Little Nightmares 2: The Story & All Endings Explained (Horror Game Theories)


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    Little Nightmares 2 - what exactly is this game all about? How does it tie into the original Little Nightmares? What about that strange and morbid ending? In this theory and analysis video I explain the entire story behind Little Nightmares II. We take a look at the games monsters, the relationship between Mono and Six and the origins of the mysterious Thin Man. This story explained video is both a walkthrough of notable story moments and also speculation as to how the world and it's characters function. So sit back, relax and enjoy the story of Little Nightmares 2 explained.
    Check out Little Nightmares II here:
    You've been watching SuperHorrorBro Mike and this was a theory video for Little Nightmares 2 and the story explained. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment and subscribe for more horror related content.
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    1. manxmaniac

      lol this game weirdly feels a bit similar to Uzumaki

    2. Jesica Bonifacio Bayocot Macapeges

      am i the only one who is shocked

    3. Jesica Bonifacio Bayocot Macapeges


    4. Hasan Abiy Ismail

      The glitch in the prison its in the comic its like shes the raincoat girl even shes dead

    5. Mitsuki

      Explication: Ok so. The type of ending has 3 theories that actually make sense. 1. SIX IS A TRAITOR MONO DOESN'T DESERVE THIS SHIT. 2. in the secret ending Six was hungry So that mean she dropped him because she didn't wanted to eat him. 3. HELAU. I WANT UR POWER.

    6. Ifran Eshan

      Mono tricks young mono to free him early before freeing six then mono get a gun and start shooting six problem solve

    7. Lagunghost


    8. A San

      Thanks for this video. The ending of little nightmares 2 really hurt. Like bad. Broke my heart. I feel awful for mono. He deserved better.

      1. Annoying Dog

        Good person never survived long in this world.

    9. UnderratedSZN

      I now have trust issues because of this game

    10. Rachel Clarke

      I don't care about whatever trauma Six Went Through You don't leave your friends behind when you're trying to Is Escape a very dangerous place And you don't steal their powers Either Just so you can get I can't look at a her same Way Ever again I can't Forgive her This whole thing As completely ruined My trust And my liking of six She didn't Have To chop Us The team either has to give the next game they make a very happy ending Or they have to kill six Because I can't look at her the same way I don't care if I'm being over a kill I just can't forgive her

    11. Aadityaa Singh

      The prequel of lil nightmares 2 is very lil nightmares 2d android game

    12. Drogo Kemp

      Top 10 betrayals

    13. Anya R

      I thought Six dropped him because he'd taken off his bag earlier and she was seeing his face for the first time and realized he was Thin Man, so she dropped him thinking he was her enemy, unknowingly turning him into her enemy by doing do.

    14. Anya R

      1st game ending: Whoa... was I the bad guy all along? 2nd game ending: WHOA.... I WAS THE "BAD GUY" ALL ALONG!!

    15. Chandler Watts

      she dropped him because she saw the resemblance to the man who tortured her, took her to the tower and turned her into that monster. She didnt see before because he had a paper bag on his face throughout the whole game.


      This teacher was an actuall teacher before the nightmares begin

    17. Allyson

      what if mono was stronger and able to beat thin man was because he had all his powers before six drained him

    18. Vince Jennsen Elacion

      This game is so messed up

    19. Brothers Life

      So I guess monos screwed either way huh Mono deserves better

    20. Roseller Montalan

      superhorrorbro watch the little nightmares 2 animation

    21. IknowAllama

      the old little nightmares games was almost called "hungry" and not little nightmares

    22. Knicole Melecia

      My theories had literally overlapped some truths revealed here, I am truly mindblown. Sad part is Mono has always been kind to all. Even when he got corrupted, Six was the reason of the damnation so he wanted to reverse it. This ending got me dazed for hours. I felt so much sadness in it.

    23. Vince Jennsen Elacion

      Wait does that mean six is the ruler of the underwater and mono is the ruler of thepale city? This is messed up

    24. Tresya Astomo

      This is why I don’t really ship six with mono :/

      1. Annoying Dog

        Well, I don't ship anyone with anyone because it will destroyed the timeline and I'm an anti-ship (didn't mean I hate you all).

    25. Saoirse Dawn Stormborn

      Mono: after all that we've been through? Six: so long brotha...* lets go of his hand* Damn...😭

    26. The Gamer

      I was shocked after I saw radbrad’s vid

    27. IRYDE_- SHARC 98

      If you finished the game and play it again it feels like you're in the time loop (if you watched any mono time loop theories)

    28. Aoife McDonnell

      Seven was the soldier six was the savage and mono well "was" the hero

    29. ツTanya

      But what would happen if we ignore that kid at the beginning?? Will there be a Good ending?

    30. Aoife McDonnell

      I'm starting to think I'm like the city people in pale city cause of how much hours I'm on the inernet

    31. Daniah

      So sad mono is forever trapped

    32. Lorenzo Hernandez

      Tag Cory

    33. COO E

      I honestly think your interpretation is the most accurate I've seen

    34. Dulfy Mans

      Wait, I wanna know why certain people are as small as rats and others are normal-sized to fit the surrounding world?

    35. Jayswag

      The lesson here is "don't trust the hoes" ...also, wait a second... Mono is Thin Man, but what if Six is The Lady?!

    36. Hirad Akhlaghi

      Signal tower reminds me of wall of flesh in Terraria😂😂😂, same for anyone else?

    37. PantherZL1

      This was deep

    38. Imthereal

      Wait so if the end of the first game, Six acquired the Lady's soul-sucking power so she was able to consume part of Mono's power in the end of the 2nd game. Then how in the world is the 1st game the sequel? Considering Six shouldn't have that power yet in the 2nd game (prequel). How did she get Mono's power?

    39. Joshua Eldridge

      So Six is the villain all along....I'm sad :(

    40. Sushi Ojo

      Wow it all makes sense now, after I finish watching LN2 gameplay I'm gonna re watch the first LN gameplay

    41. The Legendary Bill Cipher

      I'm left with two questions after finishing the game: 1. Why did Mono travel to the forest in the first place? 2. Why is Thin Mono seen hanging towards the start of Little Nightmares?

    42. Jo Marie Berniza

      I thought they gonna escape together from that nightmare, but sad to say , it ends on what we didn't expected.

    43. AJ D

      This telling me six was actually consuming his powers and not having second thoughts of saving him hurts even more. And ppl will hate her for it but put urself in her shoes, firsthand witnessing everything, knowing how much mono resembles the thin man's powers. AND theory that six was actually stunned to see his face after turning back cause mono resembles the thin man so much, wouldn't you think that he may turn back on you in the future? She just wanted to survive and afraid. And as the video goes, pale city might be a better place (as if that could happen)

    44. Jukka

      Like im done.. Why everything has to be allways linked? I hated that Six was in this game i mean why? This whole series is just a mess. So now six is bad and allso a survivor daughter of a geisha witch? What👏ever im sad how this turned out to. And poor Mono why this has to be so sad im crushedd 😭

    45. Jordan

      I know its WAY to early to tell since little nightmares 2 just came out, but i wonder if we will get a LN3 where we find out why six was trapped in that room in the first place AND a continuation of six using her powers she got from the lady.

    46. Zerxtriibes

      Maybe if 6 never betrayed him, this cycle would have never started.

    47. Mary Knaeble

      This really helped me understand why young mono had the same powers as thin man but stronger. thin mono had part of his power stolen by six.

    48. Johnny Joestar

      My theory is that maybe when the tall man stole six he was trying to keep her in the tv so she couldn’t betray baggy kid

    49. Dramatically Dreaming

      [First Game Theory] After seeing Six transform in the last chapter with long limbs I immediately thought about the Janitor from the first game. The Janitor is an escaped victim of the signal tower. Six hasn't been in the tower for long yet she undergone such a dramatic transformation if growing in size and her arms lengthening to an absurd degree. I'm thinking that the Janitor got sucked into a TV and into the tower. He somehow escapes but his figure is permanently dismembered. It could explain why he was so drawn towards his tv in the first game and why he seems to have no eyes...he used to be a viewer.

    50. Aiden Singh

      you know if i was mono at the end i'd get it, she did what she had to do

    51. Pepegod

      Honestly Six was my favorite character in the franchise, but I cannot forgive her for what she did omg, maybe it was for a reason

    52. Boyads Gaming

      I have a theory about the viewers. I think the human masks in the hospital is actually the viewers faces. Because there faces looked sucked into there organs and stuff

    53. gd rogue

      Six: left mono Mono growing up Mono: oh hey that's me and six

    54. Kate Brennan

      Here because I’m watching Jack play

    55. The Hush Brown

      The viewers remind me of the movie “bird box”

    56. Pop Cat

      Little Theory: What if someone opens the door from the future timeline?

    57. youtubersupporter

      Wait a minute is limbo connected. the art style looks familiar and on the description it said he was looking for his sister and the world look familiar and mono and limbo boy never showed its face could it be connected?

    58. Mason Rhinehart

      I’m lucky because I beat the game before watching lol

    59. denise :{

      i still don’t understand, you guys say it’s a loop but how exactly? after six drops mono, & mono becomes the does it become a loop?

    60. SinnamonSki: The LittleBigAnimator

      SPOILERS: It does say that the thin man takes souls to feed the transmission signal leaving a static version of themselves. Six was taken by the tall man and a static version was left of her. Six doesn't have her soul anymore so she's going to the maw to feed her seemingly neverending "hunger" which is true, but I really want to believe that Six eats things with a purpose. The rat: getting through vents and knowing where to go The nome/boy she ate: knowledge on how to beat the lady with a mirror. But we'll never know

    61. Nathaniel Lopez

      wait if mono is thin man doesnt that mean he killed himself? mono killed thin man but mono is thin man so could that possibly mean he killed himself?

    62. Valerie

      six dropped mono because that was the first time she properly saw his face without the bag on his head. she realized that HE is the thin man and thats why she dropped him.

    63. AntiS8n

      I love Mono, Six, and the hunter(I like his design) but six needs to improve on her behavior even if it needs her to have someone give her the moral compass she lost through friendship or little nightmares therapy

    64. They Call Me Weird


    65. Wolfmoonkiwi Sotelo

      My theory is: so second one goes first because I think six barley gets her coat on that island and then she finds a kid named Mono and then all of that then she betrayed him and Mono grew into the BroadCaster and then in the first little nightmares don’t you remember the hanging man? I’m sure that was Mono because the shoes and then the outfit it all follows Mono. Anyways I hope you ( kinda ) enjoyed the game as much as I did and when she betrayed Mono I said “ ???! YOU- after all you and Mono had been threw you copied the death scene from lion king?! Monster- “

    66. Ayriana Jones

      You know what all of this could have been prevented easily if thin man would have just you know used his words instead of trying to use brute force

    67. Franco Natividad


    68. Mow


    69. UnfusedMolecule

      Did you think we didn't know it was a prequel, Six doesn't have a coat and gets it mid-story. I'm sorry if I sound rude but most of us already knew.

    70. EMD Buenavista

      So little nightmares 3 will be a naruto-sasuke epic battle 😱 jk

    71. Peko Pekoyama

      If you think about it... Six was still the protagonist in this game, she just wasn’t the main character this time.

    72. RayPlaysGames RPG

      While I do believe Six betrayed Mono because of "survival of the fittest" and what not, I do believe Six had some empathy for doing it, feeling bad for what she just did, but it was for her survival. Additionally, the "Glitching Remain" of Six could be the birth of Shadow Six. (Shadow Six appears in the first game briefly whenever you eat something) If it is what you say it is, Shadow Six could be Six's good side, but it's just now separated from her as its own entity. Think Madeline & Badeline. Or Shadow Six could be the incarnation of Six's own hunger. I'd pick the latter.

    73. Alexandra Romero

      Six is seen as the villain in Little Nightmares 2, however what if by gaining enough power from the sorceress in Little Nightmares 1, she could potentially go back to the Control Tower and possibly save Mono (thus breaking the cycle). That's my hope anyway, hopefully there could be a Little Nightmares 3 that could tie up the storyline. Thank you for this thorough explanation!

    74. I do things On Playstation

      Your theory of six consuming the power makes sense when little mono beats thin man it’s because mono hasn’t had his power drained yet

    75. Nerdzlybees

      Do you think Thin man turned Six into a monster as revenge for leaving him to die when he was young?

    76. AJ GAMES Let’s go

      It’s a loop all along

    77. MilesPrower Kardia

      I believe the children in this world are immune to the warp and some have powers which is why there is alot of cage kid sizes in the forest. I also believe that alot of child run away from the school also if you remembered the chest piece the black king has the real child tied and i think also impaled on it if you look closely there is blood on it also again that kid resemble all the male porcelain. What a nightmare...

    78. AJ GAMES Let’s go

      My brain is blown

    79. pepsi cola

      So that's why thin man aka mono tried to take six's body so she can feel how she made him feel through all those years so the story's title needs to be mono's revenge

    80. Cheesy liamy Gaming

      Theory: so this is completely my theory and probably wrong. Players are wondering why sixes rain coat was just in the street but what if that rain coat wasn’t actually the one we are used to. So in the mobile version if I remember correctly there is two characters, one in a yellow raincoat and one just in normal clothing, at the end of the game the girl with the raincoat dies and the other girl takes it becoming the six we know in little nightmares 1, what if the six we have in little nightmares two is the one that would die in the mobile game, number two is a prequel so it could easily be a prequel to the mobile game to. So basically a random girl finds a yellow raincoat on the street, she then goes on to do what happens in the rest of the game, then in the mobile game that girl dies and another girl takes it being the six in little nightmares 1. This theory is pretty far fetched but I like this theory, granted the mobile game is not cannon but I believe parts of it is otherwise the developers wouldn’t of seen a point in it Tell me what you think of this theory, what are some of the things that doesn’t work with this theory. Thanks for reading

    81. Daniel Ross

      bro u out her makin therys YET YOU DONT KNOW SIX IS A GIRL

    82. Night terrors

      The makers said its not a prequel tho so that's out the window

    83. Muhammed

      Will there be a little nightmares 3??????¿?

    84. Scottie Smalls

      So a pyramid scheme?

    85. peter drako

      cory (coryxkenshin) should see this ending I didnt know she used his powersss

    86. I like le Choco bar

      I dont really see how people are saying "even though he saved her he put her in those situations to make her tired of it" In little nightmares 1, Six was still getting in these situations. Now he is just there with her. I'm quite sure she is used to the lifestyle of being chased by scary grownups. So how is it his fault? I think the only way they could be safe is if they were in the middle of no where. And why would she think he would betray her? He has shown promise by getting himself in situations that could kill himself just to save her?

    87. Kaiulani Thomas

      You know the term "let's handle this mano y mano"? Maybe his name is derived from that and his name is ACTUALLY another way of saying "man". Idk.

    88. Elias Siddiqui

      Well when one Mono in the cycle becomes the Thin Man he might think to try other things to capture Six than what the previous Signal Man did and then succeed in ending the cycle.

    89. Alaya Howard

      when we were all saying that thin man was evil and wanted to kill mono and six,but when we see the truth we now know that Thin Man was trying to save Mono from the past of six's evil actions...all i gotta say is that they better make a third game, but with a new character not including six and the new character meeting because she might try to betray them. good job to the devs.

    90. I Need A Goddamn Nap

      the suitcase the hammer is on in the final chapter is veeery similar to the one six wakes up on in the first game...

    91. Paden Zahn

      Well the twins are both wearing masks to hide there appearance as well, every character in the first one that's a main villain/boss hide there real appearance even with just hiding his blind eyes

    92. WizardFoxAngel

      I want to know why did 6 did that in the end :C The friendship was so sweet but know it's mess up

    93. Tristan McIntyre

      And mono is thin man

    94. Hartik _

      So basicallyyyy, Mono just needs to learn how to make that jump on his own

    95. Tristan McIntyre

      The thin man is the ring

    96. L Page

      I noticed that before the Thin Man captured six, Mono didn't reach out to save her even though she wanted help. He was too scared. I think that is a huge part of why she dropped him. She didn't want to take the chance that he would be too scared to save her again if they continued on more dangerous journeys.

    97. bjorks house

      I think when six saw Mono's face for the first time when she caught him, she recognized the thin man who tried to kill her and intentionally dropped him. Mono, not yet realizing he was the thin man, thought she betrayed him. As he grew older the colors change from pink to blue, he got sadder and lonelier and wanted revenge on six.

    98. Anthony Yudhistira

      So, with the gameplay aside, the only way to stop the paradox, is with mono failed to save six, but even then, what will happen to six? Will she got consumed by the radio tower..? Damn, I didn't really know this game until like 3 days ago and only discovered a couple hours ago about the first little nightmare... I wish I know this earlier...

    99. SUGA's SWAG

      I hate how six takes advantage of mono and corrupts him :((

    100. DannyDeathwish

      Can I also mention when six and mono Burnt the doctor 6 sat down in front of the fire to warm up