World's Most Realistic Custom Nerf Blaster For Brent Rivera, He Thought It Was A Photo | ZHC Crafts

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    Everyone Thought This Nerf Blaster Painting Was A Photo Lol | ZHC Crafts
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        on gezes

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    2. Kristin Calder

      There should be a channel called VivCrafts

    3. Redford Sim

      Hello ZHC Crafts,, I wonder if you can sponsor me ?///, I want to start an animation career in youtube but i just need one thing to do it. can you give me a pen tab for easy sketching in desktop. i really wanted one,, so i am asking anyone who can give me pen tab, for $50 it would be much appreciated.

    4. Avery Riffel

      You should do more videos with Brent.

    5. Craft With Eli

      Bib is so talented in drawing she draws the best besides jack

    6. Miguel Boldorini

      What is brants phone number

    7. Kishan .A


    8. Andrzej Pieczuro

      Did he paint his hair during the video?0:06-its yellow/ cyan 3:13 -its cyan

    9. Jasiah Little

      That’s lit

    10. Ha Ba

      What is This Song Calld That She Youset at the Biging

    11. Ali Asgar Ibrahim

      superr COOOLLL!!!

    12. The Blue Dude

      "he thought it was a photo" nope

    13. Fathimath Rahuma

      I bet this is the shortest ZHC video

    14. khumo mpebe

      do it

    15. Viba S

      I think that's not looking like a photo but that's gorgeous

    16. Ryan Santos

      Brent yelled like a girl

    17. Julia and Sarah


    18. creative girl few seconds video

      Is viv you sis ?

    19. Grace Carlin-Lander

      Viv is so talented

    20. Abby Gaming

      Hey viv r u zach’s sis

    21. Daxier

      Draw killua from hunter x hunter

    22. Manroop Batth

      2:56 rude

    23. ethan josh gonzales


    24. thu thu

      Tặng em một cay súng

    25. Kim Seungmin

      do for lankybox pls

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    27. Colton Dampier

      Brents new broom 😂

    28. SONU

      Can you give me a phone for my study I don't have any phone. My family can't afford it.

    29. Paul Emanuel Gutierrez

      Hi ZHC you are cool

    30. Kazuto white

      Wow just wow my brother's would like that

    31. RR_replays

      Hi ZHC I love art and watching Mr Beast So if I add them together Art+Mr. Beast=ZHC It equals to you. Ive been subscribed for years now and I still haven't even won a giveaway yet😭 Plzz Reply @

    32. endgame snap


    33. Pastel Galaxy

      Step 0.5 get money

    34. Serena Agafenachukwu

      Zhc litreally said brencen not Brent

    35. Seif Lambo

      It says I kinda wanna sleep lol Me: LMAO I didn’t even sleep XD :)

    36. Matteo Zammuto

      Viv is amazing

    37. Jesús Chavarria


    38. RED STORM X Domingo

      Pls give Preston a car pls zhc pls

    39. Henry Criste

      Never leave a gun loaded and why is his finger on the trigger it is never a trigger test that is how someone gets shot and treat a gun like it is always loaded you city people know nothing about safety with guns

    40. Willi William


    41. Ashish Rankupalli

      You should use a nerf rival nemesis

    42. rpearr

      Kindof want to sleep

    43. Daniel Han

      IDK even know how Viv draws realistic people sooo good.

    44. XbxyteqrsX

      I love viv's arts

    45. • Dreamy Skits •

      I wish she drew on there whole gun so it doesn’t actually look like a photo on the thumbnail because it was next to the gap and go down a bit so it looks like a print same color picture.

      1. Reiiarts_spare


    46. Jillian Morrison


    47. Cristiano Ronaldo

      It’s not custom your just colouring on it

    48. AkaPLNothing SDNothing

      Should Brent Rivera collaborate with Nerf?

    49. Busy Bee

      Who’s ur editor?

    50. Dylan Temple

      Imagine if ZHC painted fingernails you'd have to give him $1 million per nail

    51. Lucas Lopez

      I can draw as good as him kinda

    52. FoshTheBoss

      He never said it was a photo #clickbait

    53. Cousins World

      i am loveing these giveaway videos

    54. Cousins World

      you shout make more videos with breant

    55. Cousins World

      one of my fav youtubers is breant and you

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    57. cool boys for life Houston Jr


    58. King Rexy

      Video idea: ZHC’s shortest video’s

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    60. Panda Playz Minecraft

      Brent equals weirdo BTW yes I'm hating

    61. Maxwell Kao

      You should Make a Tik Tok about this nerf gun

    62. ZKE -E Dancing blue

      Why does that painted brent look more realistic then real brent XD

    63. T-11 Future impossible

      What is her name???

    64. Aldrin Dulay

      Hello can you cuztomize a ps5 for me if not its ok

    65. Tan Winson

      I have subscribe to your channel

    66. Ryguyi

      What happened to your other girl friend

    67. Sage Detective65

      Brent: Ah there's no more balls left Me:🤨🤨🤨😐um

    68. Adhesshwaran Krishnan

      What is the name of that song?

    69. Iqbal hasan Shanto

      I thought it was a photo

    70. Hector Jaime

      it doesn't even look like a photo

    71. Arun Kumar Gupta

      Are all the artists in your team and you are siblings

    72. Khldx2 Ahmad


    73. Briana Renee Valero


    74. Apple Bob kahsbbdg

      Who is Brent

    75. Tinku Biswas

      Please give me a Nintendo switch lite

    76. Yariel JYGN

      Good choice the nerf rival xviii 500 is a good blaster😅

    77. Lifewithcrazy Cookie

      hi why don't u do a giveaway but worldwide ................... some of us as fans aren't included in ur things #unfair I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and i will love to be a part of ur things

    78. Lifewithcrazy Cookie

      hi why don't u do a giveaway but worldwide ................... some of us as fans aren't included in ur things #unfair I'm from Trinidad and Tobago and i will love to be a part of ur things

    79. Zian PH

      im from Philippines.. im always watching your videos and i love it so much. I dont know to speak in english to much but i try my best. I wish i could win your give a way for my online classes. I dont have personal phone im just borrowing and sometimes im going to computer shop to watch your videos. I wish you choose me to win a phone its ok if an ordinary phone because i dont have one. Im a grade 12 student and need a gadget to used for my online classes. I wish you can choose me. My GMAIL is

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      I subscribed already and I need a new phone my phone is getting old my phone is actually a Iphone 6plus i hope you choose me:(

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      Don't worry I subscibed

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      ZHC”i kinda wanna sleep lol”

    83. Nik Eznie Nik Abd Rahim

      you guys are sooooooooooooooooooooo cool expecially you viv sorry if i hurt someone's feelings

    84. joella kanaziz

      love your craft vids

    85. Robert (Mickey) Martinez

      2:51 that is what she said

    86. Dandreb Dolor

      I Always love Viv's drawing,skerching,art,!!like so beautiful Viv's if I can see this I love you and make sure stay healty!!💛💫

    87. Daniel Hernandez

      - < - you are my favorite KGupr!

    88. Brody Dusosky

      Well Brent does not need his broom anymore he has a nerf f gun

    89. trishanne pillay

      Plz custom Preston bubble tent

    90. qazi abbas

      Love your bids Hope to see u one day

    91. Aadit’s Vlogs

      That is not realistic. This is realistic

    92. Peyton Llewellyn

      I love watching these

    93. 19 Roblox!!!

      U can tell it’s not a photo

    94. Minga Velasquez

      Hey look it's Brent


      Pubg is trash and cod is op

    96. Emmalee_ Ann

      I subscribed and notification!!!!

    97. Shiloh’s Life

      What happened to Leo from old video

      1. Shiloh’s Life

        Who ever likes this comment will be a super hero at fortnite

    98. Prashandt Henry

      Zhc please give me a iPhone and a Mac book. I started watching your videos since 2017

    99. LEAHPOP Hi


    100. asher butler

      she said all done and kept going lol