Rudy Giuliani Seen Fidgeting With His Private Area In New 'Borat' Movie

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    1. Tanika Nakeya Lewis

      Individuals have the Judicial Right to Touch Their Own/Personal Genitalia, inside of Their Clothing, and with Privacy, exclusive of Clothing.

    2. Synchronized Elbow

      If I was twelve and Envy was the kid behind me in the ice cream truck line, I'd be doing a 10 - bid right now. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    3. Bre Lane

      Jeezy’s response made me think of them call back tones back in the day we used to have to buy

    4. Fabulous Rita G.

      international buffoon, the catalyst for Donald Trump's impeachment and the clueless target of Borat's latest prank! Sit down old man, let the process work as designed

    5. Joseph Maitre

      He really seemed to be tucking in his shirt or pants , however still a very compromising position to be caught in . He’s Married , patting on her backside basically asking for her home address and phone number . Fail Rudy .. big fail ,

    6. Alumni Mack

      Is it me or is Envy corny Af.

    7. King T’Challa

      Tip over Jeezy, love Jeezy tho 👌🏾

    8. golden shadow

      How about Missy Elliott vs Busta Rhymes?

    9. drtij_dzienz

      DJ envy real annoying in this one

    10. BS1

      I trust no man who makes his cousin his wife!!!!!! The Truth

    11. Aretha Walker

      What do you expect....he's and Old man now🙈

    12. Ant Clerfont

      Busta rhymes? Oh no. If anyone knows Busta Rhymes, you cannot tell me that TI would win. I'm sorry for T.I, I know he's a good flow rapper, but....Busta?

    13. Antonio Montana

      Busta vs Twista

    14. Paul A

      Rudy scandal starts at 3:52

    15. Max

      Take me! My back anoose very tight!

    16. Jacob G

    17. Geo Rodriguez

      Envy is corny ass dude

    18. Derek Williams

      Envy get on my damn nerves. He be trying to hard!

    19. Aerie Unique

      Envy is so funny! 😂😂😂

    20. Lele lovebug

      Envy is upzerd

    21. Chris P Bacon

      T.i a legend but he lost me when he started doing those The old me is dead and gone type of records

    22. Markus Thompson

      Its crazy cause I see that movie an y I u can see that the woman pulled out hes shirt an he was tryin to fix it but don't get me wrong but I'm not saying what he did was right but you can look and see he was trying to fix what she did to his shirt

    23. daddypimpp

      Y’all must forgot Cassidy start it with his Face 2 Face video

    24. Tammy Morgan

      Why isn't Angela in the studio?

    25. HennyTv

      Big Snow

    26. hanzel rodriguez

      Piccccckkkkk oneeeeeee

    27. Oscar Warren

      Vienna sausage news on air contributers

    28. James Thomas


    29. cristiano Alves

      Envy so insecure lol 😂

    30. Diana Rodriguez

      Generational gap ! He is 40 and Busta 48 not to much of a spread ! 😂! Must talking about something else😂😂

    31. Pearl's World

      Charlamange talk like he’s a hip hop expert 🤣

    32. Peter McCanon

      Now they just going after everyone who supports trump & it’s becoming obvious when everyday closer we get to election the hate for Trump campaign finds some new 💩

    33. A little darling with a big story

      @3:40 When you dead asleep and someone turns the light on

    34. Joseph Lindsey

      Envy childish 😂😂😂

    35. Xavien Jackson

    36. Tavaris Brown

      Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn Gucci Mane vs T.I !!! Classic Battle !!!!!!!! Gucci mixtapes hold weight !!!!! Better Yet Gucci Vs. Boosie

    37. Why Lie

      Lets see if yall report on his video he uploaded about the Bidens family corrupt ways. Yall are jokes claiming to be informative and truth seekers. Your simply a employee without the ability of free speech. Bullshit journalism.

    38. Ponlo Web

      I can believe all media put like brake news this scene this is the brake news And the fake news is totally quite WHY BC THEY ARE THE CORRUPTS MANIPULATING YOU

    39. Ponlo Web

      I can believe all media put like brake news this scene this is the brake news And the fake news is totally quite WHY BC THEY ARE THE CORRUPTS MANIPULATING YOU

    40. Omar Scruggs

      T.I. >>> Jeezy but love both

    41. Mz Queenseas


    42. Josue Enalien

      T.I hands down

    43. New Ish

      Rudy was bout to hit that obviously!! My guy came in the room to fast he could of saved black lives with this one🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    44. ndlk dan

      Guys all is doctored:))) cant see it

    45. William Person

      TI all day. Eezy.

    46. Buck* Shot

      Hey why not? Its perfectly alright and embraced by the media when the women clap their asses and pussies for the camera lens. I'd like to see some of these Male figures package! For example I'm very curious about coumos junk, I wonder what hes carrying around. 🤩😏🙈😻🙆‍♀️

    47. Simon Maduxx

      Angela yee got no video time for her own rumor report? She must a had an off-off day 😁

    48. Simon Maduxx

      Envyyyyyy LOLOLOLOL

    49. The Banks Films

      Good, bye quibi lmao

    50. Will Strickland

      quibi was stupid. Kevin Harts show had 10minute episodes

    51. Cadedra Phenizy

      I pick jeezy I love tip but babbbbby jeezy got this

    52. Oge Marony

      Pick oneeeeeeeeee !!! CTG !

    53. Oge Marony

      Pick oneeeeeeeeee !!! CTG !

    54. Oge Marony

      Twista and Busta would be awesome!

    55. Oge Marony

      Twista and Busta would be awesome!

    56. Diseree R

      I wanna see Busta and Missy Elliott, only makes sense.

    57. HevyLifted420

      Gucci vs jeezy in 2 bullet proof rooms lmaoo

    58. agthaog1986

      You cannot believe this movie clip. The whole thing is wild. Its a movie n Rudy got 2 much money 4 this

    59. TheGuageNetwork Reload

      Angela yee losing it then “abszurd”

    60. Ptah1130

      Were men. We got stuff down there to adjust

    61. Chris Leonard


    62. Clarence McCall


    63. Stay R.E.A.L

      BIG SNOW, BIG VERSES!!!😂😂😂

    64. K Sozo

      But I can't find any information about the hunter Biden emails? Wow. Giuliani looks like a creep here but corruption at the highest level of office somehow seems a little bit important

    65. Mr_libre2k

      I agree with CTG it depends on the selection.

    66. Hoodpatrol Strains

      No spec on JEEZ.. PimpC snubbed that studio sell out years ago TI

    67. The Keto Rican Luis Casillas

      Charlamagne to South bias. Foh

    68. Connie

      Why isn't anyone speaking about Dereck Chauvin's release from jail on October 7? He was the officer that killed George Floyd.

    69. Freedumb 365

      she asked him to go in the bedroom and have a drink...sounds like Hammer Time to me 😋

    70. Jack Reacts

      Jeezy for me. He play Hypnotize as the first song and it’s already over

    71. hjames78

      Busta should battle Ice Cube or Fat Joe.....

    72. d h

      I agree...generation gap too big for Tip and my opinion Bust WOULD bust Tip's ass in a battle. He is gonna have enough trouble wit Jeez...and Rudy was drunk and ready to get it is an open secret that Rudy is a delusional drunk now.

    73. rcdrigerv

      Clearly video editing was done. By the time Borat runs in, Rudy is on his feet with his pants fashioned.Unfortunately, Rudy kinda took the bait and they got what they wanted.

    74. lovewhispers68

      Twista does not have enough hits to match with Busta Rhymes

    75. Cyrus Folami

      Why T.I. Looked cross eyed in that pic y’all shady

    76. Michael Ruiz

      He can't fake it, he really thought he was gonna hit that 💀

    77. Fact Checker

      Angela voice Stops my ears from Subscribing

    78. Fact Checker

      Buster and Tech9

    79. phocusatl

      When you got the goods they come for you!

    80. quarry smith

      Envy 😂😂😂 Pick one! 😂😂

    81. Dwayne Thomas

      Ti all day

    82. Kami Koko

      These three clowns be cracking me tf up!!

    83. Rachel Lawrence

      Envy lololol

    84. kevin brown

      Busta vs odb

    85. V. Love

      Ángela, i see u respectfully interjecting the stories. I admire your ability to flex & grow. Lead these men by example ❤️

    86. Tie'ra bk

      Im glad they corrected Yee because she definitely would have done it to them and made a joke for a good min Iol

    87. Fabulous Rita G.

      He started in a sitting position and then leaned back on the bed to ummmmm...... adjust something

    88. Pryme Tyme

      Lol Jeezy aint never had no ATL accent, even when he tried.

    89. Roman Luck

      Mission Impossible meets Freddy Krueger, that should be the name of the movie. But Rudy told us they didn't "get him".

    90. Marlon Peters

      I think ti an snow would be the most viewed worldwide streaming that's one to look forward to.

    91. Silverbullet fury

    92. QueenTei Reigns


    93. QueenTei Reigns

      Envy needs to relax..loll

    94. Troy F

      Bussa Bus will destroy TI. CTG i respect u but TI has nothing on Busta.

    95. Boogie Woogie

      JEEZY WILL DOG WALK TIP RECORDS. Nothing is better than the recession especially during the recession.

    96. Anita Dee

      DJ envy I think you missed your calling, PICK ONE!!! 😂😂 that high note Envy be breaking glass 🎤🎤🎼🎼 , 😂

    97. attilabeats

      what about covering Biden's corruption and lies instead of these type of smokebombs

    98. Chase C

      I got jeezy

    99. C P

      ti will win geezys lyrics are limited

    100. Shannan

      Terrible Match