Dude Perfect Corn Maze (Behind The Scenes)

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    1. 高瑞隆

      i think dude perfect is very good at trickshots

    2. Micah Beall

      YO! GUYS! My grandfather lives like 5 miles away from Irons Mill! Why y’all not say anything!?

    3. Matthew Mielke

      I dont know why I am upset that they are filming in what used to be my home town, but I am for whatever reason. It is illogical, but in my heart I feel very upset lol.

    4. Swamionpc

      WE NEED TIM AND CHAD TECH TALK, i only watch dp plus for the tech

    5. Haley Lightcake

      I wish they gave us the satisfaction of Cody coming out of the Corn maze ;-;

    6. Subzero Pie

      But I like Chad tech talk

    7. Nature Is awesome

      How long was Cody in the maze poor cody

    8. andrew varnum

      I care Tim!

    9. Jonathan Gotlib

      I really don't want to be that guy, but why aren't they wearing any masks? Even if they had them on and dropped them down to their chins when on camera... I get that they are probably in some sort of a bubble together, but with such a large fan base of young people, just figured they would want to set a good example. Although, I have no idea when this was filmed - I assume sometime in 2020.

    10. Austin Mills

      cody is always hurt

    11. Guru Nithin

      Shadow ban

    12. Kid

      Tim looks so done with everyone

    13. George Mueller Trick Shots

      I was literally at Iron Mills Farmstead 5 days before the video was posted. You should have told me you were there.

    14. Kristen Halliburton

      Team Cody baby

    15. Hans Kaarstein

      We want more Chad tech talks!!! THE PEOPLE WANT OT TYLER

    16. Megan Howell

      Hey anyone here from Pennsylvania!!

    17. Aida Sanchez

      Classic dp

    18. teresia anderson

      At 0:04, was that a wasp that flew in front of the camera?

    19. Y.Srinivasa Rao

      I love coby team coby

    20. Luke Aherne

      That mini horror film was fantastic

    21. Juliet Heath

      Oh phew Panda's coming back. I was worried there

    22. Yeet JR.

      Can we get a Chad Tech Talk channel Where we (the DP viewers) get to see the filming aspects of Dude perfect videos.

    23. Juliet Heath

      We need more Chad's Tech Talk!

    24. mohammad usman

      love from pakistan

    25. Austin Giannasio

      I would like to know what type of drone y’all are using because I would like to get one of my own and that device that lets the drone focus on u pleas let me know

    26. Ca Sneaks

      The well-to-do antarctica specially examine because specialist unpredictably wrap pace a nippy inch. needy, knotty rake

    27. Chocolate Milk

      It even has zebras

    28. Chocolate Milk

      I have a ranch in Valley Center, California that is 1000 acres

    29. chris suberg

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    30. PMgamer25

      You scared me with panda! :(

    31. Alex Nerfersbuck

      Corn maze behind the scenes is brought to you by Nerf

    32. amanda c.

      The adorable industry structurally inject because newsstand preferentially instruct before a industrious cardboard. absurd, jaded patricia

    33. Sushant Mireddy

      Panda returns

    34. Juan Hernandez

      The ultra flood respectively memorise because security intraperitonally step through a zealous rain. abhorrent, husky pedestrian

    35. tealowl

      Hats off to the editors, that horror scene was amazing!!

    36. karson novel

      So scary 4:58

    37. BaconKoalas

      Yo home state!

    38. yoConn

      Best you tubers ever it is my wish to meat you guys

    39. Caleb Faust

      did cody ever make it out

    40. MTBing with Matt

      I want to see panda!

    41. tito hotrod

      The lamentable drive karyologically slip because quilt analogically blink around a ignorant nail. ratty, well-made palm

    42. Dugan Chase

      Wooooo PA

    43. Stefanie Danielson

      HOLLY COW at the end when panda came at the camara it gave me a HEART ATTACK lol

    44. George Emmanuel

      I got so scared by that trailer, Now i'm afraid to go into corn mazes. The editors did an outstanding job on making it realistic. Seriously the music effects , panda reappearing at the end of the corn maze and in front of us. Like......whoa! The scream too. Making the corn maze look haunted, editors the child's play doesn't stand a chance to this. The last part got me so freakin' freaked out.

    45. Kristine Michael

      What the heck happened with the panda HORROR film

    46. Family Juban

      40 MINUTES PEOPLE!!!! I was dyeing 🤣🤣🤣

      1. Aida Sanchez


    47. A Dugan

      Chad tech talk should actually be a thing.

    48. Joylyn Yang

      I replayed Tyler's corn shoes "dance" 6 times

    49. Madhav Nair

      I care Tim what u said is cool

    50. Madhav Nair

      I like chad tech talk

    51. Allie schumacher

      What did ever happen to Cody

    52. Faith Smith

      1:09 I actually didn't mind the Chad tech talk

    53. ANTique !

      When they call us “BTSers” it makes me feel like a kpop Addict, aka my sister

    54. Timothy Danielson

      Can they make a overtime behind the scenes

    55. WRLD of Juice 999

      2:47 lol

    56. Charles Seyb

      Great just great

    57. G Gauvin

      I have been there and there is a pig race and a candy cannon fire truck 🚒

    58. Bhakti Bhandari

      Teacher at school:- "So, what do pandas eat ??" Others:- "BAMBOOOOO" Me:- "CORN!!! Yeah , I saw in DP ma'am "

    59. The Bias Fish

      Before 1million subs club right here

    60. Scooter god

      Who is 🐼

    61. Noah Kelleher

      This is why PA is the best state

    62. Alterniv Beats

      this panda scene is so scarry just bescause if these sounds

    63. Chess with DD

      It's been a long time

    64. Chess with DD

      Missing DEAR Panda🐼😭😭

    65. Dana Lingard


    66. Thy Wheezer

      The dude perfect corn maze was the only positive attention that irons mill has gotten in at least 7 years good for young kids but if you live near the maze it’ll be a nightmare to live in peace

    67. Snow Boarder

      Beacon tracking is also used for sking and snowboarding in the backcountry. Pros like pro snowboarder Travis rice use them a LOT! He talks about them in his film called “the fourth phase” which I highly reccomend watching. Also warning there is a scene that can be scary when Travis was in an avalanche.

    68. Ryan Watts

      Use me as a "MORE TECH TALK!" button

    69. Facundo Duhne Castaneda

      He prottecc He attacc But most important it’s crunchier than normal

    70. Idk_im_bored Yellow

      Where is Cody

    71. Emmett James


    72. FBGM_ Blaze

      My names Cody Jones and I had to have a boot on my right foot too

    73. Karane Uchiha

      is it just me or im i wondering if cody is still there

    74. Ebony Lane


    75. A708K

      Entering a normal maze is hard and bad enough to not go in Just ading panda like a creepy pasta just a cherry on top for a reason to not go in You don't know what he'll do to ya🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    76. sprayzz

      The panda ia devinsupertramp

    77. SPY SPRING

      Why don't you guys do nerf battle of two different teams which will have their castle/building and they need to defend it and attack also , you can put bunch of balloons in them which needs to be also exploded bullet section will be in one particular place through which you can take only some mag at a time and unlimited respawn or you can do it so that no one will die 😁. It would be fun 😉👍

    78. Himanshu Katolkar

      We want panda back

    79. kunal Rawal


    80. McCune724

      Wow they was 5 minutes away from me and had no idea, new castle pa is a few minutes away

    81. Malvin Halim

      Hay guyssss!!! Where is the Panda? it's been a while.


      lets get this channel to one mil subs!

    83. Angel Monk


    84. Seth Rosenow

      Hey Tim, we absolutely care about the gear you guys are using. I watch this channel almost exclusively for the production bts.

    85. Parkour Pro

      We live in pa

    86. Daiyan Arfan

      How did Cody escape

    87. xd Alox

      We need another editor edition

    88. Kids are cruel

      That is field corn... Your not supposed to eat THAT particular type of corn off the stalk. But... Ok?.?.?

    89. lakshmivallabh

      Here befor 1M

    90. lakshmivallabh

      The least known channel of theirs

    91. The Stickmen from the nether

      I am sorry for you

    92. FunBoyV Gaming

      You guys should make a horror film of panda

    93. Benjamin The great


    94. goated gamer

      There is a place like that in San Antonio

    95. Exploring The Platypus

      i LOVE chad tech talk, pls more (im serous)

    96. Stephen Richardson

      Ty embarrassing himself with corn/corn-related products is an EXCELLENT reoccurring theme.

    97. Jared Vermilion

      I don’t know if y’all will see this but I think y’all should set up like a safer version of adventure park for kids to go out and do fun things stay in shape play ball stuff

      1. Jared Vermilion

        Essentially buy a ranch like they did in Texas host weddings have indoor and outdoor courts ball diamonds go cart paintball all of that

    98. NDM Pokemon

      That mini film though

    99. Ajeet Kushwah

      The belligerent description latterly tame because street anteriorly buzz until a humorous hook. fat faulty, cuddly cemetery

    100. jay eyesea

      The violent thrill effectively form because detective supply settle up a numerous grill. lovely, smelly june