5 Reasons No One Should Live In California

Ben Shapiro

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    You've heard me talk about the problems that everyone in California is facing, but I want to tell you about the personal issues I deal with every day. I was born in Los Angeles - Burbank, to be exact - and I've lived here all my life. It pains me to have to leave my beautiful state, but this place has become uninhabitable. Here are some of my personal stories about my experience dealing with these problems, and why I can't stay here anymore.
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    1. Jack Ophelott

      You're leaving? We couldnt be happier.

    2. JC 1956

      Sorry to see you go. Bye, bye.

    3. Datsun B210

      I move from California to Texas, the best decision of my life.

    4. Merciless Radio

      Get out Shill.

    5. TheEclipseMaster

      If i can get my business up here in California, i can run it everywhere

    6. Moritz En

      California sounds much like germany. Germany is even worse in taxes and politics but better in crime an homeless. Your democrats would be called right radical here. Republicans are almost portrayed as nazis. You guys should be so happy to be in US an have the opportunity to chose a whole different state in your own country

    7. Marcos Dela cruz

      Just leave who cares .. you are not important..

    8. Harold Avent

      Good luck, farewell lol. How many can you take with you?

    9. agent4you2

      I LOVE California. I don't care if you do leave!

    10. Norelli Fernandez

      Yo won’t be missed by the Californians. Not even for a second.

    11. natalie diaz

      Bye!!! Haha

    12. Barret Scholl

      Those first 3 minutes of the video were all you needed to make a video.

    13. Johanssel Gonzalez Cid

      Meanwhile, what are californians doing to stop their politicians about going on with all that craziness? It's such a shame that this situation has been setting up for decades and nobody has done nothing but keeping those tax-loving politicians in power.

    14. Jose U Ocaña

      Glad I live in Arizona! 😃💯

    15. Philo Sopher

      Any chance you could leave the country. Oh no you have kids, sorry little ones

    16. Larry Smith

      A lot of these big libs move to Austin, Texas, the liberal hub of the Lone Star State. They big their big lib values with them not realizing those same values is what caused them to leave in the first place. Where will they go after Austin?

    17. Alex Rangel

      Recall newsom get him out of here

    18. fabian sandoval

      Too much election fraud in California. We need to force our governor to resign and half our problems will go away. Then, dump all the homeless at our elected officials private communities and then maybe they'll take care of the problem. Final, tax breaks for all companies with over 100 employees.

    19. Niklas Wetjen

      Lol, and I thought taxes in Germany are high (42% or 45% for people who make alot of money). 54 % is just insane...

    20. Street Cars TV

      California going to be the next detroit

    21. fabio castillo

      California is not an american state, but a Latinoamerican one.

    22. Jazmín Sutcliff

      Wait, waaaait... I live in a 3rd world capital (not in a fancy zone at all) and is not even the half as bad as Ben describes xD

    23. Armen Med

      Good move. Ben

    24. True North

      You leaving will raise GPS 50% asshole Ha ha ha , how cares?

    25. bailey behzadi

      Never moving back

    26. david czapla

      Gavin Newsom says California is the best state in the country, fastest growing economy, best schools.

    27. Joseph P

      Saving up with the wife and kid to get out ASAP!! F the politicians who run commifornia. Hang em all 🤷‍♂️ People who keep voting them in are stupid aswell... vote them in, they don’t like it, leave to another state and repeat the same behavior. It’s ridiculous and insane. Anyone voting dem should be forced to stay there and suffer the consequences. I wouldn’t feel bad one bit 🖕

    28. Lee Hughes

      Sign the petition...It’s at least a start ....😣

    29. T Blackford Minard

      What ever happened to the State of Jefferson? Way up in Northern Cali and Southern Oregon?

    30. Adventure Awaits with RJ and Heather

      Yep!!! We’re leaving California and we can’t wait to get out of here!

    31. Michael P. Waller

      You made your point ! Goodbye

      1. Lili Guess


    32. Jacob Gilbert

      I used to love in California... there was a stabbing at the playground we went to as children, and hearing about people asking our neighbors for places to hide for their lives or people walking around with knives was not abnormal.

    33. Ope Leke

      Boss Move Ben. proud of you.

    34. RiftGaming

      Time to move to Texas

    35. Zebra all day

      Once California liberals ruin their own state they flee like rodents spreading the plague.

    36. R

      Texas border signs now read ...."We're Full"

    37. Willy Santos

      Good riddance Shapiro

    38. God's servant


    39. Roberto And his Honda

      Texas gang

    40. Lynn

      I pay high mortgage and taxes so homeless can live and litter down the street.

    41. Lynn

      I am tired of the homeless ruining my city in California too.

    42. Virginia Capital Coasters

      This video is interesting, I used to think Richmond, VA was a dumpster fire.

    43. stan stanly

      We just put our house up for sale. Moving to Vegas. Good bye California.

    44. Jeffrey Desormeaux

      Is it bad that I see california as a dictator state? Is that an accurate phase for california?

    45. Venz Oficiar

      Just put conservatives there! The American patriotic officials to solve problems of poverty, drugs and homelessness.

    46. rangeorge85051

      people leaving cold red states for the warm west coast equals blame it on the liberals

    47. Eric Schmuecker

      One big earthquake it will cleave off into the Pacific! I'll be there throwing big rocks on it hoping it'll sink.

    48. Orange man bad

      Good luck with the move

    49. its a wacky world

      All because of Democrats

    50. Nicole

      He’s not leaving ca

      1. Ethan Simmons

        He already did

    51. mark velasco

      Id like to move out of hawaii. Nice weather, crooked politicians, all democrats, but idk where to go.

      1. M S

        Leaving Hawaii next month myself. Sad to go as it really is paradise but local government policies for how to treat the residents during over the last year. Between that and what is undoubtedly going to be an even higher cost of living after they allowed the freight monopoly (Young Brothers) to raise their rates by 46% is going to make life here unsustainable.

    52. Mikayla Taylor

      I've wanted to move to California my whole life but when I visited in July I wanted to cry part of me still wants to move to California because I want to be an actress but it so heartbreaking to be there.

      1. T Blackford Minard

        Northern and Southern are completely different. I'm not talking about SF as a part of Northern Cali.....I hate that people think that San Francisco and Sacramento are northern.... The best part of California is above Redding where the true beauty is. Siskiyou,Shasta,Lassen, Del Norte,Trinity, and Modoc counties. Mostly where it hasn't burned. We sold and left Lake and Siskiyou counties. So many people moved into California and now some are leaving. Unfortunately, acting is down where most the homelessness and crime is. Not saying that other parts of Cali don't have it but it's bad down there. The best to you.

    53. Christopher Steinhauer

      I remember growing up like yeah I want to move to CA now its a third world country anymore you can have it lol

    54. Ashish Singh

      I wonder who will be left behind in california to vote against the incumbency if all like minded citizens abandon the state.

    55. Bonita Bryant

      I moved to Oregon from my home state of California three years ago. I was born in Oakland near SF. It really saddens me to see what is happening there. I have only fond memories.

    56. denise fernandez

      don't like the vid

    57. d0dFLyEr


    58. John Zekria

      I have living in California. So many stupid people

    59. Peter Joseph

      Because of work I moved from Ohio to Texas to California. I would NEVER go back to Ohio or especially Texas.

      1. Peter Joseph

        Beauty, weather, opportunity and open mindedness. That an uneducated clown like me could come out here and do the things I’ve done still blows me away. Impossible in Ohio, slightly less so in Texas. Plus the weather in Ohio sucks and Texas isn’t much better

      2. Virginia Capital Coasters

        Why do you like Cali?

    60. Edgaras V

      2:00, hey, that dude was for free speech

    61. johnboy

      I learned CA was shit in 2008, left and have never been back. Once you live in another state it will open your eyes.

    62. Alessandro LinuxBSD

      The rest of the States will became California, thanks the commie for that.

    63. Jose Ramos

      This video didn't age well. Especially the "Fla Disney is open,why aren't we" covid argument.

    64. Jose Ramos

      Funny how some people think the city of LA is all of Southern CA.

    65. Elliott Ness

      California sucks! I wouldn't even go there on vacation let alone live in that tax haven! Thank your democrat idiots friends for voting on lieS about CHANGE! IE , NEW YORK, ILLINOIS! Someday you dummies will wake up but you just voted in another tax act president! Don't move to my red state 😤 and bring your garbage politicians with you leave them where you came from! But you BEN are always welcome 🙏

    66. Hector Guevara

      Being born and raised in LA, I hope more people leave lol

    67. vignesh waran

      Watched this at 0.75x

    68. ZELLOUS

      I’m so glad I don’t live there

    69. Miguel Angel Sánchez

      OMG, so California has become to the USA what Quebec is to Canada. And L.A became to California what Montreal is to Quebec. Disgusting.

    70. Diane Uecker

      Ben, I too was born in CA, and I grew up in the San Bernadino mts. It was such a wonderful place to grow up in but when I got to be a young teen ager, my parents saw the writing on the wall & they moved us to WA state. That was in 1973, I can only imagine what it is like now. Problem is all the Californians moved up here & voted in a lot of the same crap, now it's up here. Thank God I live on the east side in Spokane, where it's not quite as bad but we're getting there.🤪😢

    71. L.A. Rivas, Esq.

      Are you gone yet? Thank you.

    72. SmokieMcPottHead

      Come to Texas you safe here

    73. Jean Claude Manishimwe

      It's good out here in Florida but I don't want Florida to be crowded

    74. Dale Minnis

      I already lift there.

    75. Luis Casallo

      Hi I'm not american, I always thought LA was one of the best cities to live in, probably because I always see this in Hollywood movies, which part of USA do you guys think has the best quality of life?

    76. Brock Reynolds

      Blame Ronald Reagan for the mentally ill homeless all over, these people used to be in state mental facilities.

    77. bill jenkins

      Doesnt matter anymore the dem's are bringing California to all the red states.

    78. Brock Reynolds

      What he's REALLY saying with his first point? "How dare the city not keep the blacks out of our clean white suburbs"

    79. Womby Will

      If only I had the ability to move. I’m 16.

    80. DAZ futbol

      i love how youtube comment sections are full of normal people who see the world for what it is but if you go on any tiktok comment section with videos like these it is full of 16 year old (Acab BLM emily’s) who will claim they are smarter than the average astrologist.

    81. Avocado Toast Investing

      Good topics thank you

    82. Mariella Perez Gonzalez

      Come to Texas.....

    83. Felipe Silva


    84. Tanner Danger Bianchi

      The biggest issue with this is that everyone who moved to Texas almost turned it to a blue state. I mean are you kidding me? California is hard proof that the far left does not work and you need both to have a functional democracy. Do you wanna know why Texas is so nice to live in. Republicans. Keep your liberal asses in California. You made your bed now sleep in it.

    85. Jonathan Shayeb

      First video of yours I’ve ever seen, absolutely amazing! I was on the fence about moving to California and looking at Texas, now I 100 hundred percent have made my decision that even if it’s not Texas there is zero chance I’ll be giving up to 54% of my wages to California, that’s a no go, thank you! Subscribing 💪

    86. Rob krikava

      So. Go. Bye Felicia. And take trump with you. He's done. And GOP is Practically dead Politically. See ya wouldn't wanta be ya.

    87. Barack Obama

      No one cares, Ben.

    88. JC Chavez

      Honestly it's probably a better use of your time to help do something about it than list 5 complaints over your state. Maybe if you helped do something along with your network of friends etc., things would actually start to improve. Until people realize that not everyone starts on the same foot, we will always expect others to do better. And if they havent learned or been privileged enough to learn like the rest of us, it only makes sense why things continue to deteriorate. Lets all do our parts to help lift our communities. No, its not our job. But if we expect a nice community to live in, it takes all of us. And in a healthy community, to have that, the majority, if not all, should be healthy or trajecting towards it.

    89. H2B Ish

      The sad part is all the people moving from cali are bringing that retarted mind set of "Democrats are the way of life" and make the new state they move to a shit hole.

    90. Miguel Alfonso Cuacho

      Politics is damned indeed. Even if I was a Republican before, I decided to get rid of my political standing. American politics is just really a circus. For the moment, or perhaps forever, I will just rather stand for what's right and at least what my heart says.

    91. Miguel Alfonso Cuacho

      Ya. Just like the Philippines, America's politics is so screwed. That's perhaps one of the reasons why California and even other states are declining.

      1. s7wizardz __

        Electing Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will thrust us into hell

    92. Timmy Tim

      Eat the rich

    93. Addesigns

      Maybe you should donate some of your money to the issue since you feel so bad for the homeless instead of bitching about how you feel bad for them

      1. anh kim

        Dont look at other peoplemoney. Why dont you do that

    94. noah frank

      Jesus loves you .

    95. Michael Scott

      3:05 “yes tax rates matter, ya idiots” 🤣🤣

    96. Kobus Mulder

      Same shit in South Africa.

    97. Larry Hinze


    98. Fred Stearns III

      Everybody is moving to Florida. Quality of life tanking here.

      1. 187Corly Bands

        Definitely south Carolina and Florida

      2. Basileus Parabellum

        They are moving to South Carolina in droves. Mostly from New York

      3. Old Account

        Greetings from Texas who also needs to deal with them

    99. Pacmanhits Pac

      Don’t come to Texas !!! Leave y’all bullshit over there

    100. Aristoi Gabriel

      Californians moving to other states (especially Texas), remember - you are refugees not missionaries.

      1. John Sariego