4K River Kayaking - Birds Singing - Water Sounds - Paddling a Canoe Relaxing Nature Video - NO LOOP


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    Relax and paddle a kayak along a beautiful river estuary, gliding over the still surface of the water, embraced by the freshly green ancient forests and greeted by the songs of numerous birds, chirping their springtime songs (Nightingale, Blackbird, Chaffinch, Cuckoo, Golden Oriole and others). The Ultra High Definition (Ultra HD/ 2160p) journey through pristine nature scenery and high quality sounds, can be used to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your home or place of work and to help with relaxation, meditation, yoga, study, sleep, stress relief, working, reading, etc.
    For more info and images, visit: www.thesilentwatcher.com/2020/02/02/river-kayaking/
    Filming location: Strandja Natural Park, Bulgaria.
    All material in this video is original and personally recorded by myself on location.
    Copyright © 2020 Petar Paunchev. All Rights Reserved. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal.

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Veronika

      Absolutely amazing. I love kayaking!

    2. Aiden Apostolopoulos

      this me

    3. Merrikate

      Thank you, Petar. VERY much. I love seeing -- from the corner of my eye -- the reflection and the soft shadow of 'my' paddle as we enjoy this peaceful river journey. Simply beautiful experience, especially so during pandemic lockdown in April 2021 here in Canada.

    4. Sofie Jaggi


    5. MrRej0

      Perfect - NO LOOP :-)

    6. Char L.

      Wish I was there canoeing too

    7. krua

      that's very calm for a river ... is it a dead branch?

    8. Warkop ndelik 1984

      Thanks for inspirated me👍 Keren 🆒

    9. Leo Colasuonno

      Where is this river?

    10. solzeus9

      Are the bird sounds overlaid on the footage, The Silent Watcher?

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        No, nothing is overlaid. This is only the original sound.

    11. austin smith

      mmmmmm boat

    12. InLaciered

      2:07:06 ~ A Wild Spider Appeared *

    13. CateDoge

      love it.

    14. Josh Shuman

      Dude, I need to go to Bulgaria one day.

    15. 1Anila

      It is in Bulgaria. But it looks very similar to our Dnieper river. So calm.

      1. Tech Omg

        Strandja Natural Park, Bulgaria.

    16. Zoetekauw

      Hey could you tell me where exactly in Strandja this is? I'm looking to get out there myself and that place is big. Google mostly takes me to wild water stuff, which I'm not interested in. Would really appreciate some help!

    17. fertysurfer

      Watch this on a tablet using headphones and the screen inverted. Don't forget to swap the headphones round to maintain aural integrity. It is truly amazing.

    18. fertysurfer

      You should get some kind of award or recognition for this. It is absolutely spellbinding. With my eyes open or closed it still captivates stimulates and enthralls every sense. I think this exemplifies just how wonderful the world would be without humanity. Thank you so much. One more thing. I don't own a TV or ever want too so I'm watching this on my tablet with headphones and the screen inverted. Surreal! The sky ripples, is more blue and you don't really notice the kayak.

    19. Enrique Morris

      BEAUTIFUL ✨🙌🏽

    20. J. M. Pardo

      Awesome video, thank you.

    21. Yash Negi

      Best playlist ever.

    22. Mani Savvy

      Ughhhh I can’t wait to get out on my kayak and go fishing😭❤️

    23. ben

      Beautiful video but the annoying fake bird sound you find on every video ruins it.. Specially if the birds sound loops🤦‍♂️ like seriously why put a non stop bird sound

      1. ben

        @TheSilentWatcher that is amazing!!! I've just watched many videos that loops and same sound plays over n over.. But that's so loverly that it's all natural 🙂 I be lucky to hear that for 10 minutes in Sydney. I love your video anyway its awesome. i play this video mostly at work 👍 😁

      2. TheSilentWatcher

        Nothing has been added to the audio of this video. This is the original sound. Believe it or not, this is how spring sounds in many places in Bulgaria.

    24. Kinetic Flow

      its so nice over there!! :)

    25. TrollinwithRoland

      This is beautiful

    26. TrollinwithRoland

      Awesome so peaceful

    27. Dizzy Lizzy


    28. ssvg pfl

      my future

    29. Beatrice Blue

      Thanks dear i feel like in heaven

    30. Chris Calim

      Όμορφον! Beautifull!

    31. Stephane Roy

      This video makes youtube even better

    32. Зоя Мартынюк

      This is my favorite video. Please tell me, what is the name of this river?

    33. 川瀬訓由

      ゆっくり進む船の音色、優しい鳥の音も聞こえ別世界のようです。           とても癒されます。ありがとうございました。

    34. Royce McCarthy

      I've been kayaking 30 yrs. and love the peace and quiet. My favorite thing to do in a kayak is fishing in a beaver dam on a warm summer day.

    35. mark neenan

      Really good, anyplans to make more like this?

    36. Visal Sathyajith

      Love it ☺️☺️☺️

    37. Светлана Матвиец

      Красота 👍👍👍🌹

    38. steve marshall

      It’s Weds February 10th, 2021 in south central Missouri. Have been housed up for the past few days. Getting snow with some sleet and freezing rain on top. It’s 17*F. I am waiting for the day to get out and do this...Meramec, Current, Huzzah, Courtios and the Little Piney. Thanks for the video Silentwatcher!

    39. Yellow

      what river ?

    40. Зоя Чернышева

      Автор ролика просто молодец, умница, такое ощущение как будто сам плывешь и ощущаешь всю прелесть этого путешествия.

    41. Brian M

      I've been using this video for a couple of months now on my alternate days of relaxed rowing on my machine. Put this on and enjoy the experience. It's a fantastic video, absolutely love it, so thank you!!🙂👏👏👏👏👏👏

    42. Ольга Мартынюк

      This video is beautiful. Please, what is the name of this river?

    43. Henrik Mikkelsen

      Great great video - and what a landscape - i always enjoy it when people upload real stuff and not looping 5 minutes of sound for 8 hours! Nice one

    44. anthimos salvato

      I love these types of videos

    45. Niko Kapanen

      Because the video is without a loop, it is a 3 hours adventure.

    46. Can Do Math

      Thank you for this beautiful video. It's the next best thing to being in that canoe!

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        My pleasure!

    47. Maya Ahmed


    48. Санитариус

      а где это?

    49. Fire Storm

      I love this video. I have started rowing on my rowing machine and I sit in front of my TV with this playing. It lasts me about 6 goes before I have to restart it. Do you have anymore kayaking or quiet river rowing videos like this one, so I can switch them up a little?

    50. Sergio Ribeiro

      Amazing! Where is this?!

    51. Maniak5100

      Where am I going on this kayak adventure I wonder.

    52. Get GroGu Malled

      This helps Me sleep

    53. frits ozen

      The stupid point/front of the kayak is disturbing the feeling. Without that the video would be awesome.. Now I think: get lost of the kayak. Its a pitty.

    54. Ahmet eren Demircan



      Where is this place?

    56. roza wiatrow

      feels like heaven

    57. Kevin E

      This could be the most relaxing video on KGup, fantastic work, thank you 😊 🙏🏻

    58. Добрый Лис

      I have a feeling that now an alligator will pop out

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        No alligators here 😊

    59. Johannes Smits

      Wäre is this at?

    60. 3rd World Man

      Thanks for the relaxing scenery and no looping! Liked & sub'd :)

    61. Thracian Princess

      Това видео е прекрасно, толкова успокояващо!

    62. Estela Kanoviya Shares

      Did you kayak for 3 hours for this? Is that humanely possible? Won't one get super tired? P.S. the views are beautiful though! Not complaining haha

      1. Estela Kanoviya Shares

        @TheSilentWatcher you are incredible hahahha and have insane amounts of stamina and control!

      2. TheSilentWatcher

        I did with one break :)

    63. Peace Ninja

      are there alligators there ??

      1. Peace Ninja

        TheSilentWatcher - Oh ok that’s good to know lol Hey real quick, what microphone are you using? The quality of your recordings sound really good with my piano in the background

      2. TheSilentWatcher

        No, there aren't any in Bulgaria :)

    64. Rama Bassham

      One of my new favorites! Thank you.

    65. frans le noble

      wees er zuinig op ++++

    66. Fearde lans

      3 hours of rorschach test

    67. Matthew Hui

      Did he make it to shore? Asking for a friend.

    68. Taner Girgin

      So relaxing to watch your videos during Covid-19 lock downs.

    69. MRP

      what do you use the camera? The quality is very good.

    70. HollyD McCormick

      Thank you for this, it has been over 10 yrs since I kayaked on the AuSable River , in northern Michigan, it runs from Grayling , to the mouth of one of the Great Lakes, Lake Huron with tributaries to explore. Its my favorite place on earth.

    71. Vatian

      I started kayaking last year. One of the best hobbies I ever had!

    72. 池田裕一郎


    73. blakecpa

      Now why don't you just drop them pants. Go on. Take em right off. Now lemme hear ya squeeeeeal!

    74. Roger The Dodger

      Amazing places that don't have aeroplanes roaring across sky polluting with burnt kerosene, cars, motorbikes, trains, stereos, people shouting down phones, fireworks, discarded rubbish, fast food wrappers, ineffective discarded Covid masks......must go to Bulgaria!

    75. Homy Ficta

      The calming and soothing sounds emanating from river kayaking is VERY underrated ! I used to enjoy the early morning awakenings with the calls of the varied bird species commonly found while paddling. It simultaneously calms AND rejuvenates one - sort of a "re-charge" for the impending rat race.

    76. sim sam

      As a Kajaker, this video is so cool and relaxing! The sounds of nature and the padelling, the light - everything is perfect. Longing 4 my next exursion (when it's not raining, no fog and a little warmer). Thanks man! @TheSilenWatcher: with what cam you were recording?

    77. GreenMint

      I’m playing this while doing a rowing machine because I can’t really canoe since it’s so cold and because of COVID-19

    78. Mr. Rich B.O.B

      Thank God I am 1 minute in to these beautiful, natural sounds, and am not suddenly jerked-away at David Attenborough telling me about that weird bird or from I am hearing.

    79. Praveen Kumar

      A break at 1:58:58 I guess :D

    80. Skyly Plays

      I wish I had one of these But the lakes or rivers near me are dirty and they aren’t gorgeous like this one

    81. NaturePOV

      Crip crip

    82. Paul J Smith

      This may be the most relaxing video on the internet. I would love to paddle this river. Where is this?

      1. Paul J Smith

        Is this perhaps the Kamchiya River?

    83. Glenda Smiles A Lot

      Thank you for taking me away from the chaotic world with this unbelievably, relaxing video. Wish every day could be like this!

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        Glad you enjoyed it! :))

    84. Little Culak 0%er

      In the Heck 5 Meter Angelstrip worm and fishinpose and go :D What a beautiful Lovly Place

    85. kevin dunne

      Peaceful and serene but not farts.

    86. Confirmed Bachelor


    87. R Rayes

      Thank you so much for this ♥️ I’m sure it wasn’t easy but your effort paid off! And these sounds are exactly what I was looking for.

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        You’re welcome 😊


      Круто!!!! Хоть на лодочке поплавала и попутешествовала. Замечательно красиво!!!! Спасибо.

    89. Brett Connor

      I grew up in southern Michigan on a river and this reminds me of that wonderful part of my youth. For the last 40 years I've lived on the Northwest Coast of Alaska above the Arctic circle. This would be awesome at night with Fireflies and Frogs!

    90. ًSomething with Bungalow

      4:44 is that a fish?

      1. ًSomething with Bungalow

        I’ve been here for 14 minutes already :0

    91. Moth Monma Poppa Bobba Fett Mane III

      this is honestly stressful because i keep thinking there is a shark lol

    92. damp doily

      your garden needs pruning

    93. Velveteen Hussey

      My cat absolutely loves this video!

    94. Lauren Jacquez

      So relaxing after a day of virtual teaching. Thank you!

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        My pleasure :)

    95. zlojgnom

      Горизонт завален всё дорогу

    96. We Are The Coffees

      This is AWESOME! I Love it Sooooo MUCH! Thank you for filming this! I feel like I'm out there with you without wresting with the bugs!!! You are AMAZING!!!

      1. TheSilentWatcher

        Thank you so much! 🙏😊

    97. PG trojka

      Nice to live in crocodile and alligator free lands.

    98. Mariano Rezk

      I love this video, thank you! I use it as a backdrop on the TV while working. What was you setup to record it?

    99. Ork As

      I need to do this when I get older and have more time

    100. The Happenings

      After seeing a short clip of someone doing this bringing me in another world and makes me home sick,then wanting to watch more like this and bring pleasure to my soul..