Biden Victory Cold Open - SNL

Saturday Night Live

16 млн көрүүлөр13 082

    Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) give speeches after the conclusion of the 2020 presidential election.
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    1. Wayne96819

      she reminds me of Ana Navarro more than Kamala Harris.

    2. Luis X

      I love Jim Carrey

    3. Snotlout Is A God

      This is the one Biden sketch I will always love forever.

    4. gwendolyn•uʎןopuǝʍb

      i’m sure they had one planned incase trump won and i can’t imagine how gloomy and petty it would’ve been

    5. LauritaNR epic ¡¡¡¡

    6. Michael Covel

      🙄🙄fuckin christ! Was this a sketch or a Trump rally?

    7. k m

      Poor snl and cnn, they cant make fun of biden... biden does it by himself lmao

    8. Linda Y

      I'm just here to read recent comments from butthurt MAGATerrorists. So many predictable boring

    9. MAN MAN

      Jim is Joe

    10. Major Payne

      Horrible show! Not funny. Should've been canceled 15 years ago.

    11. Orion Xavier

      The fact that he messed up his lines just a little makes the Biden impression even better lol. Because that's exactly what Biden does.

    12. Gar Sm

      What this actually gets is that Biden can laugh at himself. Republicans for the Rule of Law

    13. Josh Ilan Shapiro

      Americans voted to give Maya Rudolph a steady gig at SNL

    14. 65 TossPowerTrap

      Senile Joe will be the subject of many future skits!!

    15. Jerry Stone

      SNL having to add a lot of padding to make their heroes look good.

    16. MrHeavychevy86

      “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”-Joe Biden

    17. Alexander Carswell

      Don't stop now Alec - especially as the poisonous toad has just become the first President EVER to be impeached TWICE !

    18. Lil Jet Gaming

      I love Jim Carry. but i hate Biden. just saying get ready for biden and harris to do nothing for this country but get big fat checks from the government :)

      1. Dylan Broomes

        How would it be different from the last 4 years

    19. Mom Of4Kids

      Love Trump ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    20. Cameron Lane

      Bidens not even president their just acting like he is to convince everyone he is. But in actuality trump won.

      1. Divine Aria

        You little Trump nazi dictator-wannabes are pretty wacko in the head. Try living in the real world, even if just a bit!

      2. fat face

        Keep telling yourself that, feed your own delusion. Fact is your god emporer got demolished in a landslide by a walking corpse.

    21. Evan Swenson

      Remember when Delaware was the senator of Joe Biden

    22. Edan Palma

      is trump a demigod or a demigurge

    23. Judy Johnson

      Alec Baldwin is the best trump ever!

    24. Judy Johnson

      This could have been so much better, almost cringy

    25. SEan CUmmINs

      1:20 it's so funny when he does that

    26. Nicole Fernandez

      I wonder if Kamala and Mr. Biden seen these lol they are so accurate 😂

    27. Maxim Popov

      Biden Harris 💙💙 Peace Love and Democracy 💙💙💙

    28. Connor Collins

      Welcome to my victory speech 😂

    29. Entropy

      I’m a little sad bc this means no more savage trump skits.

      1. Sarah Berkner

        I guess they'll have to think outside of the box for the first time in 4 years lol

      2. Ronald Rothschild

        It’s gonna be so boring media gonna beg trump to run again

    30. Mary Jane Field

      So appropriate ♥️🇺🇸♥️

    31. Mario Bljajic

      Trump is a loooooossseerr I am so haaaaapyyyyyyy

    32. Russell Crawley

      The walls of Trump's prison cell should be covered with "Biden Harris 2020" posters 😆😆😆

      1. Russell Crawley

        @Kyle Oden someone's in a pissy mood.

    33. Jamison Bondison

      The furry furtive grasshopper disconcertingly smash because court sadly kiss towards a ill-fated fired. resolute, jittery patch

    34. Jennifer Santillana

      OmG the way he throws the sign lol

    35. VW

      wow she got Kamala's mannerisms and Voice down to the Tee!!!

    36. Daniel waugh

      You can tell way they announced biden’s victory, the audience was cheering with excitement and joy.

    37. Diego Hudson

      Kamala Harris looks prettier in real life instead of Saturday night live and Joe Biden looks great in real life instead of Saturday night live

      1. Soledad Chamberlin

        No shit Sherlock lol Jk on the sarcasm

    38. Lebowskifan-2002

      I would love to see President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris react to this.

    39. 거울

      Biden is very similar to South Korea's president, Moon Jae-in. The Moon Jae-in At first, people's welcome. However, it has been revealed that he is a sociopath by increasing pro-China activities, engaging in populist politics. He loves communism. Now the majority of people hate the Moon Jae-in. Considering Biden's investment in the Chinese Communist app that represses the Uighurs and that Biden is a member of the Illuminati, it is too obvious that he will hand over the United States to China. And by handing the U.S. over to China, the realization of Illuminati's new order is a step closer. It's not far now. Biden's mask will come off, and soon the world will fall into the hands of Illuminati. It is impossible to stop this trend because it is written in the Bible that a single government in the world is being established. However, if you are a Protestant, realize that all of this is Illuminati's plan and sincerely hope for a rapture before the turmoil. And please tell this news to your friends and family. That's all we can do.

      1. Divine Aria

        You wish Biden loved China. He doesn't though. He just thinks there's a better way to deal with them than through taxing the American people.

      2. Nate b

        Wow, this is incredibly overblown and delusional

      3. Gavin

        Jesus you’re insane

    40. Winforworkgroups

      "I don't give a funt" why was that funny? Lol

    41. Silvia Wright

      Did I say it right? Good boy Biden🤣🤣🤣

    42. Alaska Jack

      SNL rotting in life.

    43. William Jackson

      I really enjoy this skit him and Maya nailed it. It's too bad we won't see Jim doing Biden anymore. 😩 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    44. generalsleepy

      Maya Rudolph's vocal impression of Kamala Harris is so spot-on it's almost eerie.

    45. Jamell Foster

      All Trump can do is lie...

    46. Cherry Queen

      3:48 was me and my friends when we heard Biden won 💝💖🥳

    47. Miesha Lindsley

      The graceful japanese conceivably announce because ophthalmologist dewailly cover except a intelligent ruth. dazzling, alluring heart

    48. Cherry Queen

      I wish snl was on right now

    49. Peter S

      I've never laughed at SNL

      1. Nate b

        Thanks for telling us

      2. Glitchy Kittens

        Now thats just sad

    50. Hank3666able

      How does nobody talk about Trump saying "im never giving up, and neither should you" just like after the Hillary hallelujah in 2016??

    51. Carter 528

      Trump is a Le-heww-ze-herr🤟

    52. fluvin66

      I so love you guys of SNL. Now, and going back forever.

    53. best

      I’d like to present to you the true Manchurian president of these United States : China Joe : Without a single accomplishment to his name after 50 years of distinguished service Basement Biden is the right man at the right time. Sniffing, grifting and groping his way across the globe, China Joe finally realizes the ultimate prize. This is a proud moment for the free world 🌎 All Hail the great Joe Biden

    54. Lesley McShane Mitchell

      shenailed her voice to a t

    55. Lesley McShane Mitchell

      baldwin was Trump now im as biden sweet

    56. Neal X Gaming

      I want the Jim Carrey "loser" part of this to be played on a loop for Trump in his prison cell 24/7.

      1. Paolo Tartaglia

        Or better, at Biden's inauguration.

      2. C4X Money


    57. The Quintessential

      Maya could literally play as anybody her Kamala impression is spot on! I’d rather have Maya Rudolf for Vice President

    58. Sandy Red

      Macho Macho man!😂😂

    59. Augustus Dykstra

      This already makes me miss Jim Carrey as Biden

    60. Josiah Madden

      After What happen last night in America Jim Carey please come out of Joe Biden retirement and do an snl skit with Alec Baldwin’s trump about this madness😂

    61. Garlyle

      Jim Carrey for president

    62. Daniel Ryan

      And two months later here we are again. Congratulations mister president elect-finally, officially, and indisputably.

      1. Dylan Broomes

        @concrete recovery true

      2. concrete recovery

        @Dylan Broomes you're probably gonna win the bet and some money but lose your sanity by trying to reason with those people .they are a combination of stupid and crazy..and that combination is deadly...

      3. Dylan Broomes

        @concrete recovery im betting 600 dollars that something bad will happen

      4. concrete recovery

        We still have a week until innaurguration day hopefully Trump's crazy supporters don't ruin it ....

    63. Jag Channel

      This was bad, and I’m certainly not a Trump loyalist. Just the hyper-glorification of swampy Washington insiders is not funny at the slightest.

    64. BRAd From The Valley Bradley Turnham

      So las round it was Nap o Lion then get blown and bone out, then the Sewer Pompiee...The TOILET and Moist Towellets..BALL!

    65. The Chosen 1

      Dude killed Wolf Blitzer.

    66. 2021


    67. Derp

      Hey just like cnn they are very biased! And just like Biden Jim Carrey sometimes forgot what to say!

    68. marta k

      i almost forgot to watch this today

      1. doggy piy

        After chaos trump did today I had to give go back to this

    69. Corey Christensen

      When he said President for all Americans he meant “I’m going to fuck you all over equally”

    70. Gregory Ambres

      The way that Jim nails those "Biden breaks" is en-pointe. And Miss Maya -- perfection.

    71. Jukka Tuhkanen

      I hope there will be peacefull in Washington tonight. Some people just don't get it: Trumpetist is gone. So praise the God and don't call for the devil.

      1. Jukka Tuhkanen

        @Daniel Ryan I know, so sad to say. My comment aged as quickly as Trumpetist's comments about the indruders. First he praises them and sayed he loved them and incite to do what they did. Next day when he realized he had shit his trousers full he turned 90 degrees and send them (the intruders) to lowest hell. What a loyal and true leader. ;)

      2. Daniel Ryan

        Boy did this age well

    72. SouthMangaCorner


    73. Audra Senig

      Omg. Fantastic!

    74. Danny C. Jewell

      Let's see how this ages ,he who laughs last laughs best

    75. Bernie Biden

      Trump will forever be remembered as a loser!

      1. Moise Picard

        +Bernie Biden Always has and always will.

    76. Ryan Caster

      31K thumbs down from the proud boys

    77. filmgeek520

      The devil works hard but the snl wardrobe department works harder

    78. Randy

      What would Ric Flair say?

    79. Bertrand Croft

      Wow, already 31K losers who can't stand a joke apparently. Not really macho!

    80. Julie Purcell

      My favorite part of this was the absolute relief and joy coming from the cast members.

    81. Team Trump

      Stop the steal.

      1. MrShed-in-the-peg

        It seems that Trump was right about the rampant election fraud in Georgia... it just turns out that it was him behind it! All on tape for future historians :-D

      2. Steph

        How are you handling trump asking an official to lie about votes in his favor?

      3. Steph

        Hahahaha oh man do I have news for you

    82. Tanvir R


    83. Randy Jewart


    84. Krist N

      Carrey had a chance to revive his career. Gematria says his days are numbered

    85. Edwin Utah

      Why are people celebrating


      Even Biden ain’t that sharp. Should have made him forget his lines.

    87. viking90706

      But not a cracked out mess like San Fransisco. Nothing to see here, keep voting Democrat.

    88. arson.

      Y’all remember when Jim Carrey said yes to socialism

    89. Jay Young

      This is the smoking gun

    90. Ulises Hernandez

      7:30 - 7:48 my favorite part.

    91. capamerica012

      7:29 Everybody.

    92. ldavis6767

      The most comedic political statement of the serious position of America. Lies fomented by manipulation of our nation. wake the F*+k up.. The New World Order is in play and EVIL is the force behind this.. Biden, sadly is a demented, programmed human. He is not able to run this nation let alone his bamk account... WAKE UP AMERICA. Pray to God our Father for protection, guidamce amd decernment in this biblically prophetic time. May God Almighty, our Father have mercy on us all.

      1. Ed Mck

        This was the most unfunniest show to ever bite them in their ass real soon. Laughing to give up the Nation to these two clowns makes me cringe at the idea is why Trump must fight to give the Country back to it's citizens. Not to China or Europe

    93. John Doe

      The USA ousted a dictator in 2020. About the only positive thing about this year.

    94. Alejandro Rojas

      It's funny when Alec pauses while wrapping up Macho Man. Although he's playing a fake Trump, this is the most human version that I think we will ever get to see out of Donald Trump or that I ever felt for him (although it's fictional). LMAO!

    95. MSЯ


    96. Commander Rockwell IV

      6:17 what happened that’s good? Biden being elected (or should I say Kamala) is horrible news for the masses. If you think they will be any different than Trump... they aren’t. They all answer to the same people, and are all globalists, pushing for a tyrannical, one world government, and intend to “reduce” the population by about 80%.

    97. Commander Rockwell IV

      It’s so obvious Biden didn’t legitimately win... and no, I don’t like Trump either.

      1. Steph

        Its obvious only if you believe blatant lies and fabrications. He very obviously won the election. Its time to face it buddy.

    98. Jade Thompson

      Still untrue

      1. Ed Mck

        @John Doe you picked that name I didn't

      2. John Doe

        @Ed Mck Wow, what a burn.

      3. Ed Mck

        @John Doe Not as fake as you

      4. John Doe

        You're fake news.

    99. Dnu one

      LOL the best 3 yet

    100. Kerorofan

      Not that I don't love Jim, but I don't get the hype for his Biden impression. I preferred Sudekis and Woody Harrelson personally.