The 5 FASTEST Players of NFL Combine History - How Did Their Careers Turn Out?

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    In this video, I discuss the careers of the five fastest players of NFL Combine History, based on their 40 yard dash time. The five players are Dri Archer, Jerome Mathis, Chris Johnson, Rondel Menendez, and John Ross. They played for the Steelers, Texans, Titans, Falcons, and Bengals. I also briefly mention their college football careers and the NFL Draft. This is my first time doing commentary, so I will work on improving for my future videos.
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        Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind, but no guarantees lol

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        That was an awesome video , yes I’ll Sub ..( no TB please unless your doing some other vids ..)

      3. sydboski

        @Richard B. Davis By what measurement?

      4. Richard B. Davis

        Bobby Hayes was the fastest “

    2. Famoz Fam

      No Joey Galloway?

      1. sydboski

        Galloway never ran a semi automatic timed 40.

    3. E Bon

      The squalid agenda developmentally bomb because cook phongsaly post with a perfect puppy. loose, probable richard

    4. C Bama

      Terrell owens smh

      1. sydboski

        What about him?

    5. Real Guy

      2013 Carlin Isles. Detroit Lions 4.22

      1. sydboski

        Isles did not run in the combine. He was hand timed at thr Lions camp.

    6. HeartlessNinja

      You should've thrown Randy Moss in an honorable mention category. The dude only knew one play and that was to blow by everyone and get in the endzone. Which he did quite often and easily. Nobody could keep up with him. I remember one game he scored 3 tds. 1st td guarded by 1 guy, 2nd td covered by 2 guys, 3rd td covered by everyone and still blows by em.

      1. sydboski

        Moss did not have a semi automatic 40 time. His 4.25 was hand timed.

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        True, but while he definitely had elite speed, I’d say that the players i featured in this video are still faster than him by a decent margin. It was the combination of Moss’s elite speed with his other top tier attributes such as his size that made him unstoppable.

    7. HeartlessNinja

      Why tf you put a tom Brady highlight in the fastest NFL players vid lmao. He be going backwards if he ran any slower.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        @HeartlessNinja haha

      2. HeartlessNinja

        @PrimeTime Productions lol watching him run makes me sleepy

      3. PrimeTime Productions

        Don’t sleep on the 🐐 lol

    8. Kras 4

      Where is Reynoldo Neiamiah, Willie Gault or Ron Brown on the fast list? These guys were Olympic sprinters as well as very good NFL football players from the late 80s. The only guy I’ve ever seen run down & tackle Gault was Darell Green.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        I only included official electronic times in this video. But yeah, I agree a lot of those guys would be in this video if I was basing it on pure speed instead of the 40 yard dash at the nfl combine

    9. the one above all

      Why you going to drive someone and don't use them that much that's stupid Steelers

    10. K Mc


    11. Eric Hansen

      What about John Ross??

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Did you watch the entire video lol

      2. Eric Hansen

        He ran a 4.22 40 yard dash.

    12. travisjohnson057

      tennessee should of kept cj and vy together i think the chemistry they had together as a qb rb duet would of been special

      1. Luxurious Entertainment UNCUT


    13. travisjohnson057

      seem like it was some politics going on against dri archer in pittsburgh

    14. buck4life1

      I had a 2.9 40 yard dash in 2001, but I was on a Yamaha !

      1. PrimeTime Productions


    15. Mike Talley

      Combine times does not equal game speed dude

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Yeah ik

    16. Nilevalley Rollin

      How the hell you gonna show sproles gettin hit instead of your featured #2 ]person

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Let’s just say it’s extremely difficult if not impossible to find footage of a 1999 preseason game. I just used Sproles as an example of what the play might have looked like

    17. Infinite Action Gaming

      Deion sanders had the fastest combine 40 yard dash

      1. sydboski

        Hand times do not count. And his hand timed 4.27 has been eclipsed by semi automatic times.

    18. Stretch

      I don’t think Ross ran a 4.22 that electronic thing had a malfunction it didn’t pop up until like 3-5 sec later


      There is a thing called "fast and foolish" in the game of cricket. Guy named patrick patterson had so much pace but no controll. He eventually failed

    20. EL 'D

      Great Video , THUMBS DOWN for Tragically Slow tum Braby .. why is he on this vid yeuck !!

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    21. lennorris Murray

      I you leave out, Kaufman from the raiders

      1. sydboski

        He was before 1999.

    22. lennorris Murray

      So what happened to the rocket Ishmael from the raiders and jet

      1. sydboski

        They were before 1999.


      Me nen dez not men nah dez lol

    24. General Tito

      The fastest dude I seen up close was Olympic Silver medalist hurdler Reggie Torian. Was on football and track with him. He went on to be a receiver at Wisconsin before being in the 1996 Atlanta games. Go Thunderbirds!!!!

    25. rileyandmike

      I know several players who ran faster than 4.24 in the 40 but they were not great players - just track guys that were projects

    26. Jimmy Schocher

      This guys voice is really pissing me off

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Lol nice

    27. hung calvin

      The tasty rat selectively surround because llama energetically juggle via a deadpan argentina. phobic, narrow patient

    28. rtbrain rules

      No mention of Tyreek hill?

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        He wasn’t invited to the combine

    29. Hqndles

      Ok dri archer bc I’m Steelers fan

    30. B4GGAW


      1. sydboski

        Uh 1. Bo never went to the combine. 2. His 40 time is a complete myth.

    31. Bodda Boom

      Nice video, but could you make it any more obvious you are reading off of a sheet of paper?

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Lmao you try memorizing 2000 words

    32. Nick Taylor

      At 3:25 WHO WAS THAT that ran him down and caught him from behind!!!!!

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Stanford Routt, he ran a 4.27 so just barely didn’t make this list



      1. sydboski

        @PrimeTime Productions Semi automatic timing.

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        Electronic timing was not implemented yet when he ran at the combine

    34. Steve Swangler

      the combine is a joke. scouts that even use the combine should be fired. if you are worth anything in scouting, watch the players in college, how high they can jump, how fast they run, whatever other physical tests they go through, none of it can tell you how a guy will play once the ball is kicked off.

    35. JizzyJake

      I ran a 3.62 and you've never heard of me

      1. sydboski

        Then your alarm clock woke you up.

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        Yeah sure man

    36. Gerald Pierson

      Joey Galloway is an honorable mention so is probably the fastest player in NFL history Bob Hayes. Joey Galloway, Darrell Green, Bob Hayes & Chris Johnson all have one thing in common.. They are world class sprinters!!

      1. sydboski

        @Gerald Pierson Ah yes they both ran track, but neither was world class. Galloway ran a reported 10.35 100m at that time the qualifying standard for the Olympics or World Championships was 10.20. CJ2K's best 100m was 10.66 no where near world class.

      2. Gerald Pierson

        @sydboski ah Joey Galloway & Chris Johnson both were in track & field.

      3. sydboski

        And only Hayes and Green were world class sprinters. Galloway and CJ were not.

      4. PrimeTime Productions

        None of those guys except cj2k ran an official time, otherwise I have no doubt they’d be featured in this video

    37. gmurray658

      Yo let's give some props to Stanford Routt, (Raiders) who ran down Mathis preventing him from crossing the goalline. Look him up! He legit also.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        4.27 so barely didn’t make the list

    38. thejermainelewis

      Great video sir!

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Thanks! I really appreciate it!

    39. Real Guy

      Carlin Isles with Detroit Lions ran 4.22 40y. He’s been USA Rugby and is fasted rugby player in the world.. check him out

      1. sydboski

        Isles never made the team. His 40 was hand timed and not at the combine.

    40. MrDiaz111

      Any idea where Gerald Tinker ranks in the fastest football players?

      1. MrDiaz111

        @sydboski thank you, I was friends and teammates with Tinker at Memphis State.

      2. sydboski

        Tinker ran a hand timed 10.10 100m that converts to 10.34 fully automatic timing. 10.34 would rank him tied for 50th all time.

    41. Janu Katan

      So,Menendez's 4.19 electronic time,doesn't count ,because they believe he wore 'Track Shoes'?!

      1. PrimeTime Productions


    42. johnny phillips

      The 40 is cool and all but their is a difference in combine speed and playing speed.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Yeah definitely

    43. Hawkeye 11871

      Ross is overrated. He has cornerback hands, trips on a blade of grass. Bengals should have taken TJ Watt, and picked up Ross in the second round.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        I mean yeah John Ross isn't as good as TJ Watt and yeah he wasn't worth the 9th overall pick, but I wouldn't say he's overrated, people know what type of player he is. Also, a part of the reason he hasn't done too well so far in his career is because of his injuries.


      Welp there goes that John Ross theory

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        @IBALLZ IBALLZ haha I really appreciate it


        Hey at least you know I watched it to the end, overall a good job dude 👍🏽

      3. PrimeTime Productions


    45. M D

      I went to school with Menendez at EKU. We were both banging a couple of coeds that were roomnates and crossed each others path a few times. He was a good guy with alot of humility.

    46. Brian Dunmore

      Where is Deion and Daryl Green in this?????

      1. sydboski

        @PrimeTime Productions Semi Automatic timing. Electronic is just the way the times are displayed on a time clock or scoreboard.

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        The NFL didn’t have electronic timing when they ran at the combine

    47. Chief Dymond Wolf

      Bro, they were using digital timers when Bo Jackson ran his 40.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        The NFL implemented electronic timing in 1999. Bo Jackson was drafted in 1986.

    48. Gary Bitto

      But OJ did it with a 12 game season, not 16. Stop and think about that!!!!!!!!!!!!

    49. wjlintz

      In case anyone's wondering how John Ross's breakout 2020 season turned out: 3 GAMES, 7 TARGETS, 2 RECEPTIONS, 17 YARDS, 0 TOUCHDOWNS.

    50. rickie wiley

      Everyone of these cats are fast. Some slow down when the pads go on. Tyreek Hill honestly looks faster In pads. I've never seen such speed on the football field and I've been a nfl fan for going on 40 years. That dude is without a doubt the scariest guy in the league with the ball in his hands.

      1. rickie wiley

        @sydboski I agree completely. I believe hill has amazing quick twitch muscle movement. If you look how he is built he is unbelievably chiseled out of iron. And most receivers while clearly in shape are not as compact as he is. Put him next to Ross and one looks like a middleweight boxer while the other looks like a sprinter

      2. sydboski

        @rickie wiley Hill's best 100m is 10.19 and Ross' best is 10.66.

      3. sydboski

        @rickie wiley The 40 doesn't measure how fast the fastest players run. It only measures quickness and partial acceleration because the fastest don't reach top speed til about 50m out.

      4. PrimeTime Productions

        @rickie wiley sure Tyreek would probably beat Ross in pads, but I think a lot of why Tyreek is so fast on the field is because of his lateral quickness. For pure straight line speed, Ross (pre-injury) could probably give him a run for his money, although I'd say Ross is still slower.

      5. rickie wiley

        @PrimeTime Productions absolutely he is fast. But I'd bet a million bucks with pads on tyreek would smoke ross. Without pads probably completely different outcome

    51. James Mayden

      Imo, sometimes the coaches in the league don't know how to maximize talent. Dri Archer should have never been used as a running back in the NFL. A slot receiver at best, along with kick and punt return duties.

      1. DAVis Thomas

        @Steven L he most likely couldn't find the ball at the top of a route.

      2. Steven L

        Yeah but sometime players can't make that transition. If he had been playing running back his whole life he might not have been able to switch to another position at the NFL level even if his skillset was better for another position. Obviously there's been success stories of players switching position by the time they reach the NFL, but more of then not it doesn't work out. Some players been playing the same position for 10-15 years and then have to try to learn a new position against the best players in the world

    52. max D

      Didn't Jeff Demps set record running a 10.01 100m and his Bio says 4.27 40

      1. sydboski

        @Gabriel RAwls Trentavis Holliday ran10.00 which is the HS record. I don't trust any of those 40 times as they all are still started by hand.

      2. Gabriel RAwls

        @sydboski nothing is strange with their times. The 40 is exactly wat it says 40 yards. Ross has the fastest 40 yards but he’s not the fastest over 100 yards compared to guys like trindon and Jeff demps

      3. Gabriel RAwls

        @sydboski he’s talking about high school...demps ran 10.01 in high school which is still the fastest high school 100 time ever

      4. sydboski

        Demps did run 10.01. I don't know if it was a record. The 40 is only semi automatic. Meaning it is still started by hand and just stopped by laser. Jacoby Ford ran 10.01 also. His 40 was 4.26 Trindon Holliday ran 10.00 twice. His 40 is 4.27. But CJ2K and John Ross both ran 10.66 and have 4.24 and 4.22 40's. Something is strange here.

    53. Ayo_ Jon25

      No tyreek bruh u crazy

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        He didn’t go to the combine

    54. Rob Sparks

      Really SMH

      1. PrimeTime Productions


    55. Lol Lol

      Isnt tyreek hill faster than john ross??

      1. sydboski

        Yes Hill is faster than Ross. Hill 10.19 100m vs 10.66 for Ross.

      2. Lol Lol

        @PrimeTime Productions ah ty i didnt know that

      3. PrimeTime Productions

        he didnt run at the nfl combine, this video is based off 40 yard times only

    56. Ray W

      Ruggs. And soon Waddle.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        too bad there's no combine this year :( Also Ruggs ran a 4.27

    57. Gator Fishin

      Notice the theme? Stay healthy my friends.

    58. Jeff Kosiba

      Gerald the mouse McFadden reportedly ran a 4.23 while at Cleveland state in 86

      1. sydboski

        Not at thr combine so it was most likely hand timed.

    59. Jerry Morgan

      I wish just one of you guys would mention the defender that caught your hero from behind

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        That was stanford Routt. He ran a 4.27 so just barely didn’t make the list

    60. Gabriel Long

      Oooooooo.... he said Redskins

    61. Clayton Callandret

      John Ross ran 4.22

    62. Asad Marji

      The odd pollution comprehensively accept because flock significantly sin unto a towering wedge. green grey grieving, ruddy swedish

    63. Dembrow I_N_C.

      40 yard dash times are one thing. But what y'all don't realize is Darrel had the equivalent of what is known in the air force as an "afterburner." When Darrel wanted to turn on the jets, he could turn on the jets. Them tootsies in his socks were basically 150 shots of Nitrous. Film proves this, as he almost magically just moves faster for short bursts.

    64. Soy Sauce

      Love John Ross. He did played for our Washington state football team!

      1. George McKinney

        U Dub

    65. Sharif Wilson

      All in all ur speed will be diff without equipment as to having it on in the combine the have loose clothing on and its a straight dash know we all know in the NFL running straight is only when u get in open field that's not to take away from there speed but just being a realist


      What was the Combine's 40 yard times for the current top 10 scoring STARTING Wide receivers and top 10 scoring STARTING RB's from the 2019 season? Anyone have such a list?


      3 of those players had seasons that were BETTER than most NFL STARS of modern day players so what the F***? This makes no sense...Some details are missing in these BIO's

      1. PrimeTime Productions


    68. diamondrmp

      Why wouldn't Bo be in this? He has an ELECTRONIC time of 4.13 at the Combine! It has been confirmed! Do better research.

      1. sydboski

        @diamondrmp Seems like you need some enlightenment. The correct formal names for the 3 timing methods are: 1. Hand timing whch was used exclusively by the NFL up through 1998. 2. Semi Automatic timing which is what the NFL uses since 1999. Meaning it is still started by hand and it is just stopped by laser. 3. Fully Automatic timing which is what is used in real track meets. The clock is started by the starter's gun and stopped by laser. There is no human error.

      2. diamondrmp

        @sydboski It's called ELECTRONIC not automatic!

      3. sydboski

        @diamondrmp No it wasn't. There is only 3 methods of timing. Hand, semi automatic, and fully automatic. Electronic is only the way the time is displayed on a time clock or scoreboard. All 3 methods can be displayed electronically.

      4. diamondrmp

        @PrimeTime Productions It was partial electronic.

      5. sydboski

        Plus Bo never went to the combine. Looks like YOU need to do better research BEFORE you make yourself look foolish again.

    69. Bot Fields

      Jacoby Jones was faster than jerome mathis

      1. sydboski

        Show us the numbers that back that claim.

    70. Raymond Chase

      I'm looking for Darrell Green Son Is he still playing football

      1. sydboski


    71. Jeremy Downin

      Deion Sanders ran a 4.21 dude, you know nothing

      1. sydboski

        You obviously did not pay attention to the video. He is only counting semi automatic times from 1999 up to today. He is not counting hand times. Anyone 1998 and before were all hand timed.

    72. sydboski

      John Ross is NOT the NFL's fastest player.

    73. Edwin North

      Yeah smfh wth where is Don Beebes 4.21 hes the fastest

      1. sydboski

        Lol that was a fluffed hand time. Deion ran him down like a grown up chasing a lil kid about to run into a busy street.

    74. Fatboy Slim

      The word your looking for is contribute, not con-tri-bute.

    75. Black Male 1st

      The fastest electronic timed is Usain Bolt

      1. sydboski

        Bolt's time was faked. It was a publicity stunt. Plus it was not at the combine.

    76. Blakc Ice TV

      Tyreek Hill

      1. sydboski

        Sorry he never went to the combine.

    77. Steven Herzberg

      The story goes that Deion Sanders didn't warm up or stretch. He showed up a the combine in a limousine, told the driver he would be right back, went is and did one 40 yard sprint, and kept going right back to the limousine without stopping. If that's really how it went down he might have easily clocked a better time had he prepared. Players usually don't run faster than they have to, but when he needed to pull away it was undeniable; Deion was in a league of his own.

      1. sydboski

        Unfortunately Sanders' 40 was hand timed.

    78. UnderStructureRepair

      At 5:05, watch Chris Johnson kinda wave at the kicker when he went by him. He stuck his arm out to stiff arm him , but he ended up being too far away. Chris Johnson is the second best running back ever. Dickerson is #1.

      1. Slimmy Hendrix

        I don't say that to try n take any credit from dude. CJ2K just didn't do what he was doing long enough like many other RB's before n after him like Arian Foster, Natron Means,

      2. Slimmy Hendrix

        Nah. He wasn't better than Marshall Faulk, Adrian Peterson, Emmitt Smith, Barry Sanders, Tomlinson, Walter Payton, Bo Jackson, Shaun Alexander, Jim Brown, Priest Holmes, Tiki Barber or Terrell Davis. Dude had 1 Amazing n 3 Real Good Seasons. He was Very Good but not a Great by comparison to any of names I've listed.

    79. UnderStructureRepair

      On a much smaller scale, my story is like Jerome Mathis'. I ran JV track and the guys told me that I had caught the attention of the steelers. Then they became jealous and kept telling the coach that I was getting in their way during races. Coach said I was too Slow to be on the men's team. I asked" If the guys are complaining that I am in their way, doesn't that mean that I am clearly ahead of them? " I put ended up that my only attachment to high school sports was doing laundry for the football team. I had a choice. Do the laundry or get beat up by girls. I have scars to this day. Deep mental scars

    80. GhostDawg 50

      Surw he can run... But can he dodge a wrench?

    81. Francis Dasta

      John Ross was picked right before Mahomes

      1. Slimmy Hendrix

        And for the 9th Pick, of the very 1st Rd in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Cincinnati Bengals Pick, Their NOSE, Snot Receiver out of Missisniffi State

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        Yeah he was

    82. Christian Charles

      Browns vs titans 12/6/20

    83. Grow My Presence

      Bo Jackson's electronic time was 4.13 at the combine.

      1. sydboski

        @Grow My Presence I saw the interview. He was on his way to track practice. There are many holes in his story also. His 4.13 40 time is a complete myth.

      2. Grow My Presence

        @sydboski the nfl wasn't the only guys timing him he did run track sir... Just watch the interview...

      3. sydboski

        @Grow My Presence He also did not run 4.13 electronically timed. The NFL used hand timing exclusively up to 1998. They switched to semi automatic timing in 1999. But pro days are still hand timed. There is only 3 methods of timing. Hand time Semi Automatic Fully Automatic There is no method of timing called electronic. Electronic is just the way the time is displayed on a time clock or scoreboard. All three methods can be displayed electronically. Bo's times from other distances do not point to him being 4.13 quick. Plus the 60m world record holder and quickest starter in sprint history Christian Coleman ran an NFL style 40 in 4.12. There is no way possible that Bo Jackson would have been able to run stride for stride with Coleman who is also the 6th fastest human in history. With a 9.76 100m vs Bo's best of 10.44.

      4. Grow My Presence

        @sydboski Your right combine was incorrect.

      5. sydboski

        Total myth. Bo never went to the combine.

    84. tricktaylor1983

      In Madden franchise mode i always take the fastest runner in the draft and turn them into a fantastic kick returner. They preach speed but 100 guys got drafted before them who were slower. Guess 4.4 speed with skill is better than a 4.2 guy w less talent...

    85. Larri Dead

      John Ross who? Lol

    86. Zac Ton

      Tyreek Hill's faster than all these guys

    87. Mike Jorgensen

      Deion wouldn't make the list. Bo would

      1. sydboski

        @Mike Jorgensen Well Bo's time is a myth. But his times from other distances do not point to him being that quick. He says it was electronic timing. But unfortunately in 1986 the NFL ONLY used hand timing. Plus there are only 3 types of timing methods. 1. Hand timing used by the NFL exclusively up though 1998. 2. Semi Automatic timing which is used by the NFL since 1999 at the combine. It is started by hand and stopped by laser. 3. Fully Automatic timing like they use at real track meets. Notice there is no electronic timing? That is because electronic is the way the time is displayed on a time clock or scoreboard. All 3 of the timing methods can be displayed electronically.

      2. Mike Jorgensen

        @sydboski it was suppose to say Bo, and Deion even hand timed wouldn't be on this list. He was speedy but he wasn't a guy that would have made this list even if it was electronically timed

      3. sydboski

        Deion's 40 was hand timed so he won't make this list. Both who?

    88. Justin Boseman

      Jeff Demps??? Gold medalist in Olympics 2 time Florida Gator national champion? I wish he would've played football first instead of running track.

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        he didn't go to the combine, but he definitely would have had a good chance of breaking the record

    89. John Chaffin

      Yea where's Primetime and Darryl Green

      1. sydboski

        Their 40 times were hand timed.

    90. Henry Gondorff

      Ever hear of Bo Jackson ??

      1. sydboski

        Hand timed myth.

    91. Matthew Sipe

      Alot of reasons guys dont pan speed dont always mean success... I ran a 4.44 as a soph in hs, and 4.25 my sr yr......we just had a bad program and didnt get good exposure.... Things happen....

      1. Matthew Sipe

        @PrimeTime Productions yeah...u can also look on the other side of that... a player who was told he wouldnt make it, becomes a star

      2. PrimeTime Productions

        True, there’s many variables that factor into nfl success, with speed being just of of them

    92. Slipitin Cider

      I don't know how this was put into my recommendations. I was glad it was... That John Ross comment at the end didn't age well though lol

      1. PrimeTime Productions

        Glad you enjoyed! And yeah sadly he keeps getting injured

    93. Tanner Holt

      Where is tavon Austin?

      1. sydboski

        When and what was his 40 time.

    94. Psycho Creep

      So many guys made a living at these small schools with crazy 4.3 and 4.2 speeds! That speed allows them to lol like men amongst boys at these smaller slower less athletic schools but once they get in the NFL they get exposed! In my opinion the most famous exception was the one and only Randy Moss! He played at small little Marshall university and looked like a man amongst boys but then went to the NFL with the Vikings and still ended up being a man amongst boys. Moss went to many pro bowls and is a hall of famer!

    95. Sean Khoshnood

      Dri archer went to my highschool. Sucks he isn't in the league anymore

    96. Backspace Ninja

      Wasn’t there someone who ran super fast at a combine but got injured because of it? I’m commenting this before he even got into the video. So.. I might see him. Edit: this player broke a record for his 40

    97. John Williams

      Bo has the fastest time end of story. I have always thought the 40 was an over rated drill

      1. It's me in 3 2 1

        Bob Hayes would've destroyed the 40

      2. sydboski

        Bo's 40 time is a myth.

    98. SilverBullet


    99. Carl Horton

      Bo knows SPEED!!!

      1. sydboski

        He also knowa his 4.12/13 is a fluffed myth.

    100. joe pope

      Hines is dope