TURNING $20 INTO $100 #shorts

Isaiah Photo

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    1. Alex O'Reilly

      Imagane being pinned by isaah photo

      1. RED RUM

        I wish my comment did not get pinned by Isaiah just because I don’t CLOUT chase like other people. I bet y’all pull out y’all phone just to check how dry Your media is instead of your poor Dry ass wallet with dust In it.

      2. Bacn_

        Dang. I wish I got pinned by isaah. 😞

      3. RED RUM

        L o L

      4. MintTea

        Imagine if someone read this comment as "Isaiah *Potato* 👁👄👁" *totally not me agreeing to this😂*

      5. Filiberto Salinas

        Who’s that?

    2. Andrew Groeger

      "what are the odds a few of these cards are worth at least $10+" Anybody who knows baseball cards: "zero"

    3. ransom

      1989 Topps Baseball Card Set is a classic, but definitely nothing ungraded worth close to $10

    4. Jørleif Helgason Egholm

      How about 3?

    5. Blue Thunder

      nobody: vilagers when you turn them into zombies and heal them:

    6. Mąddįę

      There isn't any JoJo fans in here :c

    7. Mąddįę

      "A Polaroid camera" Me: hey...wait a minute....NIGURANDAYOOOOOOO SMOKEEEYYYYYYYY

    8. Young Jesus

      The problem now is selling it on eBay most of the things u see on there have been on there for weeks months or even years💀

    9. Time Traveler

      A mAns tRasH iS aNothEr mAns TreAsUre

    10. Lauren Gosse

      low key want that first polaroid camera ngl

    11. Noah FRANCOIS

      Songs called mr blue sky btw

    12. Chad Price

      San diego nice

    13. DP


    14. J.D. Clayborne

      I wish to learn your ways

    15. Sam Rey

      I have That 1989 topps full set!!

    16. CorFujii

      Have you never watched Polaroid why would-you buy that

    17. Picklechin_5

      Broooo I know that swap meet I go there all the time!!!!

    18. Round One

      Was that the rose bowl parking lot?

    19. Az-1

      This is how the Louisiana purchase happened.

    20. Tunabreath

      I bargain like this on eBay, I got a very clean, official Nintendo Switch charger for $2.50 and it works perfect

    21. coderr

      Hypixel skyblock players be like

    22. Zeus Richard


    23. Lane Livingstonn

      Gary vee would be proud

    24. Joe Manco

      I bought a $50 handmade wool blanket for $10 and I use it as a blanket. I bought a $100 vintage metal corona cooler for $40. I also just use it as a cooler. I own a ww2 Japanese issued machete that I restored and recently used it to strip small pieces of kindling. I just use them like they were meant to but I guess I can make money if I wanted to. Shit

    25. Vivid Xxhype

      Isaiah is that the Colby's swap meet in CA ???

    26. Grxci e

      Hey how much for the polaroid

    27. Echo

      Bazaar flipping irl

    28. Peter Alderson

      Your a Cute..

    29. Alberto Romo- Rosas

      He at sports arena swap meet in San Diego ca.

    30. LeoDoetGames

      Now hope that there is no murderer in those camera’s just like in “polaroid” 😳


      RP: Alright, that will be $250,000 for this house This dude: eh, how about 3 bucks?

    32. Sonia Teresa González Nieda

      Flea market in my town is literal garbage...

    33. Sonia Teresa González Nieda

      Flea market in my town is literal garbage...

    34. sidney ball

      Officer: the tickets 500 dollars. This guy: I said I'd give you 3. I'll swing back around.

    35. Lowbvll

      After sellers fees and shipping... why don’t u reveal how much u actually made

    36. King Waffles

      Because were waffles

    37. santa

      An average human adult has 100 billion braincells Isaac: how bout 3?

    38. Steven Granados

      San Diego kobey swapmeet

    39. C.K Breaks

      Ken Griffey jr is in 1989 and the base card sells for 475

    40. Nate Ferguson

      Was this in sports arena

    41. Andrew Fowler

      I have those same cards

    42. KyleLarsonFan

      My name is Isaiah and welcome to pawn starts

    43. 24moneybd

      nice video

    44. J&J Baseball Channel

      Those cards are worth like 10 cents each

    45. WindterrorBW

      *How 'bout 3?*

    46. avanty

      In know that place it looks like san diego

    47. Kevin Malone

      Thats how they do it in Afghanistan Seller: thats 5 dollars Buyer: ill give you 3 Seller: Aight have a great day

    48. Julian WhoLee

      Imagine buying a Polaroid camera with your smartphone

    49. BimKayD

      Auction flipping irl

    50. CBouttabag

      Hey Isaiah you’re from LA right? Because I’m from San Diego and I know that’s kobeys swapmeet💪🏽

    51. Cult Boy

      “Omg, capitalism’s is soooo evil! I am so oppressed” -Leftist dumdums Meanwhile there is literal trash that can be turned into cash. If you’re poor, your hustle/work-ethic is wrong! Step it up! Get a 2nd job!

    52. IM 2MERS

      So he made 80 bucks in a week?!?! Excuse me got to go quit my minimum wage job.

    53. Dimi Munchles

      Owemji, I badly wanted to have a camera that cheap, can I have that?

    54. Herman Selvehed

      He really likes to buy things for 3 dollars

    55. Russsell Fair

      Item: has any price This chad: how about 3$

    56. Big Chungus runs

      Is that the same Polaroid as last time

    57. Cameron Joiner

      This reminds of the bad guy from Toy Story 2

    58. Sunflower_ Samurai

      But that’s ripping people off? Imagine having to build up your courage to go outside in the son to sell some money to just find out that some guy bought your stuff and you gave it to him for cheap because he seemed nice then having them make more money than you could’ve sold 5 of those for? IDE be pissed and ask him to give me the actual price instead

    59. 8i8jordan

      is that the swap meet in san diego

    60. Gideon Falcone

      What are those places called?

    61. samuela vatikani

      This guy looks like DA ron miller, RIP man you were a good guy after all

    62. Sage Christie

      I honestly hate this guy with every fiber of my being he looks like a c tier shane dawsons boyfriend with a beard

    63. Lijitha Nalajath


    64. Lijitha Nalajath


    65. Lijitha Nalajath


    66. Lijitha Nalajath


    67. Lijitha Nalajath


    68. Lijitha Nalajath

      U should have said over the last week I was gambling

    69. Shaunessey Gash

      thought there were no comments

    70. Captain Canuck

      This guy maxed out his charisma perk

    71. Julian Alvarez

      Heeeeey that's kobey's swap meet

    72. dani2917

      Best i can do is 3$

    73. CamDiggy 123

      How about three?

    74. senni bgon

      This is much better then every tik tok

    75. yo MyButtHurtzzz

      The cards are worth 0 dollars I have 2 of the same box couldn't give them away baseball cards aren't worth much anymore.....you should of prob tried getting magic cards.....needs of the world love magic the gathering


      Kobeys Swap Meet in San Diego at the sports area! I vend there regularly

      1. senni bgon

        How about 3

    77. Charles Craft

      Well shit, now I wanna try

    78. Ádám Balom

      America Josh

    79. School Work

      "Buying people's junk" 😂

    80. A Bear

      I have that Exact camera. Looks good, seems to be in better condition than mine

    81. 05-8 Invasion

      He's playing Growtopia in Real life...

    82. annag cocl

      This is much better then every tik tok

    83. Master Spy

      “i’ve been buying people’s junk and flipping them for profit” nice one

    84. ceatuu

      bartering over $2 and filming it what an amazing guy

    85. Armin Theron

      Jesus loves you so much ❤️ I was addicted to porn, I was on drugs, alcohol, I hated people, he set me free and he can set you free aswell ❤️ all you have to do is repent and trust in him and he will change your life! ❤️

      1. annag cocl

        Me after watching Polaroid movie

    86. DsGYT KiNG

      Irl traders in hypixel Skyblock : BaZaAR FLiPpER

    87. uhluv

      doctor: You have 10 minutes to live him: how about 3

    88. Swaghitter

      Basically the internet is now discovering capitalism

    89. Flare989

      Hypixel skyblock be like

    90. vliduu zeeb

      Him: doing this "Nice" PS5 scalpers: do this "No one will ever love you"

    91. HenDutch28

      How about 3

    92. Minatoツ

      i live near there

      1. vliduu zeeb

        The privilege here is Incredibly sad

    93. Gnome Boi

      *laughs in capitalism*

    94. some dude

      wtf ive been there😂😂

    95. Canyonero CZ

      How bout 3?

    96. Braiden Hopkins

      I respect that Mr crabs life style ya got haggle them prices down

    97. Cesar Ordonez

      How about 3 he said, pfft

    98. Hexados

      Why do you remind me of Rick from Pawn Stars

    99. Riel Kaiswatum

      Drug dealers watching this: 😐😐🤣