Bass Stories - Pet Fish, Baby Squirrels, and Clay Dyer

Scott Martin

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    These stores are all AMAZING and VERY TRUE! This is episode one of Bass Stories with Team SMC! Who should we add in next episode?
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    1. Scott Martin

      Hope y’all enjoyed the first episode of Bass Stories with the boys! Should we have a special guest in the next episode?

      1. Briggs Milner

        Yah pls more stories! For those that dont fish for a living (but want to) its another moment when we can pretend to be with the boys on our weekend trips !!! Lovin the channel

      2. Casidy R

        Love the story time. You should have your Dad on also. He is one of the best at telling stories.

      3. Michael Ralff

        Your dad

      4. jmcculloh88

        High rock lake?!?!?!?

      5. Hunting and Fishing TV

        All I fish are dog shit lakes i fish the Ohio River and Kentucky and Barkley lake and they are ass

    2. Grey Ghost

      Legendary stories! Thanks! DO MORE!!!!!

    3. Justin Goodrich

      Great stories, keep them coming 👍

    4. Thomas E Chavis

      I love the story

    5. George Ouellette

      Great video! Love the stories

    6. E S

      These are great! Keep em coming. More baby 🐿

    7. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

      Yes more stories. Love the stories.

    8. Down South Fishing

      Love the videos Scott! Keep up the good fishin mane!

    9. bill5074

      I love it when you guys just sit around and talk about the tournaments and tell stories. Very enjoyable !!

    10. Nick

      I like this style! It's a nice little break from the others. I'd like to see it every couple tournaments. Keep up the great work!

    11. Aaron Snatic

      Great video!!! Finally catching up on watching videos and this one definitely one of my favorites!

    12. Jamison Cole Shinn


    13. Daryl Shirey

      Big bass stories!

    14. bill5074

      The stories and behind the scenes at the tournaments are fantastic. SO much fun!!

    15. Tim Jolly

      I fish moss lake Matt is telling the truth it is tuff.

    16. goojer

      I like my blue stren 😂😂

    17. Shaun Roberts

      Heck yah. I really like these... For 👍 sure. I mean I could sit here all day and listen to these.....

    18. Donald Campbell

      You guys need to chill with a beer

    19. Gary B

      Story time!! More more more

    20. Willfish Forfood

      Loved it i could listen to this kind of stuff as often as you'll throw'em up here.

    21. Chris underwood

      Man, I could sit here and listen to y’all’s stories until the battery runs out on my tablet. Takes me back to when I was a little kid listening to my dad and uncles around the campfire. Keep’em coming Scott.

    22. Lance Knight

      Love the stories, reminded me of my dad. 50+ years of fishing and he will beat me every time, Big old heavy Ugly Stick, Zebco 33 (the old good ones) and a weightless Creme earthworm colored worm. Love it Scott keep em coming!!

    23. Ronald Perry

      My kind of people!! I like what y’all are doing.

    24. Michael Cuppy

      Really enjoyed this video. 👍

    25. Jr Martin

      Have a episode with Roland , Jimmy and Bill...

    26. Laramy Bohn

      If you’re on em’ you’re on’ em’ baby squirrel or not!😂

    27. Scruffy City Fishing

      Love the stories! Ever thought about doing a video with a story from a subscriber? Via zoom or they could submit a video.

    28. Jim Grady

      Really enjoyed this video! Love these stories.

    29. Michael Cobb

      Keep the stories coming. Tell stories about falling in the lake

    30. Michael Cobb

      Rough in Texas to. The only thing in my son's high school tournament almost ran into two boats that got about 30 yards away from my boat. Plus the lake itself is terrible

    31. BassManMartin

      Please keep them coming .


      I love these stories

    33. Mick Fucci

      Hey Scott, my girlfriend and I love the channel. Good luck in the Elites! @Scott Martin Do you ever go crappie fishing or perch fishing on Lake Okeechobee? We seen Brandon and Billy try to catch some crappie 😆

    34. A-Rizky


    35. Captain Chaos

      Shearon Harris is toast...NCSU sprayed & killed all the grass..PBC had a 40 plus boat tx Sat & these guys are sticks..2 fish weighed in...Sickening..

    36. Captain Ron

      Bass has to eat period 1. We think they have a PhD no no they will eat at some point and and far as a I know maybe wrong have been in past but they don't see boat shine * power poles * motor size * reel name * ok ok true story Put my 80 plus boat in at ramp go fish tournament... a guy puts in his boat no big motor just trolling motor with a buck to scoop out water tournament kicks off we all rolling 70 plus he he drops trolling motor and starts fishing 8 hours later he wins by 9lbs 27 lb bag.... he says can't catch them if bait not in water and mine stays in water 8 hours funny funny

    37. Who Dat

      I been messaging your father for a year or two now to get you and him together and tell stories

    38. BUCKET

      Arey is 100% on the lakes in NC. When I lived in Raleigh Falls and Sheron Harris were the two best lakes I had ever been on in NC.

    39. Christopher Evans

      Sooooooooo no video 3 days, where is the fishing content at?!?!

    40. James Bailey

      Great show, need more stories

    41. Perry Flowers

      Good stuff guys, can't wait for the rest of the year!

    42. Jed Steelwell

      We gonna get to fishing? How many events has there been already?

    43. Greg Taylor

      Truth!! Our lakes are very tough. You have to be diverse and junk fish to do any good here in NC. Really liked this. Great idea!

    44. B Winchester

      And Braver lake is the Dead Sea 😂

    45. Fish On!

      If you want to catch some huge 10+ pound brown trout while your here in Knoxville let me know. I know your probably headed to the next bass league spot, but there's some monsters here, and not alot of people can catch them.

    46. Joshua Ledbetter

      Great video!! You should do this every tournament 👍

    47. chzhedd

      I can listen to these guys talk all day lol

    48. Jakob Hearn

      Your story with your dad reminds me of my dad, back when I was a kid he fished tournaments, so I thought I'd take him out fishing, just like what you were saying I had the nice rods "best" baits and he brought a old ugly stick and a spinnerbait that was prob 15 years old, he tore up the bass I cought 1. A smooth reminder its truly the way you dangle.

    49. Ben Ott

      We need a lot more of these

    50. Rick Lovall

      Might be the best video of the year. Great stuff.

    51. jeffrey rose

      Scott...Seriously 4th to 25th....Come on man...You make it hard to continue to Support you.

    52. DK-Bassing

      I really like these story videos. I’d love it if you did a podcast like these. I’d listen to it all the time to hear the great stories you must have to tell!

      1. Scott Martin

        Maybe we will do more!

    53. Mike Daley

      Bass Stories were great! Definitely need to keep this going.

      1. Scott Martin

        Glad you enjoyed it! We may do some more.

    54. Ron Swinford

      I want to hear some of the stories from the team USA trip to Mexico.

      1. Scott Martin

        That would be a good one!

    55. Delta Parker


    56. Hunting and Fishing TV

      Its like fishing kentucky lake it is dog ass

    57. jason daniels

      One of if not the best type of videos. Every angler has a story to tell and I love to hear them.

    58. Bennie Maxwell

      Loved the stories guys. Would be neat if you could do some stories with the video of it. Either way, that was cool

    59. Dan Denton

      Love um! Thanks Scott

    60. Joshua Kephart

      Great video love to see more like this

    61. johnny saechao

      Scott tell the story about u and drew Benton on the dock spot lol..

    62. Nathan Cooper

      Clay is from my hometown Hamilton alabama awesome story and awesome man

    63. MikeHawk44

      These videos are incredibly important to me as a new angler. I was not fortunate enough to have someone teach me how to fish growing up and am devouring content trying to learn! Hearing the story of Roland Martin out fishing you on old antiquated gear was phenomenal and I think a very good lesson for all. I would love to hear more of these fishing stories!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks dude, glad you liked this!

    64. Jason Mcloud

      Keep these stories coming!

    65. Jason Ryan

      I love this format, keep it going. Don't be afraid to get a lil' dirty. Don't be a p^ss. lol

    66. Jerry Glenn

      Great video. Have more with the three of you talking. It will be great. Y'all so good.

    67. Greg Reese

      Love it! Definitely keep doing these.

    68. Sport Smith

      Fun Vid. Talking with buddies like that can help a guy get his head right before a tough event. Good luck boys!

    69. Preston Mire

      Sweet my boy is in 6 place awesome

    70. Jerk Bait

      “Then they get a hundred rods” 😂😂😂

    71. Tim W

      6 an 7

    72. Trevor Alexander

      Yep Moss lake is one hell of a lake lol. It usually sucks big time but you sure can learn a lot. Makes other lakes look easy. Bryan and Matt live less than 5 minutes down the road from me. But I ended up catching 6 5lbers out of it last year and that is amazing. And one of them was on a 1000 size spinning reel with 10lb braid, 6lb leader and a size 8 rooster tail... I knew where some bream beds were and decided to hit that area. Well I wondered why there weren't any bream there even though I saw them a few days before. Fifth cast and that 5lber nailed it and took me under the dock 4 times. I got so lucky he didn't wrap me up. Poor fish had the head of a 7lber but was so skinny. Anyways, I haven't caught a single fish out of it this year but that's mostly because I had to buy a new boat and it's been in the shop... but you are lucky to catch a 5 fish limit on moss most days. Then some days you can catch 20 12 inch spots

    73. Joe Langley

      Maybe Matt will tell you guys about Legendary Ernest Langley. Jig tying great from Shelby NC.

    74. Joe Langley

      Matt spilled the beans on Harris but Falls and Jordan is better because they killed the good grass in Harris

    75. Jeremiah Altmannsberger

      Love some story time.

    76. Brad Peters

      Scott’s impression of his dad was hilarious!! You could here Matt and Scott laughing.

      1. Scott Martin


    77. don't forget

      these stories are great

    78. Wade Lassen - Fishing

      Awesome video! Love hearing the stories!! Can’t wait till the next one!

      1. Wade Lassen - Fishing

        @Scott Martin tough day today!! Looked like fishing was tough! Can’t wait to see the videos and best of luck next tournament!

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks Wade!

    79. 30 Min Fisherman

      Good stuff guys thanks

    80. Dale B

      Keep doing them

      1. Scott Martin

        You got it dude!

    81. Chris W

      Keep up the stories!

    82. Rowdy Broomstick

      Everyone can relate to a good story and he had a good one with the diving in and the pipe fish😁 No overthinking it here, good job!

    83. Curtis Loden

      My brother in law whipped me fishing out of the back of the boat with an H & H Spinnerbait and 17 lb Stren Blue-Violent. lol

    84. Clay Rog

      Fishing stories, never get tired of hearing them! More please.

    85. Risen Son Adventures

      I have to agree with Matt. I tournament fish on the Kayak trails, and Moss Lake is my practice lake. People often ask me why I fish Moss Lake and I have to say its because it sucks and it helps you to grind harder on other lakes that fish better than the ones around us Like Wylie, Norman, etc. etc. Keep making great videos Scott and one day Maybe you will subscribe to mine. Great job guys and I enjoy watching you guys just chat and fish.

    86. Backlash Pro

      More stories

    87. warren basinger

      These videos show the fellowship of anglers, love these!!

    88. Tyler Love

      More story times.

    89. Jeff Leber

      Great episode, love the stories and laid back shows.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Jeff!

    90. Living the Dream

      Matt crazy the spots on norman are easy to catch just go up to lake norman state park

    91. Nick T

      Keep doing the fishing stories

    92. chevyboy2676

      sometimes simple is more

    93. Matthew Strakna

      You need to come up to VA and fish some lakes. VA is a sleeper state when it comes to bass.

    94. John A

      I really enjoyed this one!!!

    95. Matt Bradley

      Awesome Stories! Love it!

    96. Jordan Hendrickson

      Where are the st John's river videos?

    97. Travis Meering

      Sounds like the time my old man outfished me with a devils horse and a pop r and i threw everything but the kitchen sink at em

      1. Scott Martin


    98. Tyler Ward

      Matt’s right, NC lakes suck. Moss Lake does suck but it has its days. It is where I caught my PB 9lb 8oz largemouth.

    99. Craig Taylor

      That’s what we come here for !!!

    100. J Tee

      More like this please. Billy Gotta' Bass would be good at this too.