FULL SEND Unicorn Fishing 40 Miles Offshore

Scott Martin

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    The most dangerous idea yet and the funniest thing I have ever seen.. Billygottabass gets forced to fish from the unicorn raft in the middle of the ocean!
    This is part 2 of the Team SMC Hits the Keys with the Bassmaster Boys
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    1. Scott Martin

      Make sure you share this with a bunch of your friends! What kind of funny challenge video should we do in the future?

      1. Jason Godfrey

        Dude when are you selling the TEAM SMC stickers. I need those on my boat!!!!🤙🏿

      2. Judge Judy

        Trash talking James ocean edition

      3. Dave Wylie

        Scott look up the "inner tube challenge" they run out of Miami. These dudes deck tubes out with kite rods and livewells. Sailfish tourney and the last winner had 7 in an afternoon. Insanely cool gig

      4. Eric Serabian

        Scott Martin this was Deff a great change from all the bs going on in the world.

      5. Chase Ray

        Light tackle challenges are always funny to watch

    2. TAJ 103

      The BEST entertainment , period.... Scott Martin Fishing. Billy rocks.

    3. 82ndDon

      Dang ole billy. Lmao

    4. john mckee

      Scott please do a breakdown on the layout of your boat. This was definitely a hold my beer moment. Good times

    5. Matthew Snyder

      Man is it me or dose billy sound like joe Exotic lol

    6. Pamela Klemp

      WOW🙀 !! THAT UNICORN🦄 CATCH WAS "CRAZY GOOD". !!🙌. That's THE STORY he'll be telling his grandchildren and great-grandchildren a TRILLION times! I hope everyone on the boat autographed the Unicorn 🦄 for him. If not, get it done asap, that needs to stay in his family to be immortalized 👏👍. EPIC, 💯EPIC.


      I've heard about that ANTISHARK whistle B4 Billy An they say it works, well your Proof and Evidence that it does work and it does keep Sharks away from you while your in a big blow up unicorn or w.e you was in...GREAT JOB BILLY BOY!!! 👍🇺🇸👏🤣👊🦈

      1. Scott Martin


    8. wesleybigham1

      @5:35 😂🤣

    9. NC Outdoors and more

      Billy for president 2020

    10. Patrick Connors

      That took balls and for the people, lol.

    11. Young Salts

      Do a lot more salt water like this

    12. Rider03 Gaming

      Hey mr Scott a long time ago your dad drove me around a racetrack in a corvette for my birthday and you may not remember that but i met mr Rolland your dad

    13. BassGeek

      Billy is the damn man!

    14. Hoosier Fat Bassin

      The googans in 20 years

    15. Clay Robinson

      The best post ever - Billy is the Peoples Champ!

    16. J Haywood

      You guys are kids at heart (lol)

    17. captrock H

      I saw the unicorn an I immediately thought Musty merk was with ya. LoL .

    18. Tony Summar

      Billy’s got a Bass! NOT. Billy got himself a Tuna! Way to go Billy! You guys are crazy! Lol I still need a SMC cap. Lol

    19. Earl Alford

      Billy is the man

      1. Earl Alford


    20. Pieter van Niekerk

      Billy got a tuna

    21. Cayden Brown

      Congrats Scott you are the man I’d love to fish with you at lake ray Roberts I’m 8 I fish all the time and I watch your channel all the time

    22. stephen fallon

      Your videos never fail me!!!

    23. Outdoors with Sam

      Were I’m from we don’t eat amber jacks that’s cool that y’all do though

    24. Gale Wessel

      Is Billy running for President? He has my vote!

    25. Check Mate

      Thank you for the trip.😊

    26. Pieter Prinsloo

      Awesome and crazy at the same time Billy with his two guns and six pack saved the day hilarious boys

    27. Dave Rasnake

      Yall are Freaking Hilarious. That was a great video. Had to share it, to funny

    28. Madeline Cunningham

      Billy is funny as hell. You got to love him. Two guns and a six pack. That unicorn fishing was awesome good job. Thanks Scott for show casing Billy.(FOR THE PEOPLE) LOL

    29. Thomas Caldwell

      Dusty Rhodes the American Dream!!! Dang good show Scott 👍

    30. michael

      that was cool it would be fun to fish with those guys

    31. Dave Wylie

      If Billy had any clue how many Sandbar and Bull Sharks live on the off edge of the bar he would have never done it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Scott Martin


    32. Ripperlipper 101

      At first when I saw the thumbnail picture I thought it was jog squad and then I saw that it said Scot Martin

      1. Ripperlipper 101

        @Scott Martin love the vids keep up the good work your my favorite fisherman just wanted to let u know

      2. Scott Martin


    33. Evan Shillcox

      Now my stomach hurts from gut laughing for 15 minutes

    34. Phil Williams

      Billie you the man that’s some funny stuff right there awesome job lmfao!!!

    35. Tim Prall

      Good to CP on the boat! You guys should do a little more together.

    36. Selena Bragg

      what kinda fishing mask do you use?

    37. Bowhunting 101

      Billy’s the man !!! Who else can say they caught a tuna , floating on a unicorn

    38. Donnie Pope

      I guess Billy never saw the movie ( JAWS ) At 40 miles offshore the only way I am leaving the boat is if its sinking.


      Or ride a towable behind the freeman speed challenge can’t get bucked off etc make as many s turns but you gotta get the tube ripped from under neath. I used to get so sore


      Billy gotta tuna


      Apocalyptic challenge no fuel ⛽️ only what’s on board as far as drinks etc tackle their is no more challenge twenty four hours one day challenge. No more hooks what cha have what cha got.

    42. Daniel Bishop

      Best video I've seen in a while!

    43. x2429

      you should fish with blacktipH

    44. Pond Fishing With dylan

      Scott can you please follow me on Instagram fishing with dylan

    45. Todd S.

      Definitely doing the "Full Send" unicorn fishing from here in SoFlo to my brother in N. Carolina so he can see the soon to be famous BillyGotsaTuna and enjoy a good laugh! I know he misses the fishing down here in his native state. Keep em coming Scott, it's all good stuff from SMC crew!

      1. Scott Martin


    46. Brock Johnson

      Bahahahahah love the unicorn fishing! Priceless

    47. Brock Johnson

      Dude how bout that under water footage! Off the chain

    48. Brock Johnson

      This is an awesome video Scott! Love how you showed the Garmin at the beginning! The boats sick!

    49. Tim Johnson

      Billy is a National treasure #billyforpresident

    50. Chris H

      Only in America my friends thanks again Scott and SMC crew👍👍👍

    51. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      That was one of the most fun things I have ever seen in my life 😁😂😎👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💪💪💪💪💪🍺🍺🍺🍺😁😁😁😁 Billy is awesome 👏😎😁 God Bless America and the American Dream ( AKA Billy ) 😁🍺🍺🇺🇸🥳

    52. BearLeeBadenaugh

      24 inch Garmins? x2? Rofl, I think there's more in electronics on that dash than my boat is worth

    53. Hook N Land Fishing

      Hey man I love the videos! Thanks to you and other KGupr fishing fans I've decided to try out my own channel w plans to start creating some fun fishing videos like you guys. Hopefully I can make some content half as great as yours! Lol the channel is Hook N Land Fishing Keep it up w the amazing videos! Btw I'll be at the Bass Masters open in August at Oneida Lake NY. Hope to see you there!

      1. Scott Martin

        Good luck with your channel

    54. Eric Serabian

      This is epic funniest video to date!!!!!

    55. Pond Fishing With dylan

      Take trash talking James saltwater fishing for sharks

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      billy is my soul brother !!!

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      That video made my day

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      Scott's worried about Billy's shirt, when he should be concerned about that fanny pack...

    62. Tim Fontenot

      Awesome stuff there big daddy!!!! What a crew 😜🍻

    63. Terry Kornegay

      Billy is the Man awesome catch and in a unicorn float LOL that’s absolutely insane cus keep up the content Scott thanks for all you do to show us the fishing I love the experience you bring

    64. Mitchell Traxler

      Great finale for the two part! Takes some guts Billy my friend. Now come on back inland and catch some of them little green fish. Cant wait for what's next

    65. Sparta SZ-

      Wht type of coolers do you use ? I guess you use Yeti coolers ?

    66. Alton Coker

      Lol... Billy My South Cac-a-lak-ian brother You crazy. Y'all get crazier and crazier. Scott don't y'all get BGB.( Billy Got Bass ) killed down there , hell He is the comedian of the group. Man we Miss ol spinner worm also. GREAT TIMES FELLA'S 👍

    67. Howard Stout

      That was awsome team smc all the way

    68. Fred Surrette

      Billy the unicorn wrangler. That was cool go Billy

    69. Fred Surrette

      Billy you are the best Unicorn wrangler in the sea . I loved that.

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      Scott you and billy or two of a kind on your videos I can tell y’all are true friends

    71. mikes construction / maintenance roofing guthridge

      Scott you and billy are some awesome when y’all fish together true friends

    72. Dj Willie D Wilcox

      Billy make sure the rod is I'm the raft before you grab the fish lol

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      Billy is insane!!! But that was so cool!! My heart needs time to recover!

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      I think I would love to fish with Billy than Scott. Lol. Billy you the best. I definitely wouldn't turn down a chance to fish with Scott though.

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      Can’t be the only one who thought nelk was gonna be in the video

    76. GreenPig Hunter

      Well atleast Billy had his $7 life jacket on. Crazy

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      Don’t forget Billy! He is the life of the party.

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    79. A.j. Moore


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