if you ever come back dont go to the bad part of Pittsburgh that's all I gotta say

    95. Grant McKissock

      yo no way they in the mall i go to

    96. chinacat

      at the dirt tracks around here this would have probably been danny's last video ever made driving like that 😬

    97. P-Stanes Moments

      Danny really just said he never saw the Steelers lose when I saw him at the Seahawk-Steelers game in 2019, still love ya tho Danny

    98. Downhill Park

      Sick driving

    99. conik XD Pinney

      Why is Danny good at everything lol

    100. Rip Fortnite

      Baylin leaven and Danny Duncan