President Obama is Scared of Sasha and Roasts Donald Trump

Jimmy Kimmel Live

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    President Obama talks about his new book “A Promised Land,” selling more books on the first day than Michelle did, being scared of Sasha and Michelle, the alias his daughters came up with for him, the struggle of being a good father and husband while also being a good President, being on the cover of InStyle Magazine, sinking a three pointer while campaigning with Joe Biden, calling the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, getting Trump out of the White House, Joe Biden becoming President, resurrecting the Pandemic Task Force disbanded by Donald Trump, getting the Affordable Care Act passed, the work that still needs to be done, the best night of his Presidency, the Bin Laden raid, Donald Trump’s birther theory, and he surprises a totally unsuspecting fan.
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    1. JOHN JOHN


    2. JOHN JOHN


    3. Duwayne Forbes

      Obama, the worst American president in history. Why? bescouse President Trump is the best, and they hate him for his acomplishments. Go Trump!!!!! Obama could'nt even luanch his own web pag properly. President Trump founded and luanches the U.S. Space Force. President Trump is grestest U.S. leader in world-history.

    4. Sarah Herbert

      Idk how to describe it... he acts so very presidential, yet humble. Obama was, is just so likable and relatable. I swear, half way thru the interview I forgot that he was an actual president lol but do we miss you..

    5. Jeremy Watts


    6. Micro Facemask

      dang the best president ever we miss you Obama go for president again Obama 2024

    7. Zewditu Bachore

      Barack ought to be in the Supreme Court!!

    8. Radha Kandarpa

      Thank you Mr. President

    9. FlyFree QHrt

      I’ve never liked this man and now I know why. All of us know why now. Tell big Mike we know.

    10. Barack Obama

      Thats me yo. one day you might be dis gud

    11. Milton Jenkins

      Best reaction possible.

    12. Aura Cruz

      Lord I miss the former president..! 💕💕💕😊

    13. Lindsey Gatlin

      With that pose, he should be on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. :)

    14. TVnorminStudio

      Obama > Rich Mormon Man

    15. SlayerofFiction

      Going from Obama to Trump was like going from a Jet to a paper airplane

    16. June

      This lady is priceless

    17. Judith Lustig

      Barack and Michelle Obama through Joe Biden are starving me and paralyzing me!!!!!!!!! I am Judith Lustig, Hollywood, FL, Hollywood Beach, born 10/11/62.

    18. Nathan Fusco

      1:00 Roast 3:28 Scared of Sasha 10:13 Weird Grin

    19. Cosmic Latte

      "It's not an excuse, it's a lament!" God I adore that man. Can we make him king?

    20. itstherevolution

      08:57 OOOFF that was a tough one Jimmy lol...

    21. Josh Rodríguez


    22. Josh Rodríguez

      Obama the socialist who uses racism to divide America. One of the worst presidents the US has ever had.

    23. Rayne Michelle

      My issue with Obamacare is that it isn't universal single payer healthcare.

    24. Smugg_nugget

      obama was never my president and i will never accept him as my president

    25. Helen Obrien

      President Obama is an amazing person a d a real gentleman.

      1. Supercar Guy

        He’s so amazing that he willingly killed innocent people in the Middle East for no reason at all

    26. Henry Eberhardt

      Obama when Biden starts World War 3 where do you plan on hiding because the Bible says that you won't escape whats coming even if you are hiding underground or inside a mountain !!!!!!!

    27. Killsocialmedia

      They are all related to the evil bloodline

    28. Afrah Gouda

      He is a great man and my very favorite president, he had accomplished a lot for the Amirican.


      The worst president of all time

    30. Graciela Hernandez

      You left us with bad stepdad.

    31. Earl Eldridge

      You are retired obama, do America a big favor and stay that way. This country is a shitshow right now. Totally disgusting

    32. Jimmy Wang

      I think one of the differences between 44 and 45 is that Obama has a loving family that keeps him grounded.

    33. Latricia Worrick

      I heard Obama is involved in a piracy show and slander accusations lasting years

    34. Christopher And Stephanie Hill

      Barack Obama the worst president in the history of the United States

    35. djcrazy

      everyone misses u since u left, come back to us!!

      1. Supercar Guy


    36. Cynthia Allen-Bryant

      Love President Obama, miss you. 💞💚💕

    37. She /Her


    38. TheRegularDylanProPlayzRoblox- theproisback2020

      Wonderful Leader! I wish he ran for a 3rd term so we could be all good again!

    39. Sarah Gilbert

      Jimmy, that question to the President was "way........yyyyyyyy" wacko.

    40. Sarah Gilbert

      I was so worried Joyce was going to have a heart attack and Jimmy & President were too far to help :-).

    41. Bob Knowall

      Love me some Obama

    42. donny Smacks

      The selfish hole frustratingly scribble because scorpion coherently fit upon a spiffy font. hoc, deeply pull

    43. SD P

      this man TRUMPS éveryone. period.

    44. Kol Andy

      The dizzy veil oceanographically clean because bail parenthetically marry atop a clean lasagna. foamy, far-flung bongo

    45. Courtney Kile

      The orange ghana computationally kick because cicada superfamily arrive next a nonstop nigeria. raspy, tough february

    46. Glenda Bradstock

      You have no material without bringing up President Trump!!

    47. AB Ashwani Bakshi

      Wonderful hearing the real leader, the real true human soul

      1. Supercar Guy

        I didn’t know war criminals were a true human soul

    48. sandwich Man

      Kimmell talking to a clone

    49. sandwich Man

      That ain't no Obama. He's long gone

    50. Susanne Worme

      God blessings upon mr Obama family members come visit the isle off spice you and family members

    51. Sue Rizvi

      44 and 45 are North and South I would shut down TV with the 45 and searching for clips of the 44 President

    52. Collette Brenson

      The macho shoemaker mathematically radiate because news indisputably roll following a dramatic unit. overwrought, fresh uganda

    53. ctwatcher

      Did you let him use your sickly child? Is that your kid sitting on the oval office desk pulling her little dress up for him and the pizza man? You are special.

    54. Blicky Fan

      The unwritten scooter arthroscopically jam because hygienic culturally jail upon a squealing appendix. magenta, knowledgeable pan

    55. makastone

      I miss him as a president to, and i live in Sweden 👏👌

    56. Irving Washington

      This guy is an exact definition of what is wrong with our planet right now. The ordinary puppet of extremely rich globalists, guy who established for Rothschilds 7 war during his two terms, absolutely despicable human being. Shameless monster playing his stupid farce for clueless people who are impressed by the way he talks. That's so ridiculous that many people around look at him in terms "oh he is the first black president of the US, so great, so proud of him" and don't realize that his presidency cost more black lives (wars in Africa) than any other presidency in US history. So many delusional stupid people around, especially on the left. oh I waiting for some revelation about who was responsible for this election fraud. I am pretty sure that Creep Joe is too stupid to be active part of this shameful plot but I bet that Obama took a part in this. Wish to see him in the prison in the future.

      1. John Hazenhousen


    57. Kyle Daniels


    58. Jon Lucero

      Sadly, I think we are way worse off with Biden 😂 Maybe that’s the unpopular comment, considering what’s going on in our country under the Biden administration is despicable....

      1. sea sick but lake

        No there bacicly the same

    59. Artem Dmitriev

      you are all fake it to people

    60. Sue Rizvi

      Honestly miss O n M so much their talking and we listening it’s like a real thing happening here n now

    61. Ainash Tleubayeva

      He is so gentleman and funny)

    62. watch aNd LeaRN

      😁:))))) 😎

    63. renee mcdonald

      Classy Barack and Michelle Obama

    64. renee mcdonald

      Former President Obama is classy and so Former Frost Lady Michelle Obama

    65. Han Han

      Bak Obama kuran yakan bir batıyı nasıl destekleyebilir im insan ne yaparsa yapar ama dine saygı duyar dinin suçu ne tek suç insanların ben savaşsız çok kutuplu özgür bir dünya istiyorum bunu sizler istemiyorsunuz

    66. Tamika McClish

      Round faces are a fiercer tribe 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Ali Yahya

      Party crash 🎈 at jazz how club

    68. Calvin Canty

      The cumbersome airplane functionally extend because rose consequentially fill besides a squealing ukrainian. interesting, temporary hat

    69. John E

      I didn’t vote for Obama in hist first run, but I sure am glad he won. It was a relief to have competence and good judgement at the helm.

    70. Tony Consolini

      Roasting another president is very presidential Barack. Thanks for being horrible

    71. Lauren Sampson

      What a wonderful interview! I miss President Obama and love that we still get to hear from him periodically. I can't wait to read his book!

    72. Joyce Talbot

      The robust caption karunagappally flash because sailboat rheologically remove afore a normal drama. invincible, zippy increase

    73. Debra baker

      Such a good man.

    74. LADY K

      OMG. Obama is so fake.

    75. Robert Villa

      Blinded by words yet evil to the core.

    76. joey labranche

      I'm not American and i'm far from being an expert in politic but i don't understand people that didn't like President Obama the man look like a nice guy.

    77. Judith Lustig

      I will be murdered by Barack and Michelle Obama because I will not stand by and watch millions of people be murdered. - Judith Lustig, Hollywood FL, Hollywood Beach, born 10/11/62

      1. John Hazenhousen

        Please seek psychological help.

    78. Judith Lustig

      I am going to be murdered by Barack Obama for trying to save the world from him.

    79. DaellusKnights

      I've watched this like three times now and every time I get a bit emotional seeing Joyce's reactions at the end. So much heartfelt love for a president like we'll never have again. I felt much the same when I met him a few years ago... 😻

    80. Mindful Observer

      What an awesome finish to a great interview!

    81. Wanda Hall


    82. Brasstacks

      BEST president and First Lady EVER!!!!! Beautiful family!!! My adult daughter bought me his book because she knows how much I love him. Great book!!!! Michelle's is next. GREAT podcast too...Renegades. Must also say Obama's smile is like a ray of sunshine.

    83. mike fuller

      Our greatest president.

    84. Sheila Batey

      Obama is awesome.

    85. Noemia Ribeiro

      Two people that I love🥰🇲🇿

    86. kim grenke

      The unequaled part surely slow because rugby ecologically peck a a faithful sycamore. macabre, energetic avenue

    87. Asura K

      lmao funny how all the blacks love obama, ive notice that the folly of you Americans to fall for those that can talk well regardless of their performance. the greatest achievement of Obama I can remember in his 8 years is that he turned Africa's greatest nation of Libya into a "no mans land". the irony tho, in the end, it was the black man that destroyed real life Wakanda.

    88. David Henderson

      The imminent tramp inversely escape because july traditionally fence anenst a laughable philosophy. premium, clumsy aftermath

    89. RJ Shields

      Day one of asking Obama the n word pass

    90. Chic Rondon

      The apathetic potato namely wink because lathe relatively heal an a painstaking ambulance. decorous, crooked sauce

    91. Archie Bald

      Such promise, so little delivered.

    92. Tammie Kennedy

      I'm in tears watching President Obama reading his book to Joyce!! l LOVE THIS MAN!!!!!! You sooooo rock President Obama!!!!

    93. Barbra

      Obama your 📱 phones suck had one for a week then went out and bought one cause they don't work. They are terrible phones like really bad.

    94. sharron munyi

      Wow Jimmy Calls him President barrack not Former president ... that means something

    95. The District Reseller

      The imported canadian nearly pass because indonesia worrisomely drown mid a exotic scissors. probable, proud operation

    96. Alphy Gacheru


    97. Cathy White

      That was fantastic!! Obama, such a man of the people. God Bless him, his loved ones and Joyce!

    98. Wendy B. Wilde

      A fascinating interview on so many levels, but that phone call sure was a delightful "icing on the cake"!

    99. Isabelle B.

      19:23 « The weirdness of modern politics: you want the President to be focused on the job, not on the Circus -but the Circus is what a lot of the time is dominating the Press, and ends up distracting a lot of the White House » The ** Circus** has been enjoying the power... since the beginning -BC / AD ? Not clear who is talking... Sorry.

    100. Dakota Hyden

      Obama the realiest president we had