NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter: Attempting the First Powered Flight on Mars

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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    NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter will make history's first attempt at powered flight on another planet next spring. It is riding with the agency's next mission to Mars (the Mars 2020 Perseverance rover) as it launches from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station later this summer. Perseverance, with Ingenuity attached to its belly, will land on Mars February 18, 2021.
    As a technology demonstration, Ingenuity is testing a new capability for the first time: showing controlled flight is possible in the very thin Martian atmosphere. If successful, Ingenuity could lead to an aerial dimension to space exploration, aiding both robots and humans in the future.
    For more about Ingenuity, visit
    Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

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    1. Brent

      always showing cgi


      Thank you

    3. mohamed NYC

      Haha try to discover the ocean first if you can then go to the empty planet .

    4. Collin Daugherty

      Didn't they fly a spaceship off of the Moon in 1968? And a couple times after that? Why is this exciting

    5. LeRelayeur

      When a helicopter takes off, it raises a lot of dust. How is it that with blades that turn at 2,500 rpm, you don't see any dust on take-off, or dust on landing. Scam ?? . Just watch a helicopter fly over land and compare. FAKE OR NOT FAKE?

    6. Andrew Inglis

      Fantastic . Now lets get humans on Mars by 2030 .


      Nice video 👍

    8. King Earl

      Its NOT true: The Wright.Bros did not flew first, it was Gustav Weisskopf (Gustave Whitehead). Don't tell lies to public!

    9. Bongo Fury

      Hmmmm, looks suspiciously like the East side of Pismo Beach. But THAT can’t be, can it.........?

      1. alexn

        Go take a picture that looks exactly like that and just add a red filter, please if you can do that you have definitive proof - but of course you wont.

    10. Cliff Braun

      The first “Man Made” aircraft on Mars

    11. Gangadhar Rasamsetty

      Congrars jpl and nasa

    12. wage earner

      Very common to use 720P 30 fps @ NASA seen @ 2:28. Why is that and why does Perseverance Rover use that resolution? Can Perseverance have the capability of 1080P? Does Ingenuity only have still picture capabilities and at @ what maximum resolution? #MarsHelicopter

    13. Teguh Prayogo

      does that mean there is an atmosphere on Mars ?

      1. alexn

        Yeah its common knowledge, its just much thinner than here on earth.

    14. K M

      What an achievement! How long until the conspiracy theory idiots start complaining?

    15. LE HS

      After 9 months after this video was created, it finally becomes reality. Congratulations to all the NASA and JPL and related contractors involved in makings history!!!

    16. Unbekannt Unbekannt

      NASA Lies! Dont believe them. They was never on the moon or on the mars. Do your own research.

      1. Øvɇɍwɍøŧɇ

        Ja, natürlich. Hast auf Telegram gelesen, stimmts? Beim Vegan-Koch, was?

    17. uranium235

      A drone on mars... That is so cool and cant wait to see the results...

    18. dryvur

      How does a helicopter fly with no air?

      1. U Tube Surfer

        @Farlagg Mars has very thin air and not enough to lift this so-called helicopter

      2. U Tube Surfer

        You are right about that! How does it fly with very thin air? It looks like it can't even fly here on earth.

      3. Farlagg

        Mars have an atmosphere

    19. Karthik Kooge

      They made it, 1st horizontal flight is successful

    20. Lone survivor

      came here after successful first flight 👍

    21. TisScience

      who is here just before the stream HYPE

    22. Adventure From my View

      1Million people did see this video edition from a drone and think is real images.. humanity are condenated to be sheeps..

    23. Adventure From my View

      La cantidad de presupuesto que dedican a convencer de que es real me parece vergonzoso.. y aun mas que hay quién cree que realmente esta en Marte, vaya si la humanidad esta condenada por el capricho de un 1%. Lo que digo ahora es ley: no se puede salir del planeta (plan+eta, plan=plano horizontal, eta=masa de tierra, planeta=masa de tierra en un plano horizontal)

    24. Android J52016

      The robot has already found gold on Mars and diamond!. Does the drone also find gold and diamonds flying over Mars?

    25. Zen Kumar

      It will be cool to work with these people.. But have to study a lot ☹️

    26. Roman Ahmatov

      2:53 the glitch actually happened

    27. suhubas world

      Tippusulthan first

    28. Harish Mon

      Hi Good. Now it's 2537 per minute,can we make it as 4800 per minute or experiment a hummingbird inside the trail room.

    29. riley long

      I've been following this project since day one and and this is the first time I've been able to ascertain the size of the rover and helicopter. Surely I missed something.

    30. Lucy specialbrew

      Fake fake fake fake, you have to be dumb to believe this rubbish.

    31. D. M. Ball

      Here's hoping it works, but let's remember it took the Wrights four years of experiment and research, and hundreds of test glides in their first three full-sized prototypes before their airplane got off the ground.

    32. Captain Charisma

      How do you explain the bird flying in the background... lol 🤣

    33. clifford yawn

      Wow I can't believe it

    34. Akhilesh Kumar

      Wish you all the best for the upcoming flight, Ingenuity! We will be cheering for you:

    35. Sir Clean Corp.

      Why don't they use a hexacopter design? Way more stable, the test images in laboratory are not reassuring 😖

    36. Jerry Johnson

      Why does the chopper have to keep returning to the rover? Isn't it totally autuanamous? Can it not fly as long as the battery holds up then land, recharge its self and keep going onward and exploring?

    37. RGhandhelds

      Fly baby Fly always dreamt of going to Mars and help make it a habitable planet its our future if we all help in any way together the dream can come true together :). Elon musk if you read this i will go on a one way ticket to Mars.

    38. andy wiseman

      Give NASA more money💁‍♂️everything is out there for humanity?

    39. Adrian Popovici

      I do not like planet earth

      1. belly tripper



      Hang in there guys! We are all with you!👍👍


      There is a lot of desire to see helicopter fly on Mars

    42. Master Turk

      Even if you can not fly on Mars in realtime,but you can still imagine and fly on Mars surface in your dream.

    43. Leonardo Monteiro Rocha

      Oh what? Hahaha the brothers made a catapult and not a plane. Santos Dumont made the first plane is it very difficult to accept this?

    44. Interstellar Escape

      So excited!

    45. roberto yamakata

      It is very Da Vinci style!!!

    46. Dodd Rougeau


    47. robert miller

      I like how a video about something that has so much conspiracies against it with a lot of people who believe them has zero hate comments. I’ve been scrolling forever to see the idiots call BS but can’t find one

    48. Navy 79

      Exiting times in space expeditions! !

    49. Enrico Delponte

      I am eighty years old and don't think I shall see much of those anymore, we see much of the same we have here on earth, same sand same stones at the end a bit disappointing.

    50. John Partyka

      I am awed. Keep watching it over again. Playing music in background. SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you NASA... and the USA!

    51. ooooneeee

      Who is cutting onions in here?

    52. F-Bomb Camaro

      Where are the real Mars videos??

    53. Ali El Ouakili

      With Ingenuity, we will fly ... with joy

    54. R W

      Is it really the first aircraft on mars ? Mmm🤔

    55. silly willy world

      I can't wait till they dig something up they could have sent people from their here and something killed everybody they didn't have computers to remember everything that's why we could forget that we came from there who knows can't wait to see what happens

    56. Harold McDermott

      How do the keep the lithium ion batteries from freezing? I know they must have some kind of heater but what powers the heater?

    57. Jeffrey Oort

      I'm curious as to why you would move the vehicle? There is not much on the surface of Mars. No McDonalds in on Mars. No cows. No grass. An alien environment and some pictures that it can take. But it can make the pictures flying.

    58. Jeff Yowell

      It's great, agree, but why does a small, unmanned rotor craft on Earth get called a "drone," but on Mars, a "helicopter"?

    59. fanbutton

      How can any helicopter sustain a powered lift on Mars when Mars atmosphere is supposed to be less then 1 percent of Earth's? The lies from NASA just keep on coming. All they can do is show us CGI and green screen cartoons and images. Wake up people. Research: Flat Earth, 200 Proofs Earth Is Not A Spinning Ball, Flat Earth Clues.

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    62. name name

      Completely deserted planet. Got it.

    63. Канада life

      Once deployed I hope it does not get blown over by the winds, looks really light.

    64. Kristine Nicole Speer

      Omg are those clouds?

    65. Trucker

      Going to the R/C store, 20 bucks Buying an R/C toy helicopter, 3,000 bucks. Sending the bill to the government...priceless!

    66. Jeremy Catches

      So cool the landing Perseverance was a great success! When will they be testing Ingenuity?

    67. Сергей Павленко

      You are the best.

    68. CauseAndEffect

      Did they thank God for His creation to make their projects possible?

      1. Rusty the Crown

        nope, no need... nothing there to thanks. Thank evolution instead.

    69. name name

      Got wind turbines on there? Solar sails? ®

    70. Naveed Ahmed

      This video might be make in studio,same doing in hollywood movies.

    71. Maged Nofal

      It is really fascinating to see that numbers of idiots who beleive NASA fake missions to Mars, and part of the lying you will see their teams are from different genders and different ethnic backgrounds, it is always the same anti-Christ masonic propaganda because he wants to rule the world.

    72. Lolona Diamond

      omg we watch the same video at school today!🍀👍

    73. J M

      Good job all stuffs. Thanks for sharing these videoes

    74. C G

      Well done NASA, and everyone involved. I am really looking forward to the flight, and hope it will be possible for Perseverance to take a couple of photos while the helicopter is flying. Good luck! 🛰🚀🛸

    75. Acme Fixer

      Tomorrow, 2021 March 23, is the event. They said Mars' atmosphere is less than one percent of Earth's - that's really thin. I thought about how this Ingenuity helicopter would work on earth. It could go very high where the atmosphere is very thin. But here on Earth they release weather balloons that can go higher. Balloons! The thought occurred to me that if they used a balloon on Mars, it wouldn't need to have propellers nor the batteries or motors - it could be lighter. For the gas it could use hydrogen made from water that is in the atmosphere. Someday we might work out the technical details and fly a balloon on Mars. Go Ingenuity!

    76. Skip Getelman

      Love those engineers

    77. ladimp58 imp58

      CLICK Bait

    78. John A

      Why a helicopter instead of a drone.

    79. Douglas Wells

      Nice cartoon but where’s the real footage........I mean we have cameras now........and video.

      1. troncrash7

        This was uploaded 8 months ago..

    80. Ego Oidios

      Everything is different on Mars. Air density and air composition, gravity.....all is a mess. A mess that only very accurate computer simulations can unravel here on Earth. Yet NASA, following the steps of NACA, is still there to find out. Great work people!!! May you succeed again!!! Many wishes from Greece!

    81. J.W. R

      The first human made aircraft on another planet. This is happening.

    82. Stansel Almon

      Mimi looks like your typical Chinese spy.

    83. *ValerianTheMACK III*


    84. Robert Contreras

      We have been on earth for 1 million years and then only 500 of those million years we have destroyed our planet what are we gonna do tomorrow are we going to destroy Mars in 500 years old so why can’t we clean up our planet before we go and try to achieve a colony on another planet let’s see what colony in our planet that will clean our appointment it is imperative that we understand all these conditions that we have contributed to atmosphere to receive and tour air it’s incredible

    85. The Devil Is Already Defeated

      On Earth at 8.0PSI a helicopter will loose lift . @ .088 PSI ? Absolutely Rediculous.

    86. The Devil Is Already Defeated

      Even the smallest high power drone when placed in a vacuum chamber with pressure reduced to .088 psi WILL NOT FLY .

    87. The Devil Is Already Defeated

      Spin those rotors as fast as you like , with less than 1 atmosphere in pressure, there's NOTHING TO PUSH AGAINST . Go grab the helical lift formula and do the math yourself. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE LIE . Don't be deceived.

    88. The Devil Is Already Defeated

      Helicopter pilots everywhere are LAUGHING at this NONSENSE.

    89. The Devil Is Already Defeated

      @ .088 PSI ambient pressure ? 🤣😅😂🤣😅 The Helical Lift formula says :FALSE. NASA LIES . The helical lift formula DOES NOT.

    90. kells murphy

      I remember Apollo 11 on a black & white TV, I was 9, It would be cool to see Starship take off with Colonist. Nobody said it was going to be easy.

    91. Ali Ahmed

      Something was flying in air at#2.11

    92. Vincent Brown

      While I can appreciate the accomplishment of putting a small flying drone on Mars. To me this seems to be more complex then it needed to be. I wonder why an inflatable balloon system wasn’t used instead. In my mind having an inflatable balloon with propellers for guidance would have met the same mission requirements as this drone without all the complexities of this chopper.

    93. Eric Gutjahr

      Me (Just finished watching freestyle fpv drone videos): Do a flip! @Mr.Steele

    94. Alex S

      so it's not really flying yet just clickbait

    95. marko

      ja still waiting.

    96. Dr. David Banner F.E.S.

      What a circus was never tested in 1% atmosphere. None of the test flights were inside of a vacuum chamber, instead just a room taped off with cloth banners on the walls. What a joke. Cartoons for the kids, filmed in a studio or an island right here on Earth.

    97. Amol Sulakhe

      A machine is going to give birth on a planet inhabited entirely by robots. What a time to be alive. ❤️

    98. Greg Jones

      Most people don't believe that Nasa's Ingenuity is going to suffer a catastrophic glitch?...

    99. ntme9

      I'm curious how much the winds have an effect on the lateral given the thin atmosphere

    100. Kirk Watson-Ye

      Nothing much about the helicopter