HEAT Vision Hide and Seek!!

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    Hey guys! In this video, we play hide and go seek with a thermal camera! All the lights are out and the only way you can see the players is with the camera. If there is a heat signature, its probably a player! Whoever catches everyone the quickest wins! Some other videos you may like are We Built a We Played Among Us in REAL Life!!, We Put in a Ski Slope in the Edge Space!! | Larger Than Life!, and The Worst Injury to Ever Happen in a Team Edge Video.. We have also appeared on Dope or Nope, Rekt, and Battle universe! Who do you think will win this challenge??
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    1. Alice The Malice

      Nobody: Bryan: playing among us

    2. kxrby

      Imagine seriously disliking a team edge video like if you don't like the content just find a new channel and they haven't done anything wrong

    3. Bentley Youngs

      when your grandpa trying to be cool 15:55

    4. Chase Christensen

      Jordan won he never tagged him

    5. Joshua Henderson

      and Bryans second hiding spot was good.

    6. Joshua Henderson

      Jordan had some good hiding spot's but Seth kinda sucked. I am sorry Seth. Bobby had the right idea hiding in the clothes.

    7. Earthquakenuked dusty

      Can we turn them into a hydra

    8. GREEN NINJA. 57

      Jordan look like eren attack Titan from AOT

    9. GREEN NINJA. 57

      Why does Jordan look like eren attack when he open his mouth

    10. Jose Lopez

      No one: the subtitles: wow i lonyest broke my toe

    11. Eliana Burela

      Joey has high pitched screams like a little girl.

    12. Blake White

      Note to all of them that if you found the best hiding spot it’s not the best hiding spot

    13. novbecky88

      Bryan watching this video to see what happened the whole time 👁👄👁

    14. Vietnam Mickey

      ITS AT 999k views who will be the 1 millionth?!

    15. Mason Baswell

      Girl or boy?

    16. bardock saiyan


    17. Voids YEET

      At 3:39 what did he say

    18. Ewan Donohue

      at 0:33 it made me laugh quite the amount.

    19. Mouree Mou

      Jordan Looks like Madox

    20. Alejandro Luna

      Is it just me, or does Joey’s scream sound like a tea cettle😂😂😂😂 lol

    21. James Thomas

      Bobby how did you go from 58 to 60

    22. Tedo7

      i mean hi

    23. Cody Smith

      You need to make a shirt that has Bobby as a hippo 🦛 at the pocket

    24. Mr poetic

      Let's get the likes up

    25. Mr poetic

      Jordan being there makes it so much funnier even seth there I always watch theses shows family bound is strong

    26. Cor1, 000

      Hide and seek with a heat detector. Does that make it hide and heat

    27. Russell Wareham

      it should be called hide and heat

    28. FoxtetGaming

      What app were you using for the thermal?

    29. Tyty_ 757

      I like how hippos run faster than horses

      1. Yolo Lifestyle


    30. Melodee white

      Joey's scream makes me crack up so hard😂😂

    31. Sevad Puskar

      But bobby had to tag them and j- fred didnt

    32. BBB Balll brothers j and A cool bask in the glory

      He's scream 😅😅 11:08

      1. BBB Balll brothers j and A cool bask in the glory

        Scream 😂😅 13:19


      This has to be the best, getting paid to play games for hours, it has to be the life

    34. kiroshi harimy

      Play more among us IRL and more of this please these last 29 videos have been the absolute best and have been hilarious please do more please.

    35. Mr poetic

      It would be funny if they add the new crew to some of the old stuff

    36. Mr poetic

      Bring old school hide and seek where you guys hide on the ladder and stuff

    37. Banana Jones

      Dud when Joey bumped into the corner walls, the sound scared the heck of me lol

    38. brogz1986

      I love when bobby loses count and starts singing his abc’s

    39. dwadw,a dwafj

      Joey just LOVES seeing the world burn

    40. NightWolf_2020

      I feel bad for bryan because like GOD spot but no fun :(

    41. MB

      Bobby should have gotten extra time since he had to tag people!

    42. playtime foxy

      It's almost like the seeker is a yautja.

    43. bethy best

      Congratulations on the new child

    44. flyby gaming

      yeah congrats

    45. Jedi Master Ethan

      10:02 is there a window over there?

    46. VS - 02SA 885408 Pte Buckam Singh PS

      What do I have to say when you do a test on your own test and then you get an idea of your test life is not ok working out what your talking to about is it up and then down

    47. crazykids 200

      Man Bryan got Bobby good

    48. dyllon sather

      Bobby and I, is correct ;)

    49. Bethany Hill

      This was great! Please do more!! 😂❤️ Big fan you guys!!!

    50. Rob N

      Joey looks like that kid that takes your phone and runs while recording,

    51. Kellen Bradley

      Joey: I have a child on the way Me: How tall is he or she going to be

    52. ToxicTeVa

      Bruh I come back after 4 years and Bobby’s having a kid and there’s some random tall guy and a short guy

    53. arti_soph

      Dude you're having a child Joey? Wow congrats!

    54. Hodge Podge

      Oh come on. Joey didn't have to chase anyone, thats not fair to Bobby!

    55. Daveson_ GG Gamer

      I felt like that wasn’t fair because Joey just finds them and the hiders stay there whereas Bobby has to chase them all over

    56. Amber Jean

      Did they get an infrared camera on an iphone? or is it an attachment?? someone please let me know!

    57. Bluefleet OC

      i feel like this is a bit unfair for bobby, that he had to run around to catch everyone as they could run around as well

    58. Xando 34

      You said “it’s basically between Bobby and I” which is correct grammar and your editor flashed “me” on the screen even though “I” was correct. Just saying

    59. Ibrahim124 A

      The seeker must have

    60. Ibrahim124 A


    61. FX Lyon

      Joey fucking with Bobby this whole time is a MOOD lmao Also congrats on the baby!!

    62. Helena Salame

      This needs more views

    63. josh4fun

      I love how perfectly fair all of their videos are. They are truly an example of fairness

    64. Zelda Chick

      Hide and heat.

    65. wallcon10

      they need to do this at a store

    66. Mrtoxic0330 toxic

      At 5:06 hears Jonny

    67. Alivia Guinsler

      I can't what ur 3 newest videos meber only o can't join the

    68. Freddy Anmatons

      Oh no‼️

    69. Kurt Manor

      ha ha yeah

    70. InZOMBIac Teddi

      Bobby's counting should be on a t-shirt: 1,2,3,4,5,6...this is getting boring- I lost track...ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP..What comes after that?!..20! lmao love bobby XD

    71. Andres Echeverry

      Subscriber for over 4 years gang:hit that like

    72. 23knameless

      I miss you guys I haven’t watched you for a year :(

    73. ItsBananaSplit

      bobby not knowing the abcs 🤣

    74. LittleCozGaming

      this is like the first team edge vid I've watched. Low key thought joey was matt without a beard

    75. Official Gray

      bobby at the beginning: 🌊🌊🌊🌊

    76. Kurt Quinnley

      Bobby’s a fish not a hippo


      Also congratulations Joey🤗🥳🎉🎊


      Hahah Bobby chasing after them is literally me playing tag where everyone just sprints away and it’s like bruh😑

    79. Crazy Girl

      Congrats joey and kelly on the 👶❤

    80. Psycho _

      Why do I feel like Joey is going to be the funniest dad

    81. Benjamin Whitt

      Are we not going to talk about how they copied the funk bros and didn’t even give them credit

    82. Grady Steele

      Comment section 100% about Joeys child

    83. janelle medrano


    84. Aislin Kesterson

      Oml is a grown man named Joey legit screaming like a girl 😂

    85. Myroslava Chyzhevska

      Can you play amoun us with me today

    86. Myroslava Chyzhevska

      You are my fravorite youtuber on the world

    87. Not zeke from discord

      everyone: JOEY IS HAVING A KID CONGRATS me: Lol bryan is just playing Among us

    88. Ben #16

      3:06, I love how Bryan is just playing among us on his phone

    89. Super man Sigh gas sdfgh

      Do you know there’s a way that you could set your whole body on fire and you wouldn’t feel thing

    90. A-Zone

      You can tell they had fun filming this. That's one of my favorite things about Team Edge

    91. Martin Mata

      If you think about ,it they don't have, not even 1 percent of dislikes

    92. SuperFireLuigi

      That wasn’t fair at all

    93. Maddyn 0-0

      joey congratulations on the baby do you have any names your thinking of

    94. Sports4life

      Congrats for the kid joey

    95. David Sherfield

      Bobby, you wouldn’t have beaten Joeys time if you did tag him, because he had only 7 seconds to spare so he wins at the end of the day either way.

    96. Marlen Lopez

      The time that Joey is using shoes and Bryan sandals. And congrats joey for the child

    97. David Smith

      Next time do hide and seek but cheat using that thing *forgot what it was called*

    98. Plasma Dragail

      Congrats Joey!!

    99. Sketchy Ponè

      Congrats joey on your incoming child I’m so happy for ya

    100. PDX Gaming