Essential Flipping Setups you Need

Bradley Hallman

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    In this Bass Fishing Video I cover the three essential flipping setups that are used all around the country and how to make them. Fluro for wood, rock, and docks. Braid for all the grass lakes across the country and everything you will need in between.

    Falcon rods:
    Reines Tungsten:

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    1. Stephen Dubberly

      3 times rigging through that plastic, lol. You'll get there brother, keep it up. Thanks for all of your advice over the years!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the support

    2. Scott Hayes

      Great videos with a lot of info. Enjoy all your videos. Do you ever fish Broken Bow lake?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes we were supposed to film there last week instead of Choke Canyon

    3. Bill reid

      Thanks BH great job! Always worth the time watching.

      1. Bradley Hallman


    4. Mr. Skeptical

      If u only had three colors in this??.....

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Black and Blue BTL Bedlam

    5. lue vang

      Been thinking about flipping with heavy floro. How’s the sensitively with floro versus braid? Do you lose sensitivity?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Some yes but I flip a lot of floro and still think I’m on time with the hook set.

    6. Johnny Massengale

      Really like this. But I use the pinsit knot for everything, flouro and braid and have had not had that knot break on me at all.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Important thing is you have knot that works for you and that’s great! What we are all looking for. Thanks for the suggestion

    7. Chris Smith

      Great info keep them coming. what is that color of that BFE? looks like Black and blue but they don't sell that color in it. hematoma maybe that just looked to blue.thanks

      1. Bradley Hallman


    8. Sonny Green

      Man I really like that swirl color pattern, do you ever cut the end so that it swims or is it made to work exactly the way it is? I ask because I do not have much punching opportunities here in my state but I can see this taking place of some chunk baits.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        You can cut the tail if you like. I flip it the way it comes outta the bag.

    9. Burl Gentry Fishing

      Thanks for video. I got mine this week 😁 Got my BTL color as well 👊🏼

      1. Bradley Hallman

        BTL is 🔥

    10. Janos Czovek

      Excellent video really appreciate your help and advice 👍

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Glad they help!

    11. D Rodgers

      Thanks for your helping me with my Flippin set ups. Have a blessed season.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Rodgers glad it helped and thanks for the feedback!

    12. Michael Zawicki

      Hey Bradley! Hope you and your family are finding yourself well. I was wondering why you don’t like to tie the snell knot on your EWG/flouro rods?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I’ve never tried a snell knot on an EWG style hook. It would be tough to to and not sure it would even work. It’s not the hook for me it’s that I don’t like the snell knot on any fluro line. I just don’t like it. It’s a feel thing for me and I feel it’s weak.

    13. Gary Hanna

      Great video thanks sir

    14. Steve Woolf

      Nice hat

    15. mike dove

      Great Job!! Nice way of demonstrating why you use each piece of gear, not just saying "USE THIS". Clear and precise instruction. Keep it up and good luck. I will be watching future content. Thanks!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the feedback Mike! Glad you liked it.

    16. steven martin

      Good vid! What brand punch skirt is that? It looks like one that is no longer made...I sure need some!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I think that’s a Gambler! I did buy them many years ago because I liked the collar made of rubber.

    17. Dennis Gillenwater

      Thanks! Great information 👍

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching Dennis!

    18. Rick Walt

      Hey Brad, great video. Just subbed. Look forward to seeing more. Keep up the good work.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the sub Rick. Appreciate y’all watching.

    19. HellaBass

      That is the Double San Diego Jam pretty sure

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks! Appreciate ya keeping me on my toes! Dude you are a great 👍

      2. HellaBass

        @Bradley Hallman You just called it the San Diego Jam, not the Double

      3. Bradley Hallman

        It is! What did I call it? No telling with me I was just trying to get the video out.

    20. Jason Mitchell

      Good video! Thank you.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching a Jason

    21. Salime 101

      My step grandma is friends with this guys mom

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for the feedback SOULess!

    22. Freestyle Bass Fishing

      Good stuff. That bait is badass. You and Panger did a great job.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks bro hope you catch a giant on it!

    23. Jake Miles

      Great breakdown, as always! How do you handle lakes that have heavy grass mixed in with wood? I try to avoid throwing braid around wood whenever possible..

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Jake! I hate braid in wood as well but like Rayburn it may be that high is 7 foot of water on the cypress trees. You ain’t pulling an 8 pounder outta the bottom of that with fluro. Just not going to happen!

      2. Jake Miles

        Bradley Hallman that makes me feel like a sane person! 😂 Appreciate your work on here!

      3. Bradley Hallman

        If you mean lakes like Sam Rayburn I can honestly tell you I have always and still fight what to flip as far as line there. Usually have multiple rods rigged for that place

    24. Tyler Graham

      Not gonna lie part of me wanted to be thumbs down guy as a joke but i was only doing it if i saw the notification and could do it in less time than the video is long🤣 Good stuff keep them coming.. can't wait to try the BFE

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Tyler! I really don’t mind the thumbs down guy I would just hate to be him. Thanks for watching man!

    25. Luke Routh

      Thanks for all the bad ass content dude your becoming my favorite person to watch good information about what you NEED to know if your ever around Stockton lake in Missouri hit me up and we will wet a line

      1. Luke Routh

        @Bradley Hallman come on up In the winter time it's a blast

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Would love to hear about that place sometime! Definitely...... thanks for the support

    26. Johnnie Large

      Have you put the BFE on a chatterbait?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        I have not tried that.

    27. Bryan Maneval

      Great video not a thumbs down guy!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Lol 😂 love the thumbs down 👎 guy!

    28. Physics of Fishing

      Thumbnail game is STRONG!!

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks bro! My game really is not strong 💪🏼 I got lucky 🍀 finally!

    29. Shard

      You made it sound like you don’t flip with anything above a 3/8 weight on your XH bread and butter flipping setup. Do you not usually flip with a heavier weight? I’m just curious bc I usually flip with 1/2 oz and I do admit it feels a little heavy on my regular Amistad

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Appreciate the support man!

      2. Shard

        Bradley Hallman absolutely. Thank you Hallman! Love your channel

      3. Bradley Hallman

        No...... I definitely flip heavier than 3/8. It has to do with the depth and thickness of cover for me. If I can flip 1/2 and cover water I will but in most cases it’s 1 foot or shallower to what I’m pitching and yes I think 1/2 is on the heavy side. In Florida or Texas in all that grass 1/2 is considered to be on the light side of the spectrum but on the Ohio River those guys would die with a half ounce. Way to big for their lay downs. See what I mean..... it’s all conditions?

    30. Chris1223

      Im with you on the EWG hook...alot of my buddies only use straight shank....but i for sure no doubt put more fish in the boat on an EWG hook.....every time i try a straight shank i loose a couple.....switch back to the EWG and my hook up ratio sky rockets.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Me as well!

    31. Thomas Gansen

      Great explanation...great set up

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Thomas appreciate the feedback

    32. Jared Jones

      In a river system in which wood is the primary go to, what size tungsten would you typically pitch, we're talking Cypress trees, Cypress knees and laydowns

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Good luck man and thanks again for watching

      2. Jared Jones

        Thanks man I appreciate it. Yea it's typically 4 foot or so. I'm gonna try 3/8. Most around here pitch 1/4 or less so I'm hoping maybe 3/8 will give them a different look

      3. Bradley Hallman

        The depth of them matters but I would say 1/4-3/8 95% of the time for me. If they become deeper than say 4 feet then the size would go up.

      4. Jared Jones

        Summertime of course. Our water temps are already upper 80 in Southwest Louisiana

    33. Scott Clark

      Great video,loved the knot tying,do you always tie that specific knot on braided line,gotta get me some BFEs,great looking bait,bet it will be awsome on a wobble head

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks man appreciate y’all

      2. Scott Clark

        Just ordered 6 packs of bfe,some good looking colors nice job on those

      3. Bradley Hallman

        Awesome on the wobble head I agree! I do tie that knot every time with braid to a straight shank hook.

    34. Josh Hicks

      Hey this is off subject but I can't help but notice your boat trailer where did you get that does phoeinix sell them?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Absolutely yes they do. It is a small upgrade but you can order your boat that way!

    35. Gregory Chuhta

      Don't be a thumbs down guy

      1. Bradley Hallman


    36. Jason Wilson

      Thanks for the tips Brad. They really help.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks for watching bro!

    37. Steve Steve

      That will never work. I'm the 👎 guy. Curious to see what size weight gets more bites more vertical or horizontal bites.....😎👍

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Steve!!! Lol 😂 I think most of the guys may have been right yesterday. Most of the thumbs down guys are probably just mistakes accidentally hitting the thumbs down! I know I have done it before but I like talking about the subject.

      2. Steve Steve

        Great show

    38. Bart Grider

      Great info and explanation. On the "pull hookset", I assume you are referring to reeling down until you feel the weight then pull (no slack line-Gman hookset)?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        It’s the correct hookset with braid and the big weight.... yes sir! Now with fluro and small weight I slack line that jaw son..... no holding back Jack!! Love to slack line!

    39. Kayak Matt

      I caught my fish today on the new BFE.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Got em!

      2. Kayak Matt

        @Bradley Hallman I sent a couple pictures to your facebook page on messenger

      3. Kayak Matt

        I'll send them to you on messenger on your fb page. Idk how to add pics here

      4. Bradley Hallman


    40. Smoke Fumar

      I’ve got one tied on EWG and one on a swing head :)

      1. Smoke Fumar

        Bradley Hallman Man Ole man!!!! I lost one tonight that bent my hook n got off!! I know it was my PB!! had my Halo Kryptonite playing music brother!! That Henatoma BFE! I coulda cried!!!!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        BFE is going to play on that swing head.

    41. Scott Strong

      why not a palamar knot

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Palomar is fine with braid but not fluro!!!!!!👎 Bad things have happened to me like breaking off on the hookset. No more..... most do not tie a palomar knot with fluro.

    42. Tim Foster

      Hey Brad do you use the Hayabusa hooks a lot our ole buddy at Amistad Kurt Dove uses those all the time I need to try them out

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Yes Tim I have been using them solely for two years now. Wonderful hooks!

    43. KK TX

      Great tutorial!!! My current favorite baits to pitch are the Rage Bug, the D Bomb & the Big Bite Swimming Mama as I primary fish timber & brush. What are some of the advantages of your BFE?

      1. Smoke Fumar

        Keith Krzeminski check out all of his videos!!! Very detailed and teaches a lot!! Trust me, you will NOT find anything close to the BFE I fished Missile the last couple years and I have almost switched to a 50/50 with Big Bite Baits! Plastic holds up longer as well!!

      2. KK TX

        Super... I will check out the BFE video! Thanks.

      3. Smoke Fumar

        Bradley Hallman That’s what it’s all about man! I just want everyone to help each other in these crazy times!!!

      4. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Mike for the support and pointing a fellow fisherman in the right direction! Keith I think you will find the fish like the subtle movements of the BFE. Not going to be the big flappy bait

      5. Smoke Fumar

        He posted a video showing the characteristics of the BFE and why they are there!! Go check it out!!! Pretty solid explanation!! I used ALL MISSILE for about a year, last month I tried Big Bite and I’m now 50/50 on Missile and Big Bite!!!

    44. Luke Garcia

      Beast mode!!! Your the real deal buddy... 💪💪💪

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Truly appreciate that Luke.

    45. Jay Rod

      Thanks for the video! I just got four packs of the BFE. I'm looking forward to using them soon!

      1. Jay Rod

        @Bradley Hallman thanks!

      2. Bradley Hallman

        Good luck Jay

    46. Brian Wileman

      NIce, I messaged Matt to try and figure out what he was saying about rigging the BFE on BTL yesterday when you were on. Awesome bait and awesome job on the video. Keep it up.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        That’s why I made it was from the feedback following the show. Thanks bro

    47. Howard Stout

      Great info i live in south fla and pretty much use the same kind of setup except the bobber stop but may try that. Great job

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Definitely try the bobber stopper! I can’t fish without it anymore.

    48. Terry Triton22

      Thanks for the video. Off subject , I see you need readers also. That makes it tough for retying baits on and watching graph for hours while grapging offshore. Why hasnt Costa stepped up and become the first quality sunglass company to put readers in thier sunglasses?

      1. Bradley Hallman

        They do I just have never sent them my prescription! I’m old and fighting it.

    49. Kimberly Wood

      Glad to see you do not have to have a true so called flipping stick for this application. Great all purpose rods

      1. Bradley Hallman

        No need for the 8’ broom handle

    50. prestons reel fishing

      Good video 😁

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Thanks Preston!

    51. lmb_ toad_catcher

      I can't wait until my BFE show up. Ordered 3 colors to test out. Hope they arrive before my trip on the 12th.

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Florida to film with SMC! Scott Martin’s place new offshore boat, friends, and fishing!

      2. Gregory Chuhta

        Where is your trip may I ask?

      3. Bradley Hallman

        Hope you get them too.

    52. Warren Hopkins

      Man, thanks for all this. I have a feeling that I'll be dragging the BFE on a Carolina rig too.

      1. Warren Hopkins

        @Bradley Hallman Oh man, how did I over look the wobble head! This will be a huge part of my arsenal.

      2. Bradley Hallman

        I think it could be a killer c-rig and wobble head bait.

    53. OhKee12

      Dang grinding out the videos! I appreciate it, great information and video! 👍🎣

      1. Bradley Hallman

        Just working like an OhKee!