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    The next all-electric supertruck is coming. The GMC HUMMER EV SUV.

    See it. Reserve it. 4.3.21 5pm ET @
    Simulated vehicle shown. Actual production model may vary. Availability will be announced at a later date. Limitations apply. At participating dealers.
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    1. דניאל אלון

      Dear friends! Don't let the stories and beautiful pictures confuse you, GM this is a dangerous company for all public, anyone who buys a new car from GM, throws his money in the garbage bin, at the moment of malfunctioning you are alone and may God help you, in this company there is no customer service in general, and the management does not care, you will regret your loss of money. Be careful from GM!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎😬👎😬

    2. Dwayne Allen

      Hard pass. Give me a gas or Diesel engine in one and maybe we will talk then. All electric... SMH that’s ridiculous 😂

    3. PD Official

      How much??

      1. GMC

        Thank you for asking. The starting at MSRP varies by trims. For more information please view the GMC HUMMER EV trim details at The Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price excludes, tax, title, license, dealer fees and optional equipment. Noel S.

    4. Hashim Shaz

      What They’re Doing Is Making A SUV 🚙 Out Of A Pickup Truck 🛻 Think About It.

    5. Traci Weisenbach

      Chevy 4 life 😍😍🥰🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰!

    6. Jake Hall

      Have fun sitting at the charging station powered by coal burning power plants! 🔥🔥🔥

    7. Jake Hall

      No thanks

    8. Jake Hall

      Electric cars are bad for the environment!!!

      1. Conscious Asahra

        Please explain how they’re worse than ICE cars in comparison!

    9. Nipun Chamara Muthugala

      "Change the game forever" Just remember this phrase from their first video.

    10. Cyber Rat

      Question is will GMC accept Bitcoin as a payment?

    11. Daddy

      best in the world

      1. Traci Weisenbach

        @Mark Plott no it is not.

      2. Mark Plott

        NOPE, already taken, the Tesla MODEL X is the BEST SUV you can buy in the World today.

    12. Вадим Коршенко

      Hummer 👍

    13. Samuel Valeriano

      yes just yes bro this is sick

    14. Dr Pratibha Singh

      Please gmc come in india we like your all cars.

      1. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

        If I was rich I’d send you one

    15. Nijai Green

      Wow its going to be debut tomorrow with the suv version

      1. Dallas Frost

        Lol, It's the 3rd of April right now where I live. I guess for us, its "the 4th"

    16. ARSSystems


    17. الجديد في عالم السيارات

      It's finally tomorrow