Civilization 5 All Leaders (English Sub) part 1

Felix Martono

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    The recording provided by KGup user: Daniel Chehrazi - Skummelhustler - TheGreatWallOfChins
    All the subtitle are based on research, my own knowledge, and other native speaker
    Most of the subs are provided by :
    There are still missing subs for Pacal, Ashurbanipal, Pocatello, Montezuma, Shaka
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    Link to part 2:
    America 0:00
    Arabia 1:28
    Assyria 2:57
    Austria 4:26
    Aztec 5:58
    Babylon 7:32
    Brazil 8:53
    Byzantium 10:18
    Carthage 11:47
    Celts 13:28
    China 14:58
    Denmark 16:25
    Dutch 18:07
    Egypt 19:44

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    1. idk its a ruby

      Harald Bluetooth made Bluetooth!

    2. Lucas Fortes


    3. T Series

      Denmark gang where you at?

    4. SaimonSERGE

      7:21 When you search on the internet what to say after getting defeated Chrome: "Despite my best efforts ,you have defeated me. Perhaps now I can find some peace" Bing: "Monster, Who the hell are you to destroy my greatness?"

    5. Alex Healy

      I prefer civ 6 is many regards these days, but these animations and backgrounds were absolute class

    6. Jérémie Herard

      Daamn ! I'm french and I actually understood some words of theodora ! (french is actually 10% greek words, 80% latin)

    7. Yaromir

      "Are you real or a hologram?" - Nebuchadnezzar II, 1000 AD

    8. Black Rainbow

      Egyptian is wrong, that's modern Egyptian dialect which is the cringiest and lamest Arabic dialect ever

    9. Dan Loadan

      Why'd you declare war after that one option on the thing that says "discuss" or something, what about the other options?

    10. Golfo Pollo

      why theodora instead of justinian?

    11. Fidelis Miles

      With the different languages(?) I feel as if I was playing KOTOR again.

    12. FearScared

      This is so much better than in Civ 6

      1. Felix Martono


    13. lubis khan

      The Ramses speaks Egyptian Aabic

    14. Casper

      William: spices have bean found and I will stop at nothing to obtain it Ready the fleet we will use the old ways

      1. Felix Martono

        did you delete your previous comment about China? im just curious if youtube itself deleted your comment

    15. Knoblauch

      It's so wrong and stupid how Empress Theodora refers to herself as "Empress of Byzantium". That term didn't even exist before 16th century and Byzantines always referred to themselves as Romans.

    16. Rex Galilae

      Throwback to when great leaders were people of great gravitas, voice and personality with elegant body movements and surrounded by pretty ornate and detailed clothing and hall decorations and not cartoons with comical body movements and disproportionately large, ugly faces

    17. Michael Petronzio

      It’s so hard to understand Boudicca beacuse there are some words there that are like today know like in English but the rest is her own made up laungage

    18. ken masters

      13:49 did she call you a "bitch whore"?

    19. Coolffee

      Caramba, que dublagem deselegante a do Don Pedro...

    20. Tom Plank

      It’s strange that Harald Bluetooth speaks about Loki, even though he introduced Christianity to Denmark

    21. #GameLandMaster

      The fact that George Washington sounds like Trump scares me and makes me think that George was a way more sinister president than we all thought. And why is it that when Sid Meier's had one chance to add Justinian of the Byzantine Empire they put HIS WIFE as the great character? I really disliked that.

    22. Optimist Prime

      I hope the realistic leader graphics return in Civ 7, those cartoon characters in Civ 6 are horrendous.

    23. Rizky

      Why would George Washington used British accent? He was the first of US President. Very inaccurate.

      1. Onboard Basil

        Someone didn't pay attention in history class

    24. Don

      Civ 5 animation is better than civ 6. Civ 6 is just like a cartoon version

    25. Tritega

      18:54 that moment you know Willem will kick your ass.

    26. Fernando Radillo

      Looking to see what installs in constellation sky island city.

    27. Stewie Griffin

      3:43 Oh boy😖

    28. DraculaCronqvist

      Much prefer these graphics to the one in Civ 6, although the voice actors in 6 are better.

    29. SeñorSquirrel

      It kinda sucks how they no longer stand in a palace or sit on a throne anymore in civ 6

    30. Das4bugGaming indonesia

      Jorg washingmachine

    31. Piggy Chu

      The Tang Chinese leader speaks in modern Chinese 🤦

    32. TURKEY/Ту́рция TR

      Ottoman empire?

    33. Amy MADDison

      Man Pedro has not aged well

    34. LaDarius Norris

      Why doesn't George Washington have an English-ish accent?

    35. Alvi Syahri

      Kinda wish they translate like this in the game too, instead of needing to search for youtube videos like this. It's just that considering the effort they put in to the background, character, and voice, not having a proper subtitle feels weird.

    36. Los_no_Fake

      10:29 First: why Teodore leads Byzantium? Second: They have never said "Byzantium" they said that they are "romanoi"

    37. AnZi

      0:04 Where is my oil?

    38. fendi salleh

      arabians should have a curved sword no a straight one

      1. Alvi Syahri

        Arabs do have some straight sword. I don't know how popular they, or swords in generals are. But they exist.

    39. Average YouTube User

      These are so much than civ6! Now I feel bad civ6 is my first civilization game..

    40. TheSpanishInquisition

      I really miss the leaders backdrops and little lines like "yes" and "no" in Civ VI. Its just a row of cutscenes and feels less alive

    41. SpaceTaco 27

      Why did the subtitles have way different dialogue? Your translations are way cooler than the text given in the game.

    42. Jonathan Pinkney


    43. Tsch

      Why does George Washington have an American accent

    44. Babylon M

      The pharaoh speaks Arabic in this video!! why??

    45. terry12fins24

      What language does Dido speak? I can understand some words because they sound exactly or very similar to Hebrew.

      1. kuka

        Phoenician language

    46. 44theshadow

      why is the Civ text so far from what the guy actually says

    47. Amin

      Man Civ V was bad! Why is Rameses speaking Arabic!!! And Darius speaking Aramaic!

    48. DioSundoro

      Dang, Civ 5 leaders looks way more intense than Civ 6

    49. DioSundoro

      Imagine the animation of Civ 5 is combined with Civ 6, the leaders' scenes will be lit

    50. Planemeld1988

      I love dat Brazil music when thinks start heating up ^_^

    51. Planemeld1988

      I didn't know Nebuchadnezzar was a depressed and despondent drunk

    52. Ayush Gupta

      Huh, it's better than civ6?

    53. pippin

      >William the Silent >he speaks 0/10 instant refund

    54. tootutwo

      The voice actress for Wu Zetian is so bad... At least find a professional one!

    55. Brian Sirois

      Although the leaders themselves are more detailed / better graphics in Civ 6, I like how in Civ 5 each leader has a detailed background/setting that tells a story over the generic dark background tapestries they have now

    56. BlamedArtist91

      USA loves the peace? Don’t make me laught

    57. jan barisic

      I love how Pedro rolls his eyes when you ask for peace

    58. Ann Nifödova

      Montezuma looks so badass here

    59. everythingisoverparty

      Montezuma: are you crazy!?!?!?! Also Montezuma: *cuts out peoples hearts daily*

    60. Mouhcine El idrissi

      أحمد المنصور الذهبي ❤️🇲🇦

    61. Jes Cruz

      14:00 She looks like a horrible punk roadie

    62. Kanal7 #sub4sub

      was pharaoh speaking arabic instead of egyptian or even coptic??

    63. Republic Of Reon

      is this a mod?

      1. Onboard Basil

        it's a standalone game

    64. Luna 51

      Like half the people here is complaining that Ramses is speaking in Arabic... Yet nobody complains that Harald Bluetooth is speaking in modern Danish instead of Old Norse.

    65. Anna Hita

      Omg! The pharaoh speaks Arabic! 🤯

    66. Argumenter_Respecter

      Are you sure that Nebuchadnezzar II isn't saying "What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets!"?

    67. Nunya Beeswax

      I wish Harald was nicer! He's seems like such a jolly guy, but he'll cut your head off without a second thought!

    68. T. Daniel

      Harun al rashid look sad when you defeated him

    69. R Belson

      Yeah... Ramesses spoke Arabic... sure.

    70. Darshan Bhambhani

      The fact that they find voice actors for these is amazing

    71. Longsword Goodknight

      I'm 100% certain Ashurbanipal's beard is teeming with lice..

    72. محمد جواد

      19:50 Ramasses II was speaking Egyptian Arabic ???!!! 😂😂😂

    73. Bluntly honest

      Oh god! My poor danish Ears, it sounds so weird hearing my own language in video games xD

    74. orion2309

      *war is declared* All leaders: "You vile monster! You shall pay for this!" Montezuma: "Excellent! This will be fun."

    75. Active Duty

      The only problem i have is when harun al rashid says he is the the Caliphate of the Arabs. When, as his rightful title commands, really is the Prince of the Muslims. Takes a lot of his prestige and kinda makes it looks like the islamic Caliphate was an ethnostate when it really isn't.

    76. Tyl Regor

      Ashurbanipal's wife: Honey, come to bed with me, put that slab down Ashurbanipal: 3:54

    77. Google User

      This is much more fun than Civ6 !

    78. BeefusDoesStuff

      Civ 6 is nice and all, but I really miss these

    79. Nikodem Wieliczko

      Harold bluetooth : imma head out

    80. Sepah Pasdaran fighter

      I loved Bokht all nasser (king of Babylon)because he biuld Samiramis garden for hem wife

    81. Jessie Brookes

      Montezuma pronunciation is off

    82. Marco Rühl


    83. Łukasz Puła

      Theodora is a waifu

    84. StopFear

      I can't believe how they could make Civ V have atrocious music like they did. None of it is recognizable or memorable. Just sucks.

      1. VITAS874


      2. Daniel Woods

        strongly disagree

    85. edkabessa

      We came from this to today's CIV6 cartoony leaders, with disconnected animations and inserted in a boring black room with a power point slide on the background. Such a downgrade

      1. MartialArtsCat101

        But the graphics are much nicer, as is the language and background music

      2. Daniel Woods

        At least Cleopatra actually speaks Egyptian

    86. JY M

      And now in Civ6 we have the stupid comic-like design. Going backwards.

      1. Al As 57

        Much better animation tho.

    87. Chickknight Greenleaf

      why is Washington have an typical American accent? at that time period is it to be American you must first be British?

      1. Felmarge Go

        Apparently i heard from some commenters here that the british accent back then sounded close to the modern american accent...

    88. Jared Black

      Why is the Babylon leader so like sad

      1. Phil Barsom

        Guy went insane for like 7 years. Give him a break xD

    89. Atif Shah

      Ashurbanipal Makhe means Housefly in Urdu

    90. Dylan Gittinger

      Damn Theodora

    91. Alexander von Crowley

      Don pedro, such a gentleman.

    92. SeveralCakes

      I wonder if Harald Bluetooth has good WiFi on that longboat.

    93. Genral Kranz

      The Germans and English speaking people are happy, that they understand at least 2 or 3 Leaders.

    94. Defkhan Dinleyen Ahmet Çakar

      i don't see Ottoman Empire

    95. Flickzeez

      Does montezuma frickin smile?

    96. Jordi Riera

      0:42 I really though for a moment he was going to hit you

    97. Velociraptorius

      Dido is cute when she's angry.

    98. joselito estrabela

      Mother Teresa: defeated Also Mother Teresa: *jumps to depression*

    99. Antoine HOUEROU

      Okay so… In Civ 5 ALL the Leaders were WHITE ? Awkward.

    100. Grayve

      i swear to god, where the hell do they find the worse most friendly freaking voices to do Dom Pedro II. I mean, I'm not expecting him to sound like Kratos but you declare war on him and he like "ohhh... i'm sorry and sad" in the whimppiest of voices. LIKE BRO WTF. And in Civ 6 he sounds like a very friendly dad that is disapointed with his son's friend....