I Trained Like a NASA Astronaut

Michelle Khare

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    I tried conquering my fear of space by training to become a NASA Astronaut. Thank you to NASA and Migflug for this opportunity!
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    Thank you to Migflug taking MK up in the jet!
    Thank you to the amazing and badass Karen Nyberg!
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    1. Michelle Khare

      Who else loved Ryan’s interpretation of “NASA”? 😂😂 don’t forget to follow me on IG!! I’ll be doing a Q&A and posting behind the scenes content all day!!

      1. Gziya Khondokar


      2. Diego Ferrr

        John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life

      3. Diego Ferrr

        @Hetu Patel John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life

      4. It's Me Yohan


      5. Arius Berry

        Well you puked 🤢

    2. Julian Mulley

      Michelle: you're a astronaut youtuber *"cries in Chris Hadfield"*

    3. Chris Montazella

      oh yuck the fishbowl at 19:19 holyyyyy dust

    4. Pyroplantz :

      honestly space scares me

    5. rajni kant

      Very nice khare ji

    6. Discover Joe

      That robotics guy sounds like Lex Luthor tbh

    7. nalenks

      my claustrophobia is getting so bad in this video

    8. Stephen McGrann

      11:11 you go girl

    9. Brick builder 1457

      You should train like a blue angels pilot

    10. Kartigya Ion

      It's more amazing than playing in an amusement park..

    11. Beemzz

      Michelle came to train like a astronaut just to ask everyone if they know ariana grandes song XD

    12. Someone Anonym

      I wanna be an astronaut so bad 😩

    13. Yasmine Badawi


    14. Demonic Gacha


    15. Demonic Gacha


    16. Hannah Beals

      Play a game jigsaw explained

    17. Alexandra Rollar

      Ok but this gives me raven rayes vibes from the 100

    18. Tejlal Uikey

      Can we want to become an astronaut after pilot

    19. Lougenne Castillo

      Hi crush 🥰😍

    20. _Gasmaskgamer 200_

      Look up raven from the 100 its a netflix show. U could of played her tbh

    21. Krimtop Kuku

      Is this the same person from BuzzFeed?

    22. MrFrimbleton


    23. Aerospace Matt

      So do they not do MASTIF anymore? That makes for some good quality training. MASTIF is a representation of a spacecraft out of control, and (I believe) you have to correct to a proper attitude. MASTIF stands for Multi Axis Space Test Inertia Facility

    24. Adam Rifai

      Michelle you’re an amazing person!!

    25. Kunai_Kensei

      "You have a job to do" *Cold War flashbacks*

    26. Xavier Borrero

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      Thank you for announcing **Spoilers alert*** for the movie Gravity. I’m pissed 🤬

    28. Srinivasan Sujatha

      Interesting...try to visit Space x ....

    29. codedecode

      did they give you the zero-G hairspray to fake being in space like a real actornot?

    30. Lochan Basyal


    31. Madetric Hall

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    32. KitKat

      I tried to hold my laugh in when she cut the video throwing up💀

    33. Everyday Smallstronaut


    34. Kanija Sarmen

      What about being a doctor Mitchell?

    35. Estelle makeups

      Ca m'a surpris qu'il dise bonne appétit 😂

    36. chu chi

      Hi michelle u look like an indian beauty😊

    37. ThePeanut Man

      5:30 the perfect transition

    38. Tony was at TWICELIGHT 2019

      Astronaut and fighter pilots are the COOLEST job ever in this world

    39. Faustas Ma

      Next video: I trained like a quantum physicist...

    40. Muano Nemuthenga

      At 20:56 she sounds evil 😈 😂😂

    41. Hazel Uriel

      Thank you so much for making all these amazing video Michelle. I really enjoy watching them, especially this one.

    42. Ghostboy_ intown

      Michelle: This is amazing Moments later: vomiting 🤮🤣🤣🤣

    43. Jane Doe

      LOVE how she got to try all of the astronaut food!!!

    44. Venice Tan

      this made me emotional, this will always be my dream ): she's so lucky

    45. lillyissabella

      the neutral buoyancy lab.... no no no... my submechanophobia would make me collapse

    46. New Aviators

      when are you going to train to be a skydiver?

    47. Ayden Bindra

      LOL she uses a hockey visor

    48. Rich Treffts

      I don't know if they still have "Cowboy U" in Arizona any more ; there might still be one in Oklahoma & there is a similar "Cowboy College" in Idaho.

    49. Rich Treffts

      Hey Michelle, great videos. Suggestion , try Cowboy U in Arizona , it should be fun.

    50. Martha Hoffman

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      I think Michelle is a lookalike of MostlySanen (Prajakta Koli)....

    52. Annalise Bowden

      Me. (eating dinner) Michelle: vomits Me: I just lost my dinner 🤮

    53. Ryan Witter

      5:05 aka starting to pass tf out😂😂

    54. Janzel Lokni


    55. l i l a h

      1978 jeez how old is this girl I thought she was like 50 what is she 70, 80 and and has a little boy I’m done now I’m thinking she looks 40

    56. حسام ابو الخير


    57. Eyy_Its_ Danny

      I would love to be able to do that, the thought of being in space and living in space is amazing to me, the only thing that really terrifies me would be the take-off and landing.

    58. JebSL

      That expression when she finally foud a person who heard the song xD

    59. Blaze 1984

      She's like barbie who can do anything. The only missing is being a Princess and President

    60. Beyza

      that is exactly what i wanna be

    61. Krzysztof Kortas

      Wow this is amazing 1 secound later 🤡

    62. Kenned

      1:23 John Cena?

    63. Jacob Hesford

      "this is so amazing" 2 seconds later heg8uhuagwfuagfajnwigfj

    64. Minor

      Btw, NASA astronauts also go visit other space agencies/companies(for example, a few recently visited SpaceX's Boca Chica facility to view the Starship prototype program with SN11) and regularly fly in NASA T-38's and F-18's to keep up the NASA astronaut pilot flight skills requirement.

    65. Plane Officials Yt

      I wonder how many jobs she has😂😂

    66. yo mom


    67. Abner Roder

      Me watching her vomit: O_o YoU gOoD?

    68. Sam Victor Powell -_-

      The only thing she is thinking is Ariana grande song😂😂

    69. Ratu Rinjani

      Your life was my dream

    70. Cultured Wall

      Where did they put you? in a studio in front of a green screen hanged by ropes from your waist and shoulder ? I didnt watch the video all i know about the job of astronots is to perform in front of a green screen then they edit that to make them look like as they're in spaceship floating

    71. HaZaRD YT

      so i will live these after 4 years wow looks terrifying

    72. Justtaya 33

      I so want to be astronaut

    73. Justtaya 33


    74. wilgarcia1

      lol thefightingsoprano is a friend of mine. Sent her the vid to make sure she sees. Girl is going to freak out ha ha =P

    75. wilgarcia1

      AWESOME =D

    76. Grace

      See you on Mars your amazing

    77. Kusum Chandan

      god she looks like she found her soulmate 14:55

    78. Kusum Chandan

      11:15 me watching at 2X speed istg i freaked out for a sec there

    79. Alfonso Ramirez Ibarra

      i wanna do that :( how i can do it?

    80. Kevin Wakli Fitness

      Oh my goodness, she's super cute!!!

    81. Maria Christina Verian

      Future astronaut here😭!!!!!!

    82. Official Titan X

      She went to the Top gun:maverick movie irl

    83. Barina

      "This is amazing!" *not even 2 seconds later* "AUGHHHHHHHHHHh *vomits*"

    84. Bao Mao

      Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Confront your fears, Michelle. Worth it.

    85. Reymart Cabrito

      I told to my mom that I want to be an astronaut. Mom: laughing and said you can't. But I knew someday I will be👍

    86. Mr.YouTube

      I really want to work for NASA when I grow up

    87. Zainab Alnaqbi

      I wanna to try all things what you trying in vlogs 😩🥺

    88. Tandle K

      What a great new work out routine.

    89. juoig7799

      It won't be long (about 100 years) before NASA start sending prisoners into space in glass boxes...

    90. Johyses Lee

      this is really what I wanted to do

    91. Diego Ferrr

      John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life

    92. OffBrand TM

      nice fishbowl bender

    93. Harajuku Princess

      My acrophobia would never

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    95. Nithish Kumar

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    96. Nithish Kumar

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    97. Nithish Kumar


    98. Nithish Kumar


    99. Hadi's pets and more

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