Concrete Block Crushes Car

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    Racetrack: Christian_Racin/status/1264223016180908039
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    1. Joe Indorato

      Dang bruh you got the whole squad rolling in unison.

      1. You need to go away

        It's always the dumbest comments that get pinned.

      2. Maci Dan


      3. Jackson Smith


      4. A Person

        I wasn’t sure what you meant. Then I got to the clip.

      5. Mackenzie Jaeger

        Got all my homies up in here.

    2. Rando Gaming


    3. Richard Laba

      1:58 This part would have been more funnier with the Earrape Harry Potter theme.

    4. comiskey2005

      Narrator sounds like Ferris Bueller. 👍🤣

    5. Sarah Dams

      Where did that concrete come from cmon ik I’m not the only one wondering

    6. Nicolas John Elder

      1:41 That's not how you use the word "unison"

    7. Hake Ai

      Oh crap

    8. Gaming with AaRon

      Bro can i get a heart pls i like ur vids alot

    9. Lydia Meadows

      what the f*ck

    10. Ahmad Salman 1959

      ABS 0:49

    11. Sqwonk Trooper

      How the heck he knew it has night?!?

    12. CAC Productions

      If you ever fell unlucky, remember that this guy had concrete crush his car

    13. NXT Rxinzzz

      Dang where tf did a slab of concrete come from

    14. Raymond Charlyn

      The grotesque zone startlingly detect because sack ultrasonically beg around a nonchalant precipitation. flawless, obtainable pakistan

    15. jyothis ks

      Horse: "see, what's the need of ABS"

    16. Jennifer Morgan

      0:09 Not so funny when it’s the buildings turn to “Oh Yeah!”

    17. ninjaXavier2

      1:03 not whenever

    18. MSlice

      That's very punny

    19. Deidara

      this is when the *whole squad*

    20. Xianpai Zeng

      Notice the camera did not roll with the plane

    21. The roblox cat


    22. SLime

      That Man Had 100 Reflex level

    23. Sticky Hotsauce

      Poor guy he just clean the snow of his car I think and he have to clean his car at the dealership

    24. Fouleymata Soumare


    25. Florence Ilorris

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      1. lucas alonso

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      2. Florence Ilorris

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      3. Nancy Folgers

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      4. Leo Saso

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      5. Matt Nickels

        You must not talk about bitcoin and crypto trade. I loose much already

    26. Zetsuke4


    27. Relevant Information

      Great gag, filling the hot air balloon guy’s parachute with towels... 💥

    28. Jo

      Better have good car insurance

    29. ThatOneKid

      2:51 Me and the boys when we can’t sleep

    30. Evgeniy_ geniy

      0:08 это Владивосток

    31. Minimum Torque

      And i sit here thinking, where the fuck did that concrete come from!?

    32. Rahul Yadav

      I need that radium ball😍😍

    33. Gremise

      2020 the year where concrete falls from the sky

    34. Ajo8562


    35. Battle Droid

      as soon as the concrete block hit the car an ad came up saying "injured in a car accident?"

    36. Fia Wolfe

      0:15 Does insurance cover this?

    37. realvanman

      Well... I guess he doesn't need to worry about the ice on that windshield anymore...

    38. Cathedral Vallory

      The concrete block just wanna help the homie

    39. Zhanaya thomas

      I would’ve survived 😈

    40. Matt Curtis

      The track for the condo is Charlotte

      1. Matt Curtis

        Or the road course of Charlotte

    41. Pumpkin

      VAT19 Nostalgia

    42. Crusty Dusty


    43. Matthew Colitti

      where did the block come from

    44. Mack Giver

      Well that's a bit of an extreme snowscraper commercial.

    45. Wojtek Górka

      2:10 bread from the bread God

    46. Kyle Lim

      the concrete:im about to do whats called a pro gamer move

    47. Tom Calamita

      Wtf is no one gonna ask where TF that giant ass block of concrete came from?

    48. Niamh O'Connor

      3:08 OMG I think this cat _IS_ the Daily Dose Of Internet creator/narrator

    49. Muhammad Umer R

      Imagine if that block fell on his head, He would have Died (ded)

      1. Paula Kimbriel

        True that!! Wonder where it came from!

    50. Northern Major

      1:58 Just imagine if you wake up in the morning, seeing this but a concrete flying to your window 😫😭😫

    51. Erick Freitas

      The goofy banker relatedly subtract because paste provisionally analyse by a tiresome parallelogram. mundane, married parallelogram

    52. Ares8100

      1:43 me and the squad rolling in unison

    53. SnackHead505

      Hold on is no-one gonna question where that concrete block from the first clip came from?

      1. DD DD

        Apparently, the block was attached to the wires on the roof. After the ice rain fell the wires got covered in ice and became too heavy, so they started pulling the concrete block down. Something like that

    54. Fatih Uzunsoy

      2:15 kemal club

    55. Ratni Nalle

      2:11 those raccoons are perverts

    56. A.j the alpha gacha wolf

      The Nascar dude cheated the system

    57. misty pooky

      The white cuticle karyologically whirl because blinker functionally untidy notwithstanding a disgusting rate. befitting, waggish raincoat

    58. Ram Xtyt v2

      At first i didnt see it the he fell

    59. JoJosbread

      1:42 let’s rock and roll, boys!

    60. IronBubba Studios

      1:20 Plot twist: it was just a normal backpack

    61. Ryan Pascual

      Then the car thought someone broke into the car but it's just a slab of concrete...

    62. Jordan Kossuth

      Where did it come from??

    63. FNcaliz

      Blot twist: that’s ddoi’s face 2:39

    64. Chintan Shelar

      Plot twist: the four guys playing the game bum into each other

    65. Trooper

      I’m still confused where the block came from.

    66. The_Gamer_exe

      Where did it fall from?

    67. Bro Pro

      0:08 Car ages 2: The Icedown

    68. Michael Jackson SHORT.

      Plot twist: his family was in the car

    69. Boringness Intensifies

      September: Tire hits house October: Tire hits car November: Concrete hits car WhTs next?

    70. Trioner Expeliozias

      Why can't my balls glow In the dark

    71. LiveFree 42

      I want a pony

    72. Keely Porter

      The breaks on that horse

    73. Cindy Daniel

      3:12 proper kitty

    74. Fynn Gembries

      Clym disliked das

    75. Hmmm Maybe no

      somehow its funny but sad at the same time

    76. Erick Freitas

      The invincible knee repressingly offer because secretary particularly spare till a belligerent card. nonstop, rebel behavior

    77. Abhishek Bamhi

      When you go to jungle for sukoon But you find a ton of racoon 😂😂

    78. Random Task

      LOL the car alarm goes off hahahhahahahaha

    79. XR_Marbz

      so the block just fell out of the sky

    80. Polish Cow

      How did that guy survive DIO’S ROAD ROLLER DA 0:09

    81. Keith Klingensmith

      I'm still wanting to know, WHAIR DID THAT BLOCK OF CONCRETE COME FROM?!!!

    82. Hi people

      Concrete slab crushes car. car alarm still works

    83. Southeast Angler

      Where the hell did the concrete come from ?

    84. smarty cat

      That's quite a scratch on car.

    85. Jaxcax123

      1:40. Me and the boys playing battlefront two

    86. NarutoLol

      Vegan China

    87. Wowsuchgoodcontentihave

      The scene where the skydiver was holding on and fell. I didnt realize they were skydiving until he dropped

    88. galaxy wolf

      R.I.P car

    89. secret folders

      2:20 what is real anymore

    90. QuadricKnight

      Thank god there was no one in that car

    91. Wet Johnny


    92. Unaib Malik

      The Kids In The Car Watching Kidzbop 😑😑😑🙄🙄🙄😲😲😲😵😵😵

    93. Aqua Aries

      The last clip is the cat that we all drew in kindergarten

    94. the boi


    95. Fleatcher


    96. Dr robotniks toy reviews & gaming Channel

      But the question is that I’m worried about did he have car insurance? Because if he did I’d be happy he got his car fixed

    97. Eric Rouleau

      Not lucky he moved out of the way. He's super lucky it snowed that day..if he wouldn't be clearing the snow. He would have been sitting in the vehicle

    98. Vincent Degrasio

      Your voice is creepy duder

    99. Emmanuel Paulos

      Where was the concrete coming from

    100. Reginald is a Toppat

      1:22 RANK: The Betrayed