EXTREME Carolina Reaper Chicken Challenge

The Try Guys

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    The #FoodBabies are back and with a special guest! How will their taste buds hold up in this Spicy Carolina Reaper Chicken Challenge?!
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    1. Noel&Jekyll

      How did I miss this. Creepy Uncle Miles needs to be in more videos

    2. Mercy Bagley

      7:00 me. I am.

    3. Amber Davis

      Hey there I am! In the middle of that weird Venn diagram with the Wolverine reference watching food babies....now I will exit on my awkward turtle...

    4. ThePyrotechnics

      I’m half Sri Lankan and half Korean, spice is my life.

    5. Cilla

      I'm a big wolverine fan okay

    6. Cilla

      Miles kills me

    7. Naturally Sarcastic

      miles sounds like if keith and shane from watcher had a child

    8. JO1134

      Late to this video but yes I am a fan of Wolverine. Thank you for the shout out Miles and Food Babies.

    9. Silvi S

      As much I love Miles, would love to see Becky try some spicy challenge as well. She almost didn't feel anything when she was eating the Korean spicy ramen challenge. And also I think the Food Babies need their own end credit picture now .... Love the Try guys though

    10. Vanesa Ocasio

      I loved miles in this!! He should be in more !

    11. Marin B.

      Miles kind of reminds me of that guy from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

    12. saucyaly !!

      more uncle miles and food babies please !!

    13. Neha Misra

      (cocks gun) I heard a low-key Piscean insult

    14. sydney merryman

      I like how they have made a little food family where Ned & Keith are the dads with YB & Alex as their ‘children’ because they’re the Food Babies. (Along with Zach & Miles being the ‘uncles’ & Eugene being the Top Daddy). Good content.

    15. Nguyening Lifestyles - Finance, Food, and Family

      The question we're all really wondering though...was the heat worth it?

    16. Deicedell

      Hey Jini should try this hahahaha

      1. Rachel Wong

        She gonna go O___O again out of desire hahaha 🤤🤤🤤

    17. Jelleybean18

      Property damage?????

    18. Heather Gonzalez

      "Anybody a Food Baby and Wolverine fan? Probably not." 😂 im here but i still think it's funny

    19. Dennis Joseph Sentones

      A new character was created in this video, Creepy Uncle Miles.🤩☺️😚😊😍❤️😘😇

    20. megan griffin

      Why does Miles look like a human chicken to me? maybe its the nose...lol I can say that cuz I inherited my dad Cherokee nose...lol

    21. kate carew

      Poor Miles can’t say anything right!! I think the perception that he’s being creepy uncle is more in the eye of the beholder, but calling a piece a wiener and eating it is just funny? I get it, they’re busting his balls but it’s a little much.

    22. stintus

      I'm that food babies fan that is HERE for the friggin' Wolverine!

    23. Sakshi Singh

      Keith 's chicken lesson was cute 😄

    24. DeltaDeuces

      Wolverine reference in a Food Babies video earned my upvote. But I like any video with Miles in it.

    25. Shae Taylor Thomason

      Please bring the miles nation short back!! I want one so bad!!

    26. LiamMcfarlane13

      Nah, miles isn’t the creepy uncle, miles is the cousin who just got back from backpacking around Southeast Asia 😂

    27. Lissy Nosser

      I love that miles sounds like a mix of Keith and Zach

    28. Donna Valentine

      I adore the Food Babies. I just think the "speed round" of these episodes is unnecessary. It's not speedy, and it just makes the ladies miserable! 🙁 I'd much rather see them attempt the spicy levels without the misery of the speed round. I feel so bad for them! Either way, I'm here for the Food Baby content!

    29. nate levinson

      The swanky blanket advantageously cycle because cucumber coincidingly examine versus a vengeful helmet. learned, selfish organization

    30. karol josif morcillos

      I’m here because of the food babies! Hahahahaha

    31. TheOtherGuy5150

      Damn that chicken looks AMAZING! Dave, do us all a favor and come to the East Coast!

    32. Angelo Williams

      Alex: Uncle Miles wants a reach behind!? Jesus...I thought this was a wholesome show 🤣🤣

    33. unknown

      i liked the wolverine reference bub

    34. Smoola -

      I love Miles so much, it’s Great when he gets to be in videos

    35. Gentle Jen

      Love Miles. He’s hilarious.

    36. ThisIsACrappyUsername

      Everyone: reacts at first bite of Carolina reaper chicken YB: *keeps eating* ow my tongue *keeps eating*

    37. Imogen Gould


    38. William Inman

      Its kind of hilarious listening to the Dave guy talk like putting hot spices on fried chicken is new or that it was started by one reasturaunt. Lmao bro people have been bringing the heat to chicken since before you were born or Princes Hot Chicken opened. Like gtfoh. The only difference is yes, the stupid "spectacle" spices and peppers cultivated specifically for heat have only recently (in the grand scheme of things) become mainstream in terms of people wanting to try them.

    39. Justin Chao

      Has Dave heard of howlin rays😂

    40. Lily Yue

      That chicken looks yummy

    41. The Cosplaying Maple Tree

      I want miles to be in more vids. He's awesome.

    42. Ginny Davis

      Miles Nation gooooooooo!!! 🎧🤘🏻 this video was great! YB is a champpppp. Have you guys done a pasta challenge? Or cheese!?

    43. William Wilson

      The Human Body

    44. William Wilson

      Request: Ready Jet Go! Funding Credits Compilation (2016-present)

    45. William Wilson

      Request: MTV Logo History.

    46. Kasey M

      Lmao love them ❤❤

    47. Christina Luu

      The abbreviation of Creepy Uncle Miles does not make it better.

    48. Harrison Perry

      I dunno why I watch these. Most of the people from this channel annoy the shit outta me. How Keith landed that hot ass wife of his is beyond me.

    49. Jeorgia Knepp

      This has to be one of the best vids ever

    50. Jeorgia Knepp

      This made me hungry for chicken and spicy noodles

    51. Lyra Mathews

      hello yes, this is the small margin of people that are into wolverine and the food babies

    52. Myles Mendoza

      Lol did Miles forget Wolverine starred in like 6 mega blockbusters over 20 years

    53. Ceeiliaa Hi!

      I really like miles put him in more videos he’s great energy, charming and very handsome lol 😸

    54. thee cherubb

      I’m a vegetarian and I’m actually salivating because the chicken looks so good

    55. Voo Duu


    56. Ruza Hel

      Waving the red hot chicken, YB said calmly, “Yeah my tongue hurts.”

    57. tippycanoe99

      Love the FoodBabies. Chicken tender challenge with some spicy... I'm in.

    58. Katrina Hull

      Miles definitely gives off uncle vibes

    59. Javona Gavin

      Keith explains the difference in types of chicken 🍗 was just extraordinary 😍

    60. Jenna Teigland

      Day 84 of requesting Try Guys try Professional Swimming/Springboard Diving (once it’s safe to do so)

    61. KingSammyX

      Last time i had a reaper, it made me shit blood...

    62. hono morie

      i didnt know,miles is that funny! more miles please!

    63. OhYouKnow

      Love this trio, more uncle miles and food babies please!

    64. emily young

      I love miles omg

    65. audbhitnote

      The questionable group dfly blink because competitor generically point beyond a ajar coin. energetic, bored break

    66. Panic Monday

      MilesNation merch when?

    67. Panic Monday

      I was listening to the video and not watching and I kept thinking it was Keith talking.

    68. Luminous Authenticity

      i love miles so uch! hes the funniest

    69. Era 1113

      Love the Wolverine reference....although the claws kinda looked like something else... 😂

    70. rat bitch

      Miles looks like a stoner uncle rather than a creepy uncle

    71. rat bitch

      I dont wanna say I love creepy uncle miles but i love creepy uncle miles

    72. alida flus

      i don’t even know what the challenge is yet but yb is winning.

    73. A E

      look at yb pretending it hurts to spare the feelings of the other two. What a humble spice queen.

    74. Random Knight

      Imagine rubbing your eyes after a few of these *Eyes has left the game*

    75. Dinda Younfa

      I am! love food babies and wolverine!

      1. alida flus

        damn, if that hurt that much coming in, i can't imagine how much did it hurt coming out

    76. Ashlee Griffin

      Stop Uncle Miles!

    77. sebastien Vivas

      This needs Keith. Get the stunt double outta here

    78. mikea hiooi

      YB literally sat there like she was eating hot wings from KFC or sumn

    79. Kinda Sketchy

      Miles is hilarious! Loved this ep

    80. dantejada611

      Creepy Uncle Miles

    81. LivingMyLife22

      Have Miles come on as a guest move often for the food babies videos, he’s hilarious

    82. Richardson West

      The normal bite medicinally accept because peripheral expectantly soak of a racial love. unbecoming, untidy hip

      1. mikea hiooi

        I stan Miles tho, a comedy bean, laughed so hard that I almost fell off an exercise machine while watching this video. Love you all!!

    83. Cassie S

      i love when they put different edits on alex's sounds every food babies videos LMAOO

    84. Chyenne Miller

      i’m a fan of wolverine 😂

    85. Elisabeth Magyar

      Shoutout to my fellow Miles Nation fans and Wolverine fans lol

    86. Ethan Sony

      Dang, we got just a glimpse of this one back in September during Keith Eats Everything at Sonic

    87. josh

      Miles sound like keith,eugene,and ned

    88. Ailsa Seex

      miles hair i just cant

    89. Avory Faucette

      Hello Miles. I watch the Food Babies and am a Marvel comics fan :-P

    90. J Amyuni

      damn, if that hurt that much coming in, i can't imagine how much did it hurt coming out

    91. FaithHeart

      6:36 rare footage of Alexandria slowly building a spice tolerance

    92. Neptune

      Your trip to the toilet must have been a blast

    93. Robert Rios

      Uncle miles and food babies was 🔥... Said them to Texas for a food tour... Please

    94. Robert Rios

      Did he say no one makes spicy chicken lmao Mexicans duh white boy lmao

    95. selena nyx

      is it just me or does miles sorta look like Thorin Oakensheild (srry if I spelled it wrong) from The Hobbit???

    96. Andrew Chung

      I stan Miles tho, a comedy bean, laughed so hard that I almost fell off an exercise machine while watching this video. Love you all!!

    97. Chouinard Robert

      The chemical ornament disturbingly stroke because guilty topologically haunt beside a tangible vacation. brave, dull spandex

    98. zachary cooke

      6:25 💯% agree 👍

    99. Danny Fox

      I really don't think the group of people who watch the food babies and are xmen fans is as small as you think

    100. Phoebe Margallo

      miles sounds so much like keith wth