King Von - Gleesh Place (Official Video)

King Von

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    Official music video by King Von - Gleesh Place © 2020 Only The Family Entertainment / EMPIRE

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    1. King Von

      Welcome to my Neighborhood out now with Karen Civil. Welcome to O’Block this Friday!

      1. Alpha Diallo

        Channels I like it

      2. Bobby Jh


      3. leavemevlone

        Rip u

      4. Marcus green

        Rip bro

      5. Treyplayz _

        😳 rip

    2. Rashay Cooks


    3. Toes I like them

      Lemme start wheezy outta here!🏃🏾

    4. Corkie Millie

      0:47 .. You’re Welcome ‼️ R.I.P Von 🙏🏾

    5. sa boys productions

      Guys the real question is what happened at gleesh place

    6. Issac Hilton

      No one else notice king von has 63 vidz on his channel n he don't like the number 63

    7. Censor Me

      Free lil timm man

    8. Censor Me

      Queen von got smoked shoulda seen gleesh face 🤣🤣🤟🤟🤟🤟

    9. jones

      this man was actually talented as hell

    10. Holy Videos

      Claim my shit

    11. Kingsiah4real

      Rest easy von

    12. Joseph Ancira

      This song makes me wanna Robbb my own house xD #ripKingVon

    13. Armilla Amini

      I love the intro

    14. Bobby Jh

      Home invas' (home invas'), robberies (robberies) Homicides (homicides), first degrees (damn) If you ain't caught you none, you better catch you somethin' (You better catch you somethin') If you ain't got no gun, you better get you one (You better get you one) I make shit shake (shake), up in broad day (yeah, yeah) No face, ain't no case (no case), learned that the hard way (damn, damn) I'm posted in Parkway (uh-uh), fuck what the narcs say (fuck what they say) Just hit a quick stain (huh, what?), now I'm runnin' through gang ways (run, run) Jump the tall gate (jump), hit a hallway (uh, uh) Ran to the fifth floor (run), now I'm at Gleesh place (now, now) Came in out of breath (huh), should've seen Gleesh face (damn, damn) Then I showed him the stain (look), it was like fifty K (damn) Finna buy a car (yeah), Gleesh say "Get a straight" (vroom, vroom) Finna buy some guns (yeah) Gleesh say "Get a crate" (boom, boom) I'm finna throw some ones (what), Gleesh say "No, you ain't" (damn, damn) Police kick down the door, then there go the jakes (Wheezy outta here) Home invas' (home invas'), robberies (robberies) Homicides (homicides), first degrees (damn) If you ain't caught you none, you better catch you somethin'

    15. Ugly Drip

      “Jump a tall gate, hit a hallway” 😂. I’m gon miss his flow. Rip grandson

    16. Andrew Focher

      Idk why i love the way he said, "jump a tall gate, hut a hallway"

    17. Trayshawn Fields

      Dis song is hard no cap

    18. Trayshawn Fields

      Rest In Peace to king von

    19. Gfresh _98

      Why Gleesh look like he missing his front tooth😂😂😂

      1. The Bronx New York City Peace to the Gods

        Go to his hood and ask him yourself

    20. blake Tolivermccoo

      bout to throw some ones gleesh said no u aint lol😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😙😙😙🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💥💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

    21. blake Tolivermccoo

      jumped the tall gate

    22. Chase Gang

      R.I.P King Von

    23. Chase Gang

      This was my favorite song

    24. Its Future

      Might be his hardest song but it's short :(

    25. treyana young


    26. Informex5

      notice how this song was at 2-3 mil, now its at 5 mil. Pure fake love smh

    27. jadis massey

      I’m tired of all seeing R.I.P💔

    28. CarJack Jones

      Something about that jump a tall gate hit a hallway

    29. Downfallz

      I'm a big fan of Von's but this song is not my jam. Encouraging folks to get a gun, start robbing killing and invading homes is too extreme. RIP

    30. Norm Plays


    31. VxnXD on YT

      “Finna throw some ones” “No u aint” 😂🙏🏾

    32. certfied baxterd

      "Jumped a tall gate, hit a hallway"💔🕊🙏🏻#R.I.P. VON

    33. axyxll

      im finna throw some ones gleesh say no you aint

    34. GengarPlaysGames

      Chief keef on this thooo

    35. Zxrro Like Dixk -

      finna buy sumz gunz gleesh say get a crate

    36. bbk llj

      Jumping tall gates...hitting hallways

    37. Deshuna Maratre

      Running like I need a robbery just to clock in to work listening 🎧 to king von

    38. superiorob

      “Free my bro” they bro’s charges: 0:11

    39. OG-Reactions


    40. Tahchi Ryan

      imagine King Von and Comethazine on a song

    41. Koolness

      Nobody: 0:13 What my dad hears in any song saying,” you don’t know anything about outcast

    42. LordsNeverWorry


    43. Spirit Jah

      This and GTA are the best songs on the album in my opinion no kizzy LLV🕊

    44. Tylee Darden


    45. Bailžź

      Rip von

    46. yeessirr

      *me walking to my car in the suburbs* : my airpods:

    47. Gameupwith Tj

      R.I.p von

    48. Ja

      Durk needs to remix this

    49. R2G3 Crown

      I miss him so much bruh

    50. Keyon To good

      He said buy a gun the other dude said by a crate 🤣🤣🤣 and also r.i.p the king himself von

    51. Rowdy Willy

      Home invasion, robberies, homicides,first degrees.....

    52. Carter Parish

      It’s crazy how everyone is messing with king von after he died

      1. Mr. T/Kinky Tail Mapogo

        Including you!

      2. Lil Reeses Buttercup

        I been w Von since crazy story and the brealfast club interview w durk. Since the first song I knew he was diff and a star. No offense to the other OTF members

    53. Charles Payne

      # r.i.p king von # hope and strength for his family # let us open this prayer to king of all king , king david(king von # bd #bdn # aye d boi # long live king David # king shorty # marvel Thomson # fredo Santana # treyz for days # let us open this prayer to king of all king , king david(king von) # srt8 # crate # jump a tall gate

    54. Clean Dream


    55. M33K

      Bruh he came in happy asf💀💀🔥

      1. Snowy

        Ong and I don’t even like von

    56. GuardUpPlzzz YT

      Rip king von 🐐🖤

      1. Snowy


    57. Matario Ellen

      this should’ve been longer

    58. Alyssa Herendez

      I'm finna throw sum ones he said no u aint

    59. Daniel Ruiz

      Gleeeeesh had his mind on point

    60. Jordan Davis

      RIP Von

      1. Snowy

        Rest in piss

      2. Snowy


    61. Erica Cole

      Rip von

    62. Omega Chun

      Von was getting up ready for more Rip Shorty

    63. Lil f4 The goat

      He had so much talent rest easy dayvon

    64. XxKobeXx

      "I Make Shit Shake"

      1. XxKobeXx

        @Tyresetheking Posted In Park Way Fuck What The Narks Say

      2. Tyresetheking

        @Lohxe no face aint no case learnt that the hard way

      3. Lohxe

        Up in broad day

    65. Danyell Harris

      This song so hard I went on KGup and saw the song and didn’t want to hear it cause I was going to get LITT✌🏾❤️ R.I.P VON🙏🏾❤️❤️

      1. Snowy

        Rest in piss

    66. Jonathan Fiske

      I feel like this was the start to a new story (if you don't know about crazy story you wouldn't understand my comment)

    67. Danyell Harris

      And you still is my fav rapper

    68. Danyell Harris

      R.I.P von it hurts so bad you was always my fav rapper 😪🙏🏾❤️❤️

    69. Ay Jump

      U don’t fucc with von u with 12

      1. Snowy

        Let king von rest in piss

      2. Snowy

        I’m from 63rd

    70. Ray Savage

      Von bump dis oms

    71. Quincyy_68

      If u really think about it King Von was very creative with his music videos 💯 LLV🙏🏾🙏🏾

    72. ken

      this song as long as a average comethazine song

    73. Very Humble44

      We have to stop justifying the things that we are doing to ourself and what they do to us. None of us can judge a person’s punishment. There are good vs evil y’all have to open your mind some ppl are meant to kill and be killed to appreciate life!!! (It’s Called BALANCE) knowledge is power and a lot of y’all weak!!!...🤷🏽‍♀️

    74. Peter Vu

      “Free my nigga, he innocent.” His charges: 0:12

    75. Kiltha Gamingdevil

      R.I.P Von

    76. Lucy Wanjiru

      RIP von da best

    77. Cherishe Chin

      😤 only god knows we all would have feel alot better if one a those shooters that hit von was also killed⚰️ i would'nt feel this sad and hurt😒we mad as fuck...still gonna hit them up with that boom boom🔫...still smoking on tooka🚬(i don't even know who the fuck that is)i jus know von said it and i'm mad so y not make the hater's mad too🤷🏼‍♀️rest easy von🕊

    78. Josiah coreycnhnuks

      Im finna bye a car gleeesh said get a crat im finna get some guns gleees said get it strat im finna throw some ones gleeesh said no u ant 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

      1. Mr 81

        You got it wrong homie


      1 month ago today 😪 RIP to my favorite artist in the game 🕊

    80. blake Tolivermccoo

      if you ant got no gun you butter get you one🤣🤣

    81. blake Tolivermccoo

      came in out of breath you should have seen gleeshs face😂🤣🤣🤣

    82. D M

      This shit HARD. Rip to king Von and FBG Duck. We lost both of them and GAINED NOTHING BUT GRIEF from losing them. When will we learn to preserve each other?

    83. Liyah K

      U better get u one😂😂😂😂

    84. Masiyah G

      he look so good

    85. K Hill

      Rip king 👑

    86. Mari Mari

    87. Mali Kali

      Why is there a picture of obama on the wall?

    88. OTR 4CGDrefoe

      King Von Ft Quando Rondo-“No Sorows” 2017 Unrealesed

    89. Freshboi Btw

      Regardless of whatever type of person he was no one deserves death may God have mercy on your soul

      1. Jordan Davis

        God Rests his soul

    90. Bailžź

      Rip von

    91. Satone Grant

      No face and no case DAHM BRO RIP

    92. j renée 75

      These young men needs to change their energy. I didn’t know him, but just googled and found out he was just killed. Our kids are dying and going to prison in these streets.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      1. j renée 75

        @Lohxe Clown don’t come on my page with your drama!

      2. Lohxe

        Bruh stfu😹

    93. graham cracker

      who here after he died i miss him bro

    94. Blckbrad Pitt

      I have a lot of guns

    95. Blckbrad Pitt

      I literary just bought a ak I'm feeling good I'm throwing 1/s

    96. Blckbrad Pitt

      Dam this song is 🔥

    97. Not Me

      “Free my bro he’s innocent” his charges: 1:00

      1. Sxxsa

        Fr that's how I found this song. Its fire doe. But please stop

      2. MixerCap

        When you gotta copy a meme 🤡🤡

    98. Gregory Stewart


    99. Desmond franklin

      I make shit shake up in broad day no face ain’t no case learned that the hardway !🤫 #RipVon🖤

    100. Javon Johnson

      I’m finna buy a car...he say get ha straight...