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    When the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor is performing important rites, we appreciate it if people keep a
    respectful distance away from the proceedings.
    ...But if you insist on gatecrashing a funeral... Well, I'm sure we can squeeze you in somewhere...
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    1. •Dianny•

      Hanako versão femenina KKKKKKKKK

    2. Who I Am

      Simp detected

    3. Chaiz Montiel

      This music sounds similar to luigi's mansion theme, is it just me?

    4. Extrazz COD

    5. Extrazz COD

    6. Qiqi Forgets.

      Fun fact:Hu Tao later realized that qiqi as a zombie has to deal with Hu Tao every now and then.It’s hard for qiqi without her family so she left qiqi to be but qiqi has such bad memory she only remembers bad memories and still think Hu Tao want to burry her

    7. OTAKU

      Day 20 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    8. Audio Love

      Pyro characters always have the best trailer music. (looks at Klee and Hu Tao)

    9. Atlas

      Imagine simping so much for her that you cry yourself to sleep knowing that she isn't real. Totally.

    10. Cypceros_

      timesplitters 2 siberia intro

    11. Hari H

      Remm voice!!!!!!

    12. ø MangoSquadForever ø

      When she doesnt fall: Ghosts:How, how, BUT HOW!? 0:46

    13. Joseph Loria

      happy i got her

    14. ChickenTenders

      Isnt that the guy in the latest trailer 😀

    15. Gah

      Him: HA! Another test subject Hu Tao: Reverse Card go brrr

    16. Lythreum

      sparky boom

    17. Olivia Pog

      i was doing the li ding and li dang quest i knew i recognized them from somewhere else

    18. persée édit

      Je la veux

    19. Hella Milles

      I wish this was on Spotify spooky Chinese trap hnnnng

      1. Hella Milles

        NVM it is bless

    20. OTAKU

      Day 19 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    21. Alfons Altero

      RIP treasure hoarder

    22. Yang Jensen

      saving for Hu Tao rerun

    23. rudy eins

      just came back to say RIP to that guy

    24. F.RAGRANCE

      GAh. I can't stop hearing Rem's voice. Hdks

    25. シJuliana

      pleaseee come back with her banner

    26. Chelsey

      Day 11 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

    27. Esther Ji

      mihoyo bestie please bring back hu tao on halloween

    28. Kyle Ngo


    29. Mileage

      Me waiting for Hu Tao to have a re run

    30. Neko Kotori

      She made me play Genshin impact

      1. Alfons Altero

        @Neko Kotori that's cool

      2. Neko Kotori

        @Alfons AlteroYou won't believe but I got HuTao and Kequing in 31st and 32nd pull on the first day ( that is 10 wishes were free I just had to buy few more gems to exchange for wishes in early game we get free gems anyway to buy the wishes) . Both being my first five star characters.TBH after seeing their gameplay I loved Kequing more but in next few days I got Hutao constellation 1 and Xingqui to constellation 3 so I started using them .

      3. Alfons Altero

        But did you get her?

    31. OTAKU

      Day 18 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    32. MultiTrash


    33. ARM EL


    34. OTAKU

      Day 17 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

      1. Zeeq

        Yes Hu Tao rerun

    35. Tian Zng

      She even says AiYa 😭🤌

    36. Meep

      I am rewatching this for I miss her and I couldn't get her.

    37. sterben suarez

      somehow pvz comes into my mind when hearing her theme

    38. Chelsey

      Day 10 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

      1. Albert Sanjaya

        Day 14

      2. Khaizmin 1481

        well meet again till mihoyo listen

    39. Day6 Fan

      just came here to say rip treasure hoarder. he was a fine man

    40. Crŷstāl Drēamş

      *Пользователь сдох от передоза милоты** *The user died from an overdose of cuteness**

      1. Mr_fan

        О, новый клиент для Ху тао

    41. OTAKU

      Day 16 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

      1. cat

        gotta wait till halloween

    42. EMI Apruebo, Joshua Marco


    43. Xiao

      I Fear nothing.. But that girl... it irritates me

    44. Alessandra Espocia

      da da da da da da YOUVE BEEN PRANKED

    45. Icx

      This ain't no character demo, its a character movie trailer

    46. Cherry Soda

      She's right. Fatui aren't worth teasing. You can't even see their reaction with those masks on them. Aiya.. how bothersome..

    47. Neko ungu

      theyre different people🗿

    48. Stupid Shit pekora

      I wish Thai can be always in wish spot

    49. Ice Bear

      Isnt that the same hoarder who died in Dain's quest?

      1. Justin Stanly

        @xea Yeah but this Treasure Hoarder was just a grunt. The guy that died was a big time famous Thief that came from Fontaine just as famous as Alice and Stanley.

      2. xea

        @Justin Stanly i think its the same person. All the npc has a unique design in genshin.

      3. Justin Stanly

        @Bubba Nope. They have the same NPC design but they are completely different people.

      4. Bubba

        No it’s the same person

      5. AJJA OwO

        They're different people

    50. Chelsey

      Day 9 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

      1. Mandy Bunny

        Go buddy

    51. Maddie

      I wish I got her please make her banner come back!

    52. Maddie

      Omg she needs to come back for Halloween PLEASE

    53. Maddie

      Please let Hu Taos banner come back. I want her so badly.

    54. Nicole Louis


      1. xea

        @Nicole Louis its the same person.

      2. Bubba

        @AJJA OwO He is the same one, shut up

      3. Nicole Louis

        @AJJA OwO ahh I see the hairs different. Welp their models are so similar oops

      4. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people the one in the trailer is different

    55. Veronica Gomez

      I love hu tao , venti, diluc,klee👌👌👌🎮🎮🎮🎮🎮😏😏🤩🤩🥳🥳😇

    56. it'll be like that sometimes

      grand thief was cute he didnt deserve this ending mihoyo 😔😔 rip

      1. xea

        @it'll be like that sometimes its the same one. If u read the quest and did a side quest where the brother got petrified in the mountain u would kno.

      2. Bubba

        @it'll be like that sometimes he is lying it’s the same one (check the dialogues

      3. it'll be like that sometimes

        @AJJA OwO really? thank you for letting me know!

      4. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    57. Lol no

      Isn’t this guy in the beginning a guy who died in recent quest ?

      1. Bubba

        @AJJA OwO dude start reading the dialogues u clearly don’t know nun

      2. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    58. townie

      and if i've watched this over 10 times?

      1. AJJA OwO

        @townie theyre different people

      2. townie

        wait y'all in the comments saying the treasure hunter is the one from the new story quest omg

    59. OTAKU

      Day 15 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    60. しovの吐泡泡

      1:17 is not Naruto

      1. しovの吐泡泡

        It means afterlife

    61. D익명

      여기 호두는 얌전하네

    62. Dragon Marked

      I love how qiqi is just casually watching 🥺

    63. Rizki Maulana

      0:08 rest in peace my dude

      1. xea

        @AJJA OwO nope its the same peraon, they did it intentionally to make it more dramatic

      2. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    64. gibs


    65. apostrophe catastrophe


      1. xea

        @AJJA OwO bruh do u even read the DIALOGUEs properly???

      2. AJJA OwO


      3. miki

        i think it is, they look much alike JAGAJFAJ IM SAD

    66. Razol

      I can't unsee it once I realized that Hu Tao's ghost just looks like a large sentient snot

    67. Chelsey

      Day 8 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

    68. Silly Chotu


      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    69. Ҝ丹M工

      Who came back after new archon quest

    70. marmaIade


      1. xea

        @AJJA OwO yes they sacrificed the rookie theif, y would a big shot theif from fontaine go to that important location alone.

      2. claire

        @AJJA OwO ohh okay tyy

      3. marmaIade

        @AJJA OwO IDK IDK I KNOW MIHOYO REUSED MODELS A LOT but liiiike i didnt recall seeing another treasure hunter like him so i was kinda sad 😔 also im pretyy sure you spelled fontaine right

      4. AJJA OwO

        @claire the one in the trailer is a rookie thief from Liyue. the one in the quest was a master thief from Fontaine (sorry if i spelled it wrong or got the region wrong)

      5. claire

        @AJJA OwO HOW

    71. hutaoenthusiast1586

      RIP, business is boomin for hu tao

    72. Teen Titan

      Hu Taos face at the end 🕶 👅

    73. Ducky Official Ch.

      Silly Churl, Billy Churl, Silly Billy Hilichurl, ooooooooooh. I would see Hu Tao. Everywhere I have been see it

    74. Akshita KB

      Spoilers! Of the brothers Li Ding and Li Dang, the treasure hoarders, Li Ding died in the latest story quest Chillls!!

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    75. Isabella Godoy

      Rest in peace treasure hoarder san :(

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    76. Boo Tao

      Came back here after I realized the guy with the purple shirt under his hood is the one that got killed in the new archon quest.

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

      2. Bobaru Bear

        It’s so dark

    77. ライオンズᄏᄏ

      RIP treasure hoarder 🥺🙏

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    78. OTAKU

      Day 14 tell mihoyo to bring hu tao banner back

    79. YoankaAvocado

      This one and Zhongli's are my two favorite trailers so far. They both have amazing music that fits their completely different aesthetics. Zhongli's trailer is like a historical martial arts movie, with exciting combat and a narrator talking about the character's life philosophy. Hu Tao's trailer feels like a silly parody of an old-school thriller movie. Great fits for both of them.

    80. dio na

      Best character demo imo

    81. RandomizedHumor

      0:10 ayo this bih dead

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    82. Sleepy Boi

      0:10 rip this guy in the 1.4 quest he is killed by the abyss Herald

      1. Vania :3

        They are different The one in this trailer is the Li bros we rescued in the mt hulao, they are just some low rank treasure hoarders The one we see in the 1.4 quest is suppose to be a high rank expert treasure hoarder Ig they look similar since theyre just npcs lol

    83. Thief

      I just started watching the anime xxxHolic today and found a track that sounds like Hu Tao’s theme. The track is called April Fool. They aren’t 100% the same but they have a similar main melody. Perhaps that anime inspired the creation of Hu Tao?

    84. デイ春

      Rip man😭

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    85. PunkassLoren

      Rest In Peace "Grand Thief"

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    86. Shameen Ferdinando

      welp bye bye treasure hoarder san

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    87. Chelsey

      Day 7 of telling MiHoYo to bring back Hu Tao on halloween

      1. Pls buff me '


      2. no u


    88. ZAVENCII

      period our funeral bestie

    89. Glen Kimpay

      Did anyone notice the other guy here in hu tao's trailer is the guy dead in the latest archon quest "We will be reunited"

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

      2. Hell_Hound

        Yeah i just came back to look at him 🙃🙃🙃🙃

    90. Khoo Wei Lun

      RIP treasure hoarder

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    91. Oleg

      is the same voice actor which was in RWBY, or is it just me?

    92. espeon

      i mean at least hu tao will be getting more business!

    93. xxmidnitedevilxx

      Who else is here just to check if the treasure hoarders are the same one as the dead thief in "we will be reunited" archon quest??

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre still different people

    94. al5ar8 الخارق

      RIP :(

      1. AJJA OwO

        @al5ar8 الخارق Mhm!

      2. al5ar8 الخارق

        @AJJA OwO rly ?

      3. AJJA OwO

        the one here is different, than the quest person

    95. G Menoś

      R.I.P treasure hoarder. Stealing from abyss is a very bad idea

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    96. Bella Natalia

      Wait is that the guy who died in the new quest??? Welp I guess hutao finally got a customer

      1. epi122

        @Bella Natalia mihoyo tends to reuse models for alot of people so its nothing to worry about :)

      2. Bella Natalia

        Oh are they? Loll they kinda look similar so i thought its the same person 😅

      3. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

      4. Yang Jensen

        There 2 guys are low rank ones. The one died is a high rank expert

    97. mikeso

      Fly high man from 0:07 so sad you didn’t get the treasure from the abyss ☹️

      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    98. Nikki S

      Mans got hyped up in the quest but got bodied the moment we saw him pls-

    99. Althea Jannel


      1. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people

    100. riel


      1. AJJA OwO

        @riel mhm he is Genshin Impact did that a lot!

      2. riel

        @AJJA OwO yea someone told me they're just prob the same npc design lmao

      3. AJJA OwO

        theyre different people