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    It's a strange feeling to share this aspect of my life. I'm taking a break to go back to school, but here's a peek into the part of my life I've kept hidden from the internet for many years. I was asked if I wanted to film my last mission and use it as an opportunity to explain "Multi-Domain Operations" to the public. After much consideration, I decided that this topic (especially the cyber-domain issue) was important and chose to help inform the public.
    My mission was to participate in a missile and torpedo engagement exercise at Pacific Missile Range Facility as part of RIMPAC 2018. RIMPAC (Rim of the Pacific Exercise) is the largest naval exercise in the world. It's used to test interoperability and the ability to work as an international force.

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    I was invited to discuss multi-domain operations with General Brown:
    Exercise RIMPAC
    Where we performed the exercise
    We fired the Norwegian Naval Strike Missile
    JGSDF Fires Surface-to-Ship Missile during RIMPAC SINKEX
    For the last 15 years I have worked for the Army Test Evaluation Command. My favorite thing about ATEC is that our motto is simply "Truth".
    I served for 15 years as a Department of the Army Federal Civil Servant at The Redstone Test Center.
    Multi-Domain Operations
    U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
    I coordinated this mission with U.S. Army Pacific Command
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    Footage contained in this video has been reviewed and is approved
    for public release in accordance with DoD Directive 5230.09.
    The views and opinions of the narrator do not necessarily represent the views of the U.S. Army. Filmed at RIMPAC 2018, Edited 2019
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    1. SmarterEveryDay

      I've kept this side of my life off the internet intentionally for 15 years. It's been strange being a dual KGupr/Missile Tester, because obviously this side of my life feels very important and the main driver for many of my life decisions. I'm more than just a person who makes videos and puts them on KGup, and I feel like I'm kind of introducing you to the other side of me with this video. I thought long and hard about putting this online after I was asked if I wanted to film my last mission. I ultimately decided to post this video to let you know that Multi-Domain Operations are real.... and you're in the cyber domain. I didn't understand the full extent of what the implications of this were until I dug into it more. Over the course of the next several videos we're going to explore these cyber issues in a very real way. I hope you'll explore this with me.

      1. Jim Freeman

        Thank you, Destin.

      2. NightRogue

        @Wagner Tom thats very cool of you to say. regardless of how i feel about my government, and all it’s BS aside, the US has been (trying to) keeping the world safe for many moons now. it’s just.... humans, you know? 😅

      3. Tom NixNachname

        That was quite a surprise revelation. I had mentally put you into a role similar to Mark Rober. It was obvious that you have an engineering background and are working in some field close to stuff that you see in aerospace or military (not, say, bridge construction). But I wouldn't have thought you're actually in the military. Interesting.

      4. Bill Wood

        You dedicated your life to war and the destruction of our planet. Thanks for telling us who you REALLY are. I can only imagine how much better this world would've been if you had spent your life on peaceful pursuits.

      5. John David

        Very cool. I am also a civil servant with ATEC, for the last 13 years out in the west. 20 years retired Army also. You do get to see a lot of interesting things along the way. Great videos.

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    4. CoderDBF

      The future of warfare should be peace. There's no such thing as being so strong no one would want to attack you. The enemy might have a weaker military, but they'll outsmart you no matter how prepared you think you are. The US's focus on military strength does the world more harm than good. If you were to spend those hundreds of billions of dollars a year on making a better world instead of spending it on 'defense' you wouldn't have any enemies in the first place.

    5. Brandon Poley

      so your like chuck yeager ?

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    7. richard refling

      My dad was stationed on the USS Racine back in the 70s! I’ll have to show him this.

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    10. Seth Eden

      Only thing I can say @SmarterEveryDay is please try and keep the videos to around 10min or less so I can add them to the playlist for our foster kid to watch before he heads off to school in the moring. We use your videos as an incentive to not dwaddle in the morning! :-D

    11. The Psychic Spoon

      Is everybody going to ignore that is the coolest sandbox anybody has ever seen.

    12. Jeff Bassetti

      You hit the nail on the head with "Division" back in 2019-

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    14. Andrew Schnick

      We already do multi-domain operations in the US military. I never served or enlisted in any military service but the biggest advocates of the A-10 Thunderbolt isn't the the USAF but the US Army because it is a useful tool to assist US Army ground ops (i.e. like in the first non-animated Transformers movie with Scorponok). I have been waiting for the day they can do multi-domain ops in video games like Call of Duty but they always stick to ground ops.

    15. Jed-Henry Witkowski

      JDF soldier be like, hey look what I'm doing! Just like my grandfather!

    16. Jackey Chen

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    17. 1Maklak

      This seems like a great job. You get to play with all the cool military toys, but won't be sent to actually fight in a war. This is pretty close to proverbial having a cookie and eating it too.

    18. A Wingedbull

      23:22 that is best advice to be successful in life in general

    19. Mike Adams


    20. True

      And the divide has widened beyond any predictions unfortunately.

    21. Mr. Rooney

      How do I get an office like that (without enlisting). FYI, 4 star is the highest rank during peace time

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    23. Kirk Fisher

      How does this video have so few views. This may not be as flashy as a "super sonic anything" but it is important.

    24. Branden Traynere

      I love this.

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      I have seen season 5 of "The Expanse".

    28. James Massey

      27:06 More important than anything right now, thanks for sharing.

    29. James Ivy

      I went to Fork Union Military Academy and it was run by a General Jackson, just the notion that a General is a stones throw away is awe inspiring especially at that point in time there were battle hardened WW2 officer

    30. Dr. Doom

      This video couldn't be anymore relevant right now after Biden's bombing of Syria 5 weeks in office.

    31. Dr. Doom

      30-mike-mike= 30mm rotating destruction device. BRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT

    32. Dr. Doom

      Plot twist. They used this as a test bed to see if they can manipulate further. lol

    33. Jab Hutt

      After that tank hit by a missile, I was expecting loud ear ringing noise effect:D P.S.: I feel like I am used and weaponized without my own consent!:)))

    34. Oscar Egbogu

      Wow!! Destin is officially the Head of Fun at Mad Magazine.

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    38. Undying Legends

      i kinda think its funny how most of american tech originated from germany and then they say "no one would fight us cause we are so good" all of your tech you can mostly thank germany/germans, the ability to get americans to the moon and your atomic bombs would not be there if it would not be for germans so maybe so a bit of gratitude to other countries instead of seeing them as your enemy because in the end we are all one species and we should act like one, and then there is america telling and showing us that we should not behave like we are one species, and america does it best as we can see with their black lives matter protest and then compare it to the storm on the capitol.

    39. Dan Lewellyn

      Seriously, how do I get your job? I was a 27x in the Army and have 20 years in semiconductors.

    40. ashton2127

      hearing you say 30 Mike mike made me have a man crush

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    42. Jonny John

      Why not fly up a few F-18 or 15 with sensor/targeting pods? Or better yet a j-stars, just geeking out

    43. NightRogue

      anyone else watching this for the 4th or 5th time?

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    45. Lucca Vieira

      The other countries taking notes📝📝📝📝📝📑📑📑📝📝

    46. w0mbles

      This video/advertisement/psych-ops was a message mailed directly to China and Russia. CC'd to Iran.

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    48. kowdermeister

      Best army recruitment video ever?

    49. Duel

      This video has aged quite well. Seeing the aftermath of January the 6th. Which was essentially a 9/11 level event spurred on through the cyber and human domains.

    50. jhonson steve

      Rocket in background continuesly changing alpha's . An arrow with big dip

    51. gtfd

      How do you feel about nation unity nowadays Destin?

    52. Big Floppa

      Ill revisit one day when WW3 has kicked off.

    53. Sromotny Kobziarz

      Destin is good in the analogy domain

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      Next level sandbox

    56. Sromotny Kobziarz

      1:49 what is that projectile doing? Fin stabilized and one fin fell off?

    57. Michael Bravo

      Pretty words that "Proactive intentional unity". Maybe you missed the part where we were already divided & the only unity is the elimination of the opposing views/values/morals. Neither side is likely ever going to accept giving up 1/2 their values while quietly accepting 1/2 the immoralities of the others views. Even if the elected representatives gave in to that choice, those that voted them in will be beyond furious with them. From both side while one side may remain just above vocal over the betrayal the other will continue its destructive nature. And the battle will still be on a collision course.

    58. plasticated

      As long as man will exploit man Split between masters and servants, There will be no normality and no peace.

    59. Fashionable Skeleton

      I didn’t think that I would absolutely admire this general! He is a really respectable guy. He explained everything in a meticulous way that I had to pay more attention to it and understand it. It also helps that it’s fascinating stuff to me.

    60. 89burni

      just be nice be you dont hurt someone and do what you want. Peace over War.

    61. K-9,TheCat

      Until 2020 election was stolen & is now trying to put us all in chains... Unite they scream, divide they dream...

    62. Jp A

      United we stand divided we fall.

    63. Seth Klein

      Well, seems like what was said at the end has come true. Frightening.

    64. Rick DeAguiar - Music Reflections

      Well done 👍

    65. Yebo Screbo

      Hmm, this doesn’t surprise me. Because of your extensive internet outreach, it seems like youre a prime target for the military industrial complex to use as a propaganda/disinfo pawn. I’ll have to be wary of what you say from now on.

      1. ImexArcane

        he literally asks that question to the general, and the general acknowledge it. if its you and your general, maybe you guys already made a propaganda video without even acknowledge it lol

    66. Travis

      yea iv heard about ur new test General lol

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    68. NooborBro

      The Plot : Getting better at war so nobody wants to risk it .

    69. snsmystic

      What's the 6th domain? Edit: Got my answer - people

    70. Quark Spark

      Thanks for the propaganda, but the world is fed up with America's aggressions. Deal with your many problems, that should keep you busy while we deal with ours.


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    76. andybanan1992

      i feel like the "here is my wanted outcome, you figure it out" mentality reduces risk of war crimes, because you can no longer hide behind the "well i was just following orders" anymore, and it also opens up the possibility of soldies taking more responsibility and gives them a faster time to respond to a situation. so overall it seems like a better direction

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    78. Ben Dover

      You’ve got to add India to the equation. We’re going to rule and we’re going to be your biggest friends against the Chinese.

    79. dunsford cromwell farnsworth the 4th,

      knowing is half the battle is about getting locked in old refrigerators or starting fires

    80. Michael Douglas

      RF engineering will play a big role in all of this.

    81. Shane

      Can someone please make all of our Republican neighbors listen to this absolutely brilliant general explain Russia's manipulation? What a fascinating video. I'm glad that guy is on our side.

    82. John Nguyen

      How to get ahead in the war games to prevent the other enemies countries want to get engaged with us Specially China always stealing out technologies.

    83. Thomas Schoelzel

      Great video, thanks for sharing!!

    84. Mailing today

      I thought part of the exercise was to show coordination between forces. Why didn't you have a stabilized camera and better communication on the launching and impacts?

    85. P Davison

      It’s ironic that the US spends far more money than any possible adversaries, but our greatest risk is the neglect of continuing to develop ourselves and a solid equitable economy. Wall Street and big corporations with the help of Washington DC have offshored a great deal of manufacturing and impoverished the middle of the country. General Eisenhower saw the threat and tried to warn us.

    86. Dick Parker

      China is doing this to us right now and that’s why politicians are pushing for gun control. They’re pockets are full of Chinese money

    87. Ethan Collins

      Looks fun

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    89. Brandon Ledford

      Lucky man Destin, I would love that kind of work , thank you for all you do.

    90. TheBrohemus

      "This type of conflict is based on deception, and the most important deception is to convince you that you're not at conflict. They are going to find the division in our society and amplify it". Nailed it! Joseph Goebbels' ultimate fantasy is a reality.

    91. russo thuga

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    92. Garrett Hennis

      Our own president tried to divide us!!! January 6 th was an act of war against the democracy of the United state. Social media is a big issue when it come to understand what is the truth and what are lies.

    93. Sole Ice

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    94. Quantum Fraijol

      But what if the US way of living and thriving is wrong?, (namely the sociopolitical and economic system they use) but not wrong as in non-effective in perpetuating itself but wrong in an "ethic" way if you will. If they are so powerful that "nobody would be stupid enough to fight" with it, what's left for the rest of people in this world ? The mere existence of military power creates the possibility of a tyranic superpower that rules not for the well being of humanity, but for itself instead. But how the american people could even adress this problem if they're constantly being fed with "propaganda" (through news, school, movies, games, you name it) about the might, rigtheousness and benevolence of their military? I think that yes, we must not divide ourselves, but if you interpret this message and think that this only at the level of just your nation, you're already dividing yourself from the rest of the humanity. Yes, unite, but with all humanity. People from the USA (well everybody, but you specially), always doubt of the things that you have for a fact, doubt of the righteousness of your acts, of the wars thar you wage, of the ways of intervening another countries economies, even the way that you treat your own people. Or you just can take the easy choice of never question your way of living, and just shoot "the enemy"

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    96. 92unisk8

      Awesome information about the different domains of warfare! Also, LTC Davis has an awesome voice.

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    98. Hernando Cortez

      If you have any doubts, google Russian response, specifically Putin’s reaction to Biden’s win and investing financially in the BLM and ANTIfA movements. If you acknowledge the 6th realm of human influence warfare, the battle has begun. Now that border security will practically non-exist, you can expect patchless enemy soldiers to make landfall as well. Add to that a movement to grab civilian weapons through assault weapon bans, that sets a dangerous stage...... Stay frosty 🛡⚔️

    99. ThreeARKs

      Could be that the US just wants us to think that they're actually farther ahead than they are. I mean, that plywood housing for that model was quite shabby looking.

    100. Margaret Elkins

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