CAN'T LEAVE MY HOUSE (ft. Portuguese Water Dog)

Uncut Angling

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    Quarantining with my new best friend Phoenix after dipping down into the USA.
    Taro's gear:
    Yo Lenzs Sunglasses:
    Frostbite Ice Fishing Equipment:
    Fish Donkey Tournament app:
    ►My Gear:
    Jacket - Simms Challenger -
    Bibs - Simms Challenger -
    ^^^^This gear is the lightest AND warmest stuff I have used. Lightweight may not sound important, but heavy gear in the past was very hard on my back and shoulders, and is brutal for long days on the water.
    Boots - Simms G3 -
    Strikemaster 40V Lithium Ice Auger -
    Strikemaster Lightweight Plastic Drill:
    ^^^battery powered augers make ice fishing sooooo much more enjoyable
    Rod - Frostbite ROYAL FLUSH 36" Light Power -
    Jaw Jacker Tip-up:
    Leader Line - 6# fluorocarbon -
    ^^^it is worth paying the money for expensive fluoro from Sunline, Seaguar, etc as it will last you a long time when using just as a leader, and is a massive difference in strength:thickness ratio from cheap stuff
    Main Line - 5# Power Pro Ice Tec -
    Reel - Sienna 500 -
    Toboggan - Otter Mini Sled -
    Garmin LiveScope Ice Kit:
    Garmin Screen I use:
    Garmin Screen you should use for ice fishing:
    ^^^^I use the GPSMAP series mainly for extra wire port to allow me to record screen, the ECHOMAP series is half the price and still AMAZING
    Dakota Lithium Power I use:
    Dakota Lithium Power you should use:
    ^^^^big money, I know, but ridiculous amount of power, lightweight, and 11 year warranty!!! I am using the 100ah for my big clumsy setup, and their new 18ah will be perfect if you use something more practical like the 9" Echomap
    Underwater Camera - Aqua Vu HD7i:
    Ice Chisel:
    Ice Picks:
    Ice Saw -
    Main Camera:
    Hat Camera:
    Waterproof Camera Case:
    Camera Post Monopod:
    Ball Head for Post:
    Aqua Vu Underwater:
    Waterproof VLogging Camera:
    Vlogging Camera mini tripod:
    Ball Head for mini tripod:
    Drone with kit:
    Drone Lens Polarizer:
    Waterproof Drone Case:
    iPad holder on Drone Remote:
    Editing Program:
    iMac Desktop:
    Waterproof Laptop Case:
    Twitter: who cares about twitter?
    Vine: is dead and it's not my fault.
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    1. Joseph Stephens


    2. Joseph Stephens

      love the deer. monster!

    3. Tryn2GoProBro Zach Webb

      I've been wondering where you been at bud. I'm sorry to hear about what's been going on in your life. I know it's hard to enjoy anything when going threw a break up. Best medicine tho is to be around good friends and continue doing what you love. Thank you for sharing your fishing videos with all of us and giving us a glimpse into your life. I personally appreciate your hard work and will always be a fan of uncut angling!!!!

    4. Nick Riley

      Make another video or ill come up to Manitoba and drag you outa bed myself

    5. Patrick James


    6. Chuck Leoni

      Hey Aaron, looking forward to your next video, we had a Porty, he was the best dog in the world such a great boy. Hope you’re doing well buddy, you’re the best in the business keep it up! See you soon!

    7. Matis Paquin

      Who is a Raptors fans?

    8. Cody Carse

      So sorry to hear about your struggles. I'm praying for you brother.

    9. Brodie Busby

      Keep your stick on the ice , your going through some dark times for sure but keeping busy and goal oriented will only lift you out of that darkness. Love that puppers and do what makes you feel happy and whole . Stay positive my dude and you will come out the other side stronger and more content in who you are and what you want from life . Life’s a garden, dig it . Cheers man

    10. TripleAstyle1 A

      Next video soon I hope!!!

    11. Ryan Stevenson

      When u gna put out a video bra

    12. June Nagel

      nice to live in a free country, awesome

    13. George Kinsella

      Love your vids bro ... and the PUP! as for the other stuff ... if it's meant to be it's meant to be. I have found in my own life things really do happen for a reason. Your a good egg bro ..your going to be aight

    14. Joseph Wachtler

      OMG PUPPIES ❤️ 🐶

    15. El Wazoo

      Who else thinks that dog just won the lottery? That dog doesn't even know the adventures I assume she'll have. Looking forward to future videos!

    16. heather renae strigens

      She will come back & if not it's her loss, cause somewhere the girl who is perfect for you is closer than you think.

    17. heather renae strigens

      Just cause ur rich don't make you a pro

    18. heather renae strigens

      I fuckin hate that lil rich kid with the big nose. I wish my fam paid for a company for me.

    19. rose d

      You are going to fall in love with the Portie! We for out first 3 years ago and two years later we brought his lil sister home. They are true velcro companions, super smart, adventurous, and sweet.Congrats!

    20. Emil Hallberg

      Man... need a break? Take it. maybe just go fishing a day or two without recording it, i hear you man, take care of yourself. take a break once in a while. So friggin cute pup

    21. Joe D

      aaron if you actually challenge those tournaments and win ill buy every single piece of uncut angling merch

    22. Gabe Whitmore

      Best wishes Aaron! Hoping for some ice fishing vids in the near future

    23. Brother Gas

      I will be praying for your marriage!!....

    24. 603 lunkerhunter

      You are my favorite creator for years it is only half because your content half because your class. I respect the lifestyle you live and hope the best for you and all in your situation.

    25. David Correll

      Was he taking jabs at taro

    26. morgan crawford

      Hope everything goes well with your relationship

    27. morgan crawford

      Aaron is so funny it hurts my stomach

    28. Isaac Perman

      Hey man hope things get better for you what always helped me was grabbing a pole and seeing how far I could cast with a spoon

    29. Paul Kramer

      Well, sorry bout loosing your main squeeze. Theres a lot of walleyes in the lake.

    30. Colin Crawford

      I appreciated that Office reference. Oh how the turn tables.

    31. twizatch

      Ugghhhh. A googan... why

    32. Funko UnkO

      Awsome Aaron miss the hobby and keep doing what you doing buddy. This video was diff, me and thr wife watched it togther😊

    33. Ferris Bueller

      I loved this video and wish u can keep up this great content! Hope you're doing well in all aspects of life!

    34. joel marin

      Stand up guy super happy to see my favorite KGup guy back in gear

    35. Shawn Stetski

      Keep that ol chin up budd!!Just like the comments below you’re the only one who can post a video every few months and everybody will drop what they are doing to watch! is good therapy and dogs are too! God Bless!

    36. Small Fish Big Pond

      Thanks Aaron for being you. You have helped all of us through life with your entertaining videos. Your faith and God will help you always. Cast all your cares on God for He cares for You. God bless my Christian brother.

    37. 101Camo

      Oh my what a cute puppy ! Your hilarious! I think you would be fricking fun to hang out with.

    38. PureMarvin Farms

      Thumb n finger is my game

    39. J allen Spence

      Look at it this way. U could always gain 80lbs and be jack black's stunt double

    40. Sam klien

      Awesome pups nothing better than having a good companion or two. My personal all time favorite water dog and just best all around dog I had was definitely my large sized Newfoundland! He was an absolute beast at 175 lbs he was the best farm dog there was and property protection ever he would sneak off for the day to go out to the pond to go swimming for up to 6 hours but he never went off the property to the neighbors and never went on the road too! He also never chased any deer like a good dog should. i had him since I was 4 years old and had him all the way till I was 22 so he lived to be 18 years old and for a 175lb dog that's insane! I miss him ever day but I was able to save my dog now from a bad place and she's definitely the second best dog I have had, but the only problem is she is way to smart for her own good lmao since she's half husky and half border collie! I have never had or seen a dog who will talk to you just like a kid but the problem with that I'd she will also sit there and argue with you when there's some she doesn't agree with or gets mad at you if you tell her no LMFAO. She's 4 years old and that's her in my picture when she was 6 months old.

    41. Pyke Griffin

      Damn bro was not expecting a brake up y’all look perfect man. Good job on recovering like champ man bless !

    42. taylor french

      Ap is the ceo of an unorganized, failing business.. shocker, he cant even take care of his boat, atleast his hair finally matches his laugh

    43. matt lejeune

      Congrats on Phoenix, hope you do well with the wallys

    44. Brandon Brooks

      I'm so excited for this part of your life man. Keep the content coming.💚

    45. N Casey

      You’re about to be a dad?!?

    46. A.J.R.T McNabb

      I've placed 3 orders from frostbite since you have changed warehouses and fired some people. I got my order outside the GTA 3 days after I ordered. Very happy. As a divorced guy, it gets so much better. Head up buddy.

    47. Colin Cournoyer

      No more Peric please

    48. Slipry Trout

      One of the originals, don't go insane brother

    49. Slipry Trout

      All good with doing what you do, kudos, careful with the fact that you live in a place that has better resources than most of your audience. I would suggest in a more pressured fishery you would have a different perspective.

    50. Calais Xiong

      Googan Squad?

    51. Matt Wintomatic

      You should train Phoenix to bark when a tipup flag goes up!

    52. Harvey Anger

      Do hunting videos

    53. Johncarlos Davila

      I’ve been here for like 5 years and I love you my boy. I wish you nothing but happiness ❤️

    54. Shane Elliott

      Just here for the fishing, nice pup nonetheless.

    55. Danielle VanBeck

      "Thats what lake michigan will do to you" 🤣 also if pheonix goes missing i swear it wasnt me.

    56. Jeremy Doesken

      Aaron, great to see you happy! Beautiful dog. You should have swung by on your way back north!

    57. kyle walkup

      Just recently got my own pup and what a life changer nothing but happiness from my little guy! Aaron you are the best but not just because of your skills. You have a very likable/relatable personality. You connect with your audience that’s why you’re the best! It’s not all about being serious you can goof off be yourself and still land monsters! Sending good vibes!

    58. Dahbz1434

      How do folks get married then one day just decide their bored or want something new/better. “For better, for worse.....Till death do us part?” The commitment and seriousness of marriage before god has been completely lost today.

    59. Mike Stokes

      Your videos are off the HOOOOK Aaron and I'm so happy your back at it. I'll miss Michelle in your video's but can't wait to see you and your new gorgeous lass on the water. I hope you can keep her in the boat and look forward seeing how she likes the boat.

    60. Shewdoh

      Love the vids man. You're a legend. Cute ass dog

    61. aidan m

      post whatever you want

    62. Aaron Carruthers

      Hey man huge fan !!! I have a camp at silver islet , when you are destroying lake trout by the sleeping giant you should come by for a bbq , my family and I would be more than happy to show you around and tell you a little bit about the history out there !!

    63. weatherwar

      Hey Aaron - enjoy the PWD. I grew up with PWDs and my parents still have two. Speaking of adventure dogs: we were camping with our current male and he got loose while we were away from our campsite and we spent 8 days tracking him down and eventually live-trapping him. So they are adventure dogs for sure!

    64. TradesmanND

      What kind of dog people is this here that haven't started a debate about which water dog can take the most cold weather? It's the Chesapeake Bay Retriever of course. And I have a litter or two a year in North Dakota that I sell to water people for very reasonable, less than many of these new mix pups that unwise people pay far too much for. Cool dog though bro im sure it will work out well, looks to be well bred and has a very good attitude. Dogs are much better than wives besides you cant have sex with them.

    65. Mark Mahoney

      Hey man big fan here. Ive watched just about everything you post. Including your wedding clips. I mention that because I kinda picked up in several of your videos that you have faith in a higher power. Your Thrive hat? Your church maybe? Maybe not? But I know you have acknowledged your faith in some videos. Anyway I'm sorry things have gone sour for you. I hope things get better quickly. I hope you can find some value in these words of encouragement even if they don't align exactly with what you believe... Remember that your relationship with Christ is number one in life. Every moment you spend time seaking him out the more he changes you and your life. Don't mean to preach. Just bummed to here the news. Good luck and God bless. Prayers to you sir.

    66. duck boys

      Please...more fishing videos!!!

    67. Aromrac Sonethongkham

      Stick to fishing, basketball not your thing.

    68. Jared Hatherill

      Good to see peric.

    69. Leng Vang

      Nice pups

    70. Bill Murphy

      Problems with the wife: Been there done that. It's not fun. Focus on healing yourself and you will get through this in time. It's a slow process. Love ya, kid. It will get better and you will learn from this and some day be able to see the silver lining.

    71. schocky

      Sorry to hear that. I love your videos, and what a beautiful dog.

    72. Mac Mulligan

      way to be man always speaking wisely

    73. Old Chevy Trucks

      Lebron James sucks, hence why I watch fishing videos.

    74. Spencer

      Come fish in the BWCA

      1. Spencer

        and make a video

    75. Casey Curry

      Hope everything is okay with ya buddy keep up the good work and stay positive we are all with you

    76. TacoSyrup Eh

      Does this mean the splake, September musky video, and the walleye\burbot videos are gone?

    77. Adam Turnbull

      Hopefully the shipping is alot better, I'll give it a try again was a rough experience before.

    78. Andrew Meyers

      Love the content....always have! Keep pluggin along! I have been there in my personal life similar to you. Pump out the content my students I have in school love ya!!

    79. Quaid Simmons

      Sorry Aaron, glad with the puppies though hope they are the best! Also some BARBEEE ice cream and some BARBEEE lake rainbows would be sick 👌love you and your videos, hope I get to meet you one day. all love❤️

    80. Arthur Sacer

      Only you can make a video with zero fishing content and it be better than all current fishing videos! More please!!!!!

    81. Brady Wiebe

      Bro!!!! Cool that your entering the full tilt tournament but please take it easy lol my buddy needs to stay on the board!

    82. Justin Greep

      @21:44 Making Devin Booker proud.

    83. Brock White

      Where do you think the best site fishing place is in Manitoba

    84. schucker88

      Great finish Aaron.

    85. jono89

      Man, this has been such an awful year for people. I feel for you Aaron. I hope you can find peace and grow into who you are supposed to be. You have a very loyal and supportive fan base. It’s good to see updates on your everyday life. Cute lookin pup you got there. Stay strong man.

    86. Ross McKinnon

      AP’s blind basket shot was about as lucky as his BBC interview live catch 👌. Stay strong Aaron and enjoy the journeys ahead 🐕 🐕

    87. Chasin Cats

      I like how this man can swerv. He entertains not only fishing but a vlog too insane keep it up man

    88. George Allen-Griffin

      Keep your head up bro you're the man!

    89. ColdDead Hands

      This video was a MASSIVE WASTE OF TIME!!

    90. Jason Richards

      Watched the video last night. First thing I thought about this morning was uncut hacking up that big buck 😅 much love to you brother

    91. Matt Wintomatic

      Time to mount a kennel on the snow machine! I can’t wait to watch you and your new sidekick’s fishing adventures!

    92. steven clifford

      Arron, if you ever want a vacation. You have a free place to stay ( your own room and shower) and you are welcome to come fishing with me on my Lund pro v bass xs on the st Lawrence, Lake Ontario. I’m in Ottawa. It’s my wife and I, we are 29 and 33 years old.

    93. Hagen Lepp

      Awesome video bud! Pups look great. Looking forward to more great content👌🏻

    94. Logan Martin

      Everyone, who else in interested in listening to Uncut on the Ugly Pike podcast?? I would love to hear some Muskie stories by such a jovial and dynamic personality. Please like so he can see the comment. (Aaron you have a little time now with the quarantine ;) haha

    95. Jeremy Crocker

      Awesome puppy Aaron! Glad to see the videos again, and looking forward to seeing what has to come!

    96. dakota walker

      Congrats on the new fishing buddy!!

    97. The Last Archer

      I wish I could write this Privately man. And I won't say anything rude etc, but you made an OATH when you wed that beautiful bride of yours, an Oath Before Christ himself. I know you know the Lord Man or understand his virtues. If their is anyway possible go to counseling and make this work. I promise you with the right help and Gods/Christs promises you Can overcome Any obstacles man. Ive watched you for years. Your a strong guy.

    98. The Wild North Netley

      Beauty pup I tell ya, hope it all works out , Midnight is a Labrador retriever that is afraid of the water lol.

    99. Donald Louie

      Did I hear right he's going to be a dad and lost his wife? If so, brutal... My divorce went through in Jan and I'm now a single dad of 5. Having a dog helped a lot!

    100. Mike Piechowski

      Your dogs are pfantastic. Think that's how spell it now days. I always loved your earlier video.