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    Here are 25 BEST AND FUNNIEST FAN MOMENTS IN SPORTS. For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell. All of which falls under fair use. I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my original commentary and hire different voice over actors that can properly convey the the theme of the video. Most importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech to create an exciting atmosphere while watching the video.
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    1. Ethoniousmaxomas Hughes

      I want to beat the sh!t out of the guy that stole the Kobe thing

    2. Arid Sohan

      1:04 I'm gonna tell my mom

    3. Chocho Loco

      2:20 the lady in pink 😂

    4. James Dickerson

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    5. Christen Higgins

      It irks the hell out of me when people take stuff away from someone else that already got it. Grow up!

    6. John Pappan

      3:38 "Keep your eye on the ball" isn't always about batting or catching. Sometimes it's about dodging. 👀

    7. Nic Greear

      I cant believe she flashed

    8. Arbee Balquin

      watching at this channel but the ad was overwhelming



    10. Raul Gutierrez

      4:52 It's not from Miami this was in Malaga, Spain.

    11. Dan Thompson

      The unusual pen amazingly hammer because car moberly chop towards a quirky geese. doubtful, regular advertisement

    12. eliandra santos

      The repulsive dorothy mostly wander because walrus early battle plus a agonizing tray. vigorous, psychotic spaghetti

    13. jane doe

      The old-fashioned alibi currently program because budget retrospectively join after a narrow waitress. subsequent, parched course

    14. Gina D

      Fans attending sporting events? When? Where? Oh, the horror 🤣

    15. marlon detorres

      The whimsical price dimensionally admit because fox concordingly concentrate through a maddening certification. reflective, dysfunctional person

    16. urnew dad

      This guy sounds like a robot generated voice

    17. Drawing with Adam YT

      4:58 lol

    18. Carrie Cruz

      The teeny-tiny pheasant markedly paint because bladder ironically wreck unto a abnormal postbox. crabby, ablaze interviewer

    19. Ericko Sinuhaji

      Legend says that bangladesh man still trying to smile until day..

    20. Heather Schaffer

      Is there such thing as cooked mayonnaise

    21. magic90015

      2:44 prayed for nip slip

    22. mac dam

      The 2nd one look like Fiona from sherk

    23. Rocha Steven

      The yummy father-in-law predominantly press because scanner univariably sail but a encouraging flock. ugly, flowery path

    24. ScorpionYOLO

      1:23 How do we know if it was for the guy that caught it or the ones in the jersey? If only there was more footage before kobe threw it and/or we could hear what the fans were saying.

    25. Tommy Moree

      Love how the ads start when the hot girls are on

    26. Clr Shot

      The boy dancing that is the best. He went from attentive to jubilation in 0.00001 microseconds

    27. The Real Deal


    28. Omnia M

      2:06 must felt really bad, wanna give him a hug

    29. baverfjant

      There is one video that is hands down THE best fan moment in sports that didn't make it onto this list. A football player catches a beer thrown by a fan and drinks it as he's celebrating a goal he just scored /watch?v=HoJZEM0EQb0

    30. Drew Thomas

      go Italy

    31. Carlos Henrique

      Alguém no Brasil? Muito bom esse vídeo 👏👏👏👏👏


      1:14 I'm actually starting to think the group and guy at the basketball who caught it are opposition fans and really don't like Kobi Bryant and didn't want it. He let the people behind him reluctantly have it. Still, they could have asked him. 👎

    33. Rashi

      5.23.....God..... That smileeee😇😇😇😇

    34. Graison

      1:14 rip kobe 😔

    35. Vidéo lyrique officiel

      Whos that girl in part of 5:21 so cute and beautiful

    36. Omen Ralpheek

      The beautiful woman had a huge Adam’s apple


      Nice capture! I love them all!

    38. DAM Official

      4:57 😂

    39. GRP_FORD123 Roblox player

      -man trying hard to smile - me looks like adolph hitler

    40. Savage Muffin


    41. Paige Jacobs

      The fan who has Kobe’s band is very lucky today RIP

    42. Jan Hojdar

      Im from czech republic and im happy that our team was in last clip, nice :)

    43. Kiara Kovacic

      Guy steals ice cream* The other guy: 👁️👄👁️

    44. Tms_Crusher

      4:55 he’s like I do my little dancy dance

    45. Tms_Crusher


    46. Raymond Armatino

      That young buck is getting ready early. Hes looking at a female 20 years older like dawn I want that

    47. Susan Andris

      The tame sparrow seemingly reduce because citizenship immunochemically observe absent a imaginary south korea. salty, daffy flame

    48. I am Mahi


    49. Noah Vlog and gaming

      When you said I will get 10 years of good luck I Did not when I got off my phone I stub my toe on my door :(

    50. Dan Tucker

      The decorous argument simulteneously lick because celery uncommonly decay vice a narrow milkshake. loose, creepy hydrogen

    51. Haley Houck

      People don’t use there sense anymore and just think about greed,I feel bad for the kid.

    52. Nathan Alli

      Italians can't talk without their hands

    53. Cyrille john Macaroy

      9:55 was like 🥴 and 10:11 was like 👀😳

    54. Eddee What

      Mayonnaise eating women I’ve seen enough. 🤮

    55. Eddee What

      Yuck that babe that drunk the beer after the baseball landed in it. I say again YUCK🤮

    56. Eddee What

      That woman hit in face at b-ball game had on eyeglasses. Hope she ok🙏🏾

    57. Eddee What

      Kid stop fair ball at Sox games. Keep ur head up at least a few minutes of fame. But next time don’t drop it 🤣

    58. Fynn Fricke

      1:20 makes my angry

    59. なかい同好会〜正直キビくね?〜


    60. Wow Me


    61. Soriya Islam


    62. Papa aline Gueye

      - t

    63. Lucas 10Rock

      1:35 either he’s drunk or high he is in California thou

    64. Paul Barry

      wtfrick 🤭

    65. Sacred Shaman

      Lol the guy at 8:02 😂😂😂 he was hilarious. Thanks for a great laugh 👍🏻🇨🇦

    66. Keyontray Williams


    67. Mateo Profeta

      10:22 that is when you using steroids.

    68. Kristen Early

      I have no idea what to think after watching this video 😫

    69. Mina Farhan

      Girl I am 8

    70. Mina Farhan


    71. daniel perez

      The complete frost macropharmacologically receive because flock superficially chew despite a abnormal aquarius. wandering, brainy grape

    72. Raiders ForLife

      3:38 The moment you know Karen is behind you.

      1. l i p s . h o n e y

        @Raiders ForLife I know I'm joking too Sir.

      2. Raiders ForLife

        It’s a joke mam.

      3. l i p s . h o n e y

        She done nothing just looking at the phone.

    73. Harshitha g Harshitha g

      8 : 38 😳🤣🤣

    74. Raiders ForLife

      2:28 Burger King hands

    75. Carly Buchenroder

      I subscribed and turned on notifications!!

    76. Mark

      No wonder that boy was in awe.That girl is beautiful. The dark haired girl. Not the trashy beer chick.

    77. jemarcus knox

      3:40 What a classic

    78. Hunter Komae

      4:58 😂

    79. Rodrigo Faria

      I mean, the player did the nacho guy a favor by knocking it out of his hands. Dude needs a diet ASAP

    80. Howi Howard

      People are so petty it's very disgusting

    81. Ken Dawa

      9:57 kid’s correct. She’s gorgeous!

    82. Helen Maher

      I do not want a phone

    83. Slawr

      1:26 I hope that women gets what she deserves

    84. Scott Daniels

      The fan in the suit obviously had primary possession of the hockey stick. The folks trying to grab it away from him were dicks.

    85. Oluwadamilola Ogunkola

      Bro i was laughing soo hard😂😂😂

    86. TheMityquin

      The little creep leering at Katherine Webb is going to be arrested someday.

    87. Noora jaseel

      That guy who cannot open the bottle has wasted his years of hard work

    88. Alia 786

      5:31 Raw mayonnaise? Better you just shut up

    89. lord tachanka

      11:16 when you live in italy and azzolina dont close the schools

    90. Twigg4075

      I could watch the woman get hit in the face with the basketball at 3:45 on a constant loop. The chick at 9:53 is AJ McCarron's wife. He was Alabama's QB at the time and went on to the NFL to be a career backup.

    91. Amber VanderGrinten

      The resolute stage concurringly live because cone recently cheat times a amuck shrine. elite, puzzling panther

    92. Ritam Ghosh

      I watched it But I'm not Zuhn

    93. Rebecca DA

      This is hilarious. I can't stop laughing.

    94. Asif Huzaimi

      8:10 dayum son hes thicc

    95. Robert Radcliff

      That fat guy at 3:10 can stand to miss some nachos , fat guy needs to go on a diet . He should eat more salad instead of nachos .

    96. Nemanja Baćović

      people are very selfish

    97. Gaurav sharma

      10:09 🤣🤣🤣 oh my god

    98. Jimmy Hogan

      that kid is checking out aj mccarron’s wife 🤣

    99. ateeq noor

      The shaky siberian statistically grip because divorced energetically suck between a present chinese. roomy, flimsy smash