Comparing Trevor Lawrence to Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Peyton Manning | Get Up

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14 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

    Tim Hasselbeck compares Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence to Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady, then Todd McShay addresses the question marks surrounding other QBs projected to be first-round picks in the 2021 NFL Draft.
    0:00 Tim Hasselbeck draws comparisons between Trevor Lawrence and star QBs from the NFL, including Cam Newton, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.
    2:16 Todd McShay addresses concerns about QBs projected to be selected in the first round.
    5:29 Hasselbeck weighs in on how Lawrence is an outlier in the draft because he has separated himself from the rest of the QB class.
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    1. Bob Nob

      Lets see how he adjust to the talent gap

    2. Cody Curnutte

      Tim sees one QB that can do things he never could. "This man must be the next Tom Brady!"

    3. Caleb Brimmer

      I like all these comparisons

    4. Livecustoms

      Joe Burrow is better

    5. SSgt Chit E. Panz

      Yeah.....wanna know how I know the MSM is full of 💩?

    6. kevin jeter

      sorry mahomes you will no longer be the best qb

    7. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

      Trevor Lawrence is going to get lit up on Week 1. The Jaguars probably got the Colts first.

    8. Jasmine Lanyard

      He's like Peyton and Tom because he's white and he's like Cam because he throws the football got it. So he's not like any of these players.

    9. King Luxxenburg


    10. jmiami89

      Fields is the best qb in this draft period.

    11. Jr Castillo

      The stupidity these sports analyst say is beyond me they must be miserable at home so they come to work im not making this stuff up

    12. Robert Grey


    13. Tone

      The rest of the team is trash! ...i.e. Detroit Lions

    14. Breon Mitchell

      Zack Wilson struggle vs Costal Carolina😂😭😂Gtfo not better Justin Fields put Trey Lance over Fields smoking drugs

      1. I.T

        Did u watch the BYU CC game? Wasn’t Wilson’s fault, BYUs players had multiple drops

    15. Daniel Tayong


    16. Antwany

      I really like trevor Lawrence but these guys just compared him to Tom Brady lol why would you do that to this guy? That's way too much pressure

      1. Dkdkd Jzkxidd

        @Silver Soul lebron James got compared to Michael jordon in highschool and the reporters said to his face if you Don’t be a hall of famer you will be considerd a bust I I know its a lot of pressure on Trevor but he have to live up to the hype like lebron did no excuses

      2. Silver Soul

        @Predatxr being in the spotlight and being compared to the greatest of all time is a whole diff story

      3. Predatxr

        He’s been in the spotlight since high school, he’ll be alright lmao

    17. JB Won

      You know I really like how that guy explained it at the end... I thought the 2nd tier of QBs were eh, but after realizing that most 1st round QBs have questions marks as to how well they'll perform, the reason I'm so biased is because Trevor Lawrence is like the second coming of John Elway. I've been following Trevor since his High School days in the E11 (only because Jack Tuttle was Utah's guy in the same class) and I remember him blowing me away with what he was able to do then, and how far he's come since at Clemson

      1. Mitchell Goldschmidt

        @HK that is so true

      2. HK

        Fields was Elite 11 MVP that year and has outplayed him every time they’ve played against each other in college.

    18. Hayden Nyagah

      I can see the Peyton comps and stuff but they really gotta stop trying to put these guys on a pedestal. Like yeah, Trevor is great but there’s only one Tom Brady and one Peyton Manning. No two QBs are the same and it’s unrealistic to assume he’ll reach those levels of greatness. Trevor Lawrence is the next Trevor Lawrence

    19. RTS tV


    20. RTS tV

      Trevor is going to f*** the NFL up.

      1. Russell Westbrook and Gus Malzahn Fan since 2010

        The Colt is going to light him up week 1.

      2. Merlin's Wand

        Ha! Couldn’t even f*ck up the ncaa let alone the nfl. Lol

    21. Mar San

      Here we go with the comparisons

    22. SpiritofE

      Jaguars dynasty 😁

      1. Yalesir


    23. Daniel J

      BOYYY if Trevor Lawrence don’t throw 27 TDS+ then I don’t get the hype poor mans Justin Herbert for me

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        All Ik is the way the media talks about him......he better look like Herbert straight out the gate or else ESPN has a lot of explaining to do

      2. Francis Kanneh

        @Daniel J the defense was bad also.

      3. Jags Fan

        Justin Herbert has easily top 5 WR group in the league, so let’s not act like Lawrence will be in the same situation as Herbert

      4. Daniel J

        @Hayden Nyagah yes Herbert had the worst graded O line in the league this season he’s a PLAYMAKER Jaguars have been held back by their qb they’ve lost a lot of 1 score games defense did their thing

      5. Hayden Nyagah

        I mean Lawrence is going to a way worse situation than Herbert got in LA. If Herbert was in Jacksonville last year, does he throw 27 tds and over 4000 yards?

    24. Jags Fan

      Trevor Lawrence will end up winning 9 Super Bowls

      1. Jags Fan

        @Ed Scott He coached national championship teams, so we don’t know if he can or can’t win a Super Bowl, but Trevor Lawrence is good enough to win a Super Bowl

      2. Ed Scott

        But Urban will not coach a Super Bowl-winning team.

      3. persistently driven

        16 Super Bowls

      4. Daniel J

        On madden lol

    25. Ol' GOAT City

      yeah like how dwyane haskins compared himself to Brady and then what happened? Strip clubbbb

      1. VenturaWeddings

        🐯GO TIGERSZZZZ 🐅

    26. Christopher Woodard

      This is what happens when you don't continue to drug test in Corporate America

      1. Breon Mitchell

        Lawrence 6ft6 213 not 220 Compare him Tom Brady😂😭 Compare Lawrence to Cam is better Comparison

    27. Christopher Woodard

      Wide receivers drafted 1 and 2 how you like those peaches. Y'all do not know the science that goes into these pics

    28. Lucky Luke

      What the F*** men? You guys are gonna ruin his career by compering him to Brady and Manning. Let him play few NFL games and then talk about Brady. SMH

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Palitine Boors All Ik is the way the media talks about him......he better look like Herbert straight out the gate

      2. Robert Grey

        @Palitine Boors or Hurbert

      3. Palitine Boors

        He’s not even as good as Watson

      4. 5H34

        A few years lmao

    29. wilshan68

      T'Law....TrevaSorisRex in this draft!!! 🐯GO TIGERSZZZZ 🐅

    30. staffshitty

      White Jesus

      1. Daniel J


    31. Shamar Doster

      Not better than Herbert

      1. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Daniel J All Ik is the way the media talks about him......he better look like Herbert straight out the gate

      2. Mitchell Ajieroh

        @Daniel J exactly

      3. Shamar Doster

        @Savage South ok

      4. Savage South

        @Shamar Doster I know his schedule was easy and I’m not a Clemson fan (Roll Tide) but no one can intelligently say Herbert is better or Lawrence will be better. Besides, rookie year in the nfl is the worst year to base one’s potential on. Year 2 is where it really shows because the Qb has more experience and defenses have tape now

      5. Savage South

        @Daniel J Andrew luck flopped? You are literally the only person who has said that. Dumb af