Rebuilding Civilization Again in Minecraft

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot

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    It's time to do what I couldn't do before

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    Incompetech - Kevin Macleod

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    1. Mauricio

      Im mexican and i feel it is cool wilbur says one or two words in spanish

    2. Isabel King


    3. Aschmuck

      "I'm not big of a floor man myself" Tommyinnit is not floor gang confirmed.

    4. SwapaForReal

      15:58: *Emily ACAB BLM she/him/they/helicopter feminist liked that*

    5. •{Lemon_Bee}•

      The truth is.... tommy is a lesbian

      1. •{Lemon_Bee}•

        We support you tommy

    6. 10orTom

      It seems innit hasn't mastered the art of prison reform yet...

    7. Amy Manojlovski

      Wilbur: Any farm champs in the chat? Chat: ARSON POG Me:

    8. Legends R real Gaming

      0:54 for 1 sec the light that indicates my webcam is on flickerd, im scared, tommy help

    9. kirke

      s t i c k s

    10. Mazie Clark

      You need ✨infrastructure✨ And food and water and shelter-

    11. Grocery Bag

      I like how they call George "goggy"

    12. Henry Stickmin

      Gen Z versions of God(Wilbur) and Jesus(Tommyinnit)

    13. why am i here

      tommyinit ceiling gang confirmed 0:17

    14. Siane Lea

      Oh yes Tommys here Also is it just me or does he sound like the younger version of the guy from plebs...?

    15. KS DMO

      Lol who doesn’t have a taste for catboy

    16. FA DarkSoul YT

      Idk why but i just couldnt stop laughing at the word: arold

    17. Foi Doi

      Plz mak mor of dis

    18. Tatiana M

      Me in america, still fucked

    19. Ablox Studios

      is it ok if I hack peoples accounts who are not subscribed to subscribe

    20. Lily yes_this_is_a_starclan_profile_pic

      I like how Tommy just takes the first person he finds and takes them hostage.

    21. Anthony Ramajo

      I remembered saying ADVANCED INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    22. Evilcupcakecat

      11:06 Tommy the executioner.

    23. Dutch Child

      4:43 *'Uncontainable' flashbacks*

    24. Choong Chee Wai

      00:17 confirmed Tommy isn't floor gang!

    25. x Xx Jupiter Glitch xX x

      How the f did you know I was wearing black?

    26. Seba Bonomo

      Tommy: im not a big floor person myself *pewdiepie is not happy*

    27. Jason Lopez

      0:17 Tommy aint floorgang

    28. MODO

      I have some minecraft videos so if you guys want go check it out plz

    29. Mr. Moesby



      I am

    31. NitWitty

      Well, this makes me proud of being english

    32. Aqueela K

      0:18 Tommy ceiling gang confirmed?!?!

    33. Rose

      4:15 "When I said that, I didn't mean it as a challenge. It's true."

    34. TBWNP

      Tommy’s mum is just watching TV and then suddenly she hears Tommy go “I WILL KILL GOD!!!!”

    35. 4xDname sans

      you and tommy are my fav youtubers : ) says PL

    36. Bluish Eagle

      "I am not a floor man myself" *Angry PewDiePie noises

    37. XR2 54W

      idiot baby:i will kill god medimike: kills everyone in server

    38. Nagito Komaeda


    39. Lord Of Death Soup is good

      Hahahahahaahah I appove god is dead lol

    40. zkiller moose

      F*** the police -Wilbur -2020

    41. Maddy Martin

      the bit where the guy breaks through the wall RIGHT at the perfect moment, throws food at cat boy george, then retreats and replaces the wall is absolutely SENDING ME

    42. Adam Wells


    43. Daniela L.

      these are great :D

    44. The Card Man

      the funniest thing i’ve ever seen wilbur do

    45. Femme Sammy

      3 minutes in. Here's how I know it'll go: Not enough people for capitalism Too many people for communism Too many people for socialism

    46. Typical

      MrPhoNoodle is a legend, he saved catgirl-george's life by giving him porkchop

    47. Joshua Brooks

      "civilization isnt really coming around right now S H I T"

    48. a boi

      "Then we give em' a good stabbing" Wow, no wonder Tommy's last name is INNIT

    49. Ally is tired

      Challenge Idea: Make them build a town for America and one for Canada. See the difference.

    50. trfinnila

      “Arold without an h has got a taste for cat boi”

    51. Phoenix Wolfie

      It’s called ADVANCE INTERROGATION TECHNIQUES major flash backs to my all time favourite TommyInnit video

    52. Asger Gad

      This the fucking funnyst video I have ever watched

    53. Bald Rat

      Rubben = experiment cobay

    54. Demeter Ádám

      Froggy has removed capitalism

    55. Barrel rider

      *Advanced interrogation techniques*

    56. Waleed Alhawas


    57. Thumpling901


    58. Why Not

      Wilbur: 2 meter Me(an American): 6 feet Wilbur: 2 meters Me: 6 FEET AHHHHH

    59. Sophie Stump

      for all the people who posted faces in chat : ( look at reply )

      1. Sophie Stump

        I like that they did that. why did they just spam faces, do reply to my reply if you were one of em, also the spammers there are extreme

    60. Judie Thompson


    61. Bruh moment

      “Everyone’s saying drugs and women Tommy” “MY PEOPLEEEE”

    62. Illusioner

      I like how everyone casually can use bedrock

    63. jayde M

      We whant catpitlism communism and social ism

    64. NeonPROD Official

      Catgirl gogys cafe should be renamed to CobbleRock Cafe because the citizens keep changing the walls to bedrock

    65. Aaron G.

      I'm subscribed damnit 0:51

    66. Bluewaters353

      "Then we give em a good stabbing"

    67. Echo Sound

      Tommyinit = content

    68. Hades883

      Tommy said he isn't a real floor man therefore not floor gang...

    69. Aspen Freed

      tommy is ceiling gang

    70. кошニャ

      wow i only clicked on this because of the great thumbnail! it's so good! amazing!

    71. Sa

      Again sure

    72. iWezo

      Roses are red, tommy’s shirt is white when wilbur says “Hey you” I double tap right

    73. Dead Person

      4:57 batman

    74. Dead Person

      I clicked off because I saw tommy like honestly ew

    75. Coconut Bean

      It's a googy furry

    76. Mystery Spacian


    77. Isa van Wijk

      het schaap means the sheep "ruben the sheep" is it in english

    78. Isa van Wijk

      the sheep was from the netherlands just like me XD

    79. mohawk

      11:07 british people

    80. Jaythan Geerman

      ok sorry i was not sub but now i am

    81. Ryan Cowan

      Cat girl Gogy

    82. Jedrek B

      How to make that blue barrier which surrounds the territory where the players are?

    83. Me and the boys

      Guys I committed 10 war crimes and I haven’t unlocked the gold tank can you guys help

    84. itzglowz

      9:24 pause champ

    85. Hoopa Official

      Tommy not floorgang

    86. Laura Roda


    87. Cheezcurdz 3965

      Next up on the civ list is facisim

    88. Porkunanars

      hi waifu (not wilbur)

    89. Nene Mallari

      Noones gonna talk about tommy saying ME GUSTA 2:49

    90. Nene Mallari

      2:49 woahhg tommyinnit so loud

    91. Mira Puppy

      Wilbur: "you dont build a graveyard next to a hospital!!" me: but- there's a graveyard next to the veterinarians office where i live..

    92. dbxilae


    93. Sahxb

      Tommy :- im not a big floor man Pewds :- You disappointed me how could u!

    94. A Potato

      First one was better tbh

    95. cottonsclouds


    96. Rowan Flores


    97. Toaster Bath

      sign: CATBOY CAFE Wilbur: come sit at the CATGIRL CAFE

    98. TheAdvertisement

      8:33 Is no one gonna talk about how the heck they got bedrock?

    99. maju

      free hospital = SUS

    100. Cute Loli

      Imagine not being subscribed...