Among Us In Real Life, But There's a Lie Detector! (Impostor IQ 999)

FaZe Kay

3 млн көрүүлөр752

    AMONG US In REAL LIFE But There's a LIE DETECTOR!! This is the Hardest Impossible Among Us In Real Life Challenge for the Imposter and Crewmates! @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Nikan @FaZe Temperrr @TeaWap @HanRidge
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    1. FaZe Kay


      1. Kid Chaotic

        @Daniel Wang AAaaaa@aaa@aAaA

      2. Gamer Adam

        Holy bro

      3. Fatma Aldosari


      4. Vinoba Yogachandran

        my name is faze kay on among us

      5. BlueYT 123

        @Bonkdude351 fffff

    2. EXT11C


    3. DarkReaper

      I liked how Jarvis charterer in the bottom left is a red guy with the fortnite F with a x on it!🤣😂🤣😂

    4. Thunder XD


    5. Samson Moorer

      He said follow me and I won’t kill you

    6. Banner Frostizyz

      Hannha shouldnt be part if this she ask did you kill anyone.

    7. Amongasak Je drzi

      Why Kay is not an impostor

    8. Njli Vrma

      Why is Hannah asking have you killed

    9. Kim Rose

      Hannah says that sus for no reason

    10. Poo Pig

      if you can ask Have you killed someone why dont you ask everyone?

    11. Lisa Tolman

      They could have just said to the people are you the imposterand then I would say if they are lying

    12. Mishel Platini

      I hate teawap

    13. Daniela Santelises Alvarez


    14. Nicholas Jirjis

      Jarvis:*walks* Hannah: "that's sus that's sus that's sus that's sus that's sus"

    15. Blanca Resendiz

      he didnt 200iq

    16. Jose Bautista


    17. Jordan Clark


    18. XD Lucid XD


    19. Vitality Tarot

      Kay dum

    20. Ta Khai Ca

      The one rule that’s most important is that you can’t ask if they killed someone

    21. GrT Ñįńjå

      Why did Hannah say did you kill someone

    22. Jordan Flores

      Whait that loe dectecter was from royalty family

    23. NRG MoMents

      I’m not gonna lie but that was a lame way the video ended and I though it was more than one round

    24. My name is..shadow Clippy

      Fun fact: all task are visual lol

    25. Caren Theodorakakos

      Sub to get Jarvis unbanned

    26. Emily Rosales

      Is tiko and Jarvis they are the lmposte

    27. Valeria Bucci

      i si dis gui by the royaliti famili

    28. TTV Gamz#8888

      You are so good

    29. ?Jamper¿ H

      Necon might be cheating

    30. Tryhard Inc.

      Its not a lie detector, it measures your blood pressure and how nervous you get, anybody would get nervous when getting asked questions about a game infront of a lot of ppl

    31. Amaan Ayaz

      there is literally no point of playing then

    32. Dxddy_ Not FearZz

      walks bye thats sus thats sus

    33. kermit thefrax23

      How dare you eject my man Tico

    34. Aerial_Beam 147

      Hannah says that’s sus but all Jarvis is doing is walking

    35. Ranvir Singh

      Jarvis is the best

    36. Gaming Roblox luis Ulloa

      That guy from royalty family

    37. シenderman

      To the not early squad :D

    38. EnsoGamez

      Its not Among us when you have a lie detector

    39. Wendy Kira

      i literally see that lie detector guy in everyon's video

    40. TTV_Shaina Garcia

      Is it just me or is teeqo the most positive FaZe member ever ( my favorite one)😂

    41. Matr1xXdx

      teeqo saying he is going to make a 200 iq play EVERYBODY Teeqo sus Teeqo has 1 iq

    42. Jaco van der Walt

      Kk no

    43. Fornite god God


    44. dom but I'm not dom

      You can't do tasks as the imposter

    45. FazeSway Boy322

      They should make the lie detector medbay scan

    46. Chrisso Bro

      When is frazier gonna be imposter

      1. Sharkyboy

        He already was

    47. Xavier Baker_27

      they already have presents under the tree

    48. Gamer Boy


    49. Dogearc

      Welp a new way to make ur kids do chores just say we playin among us irl

    50. Dogearc

      Or u could say every good thing u did

    51. Fardid Ahamed

      Fun fact:Faze clan and royalty family live in la

    52. Alidanish Moloo

      I don’t have a problem but how and why does Jarvis always gets imposter

      1. TTV_Shaina Garcia


    53. Gamer Adam

      Holy bro

    54. Wayne Liu


    55. Alissa Outhier

      can you do another vid on amung us

    56. Nabie Sesay


    57. Nabie Sesay


    58. Official Young TJ

      Jarvis says 200 IQ they name the video 999 IQ

    59. c a k s

      max level autisem

    60. Moses Croasdale

      Bro this is no far for the imposter

    61. max Johnson

      iq 999

      1. max Johnson

        Juice wrld

    62. Aryan's Life

      Jarvis is imposter every vid

    63. Adriana Bahena

      I hate it when hanna say that jarvis sus and she say everybody is sus

    64. Dairon Flores


    65. clarke elrod

      thats the qoustion here

    66. Turtle Guy


    67. Naunihal Singh

      Why is Jarvis always the imposter


      It was funny

    69. JB


    70. eSensei

      Yay I love among us

    71. ツ-Tu Muerte

      Lie detectotrs aren’t always accurate

    72. Vinoba Yogachandran


    73. YouTube Terms Of Service

      teewap the type of guy to self report

    74. V. s.s

      You guys should make it more accurate, do that you only can go on the lie detector if you want to speak, and not that they can ask you questions and maybe that imposter are not aloud to do task

    75. panhaboth saman

      TEEQO SAID WHEN HE SELF REPORT HE SAID IM GOING TO MAKE A 200iq play and at the end of the lie detector everyone has a suspicion on teeqo and teeqo was like that didn’t do very well instant karma I guess

    76. shubham auti

      Ye kya bavasir hai 😂🤣

    77. Mr Duxc

      Nice video

    78. Nguyen Andrew

      Is the lie dectetor the med bay

    79. Saku Sulkala

      How jarvis is impostor always

    80. Moses Croasdale

      Why is Jarvis always imposer

    81. it's safa

      I mean the impostor has to lie so he cloud wine but ???

    82. Taboushy91

    83. Orbit makamba

      Teeqo = Donny Van De Beek search him up if u don't know who that is

    84. nigelspowell

      Lookkk at your head Jarvis

    85. Skye

      Ummm this is fire 🔥

    86. Eliel Noriega

      This guy was in the The royalty family

    87. NotScuffy

      He is the same guy from the royalty fam vid LOL He dont laugh

    88. Giovanni Rosas

      You are ejected。  •   ゚。   . .    .    。 。.  .   。  ඞ 。  . • • I told you I was not the Impostor •.

    89. The Ogongas

      The easiest way to get your kids to do chores🤣

    90. Nuclear Nick

      As of October 29, 2020, 2,666,626 Notice why I wrote this comment ...666...

    91. Gabriel Rides

      This is just the sidemens last video with an extra step lol

    92. GreenUpZaa

      This literally ruins the whole point of the game.

    93. One Shot Solo

      This video is kind of boring

    94. Deadeye

      realises that a lie detector is basically based on stressed ( the more calm u are u can get away wiht anything)

    95. Smokey’s life

      Am I the only one who feels extra poor seeing that they have like 4 or 5 garages...

      1. Marley

        Yh and they cant even drive

    96. Big Chungi504

      The guy is just too depressed

    97. Antics with Ethan!

      Can people stop with the among us iq thing. It is such a simple game

    98. mq76

      my niga

    99. lamp light

      This is just doing stations in kindergarten

    100. Cristobal Cano

      The best crew mate the lie ditector person