I LOST EVERYTHING (barely survived)

Uncut Angling

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    BE SAFE!!!!!!!! (do as I say, not as I do, PLEASE)
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    ^^^^This gear is the lightest AND warmest stuff I have used. Lightweight may not sound important, but heavy gear in the past was very hard on my back and shoulders, and is brutal for long days on the water.
    Boots - Simms G3 - bit.ly/2ClCozo
    Strikemaster 40V Lithium Ice Auger - amzn.to/2KogZZN
    Strikemaster Lightweight Plastic Drill: amzn.to/2tlHtq6
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    Leader Line - 6# fluorocarbon - amzn.to/2CvJyS1
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    Reel - Sienna 500 - amzn.to/2G549zs
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    1. Eric Haataja

      Glad your safe, the pressures of making the first ice fishing videos is not worth your life. Big lesson here is don’t go on crappy ice especially by yourself. If you had done this without falling in on such crappy ice just sends a message to all those young kids that it’s ok .... be safe guys no fish, no product video is worth it!

    2. John Ryle

      Better to be lucky then good

    3. T Molag


    4. Andrejs LV

      I fell through the ice last season in deep water. I thought to myself no big deal but the ice kept breaking as I was trying to pull myself out and I ended up breaking ice for about 40 yards before I got to a spot where I was able to pull myself out. after about 20 yards I started to get a little worried.

    5. Dave30867

      Its the idiot effect 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    6. tropicalsex69

      Did you really deserve to retrieve your stuff!!??

    7. Brandon Wetterman

      This is crazy , sorry about your luck I think its very creative how you made this positive with the video 📹. Thanks for sharing 👍

    8. John Rekus

      Glad you made it out of the water...great video!!! 🐟🐟🐟

    9. Kyle Madison

      You shoulda sent out a message to Dallymd, have him zoom up for a cold dive sesh. Or just anyone who dives.

    10. Thomas Lawrence

      I hated to see my Remington 1187 go for a swim kayaking on a 1/2 frozen lake chasing waterfowl six years ago. Good job retrieving your gear.

    11. Hooked on Alaska

      Glad you got your stuff back. I started wrapping my electronics in a little crate with a life jacket for early ice 😂. Always great videos bud your videos got my into KGuping 💪🏻

    12. Matt Westendorf

      Dude 60 degrees ....... Common sense bro i only go 4 inches and over

    13. JD McNugent

      Might be a good idea to strap everything in your sled from now on with netting or something. So you can retrieve everything at once if this ever happens again "hopefully it don't" glad you made it out of ice ok.

    14. TubeNut Nuttington

      No wonder you fell through, all that crap.

    15. Scott A. Jansen

      Dude, you have a lot of high end gear

    16. Brando Vlogs

      New subscriber be super careful man I just lost a friend because of thin ice, care for ya fella from Kingston Ontario

    17. James W

      Glad You are ok!!!

    18. Dustin Lach

      Bro don't film and chomp gum. Come on man lol.

    19. Ron Iler

      Aaron,Just wondered did you or plan to do a video on equipment after dried out as to what works or not?

    20. Jakey Crack Outdoors

      cool video out of bad situation. glad your safe and got some of your gear back.

    21. Black and Red Sword

      hopefully this can serve as a learning experience for everyone. ice is never 100% safe, and you should avoid going out alone. i always keep some ice picks and a whistle around my neck, and im planning on getting some buoyant bibs too. if you have footage of you falling in and trying to get out, maybe you could sell it for a safety video

    22. HoosierStateFishing

      Fkn legend. Glad you survived.

    23. B K

      You dumb

    24. custom fitment

      The money you save thumbs up

    25. Outdoor Pursuit

      Glad you made it out alive! And cool your found your stuff!!

    26. Susan Shafer

      Maybe could get the axe with magnet fishing.

    27. Online Outdoorsman

      Lmao this is just insane man I can't believe you thought to fly the drone out there so you could come back to get it. You are lucky the lake thawed back out a week later. Mother Nature had your back XD

    28. Tim K

      Right on ......

    29. jimmy samdass

      No way!!!

    30. Diverse_Insight T.O

      You just gained a subscriber loved the video glad you made it out safe

    31. Family Fishing Tales

      Glad you made it out of there and was able to retrieve a lot of your gear. My son dropped a hammer into an ice hole probably 13 feet down off of a dock. I hate losing stuff, so we bought a magnet, and went back a few days later and retrieved. It felt good to get it back, even though it wasn't a huge deal.

    32. Dennis Gilker

      Hope your okay brother. Keep your head up

    33. superdplum

      Trust me, no one wants to see you yacking your gum.

    34. Jeremy Walth

      Could you show pics of your live scope set up on your vantage? glad you made it out ok btw

    35. Scott Dore

      Glad your ok I fell through once and kept on walking out to the shack and then built a big fire to dry my. Stuff and then I must of fell asleep cause when I woke up the ice shack was on fire that was my shittiest trip ice fishing hopefully for life lol be safe everyone

    36. Joshua Beaman

      Insane! Went back in the ur coat! 😂 Ur crazy!

    37. Dusty 1

      This is 100% BS GoPros are waterproof where is the Video of him struggling when he broke through even if he lost his hat there would be a clip of him losing the hat make for Great Content one would Think.....

    38. Timothy Jones

      My first thought was your a dumb ass. But.... as I watched the video you kinda grew on me. But still... dude... water on top teh ice is bad. lololol... You were genius marking the spot with the drone.

    39. Marlon Parsons

      I would have went swimming for you. I’m from Canada so I’m cold blooded lol. You always got good tips and videos keep em flowing.

    40. Jrezky

      Glad you could recover some stuff. I have a scuba license just for such occasions. I only like diving for pleasure in warm water, so my cold water diving is limited to utility only

    41. Ruth Siemens

      Yikes Aaron!! My stomach feels so sick at the thought of you in this situation. 😬😬 Thank God you are ok. 💕 So cool to see you retrieve the equipment!!

    42. cam mcbain

      Well at least you still provided a crappie video lol. Love the vids. At least you were able to fish for your stuff back and stayed safe while doing it.

    43. Rebel Marie

      You need a spud but what I liked about this video is I now know what equipment to get to ice fish plus vlog.

    44. Michael Antonio

      I fell thru ice once about a mile out on the ice. Was me and some friend we werent fishing we were probably all around 13, just fucking around. But it was Houghton lake the deepest point is 28 feet so we were in water that was only about chest deep even tho we were around a mile oit.

    45. Taylor Fenoglio

      cast net would have worked

    46. Grumpy Decoys

      Hard pass. Hate to say it but you brought that on yourself.

    47. Sam Riola

      Aaron can you please start posting more. I’ve been here for 8 years.

    48. smart boi

      It’s hard being a uncut angling fan When he post your so hyped and are ready for the next video.... 3 months later 😰

    49. Ebjs2007

      Hope to see som new vids soon.... Damn shame about your gear.... But its just money.... Theres always more money to be made

    50. Owen outdoors

      Make more videos

    51. dogpiss99

      You got ding lucky dude. Congratulations!! You got so much of your gear back. Glad you made it out alive. Gear back was bonus.

    52. dogpiss99

      Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys on the ice that’s not safe for me & in my head they sound just like you did as you were “checking with the ax”. Lol Glad your safe

    53. Christian Roe

      243 thousand subscribers waiting for a video

    54. Billy and Bill outdoors

      We’re in the middle of ice season and no videos?

    55. Fisherman

      how about supermagnet fishing ?

    56. Laquisha Hackl

      did you survive? where you go? lol

    57. FNG Swift

      Who really wants him to post a ice fishing video👇

    58. 555 hunting & fishin

      8:20 I got a micke

    59. Diodete Da Silva

      Glad you retrieved your stuff - but glad you are safe more importantly

    60. Robert Sours

      Where you been Aaron miss the videos hope all is well

    61. Fisherman's Crossing

      Hey Aaron whatever you're going through brother it'll be ok my man. Time heals and I'm wishing you the best for 2021. Always going to support Uncut Angling, your the best my man. Much love 👊

    62. Andrew Grudzinskas

      You must have an extra chromosome freaking waterhead

    63. Connor

      Sitting on some ice today I check last night with no gear with me just brought a spud a auger and a measuring tool

    64. Connor

      No videos since this what’s happening?

    65. 802 Angling

      Aaron?????? Were so worried about you and what happened. This is crazy not one show by the top angler in the world...

    66. Terry Athman

      Coming to the latest vid please upload

    67. LaCringe

      Part 2 coming next week Classic Uncut Hope to see that video soon!

    68. Lindustries Outdoors

      Now where is part 2 lol

    69. ben n

      where you been man?

    70. Travis Cook

      Hope you're doing good man.

    71. Jordan McLaughlin

      We miss you bro! You're the best in the biz. We need moaaaaaar!

    72. Evan Lyon

      U can tell his wife/fiancé grounded him ice fishing for a while lol but in all seriousness safety is number one glad your ok

      1. BMDubClub

        He’s getting divorced..

    73. Ted Staples

      You forgot to get the chapstick.

    74. Rocky Reynolds

      So basically its the woman's fault for this mishap and usually it's always their fault

    75. K C Wood Flags

      First mistake was the reeds or whatever that was coming through the ice , makes it weak. 2nd mistake , not using an actual ice chisel aka spud to properly check the ice. You have an auger you have a boat but don't bother to buy a chisel. The ice was shit , even the "good" ice! Stick to boat fishing , or learn from someone that actually has a clue about ice fishing and all things ice .

    76. Demitri Bonis

      Soooooooooooooooo part 2???????????????????????????

    77. Tugg Speedman

      Hope your doing well bud. Need some new videos from ya

    78. Chad Harris

      Bro you’re jigging and snagging game is on point. This is better than magnet fishing. But in all seriousness I’m glad you’re not down there with that stuff and the game wardens pulling you up with it all, this could have ended much differently.

    79. jason Edwards

      Hey fella. Hope your good man. Cheers

    80. Calyn Goodchild

      Hope you're been doing well pal! After a lifetime of fishing on the open water, your videos are what got me into ice fishing. Sending you lots of good vibes!

    81. Jake Charles

      Just watched this vid. Lucky guy. Glad you got out safe and your gear.

    82. PublicMultch

      Post more videos!!!!

    83. wisconsin grown

      ill use my 20k bass boat to retrieve my 5k ice gear....

    84. Baby Cheesa

      Glad your safe friend. All that shit can be replaced. You can’t. You could have died. 🇨🇦

    85. Zach Kennedy

      I wouldn't call that, barely surviving...

    86. Cody Luzaich

      With that livescope on the vantage do you have trouble seeing around your motor? Or does it tilt out of the way pretty easily?

    87. Warren Ramsey

      Man I’m looking forward to some more of your videos! I love the 24 hour fishing challenge

    88. Zachary Kallinen

      did you die?

      1. Zachary Kallinen

        since the vid i mean

    89. RippinLipsTv

      Please post more

    90. Alex PreteTV

      You need a lot of rice

    91. Audio Alarm Tech USA

      If you understand Spanish, I invite you to subscribe to my channel

    92. Hugh_Jas

      I'm really curious if any of that still works

    93. blly8325

      Wow that boat is hooked up ! Glad everything worked out so well 👍👍👍

    94. Jason Zambrana

      I gotta say you are the man! You saved all that stuff and fuck walking on that ICE! Wait for spring man! 😆 🤣 😂

    95. Jason Zambrana

      I would have forgotten about all that other stuff and saved myself.

    96. Drag screamer

      So happy you're safe ! Next, I found it so satisfying to watch you retrieve your stuff! Hopefully it works! Hope you have a great 2021!

    97. Rob Fraser

      Dude. We want a follow up! Did your gear survive after drying out?

    98. BassKickers Outdoors

      The bucket makes this seems staged bud.

    99. Gage Wanta

      Thank got ur still alive. I love ur vids. I have been subscribed from 5,000

    100. Patrick Mooney

      When you gonna do a update video