The CRAZIEST Thing I've Done While Bass Fishing - Lake Hartwell Pt.2 SMC 13:02

Scott Martin

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    Sometimes you have to do whatever it takes for the victory! Hook a BIG BASS and get it hung up... B-Lat and Me challenge Matt Arey and Brandon Cobb to a trash talkin, fish slingin, hard fightin Bass fishing battle in Anderson, SC on lake Hartwell. This is episode 2 of season 13 of the Scott Martin Challenge that airs on NBC Sports!
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    1. Scott Martin

      This is episode 2 of season 13 that airs on NBC Sports and Sportsmans Channel. We will be posting a new episode once a week for the next 13 weeks along with our other weekly content such as the Vlog series and Web series!

      1. Jesse Tevepaugh

        Scott Martin not gonna lie I’ve done the same thing at a local tournament

      2. Nicole Bearden

        Scott Martin I watched a video last night and now I can't find it. Below in the comments you had listed everything you used from the rod to the rigging. New to bass fishing and my husband knows nothing... I thought it was lake Cumberland.. Can ya help a girl?

      3. Eff Yoo

        mr martin ,sir, you are a fishing god. going into that water had me shriveling!! i watch all your shows religiously. #legend keep up the great work and thank you.

      4. Scott Martin

        +Miguel Velez 👊🏼👊🏼

      5. Miguel Velez

        Scott Martin I need to fish with you sir. #legend

    2. Eli Watson

      Scott martyn is the coolest bass cat out there by far.

    3. Willis Olive

      Dude you are one crazy dude. I love it

    4. Mark Schneider

      WOW ! Dude that was so cool

    5. Tina S

      😱 did I just see a different side of Scott Martin? Dude take care of yourself! Why you might ask, you can do it again of course,that was so cool!!!!

    6. Steven Mcgehee

      Nice work!

    7. j w

      Go big or go home... Great job!!!

    8. Let's Fish

      My lake, live right on it. Love when the bass boyz come to play. They always come in our coves. It's fun to see the boats, the lures, the graphs. A true joy.

    9. Jeff Fournier

      Awesome Scott, now that's being relentless. From Relentless Fisherman .

    10. Annette Hudson

      Wow! Scott you're good❤

    11. MrEricdgreat

      Thumbs up just for the epic go getting her out of the brush 🤣🤣🤣

    12. Jayson Brown

      Dang brother that sux that they beat you and B-Lat. Tough loss, at least it wasn't a $150,000 FLW Tournament lol.

      1. Jayson Brown

        Thanks so much for responding to me Sir, you are my favorite fisherman and youtuber your father is a close second! Hey if you ever need an assistant while Brandon is on vacation or if you fire or end up getting him killed on one of your bad-bass adventures , lol, hit me up I would love to help you out and hang out with you and your pops! Thanks guys. I went Bass fishing this morning and caught a nice 6 pounder on a 4.5 inch Hedden popper ! It was awesome!

      2. Scott Martin

        Crazy day for sure

    13. David Wiggins

      Why does a male always be smaller than

    14. Joseph Stockton

      Scott jumped in to save B-lats bass. Great video guys.

    15. Terry Wilson

      I've had to get naked and go swimming to get a fish that was hung up too🤣

    16. David Baker

      Scott you are the man

    17. Muskie Miller

      Those are big dorn fish

    18. Muskie Miller

      I love fishing

    19. Seth Flowers

      From personal experience on fishing here in Texas, and also swimming. Big bass react different when someone is talking compared to someone quite in a boat. Have you ever been under the water listening to someone talk on a boat or even standing on a dock. the sound vibrates in the water which sometimes not all the time effects situation. But it is my personal opinion. I know y'all are professionals, and I appreciate getting to watch all the videos available.

    20. Daniel Marshall

      Great sportsmanship

    21. Dennis Spicer

      Fishing is my passion I wish I could fish with you anywhere.

    22. Buffy’s Davis

      I would love to fish like that.

    23. Finesse KING

      Got her dude.# epic

    24. Christopher Phipps

      Ands thats why I love Scott Martin. Jumps n the friggin water.

    25. Thechristopherryan

      I understand that the fish you catch are fished for in large body of waters but I catch double that size daily in the lake behind my house, I think I could go pro lol

    26. John Magana

      That was awesome you and Brian are my favorite bass fisherman

    27. Rodney Hanbaum

      WOW that's pretty incredible! In the words of John Wayne, " A man gotta do what a man gotta do" !!!

    28. Richard Crask


    29. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good times!

    30. Rodney Hanbaum

      That was way cool!

    31. Patrick VanDyke

      This episode is epic!! Haha. I love this. Thank you Scott for your videos!! They are awesome!!

    32. dhpope2004

      Why would a person vote thumbs down? Very good fishing show!

    33. SKYGuy

      Gross ass waterway. It's a damn SHAME it's so gross. You go swimming and come out glowing in the dark for a week. Glad you already have kids..

    34. MattInTheHat

      Grew up fishing the Reed Creek area during summers, winters and spring break. Love that lake. Nice to see the water is up. Great video!

    35. ThomasHardenFishing

      That was awesome! I can't believe you went swimming for that bass.

    36. Derek Townsend

      It's a cool place to fish at while you're waiting for visiting hours at the women's prison in Hartwell, Ga , just saying that in case you have a loved one that's in the pokey.

    37. Todd Lanctot

      That was awesome bro! Way to get after it.

    38. ThoMas MaXwell

      I live near lake Hartwell

    39. Albert Harris

      Scott Martin I think your awesome man, great fisherman and an even better Dad. I absolutely love your videos I'm a new subscriber, but I love your videos. Thanks for putting so much into them

    40. Andrew

      Hey Scott just wanna say ive been a huge fan for over 20 years, huge fan of your Pops too. Grew up watching the fishing with Rolland Martin show. Keep up the great work bud.

    41. Aiden White

      Scott I live in hartwell ga I wound love to fish with you one day

    42. BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine JGaskin

      This challenge literally had me on the edge of my seat, what a explosive Lake! It really showed it's beauty within this challenge. Shout out to all who participate, you really are helping to grow this sport bigger than it already is through such great content. I feel proud to say I'm a big time fan of the Scott Martin Challenge. Thanks Guys! (BiggCoffee OutDoors Magazine)👍🏾👊🏾

    43. Fishing with Essex


    44. Tyrone E

      the hand to fist bumps lol

    45. Tyrone E

      didnt recognize ya, the shave threw me off bout time lol...

    46. Bradley Pettit

      Dude, even though you lost that challenge, this was by far one of the best video's. It was action packed, comedy and some thriller oh a rated pg-13.

    47. NCCLT

      I was just at Hartwell, the evening bite for striper and hybrid is on! Awesome video

    48. ballsofrock

      Please tell me this was a no-contact reservoir??????? LOL \m/ -_- \m/ NIIIIICCCCEEEEEE!!!!

    49. American 46

      Scott when you coming back to Rodman man???!!!

    50. Ernie Tramble

      Craziest thing I've ever seen, But it was cool yeah Scott

    51. Caleb Kruse

      I had a vhs of your dad that is very reminiscent of this where he jumps into the Florida marsh and picks up a double digit bass out of the weeds. Great clips, way to live out the legacy!

      1. Scott Martin

        +Caleb Kruse only difference is dad had alligators all around him

    52. The Yankee Fisherman MC

      Never Quit Scotty !!!!!! Freaking King Scott . The next era of Martin !!!!Roland would be proud .

      1. Scott Martin

        +Matt Caterham 👍🏻👍🏻🙏🏼

    53. Matt Croucher

      That was one of the coolest episodes bro you all sacked em up

    54. Southern Fishing

      I watch every video you make. You are AMAZING! My brother and I are starting our own KGup channel and are thinking about doing tournaments. If we hit a certain number of subs/followers, can we come fish with you?

    55. Billy Noles

      Great show man hay I'm wonting a ultrex at the end of this year if you get a chance could u do a show demonstrating what all the ULTREX WILL DO !!!

    56. Trent Brannon

      Scott, Huge fan of yours! would love to get together and fish with you and spinner worm when you come to Smith Lake in a couple of months.

    57. Raul Companioni

      Best video you've done

    58. Living the Dream

      great great video. who ever disliked this hates there life

    59. Curtis Burgett

      That was a crazy day of fishing, one of your best challenges ever. Awesome

    60. Brokeangler

      Scott your awesome

    61. SouthernIndyFishing

      Bro. U need to keep the beard...

    62. Eren Jaeger

      8:00 lmao

    63. Trey Nichols

      I live their love that lake! You did some good fishing

      1. Scott Martin

        +Trey Nichols Great Lake:)

    64. Joe Kavanaugh

      Don't forget to check out my instagram! @joe_kavanaugh or if I can email you a picture that would be great. It is a giant Mahi, no matter where you are it goes down as a trophy fish!

    65. Nobody

      right on Scott ur da man!

      1. Scott Martin

        +Bad Seed 🤙🏻

    66. Just Dimes

      Black anglers lives matter

    67. Michael Wilson

      it's awesome watching them fish the same spots I have

    68. Grey Gas Guzzler

      love new intro

    69. gerald wells

      Another video that does not disappoint.

      1. Scott Martin

        +gerald wells 🤙🏻

    70. Travis Buck

      That's really cool that you fished one of my home lakes!

    71. Corbin Matasovsky

      clean cut Scott

    72. Cunnington Alonzo

      Brian lat what's up man

    73. Drag Smooth Fishing TV


    74. jesse kersey

      I've seen this before.

    75. onceaintenough

      Purely Awesome😎

    76. joseph bailey

      great show

    77. PizzaPimp812

      Going that extra mile is the difference between a winner and a loser. Well done Mr. Martin.

      1. Scott Martin

        +PizzaPimp812 never give up

    78. Anthony Hopkins

      Awesome Video Scott. I am a beginner bass angler and id fish with you any day!!!

    79. Dat Daytona

      "I got the jerk with me" 😂😂 great video man gotta do the tie breaker in lake O to guarantee the win

    80. Ga.KayakAngler

      awesome battle!

    81. Danny Schwab

      I miss fishing there been 21 years since I've been out there. If I don't to move back to Anderson I'll live as close as I can to there was suck blue and clean water. I did hear you can't eat alot if fish or we're I fished it was posted don't eat the catfish over pound and half in a week or something been a while was prob Mercury or something. But Scott good going jumping in. Win or lose you won most bass fishermen won't jump in. But you have to do what you have to do. I did it in my younger years and used to snorkel for lures or what ever I could find. Thanks for sharing another great video god bless.

      1. Danny Schwab

        Scott Martin yea it would when we get to watch it. Lol. You have a great weekend sir and thank you for answering back some times that's why I follow only you in the pro fishing leagues you care about us. So thanks I hope to shake your hand one day. God bless you and your family.

      2. Scott Martin

        +heath schwab snorkeling for lures would be a cool vid

    82. J M

      Who else has a dvr full of part 1 of this episode?

    83. jimmy meyer

      Is hopping n the lake legal during a tournament???

      1. Lance Howard

        jimmy meyer depends and it's usually a penalty for leaving the boat.

    84. Angler101

      Go check out Jethro Baits❗❗ Give us a call #8636964438 You name what you need we got we are located just by the kissimmee river Right next to Camp Mack❗❗

    85. Jesus Rincon

      Came and saw you with no facial hair. I almost left because I thought you were an imposter!!!

      1. Jesus Rincon

        Scott Martin thank the lord lol

      2. Scott Martin

        +Jesus Rincon don't worry it's back

    86. Devin Dobson

      I don't like no beard Scott he's very douche baggish

      1. Miguel Olea

        Scott Martin haha damn Scott!!!!


        Scott Martin I was using spro's popping frog this weekend.(their sinking model) It really made me want yours.

      3. Scott Martin

        +readallen lol


        Devin Dobson so true. i need the beard.

    87. buckskinz

      Just need about 5 more Comercials stuffed in that 20 min video ...smh

      1. Scott Martin

        +TheOneTheOnly W 👍🏻

    88. Tyson Tran

      Plz scoot

    89. a1day13

      damn i dont like how this is like watching tv kinda like the semi professionalism of youtube

      1. Scott Martin

        +Str8 sauce we got more "web series" coming

    90. Tyson Tran

      Come fish in northcorlina with me

    91. Evefishalots !

      Scott Martin is the man! please don't do that in Florida!

      1. Scott Martin

        +Evefishalots ! Gator bait

    92. Flats_ Freak

      Take brandon on one of ur shows man

    93. Don Ayers

      yes! that was crazy .

    94. Carson Jones

      Are you fishing any tournaments at clark hill?

      1. Scott Martin

        +Carson Jones not this year

    95. Jacob Holmes

      Love this guy!!

    96. Julio Moreno

      Love the vids, my number one fishing Channel

    97. AreaStyle_CA!

      never been so amped for a part 2! didn't let me down!!! Brain Latimer is the mannnn

      1. AreaStyle_CA!

        Brain? LMAO!!! *BRIAN

    98. Richard P.

      You have ads you edit into your video.. And KGup ads.. Pick one man.

      1. Scott Martin

        +Richard P. This is the one of the 13 "tv" episodes

    99. 1iving2di3

      That panoptix is so sweet. Won 8 out of 10 first place and two 2nd place finishes this year. Paid for itself after 1st tourney.

      1. Scott Martin

        +1iving2di3 that's so awesome!!!

    100. Dustin Bristol

      Scott! Huge fan! I've sent you a message on your guide service site trying to get in touch! Please answer back man I need some help