What Crazy Cake Is This? (Game)

Good Mythical Morning

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    Today, we're seeing who can guess what crazy cake is being built first. GMM #1888
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    1. Allie Roy

      Why is link shirtless

    2. circuswannabe

      Why isn’t link- you know what never mind.

    3. Kristers Feldmanis

      The cakes look great, but I have one small question - HOW WOULD YOU GO BY EATING THEM? They are so big and complicated.

    4. That one guy

      Why shirtless link

    5. Rman Nayr


    6. Rman Nayr


    7. Hope Damaris

      2:06 IM IN TEARSSS THE WALK HE DID WHILE SAYING 'i got a backup'

    8. aisha khan

      I started the video. Link was shirtless. I yelled

    9. Mario Cervantes

      The false familiar famous shovel greely exist because liver canonically jump behind a vast goat. unusual, tasty elizabeth

    10. Ryan Smith

      Imagine if link starting lifting weights. SHREDDED

    11. Louis Ruiz

      But why Whyyyyyy No shirt 👚 link

    12. Allonah Lard

      Why is his shirt of because that’s nasty

    13. Hello Im A Commenter

      Im watching this 1 day before it gets the 1 month mark

    14. irThumper

      Link looked like Gollum of the cake... lol

    15. Dillon Williams

      Does anyone else leave when it's clear Rhett's gonna win because there just tired of seeing it?

    16. Brianna Rines

      Rhett: 👁👄👁 "Devon knows a lot"

    17. Kayla Mathew

      What happened to links shirt

    18. jeSHErellah Perez

      I yelled "among us" when I saw the tooth cake

    19. Amber Roberts

      Feel like I am cheating because I have seen all of her videos

    20. Marisa Camacho

      Why doesn't he have a shirt

    21. Alix

      I know Link is shirtless and all but Rhett looks like a woman, like he doesnt look girly but he looks like, if i looked at him from the back i’d think he was a woman

    22. Lindsay Dolney

      Why is link not wearing a shirt???

      1. Lindsay Dolney


    23. hannah bottes

      Is no one going to talk about shirtless link, I need answers! S

    24. Exploding Creepers

      W..why is link naked

    25. picknbeansmamma

      Link: "pfff"....."Oh no!!"

    26. Nancy Tackett

      Yolanda is amazing!! I love her videos

    27. Natália Sampaio

      Took me 35 seconds to realize Link was shirtless.

    28. misty lewis

      2:17 Link strutting like a rooster

    29. MissBdmay

      My 3 year old calls them cakecakes too!!!

    30. Trey 816

      Why is Link shirtless?

    31. Kelly Briseno

      finally the whiner that never lets anyone else talk loses Like if you agree

    32. Jeffrey Grant

      Cheating ass people...

    33. Joshua Hunnicutt

      The very last thing link said was so good. Link is a good human.

    34. Mary Anderson

      Cake boy..pls dont crumb on my lap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    35. S7VAN Gaming And Unboxing

      Rhets shirt should be on link lol

    36. Ashlyn Weakley

      You should do a cake game trying to guess if something is real or cake and the catchphrase would be “Is it cake or fake!” Or “Is this thing real or is it just plain cake?” Cake - fake 😂

    37. Burnt Poet

      “I’d like you to approach me as my cakeboy.” Link is now a shirtless cakeboy. 😂😂😂

    38. Jacob Scharff

      They totally missed an opportunity with the "Rotting Molar Cake". It should have been "Tooth DeCake". :-)

    39. DucValefor

      None of these cakes look tasty to me, except the Smores one

    40. Forged by Dragon

      A hotdog is not a sandwhich🤬

    41. Danielle King

      YEAHHHHHH YOLANDA @ HOW TO CAKE IT!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️🧁🍰🎂

    42. Sydney Howell

      utill he steals his lucky red shirt.

    43. Somantic SN

      Stevie always tries to make Rhett win LOL

    44. Kristen Zoeca

      I am very confused, why is link shirtless

    45. Cream Soda

      Cake boy fan fic imminent

    46. Megan Zanders

      I love how to cake it. Merging two of my favorite shows!

    47. Mahdi Al-Haideri PAGY

      luck is shirk

    48. blueslove61

      Encino Man was 28 years ago. MOVE ON.

    49. TMR’s Videos

      But a sandwich is 2 breads but hotdog is one bread

    50. Hayden Gillenwater

      is it just me or is link shirtless?

    51. Brandon Schockelt

      Man Rhett totally uncool. You are already amazing at everything naturally and you feel the need to take Links Luck. Thanks for liking commenting and subscribing

    52. Alyssa Rod

      This is where fanfic blossom from

    53. Chassidy Christmas

      Cake boy looked like Ace Ventura for a moment

    54. Zachary Slater

      im with ya link!

    55. Core Enthusiast

      I tried y'all's favorite cheesecake when I went last year and it was divine

    56. Kalina

      a lobster is just a more specific crab

    57. Tenneny T

      No please close the drawer

    58. stevestojan


    59. LoadingComment

      Why is link naked ?

    60. Chana Houston

      In reality I definitely won😂 I watch how to cake it waaaaay too much.

    61. Cerridwen Rodriguez

      Rhett & Link, AKA Joke Me, Daddy

    62. Suck It

      Is anyone wondering who ate the cakes? 😅😂😂

    63. Erica Landreth

      Yolanda is extremely talented!

    64. KanekiAtOtaku

      I thought a hotdog was a sandwich... I guess it's actually a cake.. muahahaha.. jokes...

    65. Zehra

      Wait. There is no GMM-related cake in the last round? 🙁

    66. Lori Brown

      👕 Weirdest episode ever. 🤭🤔

    67. Larrii Woods

      The ammount of fan fiction that 'Cake Boy' has just fuelled 😬

    68. reginald leary

      Why doesnt he have a shirt on

    69. Shanine Edwards

      Oh my god... Naked link *drools*

    70. Rat Soup

      Has anyone realised that links hair goes up now and Rhett’s goes down?

    71. Harmania

      Geez, Link is really passive-aggressive sometimes.

    72. Tia Rose

      The way Link scoffed at Rhetts answer of Bb8😂😂😂

    73. Charmynox

      The fact I immediately thought of Yolanda when they were talking about talented cake makers. I gotta get back into watching her videos again tbh.

    74. Charmynox

      Me upon clicking the video: why are you shirtless? Me, turning to my invisible camera man: why is he shirtless???

    75. Allyson Brackett

      You guys should do one of these guessing games with Hexitan’s channel. He creates custom dolls!

    76. Morgan C

      I got heart right at 9 idk how or why I knew what tf that random blob of red velvet cake was but I did and I’m feeling good about it

    77. Kevin Mambang

      omg link look like a gollum with full hair when he serve the cake to rhett 🤣🤣🤣

    78. Ultimate Trash Boy

      Well I haven’t watched gmm in a while and it appears both of them have gone insane.

    79. Maria Sato

      Is it weird that Link looks better shirtless than shirted up? His head looked more proportional? I can’t-

    80. adminprime

      Link shirtless vs pantless is a good alternative. Just saying...

    81. Macy Gibson

      Where are these shirts from?

    82. qd melody

      Rhett looks good in pink

    83. Brooke Hanner

      GMM and Yolanda 🥺 when worlds collide

    84. luckyhorseshoe2788

      Why's link shirtless I this is the first video I'm watching after three months of not watching any of their videos

    85. Isren

      I’ve followed How to Cake it for years so this game was super fun for me!

    86. Dub

      I knew you guys were from NC. I heard you mention Harnett Central. I'm from Wake County. Used to date someone from HC. Do you guys come back to NC?

    87. HmongHeroo

      I love, yet I'm also a bit afraid, at how salty Link gets

    88. Denise maloney piren

      I love Yolanda! She is so talented

    89. Rosel

      Yoyo is the best ever!

    90. Jane Hillhouse


    91. Adam Flores

      Also. This episode is funny

    92. Adam Flores

      Those cake designs are awesome. Great talent

    93. jman415

      I love how seriously Link takes this game😂

    94. JhongYT

      I thought Link is full - on naked and I was worried when he first stood up.

    95. Faith VanHope

      Um... let's talk about Link being shirtless and hecking hairy AF.

    96. Yasthebosstv

      For a minute I thought rhetts chest was all cake because I didn’t think he would actually not wear a shirt.

    97. SuperSilver759

      1:44 is when they finally talk about links shirt (or lack thereof) it feels like an eternity lmao

    98. Kelly T

      " THAT'S NOT WHAT IT'S CALLED!" "..." "oh wait that's not a bento box" 😂 😂 😂

    99. Clay3613

      All of the comments about the beginning of this video instead of the ending! C'mon man!

    100. thinkpinkla

      I would pay to see Link get his chest waxed 😂

      1. Dundee

        They already did an episode on that lol