Who I'm Voting For 2020


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    1. Naif050 99



      You have an excellent analysis, rulers can’t divide and rule, modern democracy needs leadership that can look 360 and form a highly educated outcome that is positive and constructive.

    3. Jude Jumps

      7 marathons in 7 days That's all I have to say

    4. Lazin Marius

      What's Up Casey ? What's new man ? Missing your videos / Family / Creativity / Awesomeness ! No one to watch no more .. 🥱

    5. sbowesuk

      Vote for who you want to vote for, but I really don't think announcing it like this achieves anything positive. You're either going to preach to the choir, or rub people up the wrong way. If there's one thing we've learned in four years, it's that doing either only widens the gulf between sides, which consequently makes the overall situation worse. That's what the real owners of America want, to divide and conquer.

    6. Imdiyu


    7. Rahul Bali

      One of great you tuber

    8. Tudor Costache

      And he never posted again...

    9. AHT Cryptonic

      Joe Biden sucks

    10. Cole Yu


    11. Martijn

      4 weeks ago?!? Missing you:)

    12. Newbtuber

      Work Hard??????

    13. Nelson Rajkamal

      Thank You for your Vote Casey..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

    14. Juan Pablo Bracamontes

      Where are you Casey you have not been posting

    15. ThatLegoSW_Guy


      1. ThatLegoSW_Guy

        @A strange apple logo i was never subbed to him lol

      2. A strange apple logo

        unsubing over a opinion wow

    16. Fast Eddy

      Biden? Surprise ! Bet you never been in the military or own a gun.

    17. BrokeToo

      he stoped posting again... why?

    18. Panza

      I want a new video ☹️❤️

    19. Christian Costantino

      Whoever disliked this video is a Karen

      1. Christian Costantino

        @I’m Wierd who me?

      2. I’m Wierd

        Wait you’re a Karen

    20. Demitrius Xenos

      Please read Casey it would mean a lot.. This isn’t me trying to get you to look at my videos or anything this is sincere!! I just got done watching your Make It Count video Casey and I do need to say this ... this video just gave me so much inspiration! I am no longer waiting for life to come my way I am going to take it by storm and experience life to the fullest these quotes really speak wonders and the way you portrayed this “Make It Count” is the most miraculous talent i have ever seen in my life and I just want you to know, I now understand what it means to live life and how to tell my story I appreciate you Casey and I appreciate the work you do for us viewers. “In the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years” Thank You Casey”

    21. D. Cynthia


    22. Dj.D Live

      Thank you Casey..👍

    23. sean kamrowski

      ugh great no more freedom

    24. original noon

      i really like that hat

    25. Joe H.S

      Good for you. You decided not to vote for a pseudo-authoritarian and vote for someone who believes in science. 👏👏

    26. Wake Up Idiots

      2024 is the next election u morons

    27. Wake Up Idiots

      If an Alien threat took place would a political party matter or not

    28. Isaac Love

      B E R N I E. S A N D E R S.... he’s the real goat but Biden is coo.

      1. Can of Stella

        @Mason Nickens I don’t think you understand what communism is mate

      2. Isaac Love

        @Mason Nickens nah it’s socialism fam two different things.

      3. Mason Nickens


      4. ArmaaniiBoi RICKROLLED


    29. Tyler Neff

      Time to move to Canada

      1. K9officerft

        Yes come we have good stuf

    30. Rik

      Casey has left the building

    31. cactus soda115

      Bro tf wrong with your lips

    32. D P

      The reason why you feel divisiveness right now more than any other time is because of the media. They are the enemy of the people. How in the world the polls are gonna make a “mistake” twice? They play games with the citizen of this country and we know it but they think we’re too stupid to see it or just don’t care Bc we will keep consuming their garbage. Wake up America 🇺🇸 I don’t care who you voted for but just realize that there is something bigger happening behind the curtains and the media is part of it

    33. Blaze C

      Casey, you live in Cali and are from New York. Everyone knows who you’re voting for. Lol

      1. EJM Productions

        he did live in newyork but he was from Connecticut

    34. JVY Yaw

      Are u going to review dji mini 2? Yes=1000000000000000000000000000000000000billion subscribers

    35. Brian J. Tromp

      but you say,, there is division yet you like that hat which creates more division... yeah...

    36. Brian J. Tromp

      "I should have never made this video" easy Casey... then just don't.

    37. Ine Moolman

      Hey Casey just wanne say Hi out of SA ...I have a question ,what songs do you listen when you're out running?Love your video's.Keep it up✌



    39. Chawan & Hemin Vlogs

      Cya in 2024. I now have time to watch other youtubers.

    40. Lucario 19981

      I wonder if he would‘ve voted for Bernie.

    41. Andrey Ville

      Can i have a drone?

    42. ALS News Now by No More Excuses ALS OFFICIAL

      NYC is in ruins, and you just voted to burn it. Enjoy paying 75% in taxes. Done.

    43. The brawn jame

      God damn just his voice wants to make me hang myself

    44. justin park

      Casey wasn’t joking when he said see you in 2024 😳

    45. Enderboy 2007

      I respect your decision, but I don't agree but this is your decision and your's alone. Hope your doing well

      1. Wake Up Idiots

        Enderboy 2007 united we stand divided we fall

    46. Greshen Gaines

      I love to see you posting again man. I’m glad it’s not every day too for your mental health and all that, have a great day!

    47. Cola Roblox

      So let me just unsubscribe 😂

    48. The Milkiest Man Alive

      See you in 2 years

    49. olivia simpson

      looks like he really meant that when he said "see ya in 2024"

    50. olivia simpson

      so i guess we'll see you in january?

    51. BKgamerplayz

      I know how you feel man my parents are watching news news all the time

    52. RONvt

      Yup biden is the man

    53. MajorMomentMedia

      casey went dark on us again ! please no political bullshit dude

    54. Yunus Emre

      Comment section are KGupr. Nice 👍🙂

    55. The Kuoclok official

      uncle, don't want to buy a DJI mini2 drone ??

    56. _Dumb _

      Casey why arent you uploading???

      1. Cvokárium

        Perharps he's waiting for Trumpkin to bugger off finally. :-)

    57. D S 88

      Going to be interesting to see when your viewership realizes who you really are and what you stand for.

      1. Wake Up Idiots

        D S 88 I’m okay no matter whom he votes for

    58. Nate Cantalupo

      Hoping that what he meant was.... I'll see you in 2024.......... for my next "who I'm voting for video"

    59. JoudiYassine

      This is the America Dream 👍

    60. Esmeralda Gonzalez

      I was just seen you video from 5y ago the 360 one thats how found you

    61. CRP FILMS

      Where are you Casey? I watched your videos everyday but now lol okay stay safe there Casey and your family.

    62. CRP FILMS

      Hi Casey Where are you? We missed you? While Peter Mckinnon is uploading videos almost everyday and then you did not, lol. We just missed you.

    63. David Panek

      i need that hat

    64. Davey Michaels

      I appreciate this very much. Thank you Casey.

    65. mark anthony sacil

      miss you casey!

    66. Ranel Philip

      I still love Casey but his video quality has went down I guess that’s because Cali can’t give NYC vibes

    67. John

      So he finally won and retired

    68. Anoop M A

      so your vlogs are as inconsistent as the vaccine

    69. TwinklyLucasK

      Nah, Trump2020.

      1. _Dumb _

        Well he lost so its too late to say that

      2. D S 88

        @Ivan The Irony. You have no idea what communism is.

      3. Ivan

        He lost get over it. You communist

    70. Puk With a G

      Hey, could you please upload a new video. Thanks in advance.

    71. SPQR

      How do you prevent pebbles from killing you on a skateboard at 25mph?

    72. M

      nah i will never have respect for a trumpie idc

    73. SPQR

      HELP! Can you recommend the BEST KGupr bodycam? I want to just wear a camera. I expect police bodycam would have the best stabilization. What’s the best camera? Thanks!

    74. Zaur Strig

      Where are you??

    75. daddy without the milk.

      i will be voting for deeznuts.

    76. Colourful Shadows


    77. johtanoyo

      I vote for casey to upload!

    78. Hritik Mittal

      Who else is watching old videos as he is not making new

      1. Tinn_Cup

        Just you buddy.

    79. Zarar1000

      Casey what happened to the videos

    80. Spookster ForYou

      Deez Nutz, I will be voting for Deez Nutz

    81. Vlad Kharchenko

      I want to watch with subtitles, Casey please turn on the translation from youtube in Russian before uploading to yotube, thanks)

    82. Michael Superbacker

      Where are you Casey?

    83. Eddie Manea

      Wonder how much he got paid this time around for his endorsement.

    84. RvssianTv

      Your about to lose so many people. Woah.

    85. J T

      I don't mean to be disrespectful but I truly don't know. Why does he have so many KGup followers?

      1. J T

        @Laopsi Ahh I see. Thanks for explaining.

      2. Laopsi

        That’s not disrespectful at all :) , people like me followed this channel because his videos told a story and he has genuine character and his Nyc videos are pretty great to watch (once you get invested)because there is amazing cinematography and its just fun to watch him and occasionally catch up and binge on his videos. Oh and he has a large subscriber base because of the youtube algorithm back in 2013-2015 when short videos like vlogs were blowing up because of some youtube watchtime statistics or smthing so he got a lot of views and a lot of those people stuck around :)

    86. nonya business

      Piece of advice: the worst place to look for political opinions is the internet. It's a place of lies and untruthfulness. So never try understand a person or their political opinions on the internet.

    87. Xavier Eastin

      Is anybody going to notice the fact that Casey has not uploaded for three weeks am I the only one out of the loop or has Casey left KGup or something.plz comment if you know why. Also I did not watch the whole vid sry.😅

    88. NSC gaming

      This was disappointing. Still respect you though and what you said in this video. (Other than you voting for Biden.) also may I just suggest looking into the voter fraud because there is a lot of evidence pointing towards voter fraud.

    89. Melon Boy


      1. Ringsofearth

        Yes! Democrats cheated

    90. Ramsey Fletcher 2

      Biden is gonna’ destroy the USA, getting rid of all oil and enforcing social terrorism, and then society will collapse and it will become a post apocalyptic world just like Mad Max: The Road Warrior

    91. Trevor Jones

      Come baaaaack!

    92. S4RWS

      a lot of this trouble is from misplaced guidance by social media NON experts. Thanks Casey, keep up the good work!

    93. Vaorg

      90% of the chat is not talking about the elections

    94. Hi There.


    95. JBoosted

      Of course your voting for Biden lol your from New York and you live in Cali now! No shit

    96. Evandro Crevelario

      Nice point of view . . Emphathy is essential towards building a better society.

    97. Ofentse Mwase Films

      See you again in 2021!

      1. McEwan Robertson

        @Auston Ošlapas ya he did 😢

      2. Auston Ošlapas

        @CRP FILMS he said see you in 2024 . refering to the next presidential electtion. otherwise if youve followed his videos he said he not posting any regular schedule as of now...but he started a bew season basically. im sure he will have his typical christmas videos and a couple before the end of the year. not certain but he usually dose an awesome samsung sponsored xmas vid

      3. CRP FILMS

        What’s wrong? Why Casey is not uploading videos anymore?

      4. Ultra Clan

        nice one

      5. Ranel Philip

        I should say that we both have the same rate in KGuprs ok some of them

    98. Sissy Really

      Of course he is a trader and bought from the media.

    99. Muhammad Shahbaaz

      So he stopped scratching glasses.

    100. Elgamerdiablo

      Casey, its been 3 weeks. The people NEED you

      1. soham patel


      2. _Dumb _