My BIGGEST Bass Ever in a Tournament! FLW Tour Sam Rayburn

Scott Martin

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    First FLW Tournament of 2019 starts with a BEAST! Can I pull off a victory on the fabled Sam Rayburn Lake in Texas. This video will show you my journey on how I catch fish on Rayburn.
    We showcase how tom....catches fish on Sam Rayburn.
    This tournament is super important and we need a good finish to start the the year
    Thanks for all the support! TeamSMC👊🏼
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    1. John Fleming

      Far be it from me to critique anything you do but when you kept saying “what’s going on?” with each missed or lost fish, I kept noticing that your drag was slipping on the hook sets. I’ve experienced that with spinning reels before on big smallmouth on Lake Erie. For what it’s worth...🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. whenboysetsfire1

      Another biggin.. nope little

    3. NRG_Kyle -_-

      I have caught a 10 lb in North Carolina on a spinner rod bc I don’t have a bait caster but a great fisger

    4. David Morrow

      We Love YOU Scott and BETTER YET God LOVES YOU!!!

    5. BassBrosOutdoorAdventures

      Nice fish!

    6. Will Grant

      I want to meet Scott so badly

    7. Brayden Stanley

      Now THAT'S a ten-pounder peric!

    8. Cory Mccullough

      I love how the anglers fishing roll out of bed giddy as hell and Brandon is a zombie 😂

    9. Shaun Orchosky

      Lake Sam Rayburn in Texas is my home lake I fish a lot i luv 45 min from it I love Sam Rayburn there is some big fish there

    10. Dillon Brumfield

      This is my home lake I could show you great places out there with nice bass

    11. Jett Miller

      Dude your like the dad of the house.😂

    12. Caydon Coleman

      I fish in the high school tournament fixing to go into Year 2 as a Sophomore. Caught a 15 lb. bag last year on my own, my partner caught none, on a jig. Sam Rayburn is my favorite lake.

    13. Backpacker365

      I know this is an old video but how do you sign up to be a marshal? I would love to do that.

    14. Ttvbigfattyjr30

      I’m glad he came to my home water and caught his biggest one ever in a tournament

    15. Landon Cansler

      My dad is Shane from flw his boater at Sam Rayburn hooked into a giant fish that they estimated over 12 pounds and she jumped out of the water. Then she dove down,and got stuck in a brush pile. They caught her on a 10xd

    16. El Tigre De Tejas

      racoon?1:32 tried to fix it by saying grizzly smh

      1. El Tigre De Tejas

        Im sure he meant no harm. but Im from TX, its still the 1950's in some parts of east texas out here.

    17. BigNBassin

      Hey scott love all the content! I was wondering what glasses frame and lenses are the costa sunglasses on 20:43 please help they look great I WANT THEM. Anyway keep fishing and have a good one

    18. fishingjawn

      Das B Lat Baby!

    19. Dakota Jones

      B-lat is a little excited

    20. K P

      B lat made a noise and Scott said what was that and dude said a racoon 😭 wowwww

    21. Melva Temple

      What reels do you use

    22. odell YouTube channel

      Good luck

    23. Harristx_06

      My grandpa did a tournament on that lake years ago. Cool that Your doing one there too

    24. Arian Nakhjavan '21

      BLat Had a long dong schlong at 1:49

    25. Piece ctrl stoke

      Scott about to press snooze . Lol

    26. Kendall Miller

      nothing is better than watching Tom set the hook.

    27. Ariel Giron

      Whats going on is that your drag was way too lose when you were setting the hook , tighten it up some more

    28. Brad Bozarth

      Man that would be so fun

    29. Ethan Corsbie

      What are the marshal's duties? This sounds interesting!! I love to fish and would love to learn from you all!

    30. Steve Hogan

      Thank goodness you got a shit ton of vids because I'm really enjoying them these last couple of weeks. Thanks Scott. Really helping me out... I think. ha

    31. Serious Angler Podcast


    32. Brandon Thomas

      Ole tom got a hell of a hook set

    33. Brandon Wade

      How am I just now seeing this one???

    34. Juan Gonzalez

      Did he have a weight on that ribbon tail at the beginning

    35. Freddie Howard

      Love watching you fish , I have learned a lot from you , your the best . God Bless 🙏🙏🎣🎣

    36. Mike Seal

      Go ahead Scott Martin

    37. Warren louisiana

      How deep of water yall in?

    38. Tritt Laird

      One of my idols for fishing is your dad id be hinored to fish with either one of yall....but what are the chances in that🤔🤔

    39. JR Outdoors

      Dude your awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Jayson Brown

      You Da Man Scotty! Number 68! Lol that's my favorite number! Everyone likes 69 but I prefer 68 and I'll owe you 1! Lmbo! You are awesome almost as good as my favorite fisherman aka "Yo Daddy" he has been my favorite angler since 1984 since I saw my first fishing sho! THE GREAT AMERICAN FISHERMAN! And his legacy has definitely been carried on with greatness! I'm sure he is proud of you brother! Keep on catching them BIGG UNNS! Make that a shirt and I'll just take 5%. 😀

    41. V1RAL SpAdes

      What did you catch that gigantic fish on?? I know this is a old video but I got a tournament tomorrow and need some help catching fish. Any tips?

    42. Jennifer Morgan

      I live on that lake

    43. Austin

      Drag set to lose because when you set the hook it is not completely setting in mouth

    44. Dirty Deedz

      that dude hella called b-lat a racoon....racist

    45. ScootaDadChad K

      😂😂😂 B lat had to do a handstand to pee that morning

    46. George Douglas

      Imagine being one of the best bass anglers of all time and being sponsored by favorite

    47. Veldeez

      Did you forget to reset the drag after catching that first toad? You loosened it during the fight and when you were missing those fish afterwards you could hear the drag going.

    48. Idaho angling

      What you using at the start?

    49. offroad Outlaws King

      Someone I no took a picture of you putting your boat in

    50. marc k

      It's 600$ to be a Marshall

    51. hansson

      What happening with the fish when you have take them to the sceene, are you putting them back in the water

    52. Rolando Garay

      What’s your normal pb

    53. Aiden McCann

      I live in Jasper TX 20 minutes from Sam Rayburn

    54. Riley Sparks

      dude sam rayburn is right by me i live in nacogdoches and i go fishing at sam rayburn all the time!

    55. Jordan Friar

      Haha I'd hate to be the fish to bite Tom's bait.. his hook set is like a golf swing

    56. Cory Lahey

      I can watch you slam large mouth all day! Your vids are awesome 👌🏻

    57. Outdoor Crazy

      Hey Scott, I am 17 years old and I dreamed to be a professional bass fisherman like you! How did you become what you are now?

    58. Rattlin Ryans

      Love the video and it’s on my birthday

    59. Homa Outdoors

      I actually caught my pb large mouth on a spinning rod it was 8 pounds 3 ounces and in 13 also it was on a crappie lure

    60. jmay35801

      Spinning rod clinic

    61. rikkierikkie

      18:49 thinks 'i've layed bigger turds than that'

    62. Chris McKee

      did he say "first fish of 2000"

    63. G I

      I’m supposed to be up in 5 hours to go fishing and I’m here😂. 1:50 damn someone’s excited haha

    64. TEJ Jensen

      Scott you have at least one big fan in Denmark. Keep your tip up in 2019.

    65. Ronald Hawkins

      Nice fish Scott

    66. Rusty Shakelford

      Prep 15 m Cook 10 m Ready In 25 m Heat oil in a deep-fryer or large saucepan to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Whisk eggs and water together in a bowl; set the egg wash aside. Sprinkle the bass fillets on both sides with Cajun seasoning and lemon pepper. Dredge the fillets in flour, and shake off any excess. Dip the fillets in the egg wash, then dip fillets in the crushed potato chips. Fry the fish in the preheated skillet until lightly browned, about 4 minutes per side. Serve with lemon wedges.

    67. Jacob Jones

      I thank I was more excited than you about big bass lol

      1. G I

        Jacob Jones 1:50 he’s way more excited


      I live on Sam Rayburn and my school got to work that tournament I was so happy to see you Scott

    69. Colby C.

      That fish was ten pounds when caught lost some weight in the box

    70. Artur Rodrigues

      Whats the drop shot lure?

    71. outdoors life

      Scott you are simply amazing and a heck of a fisherman. Keep going hard after them bucket mouths

    72. anthony cope

      Scotts like everyones dad has to get up 30min earlier then he wants to because he has 5 kids to get out of bed and get moving

    73. bassnhockey

      Amazing video as usual! When they are biting finicky like that on the drop shot I like to wacky rig the worm rather than hook it through the nose to increase hook up ratio, but compared to a legend like Scott what do I know? Lol

    74. games tv

      jigari xar badri ro motyani

    75. Nickyb 123

      What was he throwing on that spinning rod?

    76. Ralph P

      Can you also post the music that you use in your videos?

    77. Ralph P

      Thanks for another great video!

    78. Texas Strong

      Hats off to you buddy! I know very little about bass fishing. I fish to eat! I can even catch them on that amazing lake.

    79. chaz honaker

      Are you guys going to be in Knoxville in March.?

    80. Josh L

      Just here for the B-Lat comments. Bahahaha!!!

    81. cobrasvt347

      Opens live well. Gets a look. Not a good enough look. Opens again. That's a tank. Lol. Yea it is. Nice one man.

    82. Justin Rader

      Being Scott’s the last pro on the FLW he should be able to dominate

    83. Taylor Flanagan

      What lure setup was you using on your spinning reel?

      1. Stephen cameron

        Taylor Flanagan looked like a drop shot

    84. Unit3edKarnage

      Just catching up on the videos had a question. Why do you keep your drag so light on your spinning rod?

    85. kody Walker

      This video gave me tournament vibes

    86. Brady Westwood

      When the dude turned around at 2:00 I thought it was James harden 😂💀

    87. Jeffrey Spear

      I hate to be that guy, but could someone tell me what spinning reel(s) he's using.

    88. Timothy Yarborough

      Great job scott

    89. Southern Life Forever™️

      9.12 heck yeah...things are bigger in Texas!!!👍🎣

    90. Top Dawg

      Why do the mlf guys hate Scott I’m confused 🤷‍♂️

    91. Kambrea Scercy

      You should take Hilary to one of your tournaments one day she would enjoy that

    92. Robert Elliott

      What's that black and gold spinning reel that Scott is using?

    93. David Baker


    94. The Fish Catcher

      that morning dawn roboworm is a bass catching magnet !

    95. Jack Carlisle

      There is no better feeling than hearing that boat engine early in the morning, on a first tournament. Love your vids keep it up.

    96. billy stainthorpe

      maby a dumb question but what boat are you using

    97. Hoosier Outdoors

      Congrats on a great 1st bass of the season! At 16:52 is that a Curado K? I bought one last season and it's become my favorite reel

    98. Redneckboy9874 Dexter

      What part of Florida for you live in Scott

    99. Denver Kerley

      Damn had a morning wood 😂😂😂

    100. Andrew Wolf

      Lol I remember fishing spinning rods as a kid with ten pound mono and losing every bass over 3lb at shoreline wish flouro was a thing in the 90s for the amateur